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Friday, May 15, 2009

Lesson In Miracles

Here's an incident that happened when I was to teach spinning at a venue that I've taught at for many years (10+).

I couldn't make up this tale of woe. Basically, I almost burnt down the spinning/weaving mill owner's homestead, with me in it, their son sleeping in the basement, the dog, Cyrus, and the cat, Slash. Thankfully I did not burn down their home, but this was as close a call as I ever care to have with fire...thank you very much.

The owners were away for the weekend and I was to stay at their home, as occasionally I have in the past. The house has no ceiling lights, I'm guessing due to regulations to maintain the historic village's rules and the few lights they have are dim. There is no light in the pantry where the teapot was. I AM more than somewhat night-blind, especially in dusk-like settings. On the day I was to begin teaching, I woke up at 5am and wanted to make a cup of tea. I put on one of the incredibly dim lamps. The teapot...which was metal and looked like any other teapot appeared to be on a trivet. There was NO CORD hanging off of it to suggest it was an electric teapot. When I lifted it from the trivet, nothing clicked to alert me to the fact that it was. I put water in it. I put the teapot on the gas stove. I turned to open the wrapping on my Celestial Seasoning's tea bag box. I turned a second later to see the teapot going up in flames. I said, "HOLY SHIT!" I grabbed the handle (with nothing protecting my hands) and plunged the pot in the sink, turning on the water as I did so. BUT, a ring of plastic had fell off the pot and was burning on the stove. I knew it needed to go into the sink, but how was I to put it there? Believe it or not, I used Kleenex tissues (the only thing within reach that I could see) to do so and somehow was able to get the fiery ring into the sink, without getting burnt myself. Not one burn mark. I think that was a miracle in and of itself. More miracles...the only thing damaged was the teapot. There is an expensive, Oriental runner between the sink and the stove and unbelievably no hot plastic dripped on it. There were all sorts of doo-dads and flammable things around the stove...even near to the teapot as it was burning...and none of them caught fire. Here's the weirdest part...there was no smoke per se. Yet the teapot was engulfed in flames. The smoke detector did not go off. When it was over...seconds later...I stood there in shock. I called for Tim, the son who was asleep down in the basement, and said perhaps he should come upstairs. He did and after realizing all was OK, went back to bed. I went upstairs to my bedroom and was paralyzed with shock. I literally couldn't move for nearly 1/2 hour. Then I got dressed, kept saying prayers of thanks in my head, and went to go get myself in order to teach in the classroom.

When two employees went over to see the pot, they couldn't believe what they saw. They couldn't believe that the teapot was the only thing that got damaged. Someone or something was shining down on me that day.

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