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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Medical Intuitive Reading With Sue Singleton

In the past post,The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More, I wrote of attending a lecture given by the medical intuitive, Sue Singleton, of The Way to Balance. Within days of having a clairvoyant experience at that event, I knew I wanted to have a medical intuitive reading by Sue. Now I'm not sure I can hire the services of everyone around whom I see spirits from here on out, but since this was the first time I saw anything of the sort and it was around Sue, I figured this situation was special, indeed.

I called The Way to Balance and found out a 1-hour reading is $300. Luckily at that time I was still in the "circuit" teaching spinning so that I could plan to use the monies earned from a teaching gig to pay for this reading. Why did I want such a reading? In some ways, I was simply curious what a medical intuitive reading entailed. But also, I often find myself tied up in knots with anxiety or worry and the end result tends to be indigestion and intense stomach pain. No amounts of antacids or remedies even touches such pain. Generally, I literally have to throw up to get rid of what I term the "battery acid" in my stomach. And even then, I find myself unable to sleep on such nights. Also, I've been fighting high blood pressure since the birth of our first child in 1980.

I paid the $300 in advance of the reading and looked forward to the experience. We live too far from The Way To Balance to go in person, at least not without spending a day doing so, therefore I opted for a phone reading. Included with the fee is a tape of the session AND a copy of Sue's written notes, which I found very helpful in that I didn't have to take notes whilst on the phone.

As a medical intuitive, Sue was never trained in medicine or anatomy or anything else medical. Instead, she had, herself, a near-death experience and when she recovered found she was given the "gift" of medical intuition. As she commences with her reading, medical terminology spills out of her mouth as if she was trained as a physician or nurse.

Here's a summary of my reading with Sue:
  • Shock to the central nervous system
  • Gland signals are incomplete to upper body
  • Torso/trunk interruption flow; left and right torso
  • Congestion and pressure in neck and lower back of head
  • Central nervous system stress/ automatic NS C-4-S misal
  • Blockage: Bi-lateral parietals, temple, bi-lateral frontals, nasal bone, xygomatic process, pallatines, rotation atlas, C-2 misal
Root Cause: 5 incidents; physical trauma residues with shock to central nervous system (2)...(note that I added what happened during the ages below)
age 3 ~ convulsions
age 6/7 ~ saw my mother nearly die from bleeding ulcers
age 20 ~ Sue said may be karmic.
age 47/48 ~ learned of something dreadful that affected our family

Stress pattern in throat and chest (muscle layers); longus capitus, scm, platysma, pericardium latissimus, diaphram...affecting digestion, respiratory, blood pressure.

More root cause: fear, anxiety, overwhelming feeling, panic, hopelessness, dread, and worry...(note that I added what happened during the ages below)
age 3/4 ~ convulsions
age 9 ~ problems sleeping, scared
age 27 ~ lots of moving
ages 45-49 ~ unhappy in job; learned of something dreadful that affected our family

More root cause: sadness, loss, grief, isolation, separation, abandonment, disappointment, longing, void, unloved, unlovable...
At birth Sue saw that I had a high vibration level and had a hard time being separated from God.

Sue found a karmic sadness (past lives) that gave her a "teary feeling":
  • In 1954 I died as an infant at only a few days old.
  • She also saw me as a male farmer working on a steep hillside. A volcano erupted and I died.
  • I have spend 989 lifetimes on the Earth dimension.
  • 100 of these lifetimes has been as a healer. My soul chose to be a healer to round out my experiences on earth; great healer energy.
Some outside aggravators include:
  • Electricity ~ affects my face, throat, and chest.
  • X-rays ~ I have had A LOT of x-rays in this lifetime...too many.
  • Metallics ~ I am a natural dyer and mordants have definitely been problematic. My liver has been affected by these metallics.
  • Candida ~ low beneficial flora in colon.
  • Thankfully there is no appreciable accumulation of chemical toxins.
After the reading Sue and I talked about what I could do regarding my medical issues. She recommended meditations with certain CDs dealing with fear and sadness, along with accompanying aromatherapy. Also, a homeopathic remedy was prescribed for the x-ray build-up. For electricity release I was to regularly put my feet in sand by the ocean, lake, etc...a fun way to get rid of excess electricity! Sue suggested I visit a craniosacral therapist, which I did twice, and found it additionally helpful regarding my stomach problems and more.

I can truly say that my reading was not only fascinating but insightful. By following Sue's recommendations I have been helped immensely with not only my stomach issues (which are far less frequent) but also with clearing the muscle knots in my shoulders, neck and lower head. Chris, my husband, has noticed the positive results.

After the initial reading, follow-up sessions with Sue are substantially lower in price. I have had one such follow-up session thus far. I wish I lived closer to Sue as I'd like to see her in person occasionally.

I would love to hear from folks who also have had readings by medical intuitives. Please share your experiences. Thank you.

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