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Monday, May 18, 2009

Witnessing Alexander's Healing

I have had other clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient experiences prior to the one I'm writing about below, but want to share this incident now as it's so fresh in my mind.

Our youngest son, Alexander, got the swine flu right at the outbreak in this country (his case was not technically "documented" but he had all the symptoms except coughing and that's what the health official on the phone thought it was). Being a strapping young, otherwise healthy, 21 year old, the health official didn't feel Alex needed to be hospitalized and could beat the flu with time, rest, and good care. I threw caution to the wind and spent several hours with our son when he was at the height of his illness. He WAS SO SICK. I was worried.

Now I've written stories about seeing spirits before but here's what happened that day I went to Alex's apartment when he was still sick. And btw, Alex must have caught this horrible flu when he and a friend got a creemie (local slang for soft-serve ice cream) at a local diner that LOTS of travelers stop at. I spent all morning and early afternoon tending to Alex the day I went to see him. About an hour and a half before I had to go to work (my 2-hour stint at the Co-op which makes me a "working" member), I got the notion that Alex should come into the living room and sit on the couch. Mind you, he was sick and had been in the bathroom with painful diarrhea every few minutes. I was on the living room floor, the opposite side of the room where the couch was. Alex came in, white as a ghost. I began to explain to him how a few weeks earlier I had seen a yellow-orange "spirit cat" hovering above our Chloe, our black cat (another story, indeed!). Alex rolled his eyes as he does when I tell him what I see, and just as I was saying he'd do best to believe his ol' Ma, Alex's aura appeared all around him. It was only white, but quite bright. I didn't say anything to him about it at first, I just waited. But then I saw a spirit "head" (mostly) with a blue-lavender "core" and a yellow rim, next to Alex's right shoulder. It kept seeming like it was "jumping" to the right and left of Alex (I've seen this same jumping thing times before). I telepathically asked it if it was 1 or 2 spirits? As I did so, a spirit appeared on BOTH sides of Alex, as if in answer to my question. I then told Alex all this and he earnestly (not mockingly) began talking to the spirits, telling them he was sick and could they help, please? IMMEDIATELY, a brilliant white light appeared that either shot up or was coming down above Alex's head. The light was at least 1 foot tall. A healing! I KNEW with absolute certainty that I was witness to a healing. Alex asked me why I thought the spirits appeared and right away I knew it was to tell him he was never alone. He said, "That's weird, 'cause alone is exactly how I have been feeling these last couple of days, sick in bed."

Alex was back to work, albeit a half-day, the very next day.


  1. Dear Jenny,

    It is said,life is a treasury of discovery and excitement and your posts definitely indicate this. Your enthusiasm and curiosity has endowed you with SPIRIT. Alex was truly blessed this day and I'm sure your presence had something to do with it.

    Believe it or not, we've known each other now for over 2 years. I can't believe the leaps and bounds you've made since this time. I remember both of us scrambling to discover the possible causes of your migraines. We hunted high and low and look at where you are now.

    In an email I sent last night, I spoke of my first sensation of experiencing the healing touch with my son's broken ankle. After sending the email, I remembered this wasn't truly my first initiation to hands on healing.

    The first was after my brother passed from a diabetic coma. Two years later, I found myself sitting in front of a psychic named Manny Two Feathers. He told me my brother's spirit had fused with mine and I would be guided to 4 different modes of healing. Of course I was amazed and a little doubtful. Was this reading authentic?

    I guess Spirit needed another way to convince me. And so, in the hospital there I was with my son who had fallen a full flight of stairs and broken his ankle. The admittance officer assured me the ankle would need surgery. It was swollen beyond measure.

    As we awaited the doctor to visit, an immense light shone behind me and poured through my body. This light then directed its energy with lazer like precision from my solar plexus to Tim's ankle. It lasted maybe 5 seconds and then it was gone. 5 minutes later, Tim was taken to the x-ray room.

    When the x-rays were taken, no sign of a break in the bone could be seen. My son was 15 at the time, young and very active. The doctor was amazed at the results and decided to put a cast on Tim's leg (after the swelling had gone down) as a precaution to protect the growth plate in his ankle.

    Needless to say I heard the call. In the fall of that year, I took my Reiki I and II. Also, through the years that followed, I received my Teacher's Degree in Reiki and also learned massage, therapeutic touch and Touch for Health. There were the 4, Manny had spoken of.

    These 4 modes of healing have been instrumental in helping others as well as myself. It is a vehicle of personal and spiritual growth.

    I once said to you, "Jenny, you are healer". The world needs you and your gifts.

    Love ravenstar

  2. Oh ravenstar! You're making me cry!!! You are SO SPECIAL! I thank you for relaying both of your amazing, spiritual awakening experiences here in the comment section. I want to shout from a high, green, mountain to tell folks to head to your incredible blog, The Healing Room
    With love and thanks always,