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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At The Beginning Again!

Welcome! A new blog. A new beginning. A balance in my life. Some of you may have found this via Spinning Spider Jenny, where my tappings center on handspinning, natural dyeing, knitting, and whatever else I'm up to, especially antics with family and friends. But there's more! There's a side of me that I haven't been able to fully express on Spinning Spider Jenny. It's my all-encompassing, no-holds-barred, Sagittarius Sun with eccentric Aquarius Rising side...not to mention that ol' Capricorn Moon that keeps me..ummmmm...organized. Philosophical. Metaphysical. Psychic. Spiritual. Religious. Still pondering and ever-curious, but of things in addition to fibers. Or perhaps fibers will still wind in and out of these "other" thoughts and concerns, as it's hard to know where fibers end and the rest begins.

In any case, this blog will undoubtedly be very different than Spinning Spider Jenny. In some ways it's way more personal and perhaps even risky. It may be journal-like, with little to none of the tutorials that punctuate my spinning blog, but who knows as time goes on. What might be discussed here? What you, dear reader, and I am reading (more like inhaling); studying; thinking about; discussing; areas such as Tarot and other forms of divination such as I Ching and Runes, various healing modalities, chakras, crystals, oils and essences, herbalism, magick, astrology, psychic phenomena and the paranormal, ghosts, spirits, mediumship, channeling, mythology, reincarnation, religion, all things spiritual, and more. I am interested in what comes from the "Light," not that I won't discuss shadow...for with light comes shadow, with yin there's most certainly yang, day follows night and night follows day, the pendulum swings up and it surely dips down. At times I'll refer to "God/Goddess," but at other times I may interchange God with the Universe, the Source, Spirit, Light, etc.

Who will be interested? I'm not sure. But since I'm tapping things out in a blog post, anyone who cares to follow along with me is most welcome. It'll be interesting to me to see if there will, indeed, be crossover readers from Spinning Spider Jenny. Me thinks that a whole new group of non-fiber-people may eventually join in. Comments, as always, are appreciated.

Maybe I'm the Barbara Walker of the spinning world, eh? But does that mean I assume/proclaim I'm as "famous" as the woman who not only wrote the amazing "treasuries" of knitting stitches but also designed her own Tarot deck and wrote, among other esoteric titles, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets? No, I'm just a spider who has lots on her mind and an agenda to learn all I can about what I'm interested in before it's my time to cross over...again. I spent 30 years becoming a fiber artist. It would be grand to spend another 30 years aiming to become an enlightened fiber artist.

We'd like to know about YOUR journey, too. Do tell us what your spiritual interests are, your stories, and anything you'd like to discuss...including what you're reading, studying, etc. Thank you!

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