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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 3

The next life: I was brought through circles again but this time they were white with a purple rim. I was a native American Indian girl (hence, the Grouse connection). I was 4 years old and brought JOY to all who knew me. My father was my Dad in this life. My present brother, Bob, was my brother but he was 13. I had a mother but she was not consequential in this lifetime. She was shy and did her work, but I didn't recognize her in my life now. Jenna, a good friend now, was my best friend then. She was two and much lighter skinned than most of the tribe. We were like sisters and she "flitted" me around all the time. We had great fun together as friends. Chris, love of my lives, was in this lifetime, too. He was older than me, about 8. He was gorgeous, very dark with black, soulful eyes. He watched me as I'd play. He knew he wanted to marry me someday even then. We were shy friends to each other. There were other kids playing with a stick (I didn't see a ball). Some were kids I went to grade school with in my present lifetime, but I couldn't even tell you their names anymore! The year was 1602. It was before white people came to our land. We lived by the river in the south of what's now the U.S. We'd move our tribe as needed, based on the seasons. My father adored me. My brother liked me, too. My father was sad that he couldn't ever teach me to swim. He tried but to no avail. But, I was a great fisherwoman. And I knew how to use a knife to get rid of the scales. They were proud because I could do my job so fast. When I died we were in a hand-hewn canoe (light wood, very simple but beautiful). I fell out of the boat in a rapids. My brother and father jumped in to try and save me. Try as they might, I drifted very quickly away from them and was out of reach. I didn't drown right away but soon hit my head on a big rock. That knocked me out and so my death by drowning was not painful at all. In fact, it was if I had died while sleeping. My father grieved like one can't even imagine. The retrieved my body when it ventured near the ground and got stuck on some rocks. In the regression, I went "fast-forward" to my funeral. Lots of mourning people. Lots of smoke and drumming. Some were doing a sort of slow dance around me. I lay on a flat platform. I did not see myself buried in the ground. When Trish, the past life regression therapist, asked me what I had learned, I blurted out "JOY!" I had given joy. I wore a "skin"...not furry, but tan and smooth in color. My outfit had some beads. I loved beads. So did Jenna. We still do!

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