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Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Being A Book Glutton; "Reader Of Hearts"

How true for me rings the statement, "When the student is ready the teacher will come." The teachers did, indeed, appear in my last 30 years of studying spinning, dyeing, and knitting...both in the flesh and through the sage advice of many knowledgeable authors via their books...thank you Rita, EZ, Wendy, Trudy, etc. Other sorts of teachers have already been generous in sharing their expertise with me these past few years as I walk down various spiritual and healing paths...thank you Jenna, Janice, Lee, Echo, etc.

For 30 years I've amassed an impressive personal collection of fiber arts books; many of which have patiently sat open as I inhaled tips and techniques, allowing me to develop a sound base of information that has stood me well in my fiberish work. The last few years I've pretty much stopped collecting fiber arts books unless they spoke to me loud and clear that they held information I couldn't do without. This fiber arts book-buying cessation has pleased Chris immensely, especially since books have definitely risen in price over the years and our income hasn't followed the same trend.

But what's a spider to do when she hankers for spiritual/healing books? Well, there's the used book sellers where sometimes one can find incredible bargains. Such book finds can literally make a person's day! But even more important there's a librarian friend, Leslie, who thankfully keeps me in books. THANK YOU LESLIE! Leslie's help was especially appreciated after Chris put the kibosh on me buying books on Amazon. Yes, I admit it...I'm a book glutton when left to my own devices. There are times I request so many books from Librarian Leslie that I can't read them all by the time they're due. But one thing I noticed after years of book-buying was that there are few spiritual/healing books that I need to own. Reading them and perhaps copying a page or two generally suffices.

Might as well take this moment and announce that occasionally I plan to discuss a book or two on this blog that I'm either reading or have read. Over the past few years I've plowed through many offerings by Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh, John Edward, Echo Bodine, and many more. I, and surely readers of this blog, would love to hear what YOU have been reading, too, so please share your thoughts and opinions. In particular, what would be helpful would be what "sung" true for you as you read.

One book I've recently finished is, "Reader of Hearts," by Darrin Owens. I found Darrin's website plugged on another favorite author of mine's website, Echo Bodine (Echo's got something like 9 books out and I've read 6 of them). Librarian Leslie and others kindly and frequently show patience as I go on and on and on about how good this book or that book is that I'm reading. All I can say in defense is that when I like something or someone, I tend to do so with gusto and want to share my findings. Sooo, what follows is what I feel about Darrin's book, and believe me, I really liked it. It's not a review per se, because I'm not going to thoroughly discuss all the nuances within the book, but hopefully I'll give you enough info that will allow you to make a decision on whether you may or may not want to search this book out.

What I liked about Darrin's book is his honest voice throughout. I'm guessing Darrin, a professional psychic, writes like he thinks and talks, which is refreshing. When I read his words I got the sense that he lives what he is talking about. In other words, he is authentic and real, as opposed to phony, preachy, or pompous. That's not to say he doesn't voice his opinions. He does. But he doesn't shove anything down your throat. In addition, Darrin is witty, with a keen sense of humor...something I always appreciate. I also like that many of the chapters end with beautiful prayers, as well as containing helpful advice in the form of easy-to-understand "wisdom tips."

I very much enjoyed reading Darrin's life story growing up in Arkansas, showing how he discovered and manifested his gifts. But I equally like how Darrin goes on to divide the book up into "seven aspects of the spiritual journey," giving much food for thought as well as being simply a good read. He does not promise to make the reader a psychic in minutes, hours, days, years, etc., as some book authors do. Instead, he writes, "My hope is that this book will have some power to inspire, to heal, and to guide readers to a better understanding of themselves and the world they live in. I hope that it becomes the part of the call for a pure sense of spirituality to arise. I hope that it builds for you the confidence that you already have within you all the answers you need."

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