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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 1

I went to Trish Casimira, a past life regression therapist, in the spring of '08. I had heard about her from the Whole Health Expo and from finding her in Wisdom Magazine (a local mag that has articles, ads, etc. all dealing with the metaphysical). The reason I was interested in experiencing a past life regression was because I had a hunch that it would cure my migraines that I had been suffering from for over 30 years. I was with Trish for about 4 hours. We began by me filling out some papers and with her doing some numerology with my birth date and then a Tarot reading using the Voyager Tarot, which she has been trained in. From there we addressed my hopes to be rid of migraines that "stole" hours and days from my life. We talked of finding out why I have migraines, and about my fear of water and heights, and just some general chit-chat regarding Grouse and the Hungarian Lady. See these past posts for more info on Grouse and the Hungarian Lady: Eye of the Grouse , and The Hungarian Lady.

Trish led me to a comfy chair that reclined and she put on a tape of drumming. She left the room for a moment and asked that I get comfortable. Trish said once I was relaxed to ask Grouse, in my head, why he came to me. When she came back she began the regression. As the drumming tape played she spoke gently and counted backwards. Grouse's beak appeared and finally his whole body. He did not have the injured eye anymore. I was told that Grouse really WAS Grouse and not a person who shape-shifted. I was told that animals do not have to be people in order to have other words, that animals are just as important as people, just different. Grouse came because he announced change in my life...profound change that brought with it the grief of separation from a friend and more. Then Hungarian woman came to me. Trish asked me to ask her who she is? She was my great grandma on my Mom's side. She died well before I was born. She's the one who folks thought was nuts because she wanted to start a religion. Let me tell you, SHE WAS NOT NUTS. She is my spirit guide and I can call her just "Grandma." She said she is with me because I have the same psychic gift that she has. We were both born with the "veil" over our eyes. She's here to make sure I live out my destiny in this life. She's here to protect me. She was with my brother, Bob, when I almost died from a seizure as a baby. She told him to pull out my tongue and turn me over. She shape-shifted into the body of the man who walked back through rapids when I almost drowned as a kid...see the past post: Tubing Down The Apple River. She was there when I fell from the top of the steps to the bottom floor of our cement basement at age 4 when no one was home (Ma was working and brother, Bob, was in school; Dad was at work and my oldest brother, Jack, was at work). I came home from school (in Maryland you went to kindergarten at age 4) and I ran in to see the puppies from our dog, Cindy. They were in a swimming pool in the basement so they wouldn't run around and get hurt when we weren't there. Hungarian lady helped me up the steps and across the street to "Brownie's" house, the mother of a girlfriend of mine. They took me to the hospital and made me stay up all night for fear I would die.

Soooo, that was the first part of my past life regression and was actually a test Trish put me through. Trish didn't even give me instructions to go forth on this journey...she wanted to see how I would act. I responded by going to the "spirit" world on my own. She later, after the session, said I should highly consider going the Shaman's path. This wasn't as shocking to me by then because of the three past lives that were revealed to me, which I'll write about in posts in the days to come.

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