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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rhinebeck '08 Spirit

I'm a fiber artist who writes and teaches about spinning, natural dyeing, and knitting. Last October I taught at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. What I'm about to relay is a "first" for me, since prior to this incident I had never experienced a spirit showing up in my classroom! Well, not at least knowingly!

I was teaching my "Spinning Thick, Medium, and Thin" workshop. Our classroom was located at the end of a big warehouse-type building that had temporary cloth dividers between the workshop "rooms." Being on the end, we had a large picture window which gave ample natural lighting. I mention this because our room was not dim nor dark.

The workshop was filled with nice folks, some of whom I had taught previously. One gal, Julie, I had met the year (or maybe two?) before at a NYC bookstore event where the Yarn Harlot spoke. About half way through the class, Julie came up to the front of the room to either ask and/or show me something. I turned to her and right next to her left shoulder was an orange spirit in full-body, tho' no facial details were clear. This spirit was not of an "ethereal" was dense and vibrantly orange. I know I slightly gasped and telepathically said, "Oh! You can't come now; I'm teaching." Then it disappeared.

Later that evening I relayed the siting to Chris and said I was sorry I was so abrupt as I spoke to the spirit. But let's face it, I was shocked that a spirit showed itself in the classroom. Next time this happens I hope I'll remain calm and simply ask it to come back later.

I got the sense that the orange spirit was one of Julie's Spirit Guides/Angels. It definitely felt "good" and "happy." I've not told Julie that this happened, but perhaps it might be interesting to have her read this post, eh?!

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