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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taliloquay Flower Essences And Gem Elixirs

When I find a person/company who is creating items that are incredible, I will pass on the information in blog posts. It would be wonderful if you would let us know which companies and/or products you find not only useful, but are excited about. Please comment and share your findings. Thanks!

I first walked into Phyllis Brooks' booth, "Taliloquay," at a Whole Health Expo in Northampton, Massachusetts a few years ago. Her shelves were lined with blue glass bottles that had lovely labels on them and I was intrigued. One product that I found fantastic, have re-ordered, and use regularly in my Tarot reading work and when I teach spinning is the Aura and Room Spray. At the beginning of each day that I teach spinning I spray the room to cleanse it. If I'm reading Tarot in person, I spray at the beginning of my day and after each reading. One time, when I was reading Tarot at the now-closed "Kindred Spirits" in Brattleboro, Vermont, I had to quickly leave for the day and failed to spray after the last reading. When I came back the next week, the owner said, "Why was the reading room so heavy after your last reading?" I remembered that the reading was very intense and that I had to make a quick exit that day. Never again will I not spray!! I don't want the energies from one reading seeping over into the next...

Have you ever used and liked Bach Flower Remedies? Let's face it, their Rescue Remedy is not to be without! I wouldn't dream of not keeping a bottle in my purse. And I feel it's essential to have on hand when traveling. Well, Taliloquay's essences and elixirs are equally fantastic and there are more products to choose from, so you can pinpoint exactly what you want/need.

Another item of Taliloquay's that I can highly recommend is Phyllis's Personal Essence Combination. Phyllis wrote, "The essences/elixirs in your combination remedy have been selected expressly for you by my spiritual guides and your own higher self (using kinesiology-muscle testing). It would be helpful for you to study the following list and meditate on it how it relates to your life at the present time." The "list" that Phyllis is talking about are the essences/elixers that went into my morning combination bottle and my evening combination bottle. In order for her to make them, I had to send a pic of myself. I sent two, one being the pic of me with Grouse, since I felt that was an important pic for Phyllis to see. See the past post, Eye of the Grouse, for more on Grouse.

Here's a few of the essences/elixirs that went into my morning combination (note that there are many more than these):
Goldenseal: An etheric body-wash; it removes scars from old traumas, old thoughtforms, etc. It is a Golden Seal ~ raising the etheric body vibrations above the level where negative vibrations can exist, which "seals" them out. Other Sources: Removes scars from old emotional traumas, possibly from past lives. Use when emotional pattern is mostly healed, but a few issues still remain. Eases nervous behavioral patterns.
Queen Anne's Lace: Opens your bones/body to breathe, especially the skull. This allows you to feel with every cell of your body. Being in your cellular body 100% allows you to mesh with your spiritual body and be alive 100% ~ the ultimate way to be alive. Other Sources: Helps one develop inner sight so that auras can be seen and telepathic abilities can be developed. Strengthens the eyes. Activates the pineal gland, helping one analyze the highest thought among various thoughts. Tonic for the spine. Opens the crown chakra. Spiritual body cleansed and brought closer to the physical body, so that decisions are made from a more spiritual perspective.
Mimetite: Protection during channeling and aids clarity and peception. Reduces need to copy others; enhances independence. Spirit of adventure; wisdom. Helps bring groups into combined awareness of a powerful principle; also helps people speak among themselves on such matters.

A few of the essences/elixirs that went into my evening combination (note that there are many more than these):
Calamus (Sweet Flag): Frequency boost. Interdimensional communication. It increases the frequency of my head, through all the dimensional bodies. The frequencies are also gentler and yet more potent. The fairy people may find it easier to deal with you, as your energy will not appear so harsh to them. Other Sources: Integrates the mind, body, and spirit by merging the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. An enhancer for other essences. For extreme anxiety, stress, or fear such as when confronted by death.
Chalcedony: Stimulates all states of inspiration from spiritual to artistic creativity. On psychological levels, this inspiration becomes optimism (partly because the heart chakra is opened). Increased absorption of iron, silicon, vitamin K. Bath: may increase oxygenation to skin tissue.
Howlite: This clears out my channel down to my solar plexus and then on up to my monad. Enriches, relaxes and nurtures all at the same time. An amazing clearing, it just blows everything away! This helps people be aware of what is to be rooted and in touch with Source/Creation and at the same time grasp the enormity of all that is and how it can be relevant in their own life. Connects you with infinity while grounding. Makes it easy; when things are that easy, there's no reason to be negative or anxious, or anything other than restful.

Ordering and receiving these Personal Essence Combinations is like getting a personal "reading" PLUS an aid/remedy. The value is priceless.

If you end up ordering your own products from Taliloquay, do let us know what you got and tell us about them. Thanks.

Thank you, Phyllis, for all that you do. Phyllis also teaches Shamballa Multidimensional Healing...something that I plan to look into further in the future. Has anyone studied this form of healing?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Being A Book Glutton; "Reader Of Hearts"

How true for me rings the statement, "When the student is ready the teacher will come." The teachers did, indeed, appear in my last 30 years of studying spinning, dyeing, and knitting...both in the flesh and through the sage advice of many knowledgeable authors via their books...thank you Rita, EZ, Wendy, Trudy, etc. Other sorts of teachers have already been generous in sharing their expertise with me these past few years as I walk down various spiritual and healing paths...thank you Jenna, Janice, Lee, Echo, etc.

For 30 years I've amassed an impressive personal collection of fiber arts books; many of which have patiently sat open as I inhaled tips and techniques, allowing me to develop a sound base of information that has stood me well in my fiberish work. The last few years I've pretty much stopped collecting fiber arts books unless they spoke to me loud and clear that they held information I couldn't do without. This fiber arts book-buying cessation has pleased Chris immensely, especially since books have definitely risen in price over the years and our income hasn't followed the same trend.

But what's a spider to do when she hankers for spiritual/healing books? Well, there's the used book sellers where sometimes one can find incredible bargains. Such book finds can literally make a person's day! But even more important there's a librarian friend, Leslie, who thankfully keeps me in books. THANK YOU LESLIE! Leslie's help was especially appreciated after Chris put the kibosh on me buying books on Amazon. Yes, I admit it...I'm a book glutton when left to my own devices. There are times I request so many books from Librarian Leslie that I can't read them all by the time they're due. But one thing I noticed after years of book-buying was that there are few spiritual/healing books that I need to own. Reading them and perhaps copying a page or two generally suffices.

Might as well take this moment and announce that occasionally I plan to discuss a book or two on this blog that I'm either reading or have read. Over the past few years I've plowed through many offerings by Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh, John Edward, Echo Bodine, and many more. I, and surely readers of this blog, would love to hear what YOU have been reading, too, so please share your thoughts and opinions. In particular, what would be helpful would be what "sung" true for you as you read.

One book I've recently finished is, "Reader of Hearts," by Darrin Owens. I found Darrin's website plugged on another favorite author of mine's website, Echo Bodine (Echo's got something like 9 books out and I've read 6 of them). Librarian Leslie and others kindly and frequently show patience as I go on and on and on about how good this book or that book is that I'm reading. All I can say in defense is that when I like something or someone, I tend to do so with gusto and want to share my findings. Sooo, what follows is what I feel about Darrin's book, and believe me, I really liked it. It's not a review per se, because I'm not going to thoroughly discuss all the nuances within the book, but hopefully I'll give you enough info that will allow you to make a decision on whether you may or may not want to search this book out.

What I liked about Darrin's book is his honest voice throughout. I'm guessing Darrin, a professional psychic, writes like he thinks and talks, which is refreshing. When I read his words I got the sense that he lives what he is talking about. In other words, he is authentic and real, as opposed to phony, preachy, or pompous. That's not to say he doesn't voice his opinions. He does. But he doesn't shove anything down your throat. In addition, Darrin is witty, with a keen sense of humor...something I always appreciate. I also like that many of the chapters end with beautiful prayers, as well as containing helpful advice in the form of easy-to-understand "wisdom tips."

I very much enjoyed reading Darrin's life story growing up in Arkansas, showing how he discovered and manifested his gifts. But I equally like how Darrin goes on to divide the book up into "seven aspects of the spiritual journey," giving much food for thought as well as being simply a good read. He does not promise to make the reader a psychic in minutes, hours, days, years, etc., as some book authors do. Instead, he writes, "My hope is that this book will have some power to inspire, to heal, and to guide readers to a better understanding of themselves and the world they live in. I hope that it becomes the part of the call for a pure sense of spirituality to arise. I hope that it builds for you the confidence that you already have within you all the answers you need."

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Few Spinning Dreams

A few spinning dreams recorded in my journal ~
Dreamt I was away with Chris, teaching spinning. We were put up in some old farmhouse or building. I went to take a shower and had to stand on a rotten board over a well. The board broke when I was on it and I fell into a cesspool. I screamed for someone to get me out. A few people helped nonchalantly, including a friend who was going to take one of the classes. Her outfit exposed most of her breasts, which were hairy like a man's chest. She seemed very proud over how her breasts looked. I was pulled out of the cesspool and got dressed to teach without ever showering. I chose old jewelry of my Ma's to wear, perhaps thinking it would make me look presentable.

I had a nightmare where I was teaching spinning and ALL went wrong. I had a big class and couldn't get beyond opening up some dyed silk top sideways. Participants started complaining that they only learned one technique in the several hours we were together. Whew! Thank goodness this didn't really happen!

Had a very vivid dream where I was teaching a spinning class and tried, at the beginning of class, to show them how to tie on a leader, but to no avail. The leader was too short and it frayed out and fell apart. Then I saw the cotton leader turn from green to black! Finally, I cobbled a leader onto a bobbin and went to my main, front table where I keep equipment I bring to teach with. On the table were boxes of prepared fibers, but I couldn't remember what the class was to be about. When I, embarrassed, was about to ask the class what they came to learn, I woke up!

I was in the house of the editor of a spinning magazine (I've never been in her house in real life...haven't even been to Colorado!). Her daughter was there but instead of being the sweet, young girl that she is, she was a rather sarcastic teenager. The editor lovingly showed me some of her daughter's toys and puzzles from when her daughter was little. One was a puzzle with just one piece...a heart, with beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch-style carving. I began to EAT the heart right in front of the editor. She didn't seem to mind at all. She said it had "cellulose" in it. After I ate it, I remember being rather embarrassed.

Any dream interpreters out there? How 'bout spinning dream interpreters?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two More Clairvoyant "Firsts"

This past New Year's Eve '08 found me checking out a website that was recommended by Corene on the "Music of the Spheres" astrology group on Ravelry: Terence Guardino, astrologer in Palm Springs, California. I can't recommend this excellent site enough. For one thing, Terence monthly provides free video forecasts for each Sun sign. And while I've not taken advantage of it yet, Terence allows a client to ask two questions for $50, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

What happened when I watched Terence's Sagittarius video forecast for 2009 took me by complete surprise as I hadn't seen an aura or spirit online before. The video began with Terence discussing this and that. As I watched , I saw rising around him a light yellow aura. And if that wasn't enough, two spiritual beings appeared, one behind Terence's right shoulder and one behind his left shoulder. At first, it seemed as if one being jumped from the right to the left and back again (something that's happened before). Then I saw both spirits at the same time. Each of the beings were of a light blue color.

On the urging of a friend, I e-mailed Terence what I had seen. He e-mailed back the following:
Hi Jeannine,

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I haven't heard anything about my aura in many years but I am encouraged that this energy around me comes through on the video clips. I also hope it is a sign of protection and expansion for me during these troubled economic times.

Regarding the two spiritual beings I am not sure who one could be, I can think of a couple of people who have crossed over, but the second one I would like to believe is my dog Carly who passed this past October.

Blessings and I really appreciate that you wrote to me
Terence Guardino

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so surprised what I saw on the computer screen...after all, energy IS energy.

The second surprising clairvoyant experience had to do with our excellent black cat, Chloe. Chris and I were in our bedroom chatting. Chris was on a chair next to the bed by a window and I was near him, sitting on the bed. Chloe walked up between the two of us, ready to jump onto the window sill for a look outside. I looked down and saw above Chloe a light orange-yellow "Spirit Cat," hovering just above her body, and slightly smaller than her physical body. I asked telepathically whether it was Chloe's Higher Self or a cat Guide/Protector of Chloe. I heard back it was a Guide/Protector. I laughed and said, "No wonder cats have 9 lives, blessed with protective Spirit Guides looking after them!" Chris listened as I told him what I was seeing. He's gotten used to such talk but I'm not sure he was ready for a Spirit Cat. LOL!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Medical Intuitive Reading With Sue Singleton

In the past post,The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More, I wrote of attending a lecture given by the medical intuitive, Sue Singleton, of The Way to Balance. Within days of having a clairvoyant experience at that event, I knew I wanted to have a medical intuitive reading by Sue. Now I'm not sure I can hire the services of everyone around whom I see spirits from here on out, but since this was the first time I saw anything of the sort and it was around Sue, I figured this situation was special, indeed.

I called The Way to Balance and found out a 1-hour reading is $300. Luckily at that time I was still in the "circuit" teaching spinning so that I could plan to use the monies earned from a teaching gig to pay for this reading. Why did I want such a reading? In some ways, I was simply curious what a medical intuitive reading entailed. But also, I often find myself tied up in knots with anxiety or worry and the end result tends to be indigestion and intense stomach pain. No amounts of antacids or remedies even touches such pain. Generally, I literally have to throw up to get rid of what I term the "battery acid" in my stomach. And even then, I find myself unable to sleep on such nights. Also, I've been fighting high blood pressure since the birth of our first child in 1980.

I paid the $300 in advance of the reading and looked forward to the experience. We live too far from The Way To Balance to go in person, at least not without spending a day doing so, therefore I opted for a phone reading. Included with the fee is a tape of the session AND a copy of Sue's written notes, which I found very helpful in that I didn't have to take notes whilst on the phone.

As a medical intuitive, Sue was never trained in medicine or anatomy or anything else medical. Instead, she had, herself, a near-death experience and when she recovered found she was given the "gift" of medical intuition. As she commences with her reading, medical terminology spills out of her mouth as if she was trained as a physician or nurse.

Here's a summary of my reading with Sue:
  • Shock to the central nervous system
  • Gland signals are incomplete to upper body
  • Torso/trunk interruption flow; left and right torso
  • Congestion and pressure in neck and lower back of head
  • Central nervous system stress/ automatic NS C-4-S misal
  • Blockage: Bi-lateral parietals, temple, bi-lateral frontals, nasal bone, xygomatic process, pallatines, rotation atlas, C-2 misal
Root Cause: 5 incidents; physical trauma residues with shock to central nervous system (2)...(note that I added what happened during the ages below)
age 3 ~ convulsions
age 6/7 ~ saw my mother nearly die from bleeding ulcers
age 20 ~ Sue said may be karmic.
age 47/48 ~ learned of something dreadful that affected our family

Stress pattern in throat and chest (muscle layers); longus capitus, scm, platysma, pericardium latissimus, diaphram...affecting digestion, respiratory, blood pressure.

More root cause: fear, anxiety, overwhelming feeling, panic, hopelessness, dread, and worry...(note that I added what happened during the ages below)
age 3/4 ~ convulsions
age 9 ~ problems sleeping, scared
age 27 ~ lots of moving
ages 45-49 ~ unhappy in job; learned of something dreadful that affected our family

More root cause: sadness, loss, grief, isolation, separation, abandonment, disappointment, longing, void, unloved, unlovable...
At birth Sue saw that I had a high vibration level and had a hard time being separated from God.

Sue found a karmic sadness (past lives) that gave her a "teary feeling":
  • In 1954 I died as an infant at only a few days old.
  • She also saw me as a male farmer working on a steep hillside. A volcano erupted and I died.
  • I have spend 989 lifetimes on the Earth dimension.
  • 100 of these lifetimes has been as a healer. My soul chose to be a healer to round out my experiences on earth; great healer energy.
Some outside aggravators include:
  • Electricity ~ affects my face, throat, and chest.
  • X-rays ~ I have had A LOT of x-rays in this lifetime...too many.
  • Metallics ~ I am a natural dyer and mordants have definitely been problematic. My liver has been affected by these metallics.
  • Candida ~ low beneficial flora in colon.
  • Thankfully there is no appreciable accumulation of chemical toxins.
After the reading Sue and I talked about what I could do regarding my medical issues. She recommended meditations with certain CDs dealing with fear and sadness, along with accompanying aromatherapy. Also, a homeopathic remedy was prescribed for the x-ray build-up. For electricity release I was to regularly put my feet in sand by the ocean, lake, etc...a fun way to get rid of excess electricity! Sue suggested I visit a craniosacral therapist, which I did twice, and found it additionally helpful regarding my stomach problems and more.

I can truly say that my reading was not only fascinating but insightful. By following Sue's recommendations I have been helped immensely with not only my stomach issues (which are far less frequent) but also with clearing the muscle knots in my shoulders, neck and lower head. Chris, my husband, has noticed the positive results.

After the initial reading, follow-up sessions with Sue are substantially lower in price. I have had one such follow-up session thus far. I wish I lived closer to Sue as I'd like to see her in person occasionally.

I would love to hear from folks who also have had readings by medical intuitives. Please share your experiences. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Julie's Civil War Past Life

Julie, of the past post, Rhinebeck '08 Spirit, e-mailed me the following:
I would love to be able to see spirit guides and auras. I have occasionally seen auras, but only when the person I'm looking at is in front of a white wall and I am concentrating very hard. Also, something I forgot to tell you: once, long ago, I was doing some work to find my spirit animal, and it came to me in the form of a fox. Maybe it's not coincidence that what you saw next to me was bright orange?

Julie published this post on her wonderful blog, Evil Julie, and kindly gave me permission to reprint it here: I’ve mentioned before that I was a history major in college. My friend (who could be referred to as “Me-in-a-different-body,” but that name is too long) Kim L., was a history minor at the same college. Between the two of us, we came up with the theory that our interest in specific time periods probably comes from having lived in that time in another life. I’ve always had an interest in the Civil War, and when I was in college, I had something happen to me that confirmed my belief that I lived then.

When I was a sophomore in college, I took a course in Civil War history as part of my major requirements. The prof had us read a bunch of Civil War novels as well as texts, so that the battles and the men who fought them would be more than just names on a page. One of the novels he had us read was Michael Shaara’s, The Killer Angels, which is about Gettysburg. I sped through it - it’s an amazing book. The night that I started it, though, I dreamed that I was on a battlefield, dressed in Confederate grey, running towards a clump of trees behind a wall. Men were falling on both sides of me as I ran, and when I was almost to the trees, I was shot in the head. I woke up, drenched in sweat because the dream had been so real.

The dream came back the next two nights. Just as vivid, exactly the same as the first night. It scared the hell out of me all three nights, but I chalked it up to having read The Killer Angels before bed. What was interesting to me, though, was that the head wound that I got in the dream was in exactly the spot I’ve had cluster headaches in my whole life. I had no idea what the connection was, though.

Spring break came a couple of weeks later, and as my then fiancee, a friend, and I headed to Philly, I suggested we detour to Gettysburg. I wanted to walk the battlefield and see the spots I had read about in person. They agreed, and we rambled all over, ending up where Pickett’s charge had taken place - the so-called High Water Mark of the Confederacy. I had been to Gettysburg before with my family, but had never walked that particular stretch of the battlefield. As I did, I looked up, and saw a familiar clump of trees. A wave of deja vu washed over me, and as we got three quarters of the way across the field, I started crying. I couldn’t help it. I realized why the trees seemed so familiar to me…they were the ones from my dream, and the spot I was standing in was the exact spot where I had been shot and killed in the dream. I told my fiancee what was going on and he said “Did you ever think the dream was about another life?” Possibly the only smart thing he ever said. I think he was right. Why else would my dream have been so vivid? I had seen that copse of trees before, but from a car as we drove past, and that had been years before. How could I have remembered so well what the view was like from that spot when I had never walked it before?

Believe what you want, but that cemented it for me, years before I ever heard of Wicca. There are past lives, and I had walked in the footprints of one mine.

Also, years after that I was walking the battlefield with my uncle and took this picture (at top of post) of the copse trees from the spot I mention in the story.

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your very powerful account of your past life as a Confederate soldier.

If you have had a past life experience you'd like to share on this blog, either e-mail me at or please put it in the comment section. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from YOU.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 4

Third life: A sad, seemingly wasted life. Only my mother who was my Ma in the present lifetime was there. I at first thought I was in South America, but was Central America...the land "in between." I was 8 years old. It was long, long ago. I was either Mayan or Aztec (my inner gut says Mayan). There were high priests who were corrupt and very rich. They had storehouses of food, and yet the people were suffering due to a drought that caused the crops to fail. The priest wore really HEAVY looking masks: silver or some metal encrusted with huge turquoise and some sort of red stone. They made up some of their religion in order to keep order among the people. Not all of it was bogus but much was. It was all about power. I had no friends. There was no time to have friends because my mother had me work from morning to night. We were starving. They had killed my father and we had nothing. In order to bring rain to the area, the priests decided to sacrifice a child. Many people were sacrificed there over the years and so such memories will show up in past lives of many people now. My mother knew I could "see things" and "knew things" psychically. My mother made a deal with the priests to give me to them for sacrifice. They said she would be helping all the people if she did and she believed them. They said they'd give her food from their storehouses. I jumped ahead in the regression and found myself buried alive. I could feel the dirt being shoveled over my body. I tasted the dirt in my mouth. They buried a live snake with me. They buried me with little statues or figures made out of the red stone. I did not suffer because I did not fight my destiny. I was not happy in this life anyways. There was no place to escape to; no one who would take me in. If I learned anything from this it's that if you don't struggle or fight death, it will not be painful. I watched when I died that the snake stayed alive. This was interesting to me. Trish, the past life regression therapist, asked who was the God of those people? I said phonetically, "qu" or "que". It turned out to be Quetzecoatl. I may have been Aztec in the 1400-1500's in central Mexico or lived MUCH earlier as a Mayan in what's now Guatemala.

Wikipedia: Quetzalcoatl [ketsalˈkoːaːtɬ] in Nahuatl) is a Aztec sky and creator god. The name is a combination of quetzalli, a brightly colored Mesoamerican bird, and coatl, meaning serpent. The name was also taken on by various ancient leaders. Due to their cyclical view of time and the tendency of leaders to revise histories to support their rule, many events and attributes attributed to Quetzalcoatl are exceedingly difficult to separate from the political leaders that took this name on themselves.[1] Quetzalcoatl is often referred to as The Feathered Serpent and was connected to the planet Venus. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge.[2] Today Quetzalcoatl is arguably the best known Aztec deity, and is often thought to have been the principal Aztec god. However, Quetzalcoatl was one of several important gods in the Aztec pantheon along with the gods Tlaloc, Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli.

From ReligionFacts: Another important Mayan god was Kukulcán, the Feathered Serpent, who appears on many temples and was later adopted by the Toltecs and Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl.

The above information must have been the reason they buried me with a snake. And then there's that whole association I have now with birds...

I learned that my mother had not learned to stop trusting the priests even in my present lifetime. That lesson is for her to figure out, not me. I also learned to forgive my mother. Starving people don't act in their right mind. She was too exhausted and famished to have room to love me and I now understand this. So I guess this life wasn't so wasted after all.

After the 4-hour past life regression session I was exhausted. It felt as if my head had been hit over and over with a sledgehammer. During the regression Trish gave me a tool to relieve my head should I get any more migraines or headaches. I now have a flap in my head that I can open when I need to let off steam and pressure. Time will tell if I'll be plagued by migraines in the future, but knowing I was not only shot in the head once in a life and hit my head hard enough to kill me in another...well, let's just say I have a fighting chance to beat this. I still think my intense fear of deep, dark ocean water was in yet another lifetime, but these three past lives were most pertinent to me now.

Trish did not try to sell me her services. She instead said that I'm on the path that will lead to yet more answers. I MUST learn to meditate and do it regularly. I am to pay attention to my dreams and write them down. I will know who to share my gift with, who to study with and who not to. She said it was not common to have seen, with my eyes wide open, the spirits I saw around the medical intuitive. An aura is one thing, but seeing the spirits is another. She said people pray lifetimes to see what I saw. Plus, the Hungarian lady passed her blood to me and I am very psychic. It is in my history. She said my third eye is now open and if I want I could go the Shaman route. Geez, I had never even considered Shamanism before. I am to be careful because not all spirits are kind. Chris needs to continue to protect me, especially now. Jenna, my good friend, is to protect me, too. When my eyes change color (more on this in a future post) it is because a spirit is trying to speak through me. I can either choose to pay attention to it or not. It is my free-will choice. But if I do not let it out, then I will continue to get headaches. I can study slowly and not rush is my choice. She said I'm a good candidate to see "between lives" when I'm ready.

End Note (or perhaps it should be called a "Beginning Note!"): I have NOT had another migraine episode since my past life regression that took place last year. I'm grateful I listened to my "hunch" that a past life regression would cure me of migraines.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 3

The next life: I was brought through circles again but this time they were white with a purple rim. I was a native American Indian girl (hence, the Grouse connection). I was 4 years old and brought JOY to all who knew me. My father was my Dad in this life. My present brother, Bob, was my brother but he was 13. I had a mother but she was not consequential in this lifetime. She was shy and did her work, but I didn't recognize her in my life now. Jenna, a good friend now, was my best friend then. She was two and much lighter skinned than most of the tribe. We were like sisters and she "flitted" me around all the time. We had great fun together as friends. Chris, love of my lives, was in this lifetime, too. He was older than me, about 8. He was gorgeous, very dark with black, soulful eyes. He watched me as I'd play. He knew he wanted to marry me someday even then. We were shy friends to each other. There were other kids playing with a stick (I didn't see a ball). Some were kids I went to grade school with in my present lifetime, but I couldn't even tell you their names anymore! The year was 1602. It was before white people came to our land. We lived by the river in the south of what's now the U.S. We'd move our tribe as needed, based on the seasons. My father adored me. My brother liked me, too. My father was sad that he couldn't ever teach me to swim. He tried but to no avail. But, I was a great fisherwoman. And I knew how to use a knife to get rid of the scales. They were proud because I could do my job so fast. When I died we were in a hand-hewn canoe (light wood, very simple but beautiful). I fell out of the boat in a rapids. My brother and father jumped in to try and save me. Try as they might, I drifted very quickly away from them and was out of reach. I didn't drown right away but soon hit my head on a big rock. That knocked me out and so my death by drowning was not painful at all. In fact, it was if I had died while sleeping. My father grieved like one can't even imagine. The retrieved my body when it ventured near the ground and got stuck on some rocks. In the regression, I went "fast-forward" to my funeral. Lots of mourning people. Lots of smoke and drumming. Some were doing a sort of slow dance around me. I lay on a flat platform. I did not see myself buried in the ground. When Trish, the past life regression therapist, asked me what I had learned, I blurted out "JOY!" I had given joy. I wore a "skin"...not furry, but tan and smooth in color. My outfit had some beads. I loved beads. So did Jenna. We still do!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 2

As I was regressed to a past life that would address my migraines, I saw circles. In this first case, they were dark blue circles moving away from me, drawing me in. As I described them out loud, Trish suggested I enter them. I did and was swept into the most awful, most horrendous scene one could ever imagine. It was 1914. I was a male, 20, tall and gangly with sandy blonde hair. I was terrified and deafened by the intense gunfire, flashing lights, and bombs that were exploding all around me. I shrieked out loud and cried like I've never before done. I was only in my body for a wee bit because I had just gotten shot in so many places. Like Swiss cheese. The shot that killed me was to my heart. But I was also shot in the right, top side of my head and my lower back. One spot was the area in my lower back is where I am very sensitive and have had cysts removed a few times in operations. The main source of my migraines was through the head wound. It bled profusely. I quickly rose a bit above my dead body as I looked at myself and those around me. There are no words to describe what I or the dead men around me went through. We had been give orders that no one understood. There were no holes to jump into to escape (no fox holes). I said, "We're sitting ducks." I really know nothing much about WW1, when this life happened, but I can say that no books, no TV accounts, no movies and not even any explanations from men who lived through it (tho' they know better than anyone else alive) can touch what a person goes through as they die in that situation. Senseless doesn't begin to describe the feeling. Stupid, stupid war. I died in Germany but was not German. At first I thought I was in Russia, as there were many around me who spoke Russian, but no, it was Germany that I died in. I thought I was from the US because I spoke English. No, I was from Northern England. My mother was my Ma in this lifetime. She didn't look exactly like my present life's Ma, but she had her essence, her soul. She either died that same year after I had died in 1914 and was reborn in December OR it's as I not fully understand yet, the lifetime was lived out simultaneously with this one. I don't quite understand this but this is what came to me. She brought forward some traits from that time, in any case (she was thin, dressed nicely and had dark hair). I had no father. I had two sisters. My mom dressed them alike but they were not twins. The slightly older one had dark hair and was my grade school girlfriend, Margaret, in my present life (who is blonde now). Before the war I worked and kept the family afloat (no father). I was very proud of this. I was also proud that I could read and was good in spelling. My girlfriend was SUSAN, a best friend of many years! This shocked me. I was shy with girls but I liked her a lot. Once I died she married someone else very quickly. I said this is as it should be, but I remember thinking, "I'm not even cold in my grave yet!" I floated away from my body after I died and felt VERY peaceful. Lots of white around me and I felt wonderful. Trish asked what I had learned? That I was loved. That I knew how to love and be responsible. That war is beyond the worst of the worse. Oh, I almost name was Jonathon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 1

I went to Trish Casimira, a past life regression therapist, in the spring of '08. I had heard about her from the Whole Health Expo and from finding her in Wisdom Magazine (a local mag that has articles, ads, etc. all dealing with the metaphysical). The reason I was interested in experiencing a past life regression was because I had a hunch that it would cure my migraines that I had been suffering from for over 30 years. I was with Trish for about 4 hours. We began by me filling out some papers and with her doing some numerology with my birth date and then a Tarot reading using the Voyager Tarot, which she has been trained in. From there we addressed my hopes to be rid of migraines that "stole" hours and days from my life. We talked of finding out why I have migraines, and about my fear of water and heights, and just some general chit-chat regarding Grouse and the Hungarian Lady. See these past posts for more info on Grouse and the Hungarian Lady: Eye of the Grouse , and The Hungarian Lady.

Trish led me to a comfy chair that reclined and she put on a tape of drumming. She left the room for a moment and asked that I get comfortable. Trish said once I was relaxed to ask Grouse, in my head, why he came to me. When she came back she began the regression. As the drumming tape played she spoke gently and counted backwards. Grouse's beak appeared and finally his whole body. He did not have the injured eye anymore. I was told that Grouse really WAS Grouse and not a person who shape-shifted. I was told that animals do not have to be people in order to have other words, that animals are just as important as people, just different. Grouse came because he announced change in my life...profound change that brought with it the grief of separation from a friend and more. Then Hungarian woman came to me. Trish asked me to ask her who she is? She was my great grandma on my Mom's side. She died well before I was born. She's the one who folks thought was nuts because she wanted to start a religion. Let me tell you, SHE WAS NOT NUTS. She is my spirit guide and I can call her just "Grandma." She said she is with me because I have the same psychic gift that she has. We were both born with the "veil" over our eyes. She's here to make sure I live out my destiny in this life. She's here to protect me. She was with my brother, Bob, when I almost died from a seizure as a baby. She told him to pull out my tongue and turn me over. She shape-shifted into the body of the man who walked back through rapids when I almost drowned as a kid...see the past post: Tubing Down The Apple River. She was there when I fell from the top of the steps to the bottom floor of our cement basement at age 4 when no one was home (Ma was working and brother, Bob, was in school; Dad was at work and my oldest brother, Jack, was at work). I came home from school (in Maryland you went to kindergarten at age 4) and I ran in to see the puppies from our dog, Cindy. They were in a swimming pool in the basement so they wouldn't run around and get hurt when we weren't there. Hungarian lady helped me up the steps and across the street to "Brownie's" house, the mother of a girlfriend of mine. They took me to the hospital and made me stay up all night for fear I would die.

Soooo, that was the first part of my past life regression and was actually a test Trish put me through. Trish didn't even give me instructions to go forth on this journey...she wanted to see how I would act. I responded by going to the "spirit" world on my own. She later, after the session, said I should highly consider going the Shaman's path. This wasn't as shocking to me by then because of the three past lives that were revealed to me, which I'll write about in posts in the days to come.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rhinebeck '08 Spirit

I'm a fiber artist who writes and teaches about spinning, natural dyeing, and knitting. Last October I taught at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. What I'm about to relay is a "first" for me, since prior to this incident I had never experienced a spirit showing up in my classroom! Well, not at least knowingly!

I was teaching my "Spinning Thick, Medium, and Thin" workshop. Our classroom was located at the end of a big warehouse-type building that had temporary cloth dividers between the workshop "rooms." Being on the end, we had a large picture window which gave ample natural lighting. I mention this because our room was not dim nor dark.

The workshop was filled with nice folks, some of whom I had taught previously. One gal, Julie, I had met the year (or maybe two?) before at a NYC bookstore event where the Yarn Harlot spoke. About half way through the class, Julie came up to the front of the room to either ask and/or show me something. I turned to her and right next to her left shoulder was an orange spirit in full-body, tho' no facial details were clear. This spirit was not of an "ethereal" was dense and vibrantly orange. I know I slightly gasped and telepathically said, "Oh! You can't come now; I'm teaching." Then it disappeared.

Later that evening I relayed the siting to Chris and said I was sorry I was so abrupt as I spoke to the spirit. But let's face it, I was shocked that a spirit showed itself in the classroom. Next time this happens I hope I'll remain calm and simply ask it to come back later.

I got the sense that the orange spirit was one of Julie's Spirit Guides/Angels. It definitely felt "good" and "happy." I've not told Julie that this happened, but perhaps it might be interesting to have her read this post, eh?!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eye of the Grouse

"Eye of the Grouse" was first printed in KnitLit the Third. Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf, editors. New York: Three Rivers Press/Random House, 2005. Also published in a slightly edited form in, "Spinning Around - Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics," by Jeannine Bakriges, Schoolhouse Press, 2010.

Eye of the Grouse

The projects I knit from the yarn I spin and color with natural dyes are as much my personal signature as when I write my name with its own flourish. Ideas for fiber arts can vary from the in-your-face obvious to the unexpected and ethereal. I enjoy combining diverse elements. The components brew and simmer until a cohesive, if still somewhat tentative, design evolves. The process can take hours or years.

Sometimes I find inspiration in relationships, human or otherwise. Grouse entered my life as the latter. He arrived as southern Vermont's glorious autumnal colors were darkening to a damp, earthy brown. Out of the dense forest and marshy area below our yard, Grouse purposefully climbed. I was busily tending a pot of water filled with black walnut hulls. The rich liquid would dye lustrous, scoured Romney wool, destined for some skillful spinner's hands. Grouse sidled up to me and began earnestly chatting as if we were the oldest of friends. Clearly he did not believe that he was supposed to be a wild bird. At first I called him "Madame," but later apologized when a naturalist neighbor corrected me. He was a male ruffed grouse. After that, I simply called him Grouse.

From the start, as I went about my dyeing work, he would scurry to stay by my side, always talking nonstop. I knew without a doubt that a profound friendship was forming ~ the kind one didn't know one needed until it happened, but also the kind one never forgets.

Grouse would sometimes show up daily, but it wasn't unusual for a few weeks to go by between visits. He would generally stay for several hours. If I had to go inside, he would wait, disgruntled and impatient, by the door. He was truly a pitiable sight if he realized I was leaving in a car.

Grouse was cordial to visitors and would perch on their car like a welcoming ambassador. As time went on, he would crawl on my lap or climb to my shoulder, though I never attempted to touch him with my hands or make him a pet.

As the sun faded, Grouse would make his way down into the marsh, heading for deep forest. I'd wish him a fond farewell, always telling him to be wary of the predators who were sure to be lurking.

One crisp and sunny day, I was tending yet another dyepot, passing the time with my nose in a novel. Grouse arrived quietly and grazed on tender grass shoots near me. For the first time I became truly aware of the patchwork of patterns decorating his body. The colors varied, from satiny beiges and weathered rusts to saturated browns. Each section of his body boasted a delightfully different combination, showing off his intricately detailed feathers. Topping off all of this splendor was a flamboyant crown that Grouse raised or lowered according to reasons only he knew. I asked him to sit tight while I ran into the house to get my knitting idea notebook. He seemed pleased by the positive vibes exuding from me. I sketched the beautiful patterns and noted the color combos. As I looked into his eyes, I saw that they were the richest, most soulful brown of all ~ eyes that knew a forest I could never be part of. These were eyes and feathers beckoning to be handspun, hand-dyed, and hand-knitted.

Winter came and several months went by without a Grouse visit. Just as a spring snow blanketed my yard, he tapped his beak on my deck window. I ran out, happily proclaiming, "Grouse!" He was equally happy to see me, going by his chatter and his crown's frantic popping up and down. I saw him almost daily thereafter.

I wish I could give this true story a fairytale ending. I cannot. One terrible day Grouse showed up with an eye missing. He cried and I cried. He told me the story of the horrific event over and over. I gathered that the culprit was a fisher. I wrestled with the idea of building him a shelter and then thought otherwise. Grouse was wild, whether he knew it or not. Penning him up was not how he was meant to live out his life, especially with me as jailer. He would never have understood I aimed only to protect him. I did realize the bitter reality that we didn't have long together because his injury made him a very vulnerable target. He came back a few more times, but in the end he vanished.

Caring friends told me how some Native American tribes viewed animals who come to humans. Such an event is considered sacred and incredibly special. Celebratory dance and drumming are the hallmark of a grouse/human relationship. Grouse was a symbol that all human activity is a form of dance and ancient ritual. His visits represented dealing with change in a way that would allow a surge of positive energy to flow into my life. Grouse's memory lives on in my heart and in the knitting, based on my sketches of him, that I felt deeply honored to create.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Witnessing Alexander's Healing

I have had other clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient experiences prior to the one I'm writing about below, but want to share this incident now as it's so fresh in my mind.

Our youngest son, Alexander, got the swine flu right at the outbreak in this country (his case was not technically "documented" but he had all the symptoms except coughing and that's what the health official on the phone thought it was). Being a strapping young, otherwise healthy, 21 year old, the health official didn't feel Alex needed to be hospitalized and could beat the flu with time, rest, and good care. I threw caution to the wind and spent several hours with our son when he was at the height of his illness. He WAS SO SICK. I was worried.

Now I've written stories about seeing spirits before but here's what happened that day I went to Alex's apartment when he was still sick. And btw, Alex must have caught this horrible flu when he and a friend got a creemie (local slang for soft-serve ice cream) at a local diner that LOTS of travelers stop at. I spent all morning and early afternoon tending to Alex the day I went to see him. About an hour and a half before I had to go to work (my 2-hour stint at the Co-op which makes me a "working" member), I got the notion that Alex should come into the living room and sit on the couch. Mind you, he was sick and had been in the bathroom with painful diarrhea every few minutes. I was on the living room floor, the opposite side of the room where the couch was. Alex came in, white as a ghost. I began to explain to him how a few weeks earlier I had seen a yellow-orange "spirit cat" hovering above our Chloe, our black cat (another story, indeed!). Alex rolled his eyes as he does when I tell him what I see, and just as I was saying he'd do best to believe his ol' Ma, Alex's aura appeared all around him. It was only white, but quite bright. I didn't say anything to him about it at first, I just waited. But then I saw a spirit "head" (mostly) with a blue-lavender "core" and a yellow rim, next to Alex's right shoulder. It kept seeming like it was "jumping" to the right and left of Alex (I've seen this same jumping thing times before). I telepathically asked it if it was 1 or 2 spirits? As I did so, a spirit appeared on BOTH sides of Alex, as if in answer to my question. I then told Alex all this and he earnestly (not mockingly) began talking to the spirits, telling them he was sick and could they help, please? IMMEDIATELY, a brilliant white light appeared that either shot up or was coming down above Alex's head. The light was at least 1 foot tall. A healing! I KNEW with absolute certainty that I was witness to a healing. Alex asked me why I thought the spirits appeared and right away I knew it was to tell him he was never alone. He said, "That's weird, 'cause alone is exactly how I have been feeling these last couple of days, sick in bed."

Alex was back to work, albeit a half-day, the very next day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience

It was as if a floodgate opened up after I had seen, literally with my own eyes, the spirits around the medical intuitive, Sue Singleton, as discussed on this post: The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More.

A few months later I was with Chris at a Connecticut church where several amazing things happened. For one thing, I could now see auras around certain people and also their Spirit Guides/Angels. Prior to the Whole Health Expo I had never experienced this. It's as if my psychic door swung a little farther open.

This next story begins when Chris and I were both "gigging" at the above church on a spring weekend. Chris, a jazz musician, was in a band that was to play for the huge (read: many, many people packed in a big church) CT conference being held on the church grounds. I, a spinner and fiber artist, was to demonstrate spinning for the congregation on the day of the conference. Other artists were also to be present, each demonstrating their own particular art medium. On the first day, I was busy reading in the pews as the band rehearsed. When I looked at the band, the only one I saw an aura around was Chris. Chris' aura was a yellow-green...almost lime. Around Chris were several Spirit Guides, standing a bit behind him and at each side of his shoulders. Then, the following day at the conference itself, a man was given an award for his work in the public school system in a poor district in Connecticut. His family were with him as he received the award from the church where the event was held. His mother was standing next to her son, the man of honor, and at the mother's left left shoulder was a full-bodied spirit...who I KNEW was her husband...a bit taller than she was. It was even more amazing what I saw above the man receiving the award. What I witnessed looked like an ellipse or an eye of energy that floated above the man's head. In both cases...with he and his mother...what I viewed was milky white. There were so many people in the church that not all could fit in the pews. As I looked around, I noticed one woman literally engulfed in light. In this case, I KNEW she was a very good and kind woman with a high vibrational level. I don't know how to explain how I knew this. I just did.

When I explained to Chris what I had seen and experienced he, not unkindly, said, "Jen, why not leave well enough alone? Why must you explore why this is happening to you?" I was about to respond with, "I never asked to see what I'm seeing and feel what I'm feeling!" But I stopped myself short as a "movie" played in what I now know as my third eye showing me as a 7 or 8 year old praying to God to let me see what the saints and martyrs saw. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic grade school (Guardian Angels in Detroit, MI), high school (Regina High in Harper Woods, MI), and even university (The University of Detroit in Detroit, MI...which is Jesuit). As a little girl, I LOVED reading about saints and martyrs in books that had a "Little Golden Book"-type format. I longed to be able to see the visions they saw and I prayed fervently for this. My prayers have been answered...some 40+ years later!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More

Last year Chris, my husband, and I went to Portsmouth, NH so that I could go to the Whole Health Expo on Sunday. He decided not to go to the Expo itself (which was fine with me 'cause I can play by myself just fine, thank you very much).

Now for what happened to me at the Expo. I'll not beat around the bush because I would never make up what I'm about to write, nor do I have any reason for exaggeration. Here goes... At least two major things happened that I was NOT expecting in any way, shape or form. I was mainly going to the Expo to see a gal I was thinking about going to for a past life regression. Plus, for all of $10 I got to take classes all day.

I'll start with my workshop given by Sue Singleton of The Way To Balance. Sue is a "medical intuitive." I had no idea what to expect. Her talk simply looked interesting. What she had to say was fascinating. I began to see something around her. I had never seen anything like this before. I was in the front row of a packed room. I took my glasses off to look and check if they were dirty or something. No. I looked up at the lights to see if that was the reason. Nope. I looked sneakily at the folks in my row to see if they were acting weird about what they saw. No. I squinted, stopped squinting, squinted again...the same. It didn't go away. In fact, even if I turned my head away, it came back and became more intense immediately. About 3/4 into the hour Sue opened up the discussion for questions and answers. Several asked good questions. I was too fearful/shy to say anything about what I was seeing. Then a guy several rows back said, "Um...I'm not sure if anyone is seeing..." I swung around hard, flabbergasted. He proceeded to tell what "I," too was seeing. A yellow/golden light all around Sue. I watched it as it rose to about 1 foot above her head. For me, it originally began smallish (about 2" high around her) and as white, but quickly grew to be larger and turned golden as it did so. She was in back of a podium (not all speakers used the podium, but she did). When he finished I chimed in, "And not only that, there's someone next to you, too! A bit smaller than you and a bit behind your right shoulder." Sue chuckled and just as she was saying that her spirit guides...mind you, guides, not guide...I then saw more of them! Several appeared by her left shoulder. And then, and I can't even believe that I'm saying this...some more wrapped around the front of the podium, as if they were kneeling. Sue continued, "They know I need protection because I'm exposed to the good and the not so good. They travel with me." She asked who else saw them and only about a couple of over 50 folks raised their hands. She said sometimes folks who have never seen an aura see her's their first time. I said, "Well, that would be me!" Geez oh peets!
Actually, the guy who first spoke up never said he saw guides, per se...only me...he only saw the light (aura) apparently. Then at the end of the session, Sue did a mini-meditation/healing...during which I began to feel pain in my right hand and my left eye. I asked her at the end why this was so? She said some people feel pain during such healings when they have blockage in those areas. Hmmm.

Now let's back up for the second amazing thing that happened at the Expo. I had just arrived. The doors had opened and vendors were still setting up somewhat. The workshops wouldn't start 'til 10 am so I had about 30 minutes to look around. An announcement over the loudspeaker said a prayer circle was forming and all were invited. I thought to myself...well, I don't know anyone and I'll just look around instead. But as things sometimes go, I accidentally (no such thing as accidental!) wandered into the place the circle was happening. I decided, "What the heck," and joined them. A guy was on my right, about 25-30 years old and a taller woman about 60-ish was on my left. The circle was being led by a 10th generation or so Cherokee man. He instructed us to hold hands. I felt nothing when I took the man's hand with my right hand. When I initially held hands with the woman, she didn't like the grip and changed it. At that exact time, I began to feel intense tingling up my arm. Kind of like when a sleeping hand or foot comes alive again, except my hand hadn't been sleeping or numb. I was dumbfounded. The feeling continued until the end, when we broke hands away from each other. I watched as the woman, who turned out to be a vendor, went back to her booth. To this day I have no idea what she was selling. In fact, other than short, grey hair, I couldn't tell you what she looked like. Odd, eh? I would better be able to describe the guy that was to my right. Anyways, I went up to her and shyly told her what I had felt. She calmly smiled and said, "Of course, I'm a channeler." Hoo boy...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lesson In Miracles

Here's an incident that happened when I was to teach spinning at a venue that I've taught at for many years (10+).

I couldn't make up this tale of woe. Basically, I almost burnt down the spinning/weaving mill owner's homestead, with me in it, their son sleeping in the basement, the dog, Cyrus, and the cat, Slash. Thankfully I did not burn down their home, but this was as close a call as I ever care to have with fire...thank you very much.

The owners were away for the weekend and I was to stay at their home, as occasionally I have in the past. The house has no ceiling lights, I'm guessing due to regulations to maintain the historic village's rules and the few lights they have are dim. There is no light in the pantry where the teapot was. I AM more than somewhat night-blind, especially in dusk-like settings. On the day I was to begin teaching, I woke up at 5am and wanted to make a cup of tea. I put on one of the incredibly dim lamps. The teapot...which was metal and looked like any other teapot appeared to be on a trivet. There was NO CORD hanging off of it to suggest it was an electric teapot. When I lifted it from the trivet, nothing clicked to alert me to the fact that it was. I put water in it. I put the teapot on the gas stove. I turned to open the wrapping on my Celestial Seasoning's tea bag box. I turned a second later to see the teapot going up in flames. I said, "HOLY SHIT!" I grabbed the handle (with nothing protecting my hands) and plunged the pot in the sink, turning on the water as I did so. BUT, a ring of plastic had fell off the pot and was burning on the stove. I knew it needed to go into the sink, but how was I to put it there? Believe it or not, I used Kleenex tissues (the only thing within reach that I could see) to do so and somehow was able to get the fiery ring into the sink, without getting burnt myself. Not one burn mark. I think that was a miracle in and of itself. More miracles...the only thing damaged was the teapot. There is an expensive, Oriental runner between the sink and the stove and unbelievably no hot plastic dripped on it. There were all sorts of doo-dads and flammable things around the stove...even near to the teapot as it was burning...and none of them caught fire. Here's the weirdest part...there was no smoke per se. Yet the teapot was engulfed in flames. The smoke detector did not go off. When it was over...seconds later...I stood there in shock. I called for Tim, the son who was asleep down in the basement, and said perhaps he should come upstairs. He did and after realizing all was OK, went back to bed. I went upstairs to my bedroom and was paralyzed with shock. I literally couldn't move for nearly 1/2 hour. Then I got dressed, kept saying prayers of thanks in my head, and went to go get myself in order to teach in the classroom.

When two employees went over to see the pot, they couldn't believe what they saw. They couldn't believe that the teapot was the only thing that got damaged. Someone or something was shining down on me that day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sites Of Inspiration

Just want to let folks know of a site that inspired me to begin this spiritual-based blog: Eclectic Paths. Michelle (domesticgddss76 on Ravelry) began Eclectic Paths and invited folks to join her site on Ravelry (Ravelry). Happily, I did!! Please do check Eclectic Paths out, as well. Thank you, Michelle.

It was about three years ago that I didn't really even know what a blog was. I thankfully stumbled on a contest on LuLu's Petals and within weeks Spinning Spider Jenny was born. Thank you, dear Lucy!

Tubing Down The Apple River

Another time, earlier in my life, it was either the Hungarian Lady or another Angel/Guide who helped me avoid disaster. I was a kid of about 9 or 10 when I was visiting my relatives in St. Paul, MN. An older cousin and her husband took me and a cousin of my same age on an outing to ride inner tubes down the Apple River in Wisconsin. Why my mother let me go is beyond me because I could not swim then, nor can I now. I wore no life jacket and no one thought anything about this, including me. Most of the day was actually quite nice if I remember correctly. Then, near the end of the river came a rapids filled with stones of all sizes, ending with a falls. I traveled the rapids and went down the falls once with no incident, finding it fun. I couldn't find my cousins and decided to head to the side, walk up to the start of the rapids and go down again. NOT a good idea. Somewhere in the middle of the stretch of rapids, I fell off the inner tube. It wasn't until then that I realized I would drown if I went down the falls. I tried to hold on to the bigger of the rocks, screaming and crying that I couldn't swim. No one seemed to hear me at all until a man (a shapeshifted Hungarian Lady or another of my Angels/Guides) literally walked back through the rapids (impossible!!!), lifted me up, and carried me to the grassy side. My legs were bleeding from rock scrapes and I was crying hard. The man put me down and next thing I knew he was gone. He didn't say anything to me before he disappeared. I searched for my cousins, who were in distress because my cousin's husband lost his wedding ring as he went down the falls. Another cousin had fallen off her tube as she went down the falls and noted how deep the water was. I told them what had happened to me, blood dripping down my legs. We went to try to find the man to thank him, but he was no where to be found. Besides my memories of the event and the scars still noticeable on my legs, I have my life because of this Angel/Guide.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Hungarian Lady

I was in the hospital having my first son, David, back in 1980. We were going to go meds, Lamaze breathing techniques, minimal doctor intervention, etc. Somewhere within the first couple of hours of labor I knew something was wrong. It took about 14 hours of sheer agony for the doctor (not my regular doctor...he was on vacation in Greece) to realize that I hadn't dilated at all. All that time my boy was pushing with his head on bones that wouldn't open. By the time the doctor decided things were getting serious, I was a step away from having a stroke and losing the baby. Plus, for some reason the doc didn't realize I had toxemia, which made all matters much worse. An emergency C-section was performed and our son was saved. I, on the other hand, was shutting down. Round the clock care for days was needed to help get my organs to function properly. On the afternoon of the second day after the birth, a small woman came in to my room, wearing a beige suit. She didn't look like anyone from the hospital staff. She came in, took my chin in her hand, and put her face very close to mine. In a thick Hungarian accent, she said to me, "You must live. You are needed for your son." I said, "OK." Now here's where I need to note that I, myself, didn't know I was dying. She left me and I never saw her again. She's come at other times to me during my life when I've needed her due to an emergency, but never as a Hungarian woman again. How do I know this? I just know. No matter how she looks, I refer to her as my "Hungarian Lady," and I thank God for her.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At The Beginning Again!

Welcome! A new blog. A new beginning. A balance in my life. Some of you may have found this via Spinning Spider Jenny, where my tappings center on handspinning, natural dyeing, knitting, and whatever else I'm up to, especially antics with family and friends. But there's more! There's a side of me that I haven't been able to fully express on Spinning Spider Jenny. It's my all-encompassing, no-holds-barred, Sagittarius Sun with eccentric Aquarius Rising side...not to mention that ol' Capricorn Moon that keeps me..ummmmm...organized. Philosophical. Metaphysical. Psychic. Spiritual. Religious. Still pondering and ever-curious, but of things in addition to fibers. Or perhaps fibers will still wind in and out of these "other" thoughts and concerns, as it's hard to know where fibers end and the rest begins.

In any case, this blog will undoubtedly be very different than Spinning Spider Jenny. In some ways it's way more personal and perhaps even risky. It may be journal-like, with little to none of the tutorials that punctuate my spinning blog, but who knows as time goes on. What might be discussed here? What you, dear reader, and I am reading (more like inhaling); studying; thinking about; discussing; areas such as Tarot and other forms of divination such as I Ching and Runes, various healing modalities, chakras, crystals, oils and essences, herbalism, magick, astrology, psychic phenomena and the paranormal, ghosts, spirits, mediumship, channeling, mythology, reincarnation, religion, all things spiritual, and more. I am interested in what comes from the "Light," not that I won't discuss shadow...for with light comes shadow, with yin there's most certainly yang, day follows night and night follows day, the pendulum swings up and it surely dips down. At times I'll refer to "God/Goddess," but at other times I may interchange God with the Universe, the Source, Spirit, Light, etc.

Who will be interested? I'm not sure. But since I'm tapping things out in a blog post, anyone who cares to follow along with me is most welcome. It'll be interesting to me to see if there will, indeed, be crossover readers from Spinning Spider Jenny. Me thinks that a whole new group of non-fiber-people may eventually join in. Comments, as always, are appreciated.

Maybe I'm the Barbara Walker of the spinning world, eh? But does that mean I assume/proclaim I'm as "famous" as the woman who not only wrote the amazing "treasuries" of knitting stitches but also designed her own Tarot deck and wrote, among other esoteric titles, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets? No, I'm just a spider who has lots on her mind and an agenda to learn all I can about what I'm interested in before it's my time to cross over...again. I spent 30 years becoming a fiber artist. It would be grand to spend another 30 years aiming to become an enlightened fiber artist.

We'd like to know about YOUR journey, too. Do tell us what your spiritual interests are, your stories, and anything you'd like to discuss...including what you're reading, studying, etc. Thank you!