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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two More Clairvoyant "Firsts"

This past New Year's Eve '08 found me checking out a website that was recommended by Corene on the "Music of the Spheres" astrology group on Ravelry: Terence Guardino, astrologer in Palm Springs, California. I can't recommend this excellent site enough. For one thing, Terence monthly provides free video forecasts for each Sun sign. And while I've not taken advantage of it yet, Terence allows a client to ask two questions for $50, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

What happened when I watched Terence's Sagittarius video forecast for 2009 took me by complete surprise as I hadn't seen an aura or spirit online before. The video began with Terence discussing this and that. As I watched , I saw rising around him a light yellow aura. And if that wasn't enough, two spiritual beings appeared, one behind Terence's right shoulder and one behind his left shoulder. At first, it seemed as if one being jumped from the right to the left and back again (something that's happened before). Then I saw both spirits at the same time. Each of the beings were of a light blue color.

On the urging of a friend, I e-mailed Terence what I had seen. He e-mailed back the following:
Hi Jeannine,

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I haven't heard anything about my aura in many years but I am encouraged that this energy around me comes through on the video clips. I also hope it is a sign of protection and expansion for me during these troubled economic times.

Regarding the two spiritual beings I am not sure who one could be, I can think of a couple of people who have crossed over, but the second one I would like to believe is my dog Carly who passed this past October.

Blessings and I really appreciate that you wrote to me
Terence Guardino

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so surprised what I saw on the computer screen...after all, energy IS energy.

The second surprising clairvoyant experience had to do with our excellent black cat, Chloe. Chris and I were in our bedroom chatting. Chris was on a chair next to the bed by a window and I was near him, sitting on the bed. Chloe walked up between the two of us, ready to jump onto the window sill for a look outside. I looked down and saw above Chloe a light orange-yellow "Spirit Cat," hovering just above her body, and slightly smaller than her physical body. I asked telepathically whether it was Chloe's Higher Self or a cat Guide/Protector of Chloe. I heard back it was a Guide/Protector. I laughed and said, "No wonder cats have 9 lives, blessed with protective Spirit Guides looking after them!" Chris listened as I told him what I was seeing. He's gotten used to such talk but I'm not sure he was ready for a Spirit Cat. LOL!


  1. "No wonder cats have 9 lives, blessed with protective Spirit guides looking after them!"
    - fund this funny.

    Developing a clairvoyant mind will really help you.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Clairvoyant. Would love for your to tell us more about your psychic gift(s), please.