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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taliloquay Flower Essences And Gem Elixirs

When I find a person/company who is creating items that are incredible, I will pass on the information in blog posts. It would be wonderful if you would let us know which companies and/or products you find not only useful, but are excited about. Please comment and share your findings. Thanks!

I first walked into Phyllis Brooks' booth, "Taliloquay," at a Whole Health Expo in Northampton, Massachusetts a few years ago. Her shelves were lined with blue glass bottles that had lovely labels on them and I was intrigued. One product that I found fantastic, have re-ordered, and use regularly in my Tarot reading work and when I teach spinning is the Aura and Room Spray. At the beginning of each day that I teach spinning I spray the room to cleanse it. If I'm reading Tarot in person, I spray at the beginning of my day and after each reading. One time, when I was reading Tarot at the now-closed "Kindred Spirits" in Brattleboro, Vermont, I had to quickly leave for the day and failed to spray after the last reading. When I came back the next week, the owner said, "Why was the reading room so heavy after your last reading?" I remembered that the reading was very intense and that I had to make a quick exit that day. Never again will I not spray!! I don't want the energies from one reading seeping over into the next...

Have you ever used and liked Bach Flower Remedies? Let's face it, their Rescue Remedy is not to be without! I wouldn't dream of not keeping a bottle in my purse. And I feel it's essential to have on hand when traveling. Well, Taliloquay's essences and elixirs are equally fantastic and there are more products to choose from, so you can pinpoint exactly what you want/need.

Another item of Taliloquay's that I can highly recommend is Phyllis's Personal Essence Combination. Phyllis wrote, "The essences/elixirs in your combination remedy have been selected expressly for you by my spiritual guides and your own higher self (using kinesiology-muscle testing). It would be helpful for you to study the following list and meditate on it how it relates to your life at the present time." The "list" that Phyllis is talking about are the essences/elixers that went into my morning combination bottle and my evening combination bottle. In order for her to make them, I had to send a pic of myself. I sent two, one being the pic of me with Grouse, since I felt that was an important pic for Phyllis to see. See the past post, Eye of the Grouse, for more on Grouse.

Here's a few of the essences/elixirs that went into my morning combination (note that there are many more than these):
Goldenseal: An etheric body-wash; it removes scars from old traumas, old thoughtforms, etc. It is a Golden Seal ~ raising the etheric body vibrations above the level where negative vibrations can exist, which "seals" them out. Other Sources: Removes scars from old emotional traumas, possibly from past lives. Use when emotional pattern is mostly healed, but a few issues still remain. Eases nervous behavioral patterns.
Queen Anne's Lace: Opens your bones/body to breathe, especially the skull. This allows you to feel with every cell of your body. Being in your cellular body 100% allows you to mesh with your spiritual body and be alive 100% ~ the ultimate way to be alive. Other Sources: Helps one develop inner sight so that auras can be seen and telepathic abilities can be developed. Strengthens the eyes. Activates the pineal gland, helping one analyze the highest thought among various thoughts. Tonic for the spine. Opens the crown chakra. Spiritual body cleansed and brought closer to the physical body, so that decisions are made from a more spiritual perspective.
Mimetite: Protection during channeling and aids clarity and peception. Reduces need to copy others; enhances independence. Spirit of adventure; wisdom. Helps bring groups into combined awareness of a powerful principle; also helps people speak among themselves on such matters.

A few of the essences/elixirs that went into my evening combination (note that there are many more than these):
Calamus (Sweet Flag): Frequency boost. Interdimensional communication. It increases the frequency of my head, through all the dimensional bodies. The frequencies are also gentler and yet more potent. The fairy people may find it easier to deal with you, as your energy will not appear so harsh to them. Other Sources: Integrates the mind, body, and spirit by merging the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. An enhancer for other essences. For extreme anxiety, stress, or fear such as when confronted by death.
Chalcedony: Stimulates all states of inspiration from spiritual to artistic creativity. On psychological levels, this inspiration becomes optimism (partly because the heart chakra is opened). Increased absorption of iron, silicon, vitamin K. Bath: may increase oxygenation to skin tissue.
Howlite: This clears out my channel down to my solar plexus and then on up to my monad. Enriches, relaxes and nurtures all at the same time. An amazing clearing, it just blows everything away! This helps people be aware of what is to be rooted and in touch with Source/Creation and at the same time grasp the enormity of all that is and how it can be relevant in their own life. Connects you with infinity while grounding. Makes it easy; when things are that easy, there's no reason to be negative or anxious, or anything other than restful.

Ordering and receiving these Personal Essence Combinations is like getting a personal "reading" PLUS an aid/remedy. The value is priceless.

If you end up ordering your own products from Taliloquay, do let us know what you got and tell us about them. Thanks.

Thank you, Phyllis, for all that you do. Phyllis also teaches Shamballa Multidimensional Healing...something that I plan to look into further in the future. Has anyone studied this form of healing?


  1. Jenny,
    I am making my way through your posts and I am totally in awe of your psychic abilities. When I first started reading, I was overwhelmed with feelings of jealousy because I don't see auras and spirit guides, etc. The fact is that I never even thought about this stuff before I moved to Lake Pleasant a few weeks ago.
    Then this morning, while I was indulging in self pity and feelings of hopelessness, I was transplanting two coleus plants into a pot I had decorated. My plan was to separate the two plants which I had temporarily put together in another pot (where they were thriving). When I went to separate them, I had a strong feeling that these plants were friends and should not be separated. But, the voice I usually listen to said, "That's rediculous. Plants don't form friendships." So, I put one of them into the new pot and took it into another room, and it immediately wilted. I then noticed that the other plant (which hadn't been touched) was also hanging
    Because of things I am learning, I put the two plants next to each other (still in their separate pots) and they both sprang to life. Am I going mad or is this real? If it's a real phenomena and not my imagination, I have hope that maybe I can learn this stuff . . .

  2. Hi Jeri,
    You are not imagining things and yes, YOU CAN! No need at all for jealousy or feelings of woe. I'm reading a book right now that may prove very helpful for you, too: "The Lightworker's Way ~ Awakening Your Spiritual Power To Know And Heal," by Doreen Virtue, PhD. On Amazon they're selling used copies for $1.99 and up, plus shipping. WELL WORTH IT!

    And remember what Rev. Lorraine said during your reading...perhaps it's time you consider delving more into what you're beginning to be awakened to...the Tuesday night group at the church...and reading up on Spiritualism, healing,psychic mediumship...etc.

    I THANK YOU for taking the time to read my tappings and for commenting. I feel blessed that I have met YOU!!!!!!

    Blessed Be,