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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Energy Emanating From Objects

This morning Chris and I were discussing favorite and some not-so-favorite presents we each received at Christmas as kids. Chris brought up a store-bought, red, wool sweater with fancy buttons given to him by his grandmother. I asked him if he liked it. Chris said, "No." On questioning him why, he said, "It was the lack of positive energy coming off it. Dull. Lifeless." Interesting answer.

On thinking, I too, can remember otherwise perfectly nice presents that resonated with me the same way. It didn't necessarily have to do with liking or not liking the person who gave the present. But I do think that objects, presents included, can pick up and resonate with positive energy, or negative energy, or any other type of energy. Kids, in particular, still in possession of and capable of utilizing their keen intuition and 6th sense (if they've been lucky enough not to have that intuitive nature squashed out by "well meaning" adults), can "feel" the vibes from objects. For instance, if grandma bought the sweater just because she had to get something, and not out of love and joy, who is to say that grandma's ambivalence, even unto negativity, doesn't remain in the object? Interesting to ponder.

And come to think about it, high price or popular worth had little to nothing to do with me loving a present. To this day I have "little" things I continue treasure because I know...because I still can feel... the loving intention behind the gift.

Taking this further is the topic of psychometry. From psychometry is "The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it." When I went to see Brian Weiss speak this past year (see post: Brian Weiss 1-Day Workshop In NYC) he had us do a psychometry exercise that was fascinating.

On a somewhat different note, I explained to Chris how I tend to love what many people would consider passe or old-fashioned. For instance, as an adult I love writing with cartridge pens...the very same kind of Sheaffer pen than I used as a kid in the '60s (pre-ballpoint). And then there's the wind-up clock that I purchased for us this battery, no electricity. Such items evoke wonderful childhood memories for me. Just using them brings me joy and warmth. I wonder if long after I've crossed over someone will get those same warm feelings when they touch my favorite pen or clock?

On this New Year's Eve, may all that surround you give you joy and warmth. Wishing you Peace and Love for 2010 and beyond.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My Ma, a Catholic, used to say to my Dad, a Lutheran, "Al, you're not going to be allowed on the same side of heaven as me if you don't become Catholic." Amidst her teasing, but nonetheless scolding, tone of voice, I think there was a part of Ma that truly believed this. BTW, Dad never did become a Catholic.

When I was around 7 years old I remember thinking on more than one occasion why God would send those who weren't Catholic to hell? My young mind grappled with the horror that a loving and caring God would doom folks at all, let alone to fire and damnation. Even then I couldn't comprehend that just because a person was born Buddhist in China, or Muslim in Egypt, or grew up Native American or African or, or, or, or even atheist...they wouldn't have the same chance to reach heaven, or wherever we went, as I did. And what about Judaism? Jesus himself was a Jew! I mean, how could God condemn an otherwise good and just person? I used to think, "Was I just lucky that I was born into the "right" religion?" Such thoughts swirled around my young head for years, no doubt keeping me up way past my bedtime and causing the "circles" below my eyes that photos from that time period cannot hide. Sagittarius Suns are known to philosophize, and are often particularly interested in religion. I guess I'm no exception.

I knew better than to overly ask my Ma or the nuns at school such questions. Similar questions had Ma say, "Just because. You need to have faith. Stop asking questions." Then Ma would remind me of "Doubting Thomas," and how wrong he was. This attitude of Ma's led me to the conclusion that I was young and surely the priests and my Ma knew what was correct. Perhaps this is why I felt sooooo betrayed when account upon account of priests molesting children came to the fore in the news. And as for Ma, well she was a good girl who did what she was told, apparently without question. Why couldn't I stop the questions in my head from forming? Sigh.

By the time I was a late teen, I was truly becoming disenchanted with the Catholic church. I started visiting various denominations of Christian churches. Part of me just wanted to piss my Ma off. No temples or Hari Krishna or anything. I didn't want to rock the boat too much. When Dad found out I was church shopping he said, "Jeannine, you're going to drive your mother crazy. Can we just keep the peace, please?" For Dad's sake, I stopped blatantly looking outside the Catholic church...for awhile, anyways.

Recently a cute joke was sent to me. Instead of printing the entire joke, here's what's pertinent to this post:
Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in hell to increase exponentially.
Just goes to show you other folks ponder religion and hell like us Sag Suns.

I'll offer no answers in this post to any of the questions posed. Guess I am my mother's daughter, after all...LOL.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Difficult Situations - Difficult Persons

Beautiful tho' the holidays are, they can also be a time of heightened stress. Sometimes the responsibilities and expectations attached to holiday merrymaking can be overwhelming: shopping and all it entails; getting together with folks, some of whom, to say the least, are not the easiest to be around; excessive cooking, eating, and drinking; travel during possible bad weather; regular schedules turned upside down; guilt for not being able to be with loved ones far away; seemingly never-ending party obligations; etc... Misunderstandings, especially at this time of year, can easily become overblown arguments, leading to long-lasting resentments. Empath or not, your stress-o-meter might be tipping towards "overload," or even "danger," by Christmas Eve, if not sooner.

What follows are a few coping prayers/affirmations/thoughts to bring relief, especially when you encounter difficult people or situations, whether during the holidays or not. These can be said out loud or quietly within.

"Observe don't absorb," from Sonia Choquette (first discussed on the past post, Protection, but so important it's well worth repeating).

"God, remove from my aura whatever does not belong to me. Remove from my aura whatever does not belong to me. Remove from my aura whatever does not belong to me. Fill me with self-knowledge, self-love, spiritual light and spiritual power, " from Rose Rosetree in her excellent book, "Become The Most Important Person In The Room ~ Your 30-Day Plan For Empath Empowerment." Rose calls this her "Wakeup Call" technique and uses it in conjunction with other useful techniques in the book. I find it's a dandy prayer in and of itself, and especially helpful if I feel I've taken on too much from those around me. I literally feel a cool, menthol-like, shot going up and down my spine after every time I've said this prayer.

Friend, Lee, shared this prayer she learned recently, which is incredibly helpful when you encounter a difficult person or situation: "May the God power in me greet the God power in thee, (state name of person), in the name of the Holy Spirit for the highest good of all."

"Let nothing disturb thee. Let nothing dismay thee. All things pass. God never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. He who has God finds he lacks nothing. God alone suffices." ~ St. Teresa of Avila

"Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in." ~ Leonard Cohen

"Healthy I am. Happy I am. Holy I am." ~ James Van Praagh

Whenever I encounter such prayers via my reading or gleaned from friends and/or teachers, I jot them down in a little blank book. I've got a copy of this book that goes with me in my purse and another one that resides at my bedside desk. My "personal" prayerbooks are about 4" X 5.5". This holiday season consider gifting yourself one or more of these little blank SOS books, picking covers that please you (one of mine has batik stars and the other has batik salamanders) to fill with your favorite prayers, thoughts, and quotes.

"What we think we become" ~ Buddha

Wishing you Love, Light, Peace and Happiness during this Blessed Holiday Season. Safe travels!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Empathy Help!!!

Being an empath is a beautiful gift when one is skilled. Being an empath is challenging, even unto often being nightmarish (especially health-wise), when one is unskilled.

A friend of mine, Lee, recommended months ago that I look into the work of Rose Rosetree. Lee has recommended many excellent spiritually-based books to me over the last couple years, but not always was I ready to follow her advice, at least not necessarily at the exact moment she suggested an author's work to me. I can be a stubborn ol' cuss, as friends will attest. I'm not ready 'til I'm ready!! This is one (of now several!) times I sure wish I would have followed Lee's excellent advice right away. I feel as if I wasted valuable time. Rose Rosetree's books on empathy are life changing. I know this because already my life has changed empathically for the better.

I recently began simultaneously reading Rose's newest book, "Become The Most Important Person In The Room ~ Your 30-Day Plan For Empath Empowerment," AND "Empowered By Empathy ~ 25 Ways To Fly In Spirit." I'm about 1/2 way through with each book. Just finding out all the different forms of empathy and realizing I could relate to many of them had me gobsmacked. How can I explain the amazement of seeing in print what I have been living with all of my life? And begin to learn how to control turn if OFF when appropriate and to turn it ON when wanted! Who would have guessed this was even possible?!!!!

I've learned that I've been unskilled for most of my life. I told Chris it's a wonder I didn't turn into a drug addict or alcoholic having to deal with some of the situations I've found myself in over the years, particularly when teaching and otherwise on-the-job. So many pieces of my life's puzzle, especially regarding illness, have begun to be answered by Rose's books, and I'm not even done with the first two!

Recently I had an aura reading from Rose Rosetree that showed in my root chakra a will of iron. Surely this has served me well from a coping standpoint. I highly recommend Rose's aura readings and want to sign up for a phone session just as soon as finances will allow. More on my reading in an upcoming post.

In fact, more will be written on Rose Rosetree's amazing books as I plow through them. If you're an empath of any sort, or simply think you may be, you truly need to begin reading Rose's books asap.

UPDATE on April 30th, 2016: Rose Rosetree has published two new books on empathy since this post was written back in '09. They are called: "The Empowered Empath" and "The Master Empath." If you're an empath, consider getting these volumes asap. You can find them on Amazon or Rose's website (linked above). 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Healing Surprise

The other night I dreamed about Chris, telling him in the dream that he, too, was a healer and it was a job he'd best own up to. In the dream, he took this news rather nonchalantly.

Now the surprising thing that happened is this...I woke up early that morning, after having the interesting dream, with excruciating neck pain and a stabbing pain behind my right eye. I stumbled out of bed and mumbled out loud that I was going downstairs to take Excedrin. Chris opened his eyes and later told me that I looked as white as a proverbial ghost just then; all color drained from my face.

I came back up to bed and wondered to myself if I had given Chris my favorite pillow, which if so, had the potential to cause my agonizing neck issues. I poked at my pillow at hand and at Chris' pillow. No, all pillows in their rightful place.

Next I lay on Chris' shoulder and, without even thinking about it, I moved his free hand onto my sore eye. I asked the Archangels Raphael and Ariel, healing Angels both, to bring healing into my eye and neck. Now mind you, this was Chris' hand on my eye and Chris' arm cradling my neck. Intense heat radiated from Chris' hand which soothed and comforted me. We both fell deeply back asleep in said positions.

Upon waking, I popped up, eyes a'twinkling and felt GREAT. All pain in neck and eye had vanished. I asked Chris if he had asked for healing for me? He honestly said, "No." I asked if he felt the heat coming from his hands? He again said, "No."

So yes, I did take Excedrin, but that alone would never have been able to completely relieve me from the pain I had experienced. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, I've used Excedrin long enough during my lifetime to know what it does do and what it doesn't. But most importantly, and also from experience, I know that healing Archangels can and do work miracles...IF you but ask them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dreams To Contemplate

Some dreams...

I worked at a job making ice cream and HUGE ice cream sandwiches. Chris had worked at the ice cream place, too, but said he could only support our family for four days a week because he made so little $.

I was in a dye studio with a white, circa '50s stove. There was a large pot on the stove with indigo dye in it. In the pot was a standing sheep, wicking up the dye from its legs to its entire body. The sheep didn't seem to mind the low heat. There was a tarp on the ground with an indigo urine vat on it. I was wearing handspun socks on my feet and got the idea to dip my feet into the vat to achieve the same wicking effect. It either didn't occur to me or didn't bother me that my feet would be dyed blue, too.

Woke up with a headache after dreaming of taking an English test based on the grammar of just one sentence. I realized I hadn't studied well and couldn't properly answer what I was supposed to know. My brother, Jack (who had crossed over in the '90s), apparently took the same test in another room and finished early. He was outside my classroom, laughing and talking, making me all the more anxious.

Dreamed of Ma. She had very little grey hair and it was done differently from any way I ever saw her wore it...a French twist in the back. I told her I was 30 and that she was 50. She looked surprised at me. I said, "I've forgotten that over 20 years have passed. Right, Ma?" She agreed. I said that this is the second time I've done that. She said, "I have more grey than I thought. It's the light that makes it seem not so."

Dreamed of some kind of epidemic. Folks were OK one day and dead the next.

I was teaching a spindle class of about 6 people. One woman persistently interrupted me whenever I said anything. I left the room for a bit (to a side room that looked like a guest room) to regroup and figure out what to do about the woman. She found me and asked, "Are you a Shaman like your mother?" I thought...if my Ma was a Shaman, she sure didn't know it. Then the woman tried to call another passing student into the room, showing her a stuffed kitten in a pouch that was hanging on the wall. The other woman declined coming in.

I was a servant in a big house. I faked that I knew how to bake bread. The crust, as I kneaded, was like a piece of foam core and kept sliding off the dough.

Two "sort-of" nightmares that went together. "Sort-Of" because I wasn't scared...more of an artist/observer. One dream took place in Antarctica. I was sitting on ice watching for cracks and soft spots. I was not cold at all. I saw how dangerous the situation around me was but noticed, as well, how beautiful the ice was. I even imagined myself going under water if I fell in, figuring I had about 15 seconds before I died. It wasn't an awful experience. The flip-side, second, dream had to do with earth and hay...a similar situation to the one on ice except the land broke up, as in an earthquake. Again, I witnessed it all as an observer, but felt no pain.

Another fiber dream. I was teaching a spinning class in a building that seemed like my old grade school in Detroit. I had just finished successfully teaching one session and realized that there was a lack of time to get to the next classroom. I walked into what I thought was my room to teach and began to apologize to the class for my lateness. At a podium was the Yarn Harlot, with odd Botoxed lips, who had already began teaching what was "her" class. I apologized and left. When I found my room, it was filled to the rafters with students...60 or more. I apologized to them all as I tried to set up for class, realizing that there were no tables upon which to put my stuff. The topic for the workshop was color blending of fibers and I realized, with horror, that I hadn't been told how many were taking this class. After scanning the room, I knew I didn't have enough materials for all of them. Just my dream...I said, "I don't need to deal with this. It's just a dream." And I woke up. End of dream.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Astrology Self-Study!

After more recent internet research I have decided that the online metaphysical schools are NOT for me (see past post, Pros and Cons of Schools/Programs). No need to go into more pros and cons as what I found were a whole lotta cons. Sigh. If you find any such school or program that looks good to you, please let me know. I'm always open to checking things out.

At this point, my plans are to eventually take some of the offerings at Lily Dale and the Fellowships of the Spirit (located in same area as Lily Dale). As I wait until the two-part "Spiritual Insight" training taught by Elaine Thomas is held in spring 2010 (part one is being held May 14-16 or May 21-23; part two is scheduled for June 11-13), I have become antsy to begin some sort of in-depth studies on my own. 'course this is in addition to whatever new (usually used) book I've cracked into that catches my fancy...

I've always been interested in astrology (even as a kid), knowing that there was soooo much more beyond the Sun horoscope featured in newspapers. You, too? Does "As above, so below" ring true for you? A few years ago I plowed through the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology," by Gerwick-Brodeur and Lenard...not a bad introduction really, albeit the rotten title. Then one summer I read most of "Alan Oken's Complete Astrology," by, yes, Alan Oken. This was also quite good tho' not the easiest of reading, and I remember fondly reading quotes to Chris out of the book as we basked in the sun next to a local lake.

But what I was on the lookout for astrology-wise was a self-study book or group of books that were highly recommended by well-known astrologers AND user-friendly. In a used bookstore, I found the first three in a series of astrology books by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers that fit the bill. The first title is "The Only Way To Learn Astrology; Vol. 1: Basic Principles." I'm glad I wasn't too turned off by the rather pompous title. Just inside the cover were praises for the series by respected astrologers such as Robert Hand and Steven Forrest, amongst others, and for good reason.

After working through several chapters of "The Only Way...," I can say I really, really, like it! The information is clear and the quizzes at the end of the chapters are great to check what I've learned. I'm finding that it's helpful to memorize some of the info in order to make it more second-nature, and to give me a good foundation. Sure, as a kid I memorized stuff for tests, but this time it's because I want to, not because I have to.

So, into a bag I keep this first book of March and McEvers, tools (pen, pencil, compass, protractor, ruler), and plenty of paper. The bag travels with me and has already provide hours of enjoyment and study at the various libraries I find myself in of late.

For those of you looking for good online astrology sources, do check out: Astrodienst and Astrotheme. Both have tons of free information, including free horoscopes that are based not just on your Sun sign, but on your entire chart. You just need to plug in your birthdate, where you were born, and the accurate time of your birth. One offering at Astrodienst I did pay for a few years back was Robert Pelletier's "Personal Portrait"...well-worth the price and something I find myself referring to again and again.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Now I'll admit that I like getting presents on my birthday and Christmas. And I love it when Chris surprises me with one, red rose now and again (he states they must be red, for passion...despite me dropping the hint that I rather like yellow and pink, too...). But anything beyond this receiving, especially from anyone other than Chris, often makes me uncomfortable. Even more so if the gift is extravagant or, oddly enough, something I really, really want. I find myself having to take a deep breath to be a good receiver. I find myself having to "go outside of myself" to accept someone's generosity. I have to give myself "a good talkin' to" to receive. I even find myself with this weird "guilt" feeling when someone gives me a gift. Could it be ingrained Catholic guilt we raised-Catholics often kid about? Could it be that I always expect strings to be attached to any gift given to me? Could it be I feel down deep I don't deserve such a gift?

I don't know all the psychological ins and outs of why it's hard for me to be a good receiver. I know I get extreme joy in giving presents. That's not hard at all. But receiving is a whole 'nother thing.

In the past post, Prayer Shawl, I wrote about knowing I needed to heal at this time in my life. Giving, in the form of the prayer shawl ministry, seemed the perfect ticket. I'm enjoying every stitch I'm putting into my first shawl. But receiving is playing a part in my healing, too.

Very recently I was gifted a spinning wheel that was won in a raffle. I didn't have the winning ticket. One of my friends had put our other friends names on a bunch of tickets, and one of those tickets was the winner. It was decided, between my friends, that I was to be the owner of the new wheel. Now the two criteria that make me uncomfortable to receive were present: 1) The gift was extravagant; 2) This was a wheel I really, really had always wanted. I took a deep breath. I looked guilt square in the face and told it to take a hike. I knew there were no strings attached to this gift because that's the kind of friends I keep. I received.

'course there's nothing to say I can't create yarn to make things to GIVE to others on my new wheel.

Here's an affirmation from Sylvia Browne that I've been reciting for a few months now. At first, it was very difficult to say this particular affirmation, being told whilst growing up that it's always better to give than receive (often said with an inflection that it's even better NOT to receive at all). And let's not forget how that raised-Catholic bit sneaks into the picture to muddle things up, too. Anyways, this is one of the affirmations I've written on paper and taped to my bathroom mirror for daily reciting. It's amazing how much easier it is to confidently vocalize as the days go by. Practice does make perfect.

"On this day I declare with the almighty strength of God's power that I deserve abundance and the financial means to be comfortable, and that I will joyfully use that abundance as a celebration of the law of karma - the more of it I share with the truly needy and deserving, the more of it will come back to me, multiplied by His grace and thanks." ~ Sylvia Browne.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prayer Shawl

My Aunt Loraine, who recently crossed over, nudged me in a most beautiful way. Prior to Aunt Loraine's funeral, one of her daughters told me of my aunt's last day alive on earth. Hospice, as they had done in the past with my brother Jack, was there to ease Aunt Loraine's transition from this life to the Other Side. In their compassionate way, hospice staff made her as comfortable as possible during her last hours. Aunt Loraine was in a hospital room (she had broken her hip) but the lights were off except for a Tiffany lamp set on a side table. Beautiful music was playing softly in the background. She was covered with a prayer shawl that someone had lovingly made.

When I heard about the prayer shawl that comforted my aunt, I knew immediately that I wanted to take part in the prayer shawl ministry as soon as possible. As a spinner and knitter/crocheter, this was a way I could not only honor my Aunt Loraine, but could soothe many others who needed the warmth, love, and compassion all wrapped up in a handmade prayer shawl.

But there's more to this decision to get involved in such a ministry. If truth be told, I needed healing, too. These last few years have been hard ones on many fronts. Hurt, pain, and sadness have punctuated particularly the last year; not a life/death situation, but difficult nonetheless. For weeks now it's been hard to spin at a wheel for more than 5 minutes at a time. I'd begin spinning and find myself get up and wander away from the wheel, unable to maintain concentration or desire. It was even difficult to make me knit more than a few rows at a time. And forget dyeing. Never in 30 years of practicing the fiber arts had this happened. It was a personal crisis. I'm not surprised that Aunt Loraine was there with one of the answers...give. Look for an upcoming post on another of the answers...receive.

For those also wanting to get involved in the prayer shawl ministry, this site is a good place to start: Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesson In The Making

Chris and I decided it was healthy and high-time I find and take a little part-time job somewhere to bring in a taddy bit of needed cash and give myself something other to think about than my BOOK, which did not need to be baby sat by me anymore and whose fate was in the hands of others.

I do not drive so options for such a job were somewhat limited, especially since our free bus service, the Moo-ver, didn't regularly run to Brattleboro (a bigger town where jobs might be found) on weekends. Luckily, we have a dandy general store in the rural town I reside in. Even luckier is the fact that they needed part-time help. Tomorrow I begin my training. I can walk to and from work. I can't wait. Woo-hoo!

Now there is one catch. I'm an animal empath. It's hunting season. Folks come to the store to weigh their deer, bear, turkeys, etc. and record the date killed and the weights with the state. When I could afford it, I used to set feed out FOR undoubtedly these very same turkeys. Interestingly, I'm not worried too much and know this is a lesson for me in the making. After all, I eat neatly disguised and packaged turkey and chicken myself. Hunting IS, for better or worse. It involves killing animals. Hopefully the hunter who takes the animal's life will honor and eat the animal and/or use the hide or parts, but the bottom line is that I am not responsible for that hunter's motives. It's not for me to judge. I can and will say prayers over any of these animals I encounter. I can honor the animals.

Any thoughts you have that could help me would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Revelation...The Hard Way

On 9/7/09 I wrote the post, A Personal Revelation. Finally having a name...clairsentience... for what I've been experiencing during my lifetime is amazing, generally comforting (at least there's a reason for what's going on), and occasionally somewhat scary/exhilarating in a "what's next?" kind of way. This past weekend has opened my eyes (and Chris' eyes) even further along the psychic line. For one thing, it's clear that I'm going to need MUCH further help in creating protection, health and balance when I'm in situations where emotions are running at funerals.

Having just come back from Minnesota, spent in celebration of my beloved Aunt Loraine's life, I can say the experience was one I shall never forget. It was incredible meeting again and spending time with our large extended family, mostly in this case folks from my Ma's side. Thankfully, what the family didn't know at the time was that as the hours went by in their presence, I was absorbing MORE and MORE of their emotions, some of which included intense grief, sadness, regret...or the beautiful flip-side including joy, happiness, love, you-name-it. That's what this clairsentient does really well ~ absorb. Not on purpose, mind you. Not because I want or need to. It's simply (or complexly?) something that I've always done (and always happens) in varying degrees, especially when I'm surrounded by concentrated emotions, AND MOST ESPECIALLY WHEN THOSE EMOTIONS ARE COMING FROM FOLKS I CARE ABOUT (be they family, friends, students, co-workers, etc.). But it's important to note again that until recently, I didn't know that what I am...what I did...what I have...had a name. I'm clairsentient. If I had written down all the examples of how this "trait" manifested itself over the years, I'd have a book full of true stories. Maybe someday I will fill such a book, hopefully along with truly useful tips to cope with the oft-misunderstood psychic gift of clairsentience. It's my goal to celebrate my psychic gifts positively, not find myself in the hospital with symptoms of absorption-overload! Us clairsentients need all the help we can get!

Believe me, I tried to protect myself this past weekend, using many of the tools of protection I've learned from the writings of various favorite authors, and then some (See Protection). Each day I grounded and centered. I meditated, albeit briefly. Each day I prayed for help. But the emotions I was surrounded by were too strong and fever-pitched for me to ward off. I became more off-balanced by the minute. Chris removed me from the situations each evening when he saw the color drained from my face and looking as though I was ready to drop. New to the scenario was that I even developed hives on my back (how attractive...not) that gratefully disappeared by morning. Thankfully, I don't believe any relatives were the wiser about what was happening to me. But as per usual, my joy at being with my family and/or friends was cut short because I had nothing left. All personal energy reserves were gone. I had sucked up some of my family's hard-core emotions without being asked to do so. Chris said he thought that I even "produced" emotions for those I was around if somewhere down deep I felt a need to do so...geez, how weird is that?!!! I looked like I was ready for my own death-bed by the time we got back to the hotel each evening. The next day, after a morning shower and a bit of make-up, no one guessed what had happened. But Chris and I knew.

On the flight back from MN, Chris suggested I look further on the internet for groups or organizations dealing with clairsentience. Yesterday, I found this: The Clairsentient Body. Chris and I were flabbergasted when we read the "symptoms" on this site and noted that most, if not all, applied to me. Today, Chris suggested I write the author of the site, which I will do soon.

I also found a few other blogs and sites dealing, sometimes briefly, with clairsentience. Some of these sites didn't appear to be as well-defined nor accurate as one would hope. It's clear that research and deep delving are going to be necessary to get the full picture of this psychic gift. It's clear that Chris and I have a journey ahead to understand clairsentience.

The author of The Clairsentient Body writes, "However, to feel, as in clairsentience, requires recognition, acceptance, and it takes commitment to learn the skills to manage the energy.

But wait, there's more to relate. When I was sick in bed each evening in MN, clairvoyant "movies" played out, showing people I had never seen before. I wondered if these people were from the past or for the future? What made me over-the-top nauseous was when the movies started to go faster. I said telepathically, "Stop," and they did. The movies made me think about how I was beginning to see all sorts of singular portraits of folks I didn't know at various times of the day over the previous weeks. It's as if I'm trying to be reached by crossed over people, but there doesn't seem to be rhyme nor reason to it all yet. Friend, Jenna, has suggested I keep a notebook with me at all times to record what these people look like. I can then refer to them if need be or at the very least, get them out of my head and onto paper!

Yesterday, I was alone in our foyer about to take a book out of a tote bag. Instead, as I grabbed for the book, a remembrance leaflet about Aunt Loraine popped out higher than the book I wanted. I picked the leaflet up and began reading. As I did so, a physical loving touch on my back caused me to swing around, because I thought Chris had teasingly crept up behind me. Chris was not there. I didn't see any form but I KNEW it was Aunt Loraine and burst out crying from the emotion of it. I thanked her for continuing to honor our "pact" of sending me clear signs once she crossed over.

Today, I was resting on our futon couch while Chris was in his music studio, practicing for this evening's gig. I heard LOUDLY, "Jeannine!". Clairaudience, loud and clear. It could have been either my Ma or Aunt Loraine, given the cadence in the voice. I called out to Chris, "Did you hear that?" He said, "What? No." I told him that the psychic door was swinging open we go...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Memoriam To Aunt Loraine

A few days ago the most...and I mean the most...incredible woman I have EVER known crossed over. This woman just happened to be my Aunt Loraine. She was 97 years young. We weren't related directly by blood, as she was the wife of one of my Ma's brothers, but we were thankfully, inextricably tied nonetheless. She was a second mother to me and always was available with a loving, listening, ear and encouraging advice. The thing is, she connected deeply with MANY people and each of us were special to her in our own right. Us Loraine-Loved-Folks would be doing ourselves a disservice if we were jealous of this...she had enough love for us all! I can only imagine the HUGE crowd of folks, myself included, who will be present during the visitation at the funeral home and at the memorial service at Aunt Loraine's church. She's undeniably touched the hearts and souls of countless people. And the thing is, she demonstrated time and again that she never forgot a single one of us, our connection to her, and our connection to each other. If I had half the memory and brain-power that Aunt Loraine had in her 90s, I'd be doing really good. If we all had a portion of the love that Aunt Loraine gave to others, the world would be a better place.

I've been suffering from a low-grade headache over the last several days. I attributed it to flu, but friend, Jenna, suggested it may be more metaphysical and connected to Aunt Loraine's crossing. Since I'm clairsentient, there is a good chance I'm picking up vibes from a lot of sources, all trying to get through to me. Jenna thought it would be a good idea if I wrote down experiences/thoughts I have had with Aunt Loraine, focusing in, and releasing bottled up emotions. Here goes...

Aunt Loraine lived her life in St. Paul, Minnesota (where my whole family was born, except for me...a Detroiter). Whenever we made our nearly-yearly trek to St. Paul to visit family, we ALWAYS spent a lot of time with Aunt Loraine's family. I was particularly close to Mary Pat, Aunt Loraine's youngest and near in age to me, and we would draw and play the afternoons away. I remember when Mary Pat and I got a wicked awful sunburn and Aunt Loraine knew just what to do to cure it.

Aunt Loraine knew how to make a dandy ham sandwich...always with pickles on the side.

I remember when my Ma broke her tooth on a frozen candy bar at Aunt Loraine's. Actually, we all had a hearty laugh over that.

Aunt Loraine, an only child, told me that my Ma was just like a sister to her.

I stayed with Aunt Loraine (and her husband, Uncle Bob, when he was alive) at her longtime home on Edmund Ave. whenever I was in St. Paul from the time I was a teenager and onward. In the '70s, I was with her when I interviewed to be a stewardess for Northwest Orient airlines (based in MN at the time). I didn't get the job (not "sophisticated" enough!) and continued my university degree instead. I visited Aunt Loraine when I attended Stitches in order to take a class with Nancy Bush (and ask Nancy to co-write/co-design an article for Spin-Off with me). When Aunt Loraine was still driving, she took me to my Ma's and Dad's old "haunts," including the "Nickle Joint," a bar where my parents met. She also took me to where her parents had lived. We visited my Aunt Addie when she was still alive. We hosted my Ma's cousin, Marie, with her little poodle, at Aunt Loraine's house. We visited many grave sites of family members, including my grandparents. I pored over Aunt Loraine's many photo albums of family/friends.

When my Ma and oldest brother, Jack, crossed over in the '90s, she flew in to be with us for the funerals, etc. She was the family's representative and ambassador.

Aunt Loraine and I became closest over the last 14 years. She was the only one who stood by and supported me and my decisions during an ongoing family health crisis. She always was available for a discussion, no matter when I called.

Aunt Loraine would send me fivers and tenners in the mail, "just because." She made it clear I was NOT to discuss this money even with her, and told me never to send it back.

Aunt Loraine taught me to "Let Go and Let God." She taught me "Image, Attitude, Wisdom, and Time." She had no time for the "I wants". God's will being done was the most important thing to her.

A few years ago I stayed with one of Aunt Loraine's daughters, Jan, when Aunt Loraine landed in the hospital and everyone thought her life might be over soon. Despite Aunt Loraine being very sick, we had our personal "talk" then. It was "our" special time.

A few weeks ago I had another amazing chat with Aunt Loraine. Amazing, because her congestive heart failure had been recently playing havoc with her powers of speech. On the day I called she was lucid and sounded nearly like her old self. I viewed our talk together as the gift that it was.

There is undoubtedly more. These were just some of the snippets in time. The blessing of having Aunt Loraine present throughout much of my life is golden...priceless.

I "talked" telepathically to Aunt Loraine several weeks ago and asked if she would send me clear signs when she crossed over. So far here is what has happened. Between 8 and 9 pm on the day she died, I was at my altar centering and grounding. At that point, I had no idea Aunt Loraine crossed over around 8 pm. I didn't learn this until the next morning. As I centered, I heard beautiful, indescribable, music playing in my ear (no one was home but me). I remember thinking, "Well, this must be the clairaudience I knew was coming." The next day, when I heard of Aunt Loraine's passing, I got a sense that the Angels were rejoicing that Aunt Loraine had come home.

Also, the day that Jan, Aunt Loraine's daughter, had called to say Aunt Loraine had broken her hip and was in hospital (the night before she died); I woke up with a start at 1:15 am and said out loud, "Aunt Loraine has died." I wrote this in my dream notebook. The next morning, Jan called and gave me the news that she did, indeed, die the evening prior.

Something tells me Aunt Loraine will give more loving signs. She's just that kind of beautiful soul.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday I do believe I was in the midst of synchronicity. Merriam-Webster defines synchronicity as follows...
1 : the quality or fact of being synchronous (synchronous meaning that something is happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time, among other similar definitions).
2 : the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung.

I also rather like a past post on "The Active Side Of Infinity" blog. Check it out: Synchronicity.

Yesterday I wanted to attend our evening spinning guild meeting that was going to be held at a local nursing home in Brattleboro. Since Chris was leaving for work in Massachusetts, the only way into town was on the Moo-ver bus in the morning. I happily spent the day reading and going here and there with my favorite librarian friend, Leslie. Because Chris wasn't going to be able to pick me up 'til around 10 pm at night, I was planning to wait either at a tea lounge or the Co-op until he arrived. The guild meeting ended at 8 pm, so that left me with two hours to wait. Did I check websites to see if the tea room or Co-op would be open 'til 10 pm? No. I wrongly assumed that one or t'other would meet my needs. Lo and behold, the tea lounge closed at 8 pm and the Co-op at 9 pm. Rats. I couldn't leave Brattleboro, because Chris doesn't carry a cell phone and I had no way to tell him I was doing anything but waiting at one of the two places where we agreed I'd wait.

Now I have some very special friends called the Lunar Ladies. Leslie is one of them and I assured her she could drop me off at the Co-op anyways and I would plunk myself on a bench outside until Chris arrived. Leslie looked dubious about this decision. Brattleboro isn't exactly a den of crime but a female hanging around a closed building at night wasn't a smart option. Being dropped off at the brewery...boozy watering hole that it is...was also not a good choice. Unfortunately, there wasn't much more to choose from in downtown Bratt at that time of night.

Now just as Leslie and I were driving around to see if there were any reasonable drop-off possibilities, two other Lunar Ladies, Elizabeth and Jenna, were about to carpool home from the guild meeting. Before leaving town for home, one of them got a "gut" feeling that I needed them. Just as we were making our way up Main Street, Leslie spied the other two Lunar Ladies in their car. Synchronicity. We stopped and much conferring went on. Even tho' I'm the oldest of the group, I felt about 12 as they decided what to do about me, but I was too tired to even worry much about this. The long and short of it is, I got in the car with Elizabeth. Jenna got in the car and headed home with Leslie, both of whom were exhausted and/or not feeling well. Now it was up to Elizabeth and I to find a place for me to wait in safety. I wondered aloud if the movie theater would mind me hanging out in their lobby? We decided it was worth a try, so I asked and was given the go-ahead. Off went Elizabeth.

I went in and the workers offered me a cushion to sit on, well away from the glass doors near the street. About 9:30 pm, even tho' I wasn't expecting Chris until 10 pm or after, I suddenly felt the urge to get up, gather my bags, and head to the glass doors. Just as I put my things down by the door, Chris drove by, spotted me, and backed up. Synchronicity, indeed.

One good friend, Lee, calls synchronicity "coinkydinks." Thank goodness for these incidences, whatever they're called!!! Too often we pass synchronicity off as inconsequential. However, if you consider and write up all the times you experience synchronicity, you might be amazed at the frequency that such happenings occur.

It would be great if you shared your coinkydinks. Consider putting them in the comment section, please. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Bunch Of Dreams

Just finished reading "Second Sight," by Judith Orloff, M.D.. I can't say enough wonderful things about this book. I'm going to suggest highly that my Chris read it. It's that good. Among other things there's an excellent chapter on dreams entitled, "The Alchemy Of Dreams." Dr. Orloff goes on to explain the differences between psychological dreams, guidance dreams, precognitive dreams, and healing dreams. She also explains how important it is to keep a dream journal and calls such a personal record "a priceless archive." . In particular I like how Dr. Orloff explains that rather than jumping up out of bed each morning, remain still for awhile and retrieve your dreams. She writes, "Rest there for a while with your eyes shut. See what comes. The secret is to prolong what's known as the hypnogogic state, the period between seleep and waking. It's a magical time when you're consciously aware of your dream images but are still not quite alert." This keeps you from getting up so fast that your dreams are lost. Dr. Orloff goes on to say, "Images will form. Gently focus on them and watch where they take you. You don't have to force anything." She continues, "It's like watching the replay of a movie. You can actually see your dreams enacted all over again. The difference is that now you're actively witnessing them and can choose at any point to open your eyes and write them down."

Now for a smattering of recent dreams:
Asked before bed why I was having so many problems with a long-standing project I was involved with. The following dream was my answer...
Chloe, our black cat, was spread out flat on the branch of a tree. Blood was dripping down the tree from a wound she had. A snake was wrapped around her. End of dream.

Auditioned for a chance to be in a play/movie. I witnessed differing acting styles as others went for the part. Chris was waiting for me (looked like at the service desk at Walmart!). End of dream.

In a room full of people, Chris started to talk under his breath, "coaching" me on what to say. After we left I turned to him and told him never to do this again...that I was perfectly capable of speaking for myself. End of dream.

That same night, I woke up for a bit and as I was drifting back to sleep I saw this dream/vision:
Folks on a boat were partying. A jealous woman pushed another woman off the boat into the water "just for fun." The woman pushed over got caught in something and did not surface. I "felt" what she was going through. I felt her panic as she began to drown. End of dream.

I was a sales clerk in a hat and clothing store. A customer tried on many hats, including glass ones. The customer "took over," asking other customers if they'd like to see how South Africans put on sheer knee socks? I had some of these socks to try on, too, even tho' I was a clerk. The socks had interesting patterns running through them. The customer had us all lie down on the floor. I did so and was commended on doing a great job of following directions. The dream ended as the "take over" customer tried on a flimsy taupe tam, the size of a coffee can lid.

I was waiting for Chris at Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA. I was in the main lobby of a building our Alexander frequented for classes when he went to school there. I was on some bleachers, high in the air, spinning with a drop spindle. A lady, looking just like the sister of my friend, Jenna, was holding a walkie-talkie and was dressed in security-guard clothing. She kept asking how I was doing? She kept asking that same thing, and eventually she started to get impatient, clearly wanting to close the building and have me leave. I seemed to be the only one around. I told her I wasn't a student, but my husband was. I also told her our son, Alex, had been a student there. Impatient, she said she did need to close up for the night and I had to go. End of dream.

Interestingly, as I dreamt this, I was in Chris' arms, and found my hand rest on his tennis racquet-holding elbow, which sometimes gives him pain. I sent healing to the elbow joints as I was sleeping because I saw that the "cushioning" between the joints was dry and crackly, rather than being pliant and moist. And since my cheek rested on Chris' chest, I sent healing to his respiratory system, knowing he was fighting a cold.

I kept trying to light the candle in a ceramic diffuser that had no air holes (no oxygen). The candle refused to light. End of dream.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Altar

As a child who grew up Catholic, I have fond memories of building an outside altar with friends in honor of Mary during her month of May. I remember borrowing my Ma's statue of the Blessed Virgin and adorning her with a crown of clover stems and flowers. We picked various flowers from gardens, as well, to put at her feet. The whole process of setting up an altar and praying by our altar gave me much joy.

A few years ago it occurred to me that I could have a year-round altar of my own. I remember the wise advice of friend, Jenna. She said, "Now Jenny, don't go putting your altar in a place where Chris can trip over it or where he'll feel like it's being stuffed down his throat." She was right. After all, it's not like I'd ever had an indoor altar in the then 27 years of our marriage and it would likely take Chris awhile to get used to the idea. I took Jenna's sage recommendation and decided to place the altar in my garage dye studio; a place that, for the most part, only I frequented. This arrangement worked well except that my dye studio tended to get messy, which I eventually began to feel was not a proper environment for my altar. Add to that, the cement floor was cold (despite a space heater) and it was not particularly pleasant to meditate/pray by the altar for any extended period of time.

After our youngest son, Alexander, flew the coop, I took over what was his bedroom and made it into my "spinning room." The spinning wheels, a futon-made-into-couch to knit/read on, the computer, a TV, and the 55 gallon fish tank (complete with 4 imported goldfish: Aristophanes, Aphrodite, Eros, and Andromeda) are in the room. What better new place for my altar?!!! I put a red and green plaid cloth over a small table sometimes used to mount wool combs on and have the following items of importance (to me!) on top~
  • An amethyst cave that has a naturally embedded white, circular moon of quartz in the middle of it.
  • A small copper, incense cauldron with a spinning wheel motif on the front and sand inside.
  • Two brass candlesticks. The left candle is green for Mother God. The right candle is red for Father God.
  • An orange-petaled candle holder with a white candle, for the Holy Spirit.
  • Small statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and another of St. Joseph holding the infant Jesus.
  • A small carved statue of a female saint enclosed in a wood "cave" of sorts...not sure which saint this is, but I remember buying her for 25 cents when I was very small, at a jumble sale held at a school. I've always loved this little statue and one day it fell off a shelf and the head of the saint broke off...eek, decapitated!!! I glued the head back on and no one is any the wiser.
  • Various rocks, crystals, shells, etc.
  • A crystal glass with a bird on the stem, holding a variety feathers.
  • A little cupped dish with flowers painted on from my Grandma Mayer.
  • A larger, flatter dish with flowers painted on and with three sides (maiden, mother, crone).
  • Three tiny brass bells.
  • A wee purple Teddy bear in honor of a friend's mother who is fighting cancer.
  • Two small vases that my Alexander brought back for me from Japan; one is pink and one is blue. Because excellent black cat Chloe is allowed into my spinning room, I shall make sure whatever flowers/plants I place into the vases are non-toxic.
In front of my altar I have placed a chair with a comfortable cushion. Already I am finding this spot the perfect place for meditating, praying, and simply resting.

At present I am enjoying reading the book, "Second Sight," by Judith Orloff, M.D.. I LOVE this book and am savoring each page. A few days ago I came upon Dr. Orloff's section on altars. She wrote that her Tao teacher suggested her altar face the east, which mine does. Judith writes, " the Taoist tradition, the birthplace of spiritual power..." is in the east. Judith continues, "When my life gets hectic, I know that I can return to my altar to rejuvenate myself. No matter how stressed out I am or how fast my mind is spinning, just sitting in stillness makes everything slow down." Dr. Orloff writes, "It's your own private a church or synagogue. But it doesn't have to be conventionally religious unless you want it to be. The important thing is that you sit quietly with yourself, find your intuitive voice, and begin to listen."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Important "Life" Dream

With our youngest son, Alexander, moving "for good" to Japan to be with his new wife, Emi, we've all been under a lot of stress...moving him out of his apartment; figuring where to put the stuff he's not taking with him but which is too important to dispose of; being there on his last day of work; helping him close his accounts; making sure he pays the nearly last of his bills; watching him say his good-byes; etc. What has taken a lot out of me personally is watching the movie-in-my-mind show Alexander from birth through now; playing over and over again the poignant moments we've shared together. As I watched this many-scenes movie, the tears welled up despite my efforts to quell them, sometimes literally pouring down my face. A Ma will always be a Ma.

A few mornings ago, I woke up and remembered an incredible dream. I immediately related the dream to Chris. He thought for awhile and said, "You need to write that dream down right away. It's the symbolic story of your life up to now."

My dream began with Chris and I as students in a math class taught by a nun in partial habit (circa late '60s - early '70s). I didn't understand anything of what was being taught formula-wise. As always, NOT KNOWING how to do whatever was being taught upset me. Chris had no problem with the math formulas whatsoever.

The next day (or another day) we all went into the same classroom for a math test. I had no idea how to do anything. A grandma stopped me before going into the classroom and handed over a baby with developmental difficulties. (note: This child looked like a young version of a child I know in Brattleboro. His mother was the daughter of a woman who decided not to rent a room to Alexander, our youngest, when he was looking for a place to stay.) The grandma gave me the baby to watch. I held the child during the test, trying to comfort him, but couldn't even attempt to take the test even if I wanted to.

A girl was answering the test questions by drawing pictures. I knew she was getting the correct answers despite not doing the formulas the nun had taught. Chris did the test with no problems, using the nun's formulas perfectly. After the test the nun used the girl who drew pictures as an example of NOT following directions, even tho' the girl got all the correct answers. As the nun chastised the girl, I thought how the nun had failed to see that there's more than one road to success.

End of dream. I won't analyze the dream here, but will say that Chris was IS the story of my life on many levels.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pros and Cons of Schools/Programs

Spent a fair amount of time yesterday researching AIHT (see Going Back To School) and looking online at other programs and options. As I compare and contrast, I'll place my own personal pros and cons about what I find on this "ongoing" post. Check back if you're interested in what I find out about other schools and programs.

A woman, turns out to be a "faculty" member, answered the phone when I called AIHT. She told me that I'd need to talk with my "admissions adviser," who was in a meeting at the time and would call me back. When she called that afternoon I found out that the original woman who answered the phone was the instructor for the Parapsychic Science program I was interested in...the ONLY instructor for ALL the classes offered in that particular program. A big red flag went up in front of my eyes when I heard that.

My own personal pros for AIHT:
  • Beautiful hard-copy (paperback) catalog; aesthetic, purple, textured cover with lovely pics throughout; impressive-looking
  • Interesting class titles offered in 5 exciting disciplines
  • Interesting class titles offered in Parapsychic Science (the program that caught my eye)
  • Overall cost for a Master's degree and/or PhD seems low compared to other programs I've seen advertised online and elsewhere
  • Reasonable payment plan options
  • Books are included in tuition fee
  • Ability to work from home at own pace

My own personal cons for AIHT :
  • There is just ONE instructor for ALL the classes in my chosen discipline. Geez, what if we don't get along? What if we saw things differently? The adviser assured me this never happened. That answer itself posed problems for me.
  • The adviser kindly e-mailed a few syllabi to me when I requested to see them. The books that would be sent for the given class were listed in each syllabus. What was expected to be learned from these books was generally included. The expectations didn't seem challenging enough for me. The learning was to come primarily (read: only!) from the books the school chose. No handouts were discussed. No CD's nor DVD's. No teleclasses. No least not teaching the way I understand teaching...from the instructor.
  • I copy and pasted the 3-4 books for each of the classes (the adviser e-mailed me, as examples, 3 Master's class syllabi and 3 PhD class syllabi) to see what each class offerings separately cost on Amazon. Generally, all the books for a said class could be had for $40 in or under in total. So, since there are about 10 courses (including an elective) in the entirety of the Master's degree for Parapsychic Science, the school is out conservatively $400 for the books (students pay the shipping)...and no doubt this figure is much less because they probably get a wholesale or educational deal on books. Which leads me to...what is the student paying for with the $4000 Master's degree tuition? Well, tests are given for each class and sometimes a project or paper is assigned, so the instructor would have to grade these. THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT!! Well, that and the final piece of paper saying I have a Master's degree. Again, for the cost of $4000...which is sounding very expensive for what is being offered, the deeper I delve.
  • When I asked if I'd have contact with any other instructors at all, my adviser seemed vague but I gathered that the one-instructor-who-does-it-all is it. The adviser did say there was an online forum they provide so students can chat with each other. Hmmmm. I can find such forums without being in school.
The bottom line: I'll pass on AIHT and keep looking.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going Back To School

I'm seriously considering going back to school for an online Master's degree in Parapsychic Science at AIHT. And my lofty dreams don't end there...perhaps that Master's will lead to a PhD in the same discipline. I ordered a catalog from this school over a year ago and my interest in their particular program has not waned, despite having done some research on other such schools. Today I called AIHT and will be talking with an adviser soon.

Chris has been very supportive as we head towards a decision, siting that I don't need to give up what I inhaled in the fiber arts field at all. Instead, he suggested I consider to think ahead about the Master's thesis and PhD dissertation...perhaps incorporating what I learn in the degree programs with study of sacred textiles and the spirituality/religion/philosophy behind them, textiles that were inspired and channeled from the Other Side, prayer shawls, textiles associated with healing, learning about various regions and cultures where textiles go hand in hand with their spiritual practices, etc. The possibilities are exciting!!!!

Additionally, we've been talking about me taking related workshops from instructors and places I'm interested in. In particular, Sylvia Browne has a hypnosis workshop leading to a certificate that I'd like to strongly consider. Also, I KNOW that there will be various classes at Lily Dale that I'll not want to miss. I plan to keep an eye out for workshops lead by many of the authors whose books I've been devouring over these last couple of years.

That old saying, "When a door closes, a window opens," never felt better nor more correct. I've recently ended my three year run of writing on my first blog, "Spinning Spider Jenny." The timing seemed perfect for such an ending...the blog had served its purpose of helping me write a book and share what I've learned over the last thirty years. I experienced no sadness from this ending; only relief and joy. Also, Chris and I jointly decided it was time for me to stop teaching spinning in person. Instead, we're beginning the research needed to produce downloadable spinning and dyeing instruction that will be available for sale online in the future. The thought of working hand-in-hand with Chris on this project makes me very happy.

The future is bright! I'm going back to school!! Yippeeee!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Brother Jack

A few nights ago I had another vivid dream. This time I saw my oldest brother, Jack, who crossed over in 1998. I hadn't seen Jack in any dream after he died until now. All his life Jack coped with serious illness, and with medication he was able to successfully hold a job and find some form of happiness. He developed a terminal brain tumor in the last year of his life. Jack was operated on, but the glioblastoma multiforme eventally won. Way before I realized I was clairvoyant and clairsentient, and before I had done any reading on all-things-metaphysical, I knew Jack was "hospitalized" on the Other Side. I knew that his spirit was being healed and that was why I never felt any communication from him. I learned that there is no "time" on the Other Side, so even tho' it's been years since Jack crossed over, this spiritual intensive care would have possibly felt to him like it was done in the blink of an eye.

The dream showed a happy, healthy, fit, brother Jack. He was walking and balancing along the top of some kind of stone fence, smiling and carefree. His hair was longish on top, but cut like a buzz-cut. He was clearly joyful and seemed to be in about his 30's. All around the stone fence was a beautiful field filled with tall grasses and wildflowers. Jack's hair blew gently in the warm breeze as he walked.

This dream made me extremely happy. I'm so glad Jack has truly found peace and happiness.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finding What's Lost

I was just about to write on telepathy (and will do so at a later date) when something that's been happening all my life occurred...something I used to take for granted. Actually, it was put into play about 20 minutes ago when Chris asked if I might know where an adapter to his headphones was?

Now what came about always occurs when I am mentally "looking" for something. Pictures of places start to appear in my mind. Also, there's knowing-nudges to check places, no matter how unlikely. I've been trusting this process too long not to check every nudge and place shown me. I always thought everyone had this ability and put it to use, but now I'm not so sure. Chris, nor either of my kids, have never shown (to me, that is) that they could regularly find lost things. How about you?

Before I continue, know that I've been asking St. Jude and St. Anthony for help to find things since I was a wee kid. I believe my Ma told me to ask them for help because they have a special knack when presented with this "finding" task. These days I also say a quick prayer to whatever "retrieving" Angel can be of help. Kind of like a one-two-three punch to get the job done. It's "They" who put the pictures in my head and the knowingness in my heart. And it's They who help me, 9 times out of 10, find the object. The 10th situation is usually because the object is no longer in my home or on our property anymore.

Anyways, here's what happened tonight: I first got the image of our junk drawer in the kitchen. You know, that drawer where half-used candles share the cramped space with thumbtacks, various cords, and Christmas ribbon. No go. Then I got a picture of this awful little bowl I made during university (in the '70s) in ceramics class. I disliked that class and never much enjoyed making pottery, tho' I am an admirer of good pottery. But I digress... That bowl was glazed pink, white, and beige and was kept on/in one of our Alexander's bureaus, when he lived with us. Well, heaven knows where the bowl is now (actually, I on asking this, can "see" it in his top dresser drawer. Note to self: verify this when he comes home from getting married in Japan). For obvious reasons, even if an adapter was still in this bowl, this information is of no use to us right now. To continue, I was nudged to look inside a box in Chris' top dresser drawer. No go. Then a picture took me to a drawer in my dye studio. No go. Then the nudge took me to Chris' studio room where I looked in a mug with a broken handle that held small versions of what's in our kitchen junk drawer. No go.

By this time Chris told me not to sweat it. But once on the case, I have to keep going until I get to that dead end of where the item is no longer in our house or I simply have to wait for a quite "Ah Ha" moment at a later time. I asked Chris, "Could you have put the headphones with adapter at one time in the outside pockets of your keyboard case?" He proceeded to check the first pocket. No go. Then he rummaged through the second pocket...and VICTORY!

I said rather nonchalantly, "I think this is another form of my clairvoyance and clairsentience; a particularly useful form of clairvoyance/clairsentience!" I reminded him I've always had this ability...that is, with a lot of help from my friends on the Other Side. Thank you St. Jude, St. Anthony, and retriever-of-lost-items Angel!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As my youngest son, Alexander, leaves today on a plane for Japan to spend time with his fiance, Emi, I've taken a moment to place a dome of the brightest, most beautiful, white Light of the Holy Spirit over the airplane he is flying in. This is just one form of protection that I've learned through my spiritual this case, the dome of light was suggested by fave author, Sylvia Browne. I've done the same today over husband, Chris' car, and oldest son, David's, subway trains. This visualization of a dome of Light can be thought of as powerful prayer to keep my loved ones safe.

I wish I would have learned about protection when I was young. It would have saved this clairsentient a lot of grief (see past post, A Personal Revelation). Protection isn't just about keeping safe from an accident, it's about protecting oneself from harmful negativity that sneaks into our own auras and bodies from people we encounter. How many of us have begun the day perfectly happy and content, only to meet up with someone (who could even be in your own household!) who emits depression or has such a pessimistic viewpoint that we begin to feel awful ourselves and even worse, can't seem to shake these feelings for the rest of the day?! Personal protection is the answer.

Such protection comes in many forms. Many of the spiritual writers, psychics, and mediums recommend various protection visualizations that could be chosen at any given time. If one visualization doesn't suit you, another surely will. Or feel free to come up with your own version.
I like to fill myself with the white Light of love and compassion, extending that Light around me in the form of a bubble. It's important for me to keep the inside of the bubble clear, so that I can operate as a clairsentient, clairvoyant, etc. and to make sure that I "observe and not absorb"...which I believe is a Sonia Choquette mantra. I keep the outside of the bubble mirror-like, to reflect away any negativity, dark or gray entities, or any emotions that I want no part of. This type of visualization takes only moments but provides unsurpassed protection. You don't have to be in a meditative state to practice could be dressing for the day or washing your face, for goodness sakes! What do you have to lose? It's free!

Case in point: One day a few weeks I got a call from my youngest son, Alexander, from his workplace. He complained of a headache and that he was being bombarded by other people's "emotional junk." It's becoming clearer and clearer that Alexander is me. I reminded him of the protection bubble. He hemmed and hawed. I reminded him that I didn't have time relaying to him things that don't work. I told Alex to first clear himself a la Echo Bodine:
Take a deep, calming breath or two and breath, with a calming breath between lines.
Say out loud or in your head:
Please clear me. 2 times
Please clear my mind. 2x
Please clear my body. 2x
Please clear my soul. 2x
Please clear me psychically. 2x
And then, if you'd like, you can go on and clear your room, your house, around your house, your workplace, etc.
Then, once cleared, I recommended that Alex place the protective bubble of white Light around him. The proof in the pudding came when Alexander called me a few days ago to say he's been doing these prayers/visualizations and that they WORKED wonderfully.

A psychic friend of mine does something important protection-wise that makes me smile when she tells me of it. If she's going somewhere, she asks her Spirit Guides and Angels to come along with her, saying something like, "Alright gang, whoever wants to come along, here we go." How can one go wrong with a troupe of spiritual entities joining and keeping watch over us in whatever we're doing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ravenstar's Thoughts On My Reading

In my last post I relayed a psychic reading that was done for me by Tina Zion. Friend and teacher, Ravenstar, wrote the following to me when I initially wrote to her about the reading. What Ravenstar wrote was so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you. I had written: "Tina said I had "Mr. Magoo" glasses on, and was squinting, as I tried to hard to move faster spiritually. She said I didn't need to try so was coming."

Ravenstar wrote back: This is so true. Just like spinning, Spirituality is woven with invisible threads and yarns and on a much larger loom than you can imagine. There is a higher dimension, a higher plan and perhaps a greater purpose than you know. Spirituality isn't hard at fact it's so simple we just can't grasp it! And why, cause it's always there, always been there. Sri Ramana Maharshi said "There is no reaching the Self. If Self were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not here and now but that it has yet to be obtained. You are the Self; you are already That." When you notice clouds floating by in your awareness, thoughts floating by in your mind, feelings arising in the are the Self of them all. The Self is fully functioning, fully awake at that moment. Jenny, I can tell you from where I've been and done, I've come back full circle and thought, wow! I did all that stuff just to realize there is no finding enlightenment, there is no finding the Self, it's been with me the whole time ~ just like the title of the book "Wherever You Go, There You Are," by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The problem is our misinterpretation, our fear of death and fear of each other. Spiritual work is about purifying your own experience, your own way of experiencing and what's happening at every moment so you won't want to reject life, you'll want to play in it. The earth is holy, if only we could see it...we would be dazzled by the absolute glory and sense and beauty of everything. If I were to write a children's book (as Tina prophesied I would eventually be doing in the past post: A Psychic Reading For Me), I'd present something from the world that others deem 'ugly' and slowly through the pages transform the 'ugly' to utterly glorious! In the book of miracles, a change in perception IS a miracle!

Thank you, Ravenstar, for your keen insight and love.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Psychic Reading For Me

A few days ago I was given a psychic phone reading by Tina Zion. I've never met Tina, who is located in Indiana, but a good friend recommended her services to me. 'tis always good to choose a psychic who comes highly recommended rather than a street-side psychic you don't know...the chance for scamming is just too great.

It's my opinion that "energy is energy" and getting and/or giving an excellent phone reading is just as relevant and potent as getting and/or giving an excellent reading in person. Tina taped our 1-hour session and before the day was over, I had a copy of it in my inbox, which I figured out how to burn to CD.

For ever important validation reasons, Tina did not know anything about me at the beginning of our session. I did have questions, but we saved them for after her initial report of what she saw/felt/heard around me. She first asked me to relax and if I was a prayerful person, which I am, to say a little prayer to open me up and help me to receive. I did so and in a minute or two Tina saw a beautiful, bright, rosy pink/red light around me, turning to purple. She said she saw a beam of energy heading into my heart. She mentioned this was important because she often sees people depleted, with energy leaving them, but not so with me.

Tina saw many, many children all playing around me. The children trusted and listened to me as their teacher. Tina saw me eventually writing a series of children's books that would make Spirit and metaphysical topics non-scary for them.

Tina saw a fairy by/with me...named "Bells or Bella," who was my Joy Guide. The fairy had lovely slanted eyes and suggested I get out in nature more often and walk on earthen paths, not on cement. This practice will cleanse a heaviness that rises through my feet and centers in my back. Tina called the heaviness "gunk." Such gunk came from past experiences and disappointments and was necessary to remove for optimum health.

Tina also verified my Guides: Joshua and Ayala...both coming from high spiritual realms. She said that Yeshue is not Joshua, as I had thought, but a separate Spirit Guide/Adviser (she saw a line between them).

Tina "saw" my eyes squinting, with thick glasses on them, not unlike "Mr. Magoo" glasses. She said this represented me trying to see too hard; working too hard. She said what instead was necessary was to relax and to receive. I was to open my heart and accept what was coming, which included the abundance and financial stability I had been praying for, not to mention the clairaudience and increased clairvoyance that I knew was around the corner. Patience!

I asked Tina if I was a medium? She said yes, matter of factly, and reminded me that all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. She suggested I look into Lily Dale. I confided I had already learned about Lily Dale from the same friend who recommended me to her. In fact, I had prayed that if we were to move, could it be near Lily Dale...then I realized I had just prayed to move to Buffalo! LOL!! Geez, they have more snow than we do in Vermont!!! Perhaps just having enough money to allow me to go to school and take workshops at Lily Dale would suffice, eh?!

I asked if I was on the road to fulfilling my "life purpose" and following my blueprint? She said that I already knew the answer to this...that I was, indeed. She saw a wide path in front of me, interestingly free of hills and mountains, meaning that my road would be unencumbered and was there for me to travel freely. Again she stressed I was ready to "receive."

I asked if she saw in my future more Tarot reading? She said that within two months I would not need the cards anymore for my readings that I offer, unless I wanted to use them to open up. I told her I knew my readings were more psychic now than ever, and she agreed. I told her I liked the cards to "hold on to," or vaguely refer to, but I knew the information came from "elsewhere."

Finally, I asked if anyone from the Other Side would like to speak with me? My Ma, Agnes, came through. Please know that I love my Ma dearly, but we didn't always see eye to eye. My Ma said, "Our relationship was my greatest teacher. We offered each other contrast. This contrast spurred me on and I hope spurred you on to greater knowledge. My perspective is brighter and lighter of life because of you." I can tell you that was crying with relief by the end of this. My Ma spoke of "brother." I'm wondering if she was my brother in a past life? I always thought of Ma having a fair amount of male energy. Or, she could have been referring to the fact that my only brother and I are presently estranged. Ma certainly would advocate to put our differences of opinion behind us and to reconcile, which I'm all for doing, but something tells me my brother needs more time.

Tina also advised that I look into the workbooks and CDs of Sharon Klingler. In particular, I shall save up for: "Speaking To Spirit Deluxe Edition," and "Advanced Spirit Communication And Public Mediumship." I am looking forward to studying these with the same friend who recommended Tina to me.

The work of Lisa Williams was also endorsed. I'll start with getting an inter-library loan for her book, "Life Among The Dead."

After the reading, I went online to check e-mail, etc. I never just dump my "junk" mail because time and time again there's something that's definitely not junky in it. This time sealed the deal on continuing that practice: in my junk mail was an e-mail by a Mr. Bella. Well, now I know my fairy Joy Guide is named Bella, not Bells.

Tina Zion is the real deal. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic reading.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Healing An Elbow That Plays Tennis

Chris has been playing a lot of tennis these days. This is wonderful and healthy for many reasons. The tennis sessions are also not so good in that he keeps aggravating his racket-holding elbow. Diagnosis - tendinitis. A friend of his (actually the jazz poet he plays tennis with) is a homeopathic doctor: Dr. Namaya. Chris was given a homeopathic remedy that helped a lot and he bought a topical homeopathic remedy, Traumeel, that works really well, too...for awhile. But Chris keeps playing tennis, which although fabulous in most respects, keeps bringing back the elbow pain.

Enter wife/spider/spiritual healer thanks to Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel, who I ask for healing and guidance from regularly. What I've been doing of late is a combo of Reiki and Echo Bodine healing techniques. Please see past posts: Summer Solstice; Reiki I Initiation, and Inner Child. Also, A Medical Intuitive Reading With Sue Singleton, describes how at least 100 of my past lives were spent as a healer.

Like Echo, I generally use hankies between my hands and the body being worked on. I did just that for the first session that I worked on Chris' elbow and more. Chris reported complete elbow recovery after that session...until he played tennis again.

Last night, right before we were about to sleep, I asked how Chris how his elbow was? He said it's "not bad" but there is pain. The elbow that hurt was on the opposite side of his body from where I was. I could have crawled over him but this confuses our cat, Chloe and heaven forbid we confuse the cat. I thought I'd try some "distance healing"...or maybe it's called another thing (not-so-far-distance-healing? lol!) in that I put my hand (no hankies) on Chris' healthy elbow, asking that healing go to the elbow that was injured. After just a few minutes, my hand tingled and was definitely emitting heat. I asked Chris, "What do you feel?" He said, "My hurt elbow is pulsating!" Now please keep in mind, this is the elbow I wasn't touching! We both began to fall asleep and eventually I'm sure I simply rolled over and called it a night.

Chris left early this morning for work so I have yet to ask him how his elbow feels. Will find out tonight and report here: I asked Chris when he came home last night and he said his elbow was far less "tender."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

David's Spirit Visitors

My oldest son, David (now 29), relayed to me some of his paranormal experiences when he was visiting us a few weeks ago. As he talked, I tapped out what he wrote. David's given me permission to print these tappings below:

1. The most recent experience is the “tap on the shoulder.” This has happened more than once…a lot of times actually. It’s a one-two tap, usually on the right shoulder. This occurs when I’m sleeping. Whether I wake up or not for it, I’m not sure. But I’m aware of it and it’s the “same” tap…no variations. It’s not a hard tap. I’m not scared by it. Sometimes I think it’s there to wake me up. I don’t know who it is.

2. The experience that happened the farthest back was when we lived at Bennington College in Vermont. That particular experience was when I was little (early '80s). As usual my mom tucked me into bed and left the room. I know I wasn’t sleeping when the following happened. There was a being in the chair, human-like, looking at me. It was sitting in a chair in my room that was kitty-corner to my bed. I could see the face but it was very dark (so was the room). I remember the eyes being very human-like. It felt like a man as opposed to a woman. Had to be a man that wasn’t alive anymore. It was wearing something, but I can’t remember the details. It didn’t say anything to me and was very still. I don’t think I yelled out for my mom at that time. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. I turned away from the being and went to bed. Perhaps the man was mean, but I didn’t feel really threatened.

3. We were living in Kendrick at Simon's Rock College and Aunt Patty was over. I was in my parent’s bedroom sleeping on the floor because Aunt Patty was in my room. I looked up into the hallway and something was floating in the air, suspended and fluctuating at an angle. I don’t think I was sleeping. It was masculine and looked like a human. It was pretty solid but I don’t remember details.

4. We were living in Toronto, Canada and it was probably after one of my violin performances. I was by a bakery near the Ford Center. When I went in, there was at least one being (human-like but not really human). There were other people in the bakery, but this being didn’t belong there. I got scared at what I was looking at. I remember thinking, “I need to get out of here.”

Thank you, David, for allowing me to share these important experiences with others.

Have YOU had any paranormal experiences that you'd like to share with others on this blog?

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Personal Revelation

Today a BIG lightbulb went off in my head. The Light was so bright that this morning I couldn't explain fast enough what I have learned to Chris. In some ways, I knew what I'm about to explain. But now I KNOW it and want to record this blessing that occurred today. Finally I have a name for what I've been feeling and experiencing all my life.

I had just begun my 4th Sylvia Browne book, "Phenomenon ~ Everything You Need To Know About The Paranormal." This book is set up encyclopedia-style, with terms and their accompanying explanations laid out in alphabetic order.

OK, I admit it... first I skipped ahead to clairvoyance, already knowing I am clairvoyant. All sounded good and explained this gift well, as would be expected from any of Sylvia's excellent books.

Then I read Sylvia's description of clairsentience. Sylvia begins, "Clairsentience is the ability to receive a silent thought, message or projected emotion, from nearby or from other dimensions, and experience it as an actual physical and emotional sensation." She continues, "...clairsentience is essentially empathy in hyperdrive..." THAT IS ME.

Now I already figured out that I'm an animal empath (see the past post, On Being An Animal Empath) but what I've not clearly admitted on The Spiritual Spider, nor totally to myself until now is that I am an EMPATH of the first hyperdrive, as Sylvia says. I always thought that everyone felt other people's emotions, pain, feelings, you-name-it, in the way I did. I can point to the place or places in my body where I physically feel other people's "stuff" before it happens, when it happens, and after it happens. I have just recently begun finally showing Chris this phenomenon by pointing to the places on my body when I'm "hit." Prior to this, I usually never showed anyone where I felt what I felt.

But what did happen over my lifetime is that I had been struck with migraines and severe stomach pains. When? Here's an example: I could generally count on finding myself really ill the evening of my first day of teaching a three-day beginning spinning course. Why? Because on the first day of a "three-day blitz" course, I absorbed all the anxiety and yes, sometimes even anger (the ol' hang the teacher syndrome), that the newbies felt when they either couldn't "get it" or were worried they couldn't get it. I absorbed their pain...everyone's pain. And where did it lead me? Throwing up all night in the bathroom.

I have never equated being clairsentient with the fact that I get sick from absorbing other people's energy...until now.

And pain isn't all I absorb. I take in the excitement of the moment...unfortunately ALL the excitement. For example, just as I got sick after the first day of teaching a class, I also got sick after the first day (or in some cases, the only day) of being on vacation, doing anything fun...heck, even taking a workshop myself. I could name oodles of times when this happened.

Clairsentience is a gift. It's a gift that helps me give a psychic Tarot reading. It's a gift that helps me "read" a person or a situation, which at its best can be very helpful. But now that I know my gift has a name I can't allow it to rob days and nights of my life anymore. I must learn how to use this gift safely and effectively. But Sylvia writes that clairsentience is, "...a total surrender of objectivity, and those who practice it can easily become drained and overexposed, not to mention ill or deeply depressed." What to do?

Sylvia says, "Probably more than any other psychic gift, clairsentience requires an enormous amount of discipline and every TOOL OF PROTECTION in the arsenal. Thankfully "Tools of Protection" are one of the terms explained in her book. Time for study and action...

Geez, I picked this book up from the library, but I think I better check on Amazon what it costs to get myself a personal copy. Looks like I'm going to need to continue referring to it, eh?