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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience

It was as if a floodgate opened up after I had seen, literally with my own eyes, the spirits around the medical intuitive, Sue Singleton, as discussed on this post: The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More.

A few months later I was with Chris at a Connecticut church where several amazing things happened. For one thing, I could now see auras around certain people and also their Spirit Guides/Angels. Prior to the Whole Health Expo I had never experienced this. It's as if my psychic door swung a little farther open.

This next story begins when Chris and I were both "gigging" at the above church on a spring weekend. Chris, a jazz musician, was in a band that was to play for the huge (read: many, many people packed in a big church) CT conference being held on the church grounds. I, a spinner and fiber artist, was to demonstrate spinning for the congregation on the day of the conference. Other artists were also to be present, each demonstrating their own particular art medium. On the first day, I was busy reading in the pews as the band rehearsed. When I looked at the band, the only one I saw an aura around was Chris. Chris' aura was a yellow-green...almost lime. Around Chris were several Spirit Guides, standing a bit behind him and at each side of his shoulders. Then, the following day at the conference itself, a man was given an award for his work in the public school system in a poor district in Connecticut. His family were with him as he received the award from the church where the event was held. His mother was standing next to her son, the man of honor, and at the mother's left left shoulder was a full-bodied spirit...who I KNEW was her husband...a bit taller than she was. It was even more amazing what I saw above the man receiving the award. What I witnessed looked like an ellipse or an eye of energy that floated above the man's head. In both cases...with he and his mother...what I viewed was milky white. There were so many people in the church that not all could fit in the pews. As I looked around, I noticed one woman literally engulfed in light. In this case, I KNEW she was a very good and kind woman with a high vibrational level. I don't know how to explain how I knew this. I just did.

When I explained to Chris what I had seen and experienced he, not unkindly, said, "Jen, why not leave well enough alone? Why must you explore why this is happening to you?" I was about to respond with, "I never asked to see what I'm seeing and feel what I'm feeling!" But I stopped myself short as a "movie" played in what I now know as my third eye showing me as a 7 or 8 year old praying to God to let me see what the saints and martyrs saw. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic grade school (Guardian Angels in Detroit, MI), high school (Regina High in Harper Woods, MI), and even university (The University of Detroit in Detroit, MI...which is Jesuit). As a little girl, I LOVED reading about saints and martyrs in books that had a "Little Golden Book"-type format. I longed to be able to see the visions they saw and I prayed fervently for this. My prayers have been answered...some 40+ years later!!!


  1. Wow! It is truley amazing! I love reading it already... now im really never getting away from this computer! It is sooo unbelievably amazing!

  2. I had a feeling you'd find this all interesting, dear Kristen.

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