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Friday, May 22, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 2

As I was regressed to a past life that would address my migraines, I saw circles. In this first case, they were dark blue circles moving away from me, drawing me in. As I described them out loud, Trish suggested I enter them. I did and was swept into the most awful, most horrendous scene one could ever imagine. It was 1914. I was a male, 20, tall and gangly with sandy blonde hair. I was terrified and deafened by the intense gunfire, flashing lights, and bombs that were exploding all around me. I shrieked out loud and cried like I've never before done. I was only in my body for a wee bit because I had just gotten shot in so many places. Like Swiss cheese. The shot that killed me was to my heart. But I was also shot in the right, top side of my head and my lower back. One spot was the area in my lower back is where I am very sensitive and have had cysts removed a few times in operations. The main source of my migraines was through the head wound. It bled profusely. I quickly rose a bit above my dead body as I looked at myself and those around me. There are no words to describe what I or the dead men around me went through. We had been give orders that no one understood. There were no holes to jump into to escape (no fox holes). I said, "We're sitting ducks." I really know nothing much about WW1, when this life happened, but I can say that no books, no TV accounts, no movies and not even any explanations from men who lived through it (tho' they know better than anyone else alive) can touch what a person goes through as they die in that situation. Senseless doesn't begin to describe the feeling. Stupid, stupid war. I died in Germany but was not German. At first I thought I was in Russia, as there were many around me who spoke Russian, but no, it was Germany that I died in. I thought I was from the US because I spoke English. No, I was from Northern England. My mother was my Ma in this lifetime. She didn't look exactly like my present life's Ma, but she had her essence, her soul. She either died that same year after I had died in 1914 and was reborn in December OR it's as I not fully understand yet, the lifetime was lived out simultaneously with this one. I don't quite understand this but this is what came to me. She brought forward some traits from that time, in any case (she was thin, dressed nicely and had dark hair). I had no father. I had two sisters. My mom dressed them alike but they were not twins. The slightly older one had dark hair and was my grade school girlfriend, Margaret, in my present life (who is blonde now). Before the war I worked and kept the family afloat (no father). I was very proud of this. I was also proud that I could read and was good in spelling. My girlfriend was SUSAN, a best friend of many years! This shocked me. I was shy with girls but I liked her a lot. Once I died she married someone else very quickly. I said this is as it should be, but I remember thinking, "I'm not even cold in my grave yet!" I floated away from my body after I died and felt VERY peaceful. Lots of white around me and I felt wonderful. Trish asked what I had learned? That I was loved. That I knew how to love and be responsible. That war is beyond the worst of the worse. Oh, I almost name was Jonathon.

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