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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Few Spinning Dreams

A few spinning dreams recorded in my journal ~
Dreamt I was away with Chris, teaching spinning. We were put up in some old farmhouse or building. I went to take a shower and had to stand on a rotten board over a well. The board broke when I was on it and I fell into a cesspool. I screamed for someone to get me out. A few people helped nonchalantly, including a friend who was going to take one of the classes. Her outfit exposed most of her breasts, which were hairy like a man's chest. She seemed very proud over how her breasts looked. I was pulled out of the cesspool and got dressed to teach without ever showering. I chose old jewelry of my Ma's to wear, perhaps thinking it would make me look presentable.

I had a nightmare where I was teaching spinning and ALL went wrong. I had a big class and couldn't get beyond opening up some dyed silk top sideways. Participants started complaining that they only learned one technique in the several hours we were together. Whew! Thank goodness this didn't really happen!

Had a very vivid dream where I was teaching a spinning class and tried, at the beginning of class, to show them how to tie on a leader, but to no avail. The leader was too short and it frayed out and fell apart. Then I saw the cotton leader turn from green to black! Finally, I cobbled a leader onto a bobbin and went to my main, front table where I keep equipment I bring to teach with. On the table were boxes of prepared fibers, but I couldn't remember what the class was to be about. When I, embarrassed, was about to ask the class what they came to learn, I woke up!

I was in the house of the editor of a spinning magazine (I've never been in her house in real life...haven't even been to Colorado!). Her daughter was there but instead of being the sweet, young girl that she is, she was a rather sarcastic teenager. The editor lovingly showed me some of her daughter's toys and puzzles from when her daughter was little. One was a puzzle with just one piece...a heart, with beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch-style carving. I began to EAT the heart right in front of the editor. She didn't seem to mind at all. She said it had "cellulose" in it. After I ate it, I remember being rather embarrassed.

Any dream interpreters out there? How 'bout spinning dream interpreters?

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