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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Five; A Throat Chakra Buzz

Alfred's last past life installment featured below (regarding the lives that he's found out about thus far) was channeled by a guy at a psychic faire in Berkeley. Alfred does not know the channeler's name in this case. Thank you so much, Alfred, for your generosity in sharing this and your previous channeled experiences.

7) I asked the channeler about any lives in Japan. He told me that in the early 700's I had been a serf on the estate of a nobleman near the city of Asuka (near Nara). He said I worked very hard and was very loyal, but was severely mistreated by my master during my short life there and died
at a young age from the effects of starvation and trauma. He also said that one person who is now a good friend is the soul who was the abusive master, and she now unconsciously feels the need to be supportive and encouraging and tends to feel compelled to feed me whenever I'm around - and that she shares my interests in Japan. Right away I realized it was a friend of mine, and who it was in particular. Wow...


Regarding the wonderful posts on Alfred's past lives, a reader wrote, "Absolutely incredible! Thank you for showing that to me. I have not talked to anyone who has had a past life regression, but your experiences validate mine. The smells, touch, taste and memories we experience are undeniable as “experienced” but we can’t convince anyone else unless they have one as well. Perhaps I will write my experiences and post them somewhere. I can’t tell you how much your post helped me with my own belief systems."

And Alfred himself wrote, "I was just reading your blog and got to your recent post (My Son Can See Earthbound Spirits; Truth Tingles) about David seeing discarnate people and also the part when you mention the kundalini tingle you get when you know you're delivering the truth that someone needs. I have to say that there have been moments in my life, which always took courage, when someone asked me for information and once I imparted it, I got a strong buzzing sensation in what I now recognize as my throat chakra. It would come from the base of the spine and rise, like a geyser, to the throat chakra and I'd get this buzzing feeling. The first time I felt I knew instantly that I had been just functioning as a conduit for information coming from the Universe for the person who had approached me. It's such an amazing feeling to set aside the 'me' of myself to make room for the 'All-is' of the Universe - not quite sure how to put that into words, but I have perfect confidence that you know exactly what I mean!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Four

My friend and fellow fiber artist, Alfred, has been most generous in sharing his past life experiences, as channeled through Karen Murphy. See the past posts The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One, The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Two, and The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Three. What follows are two more incredible past life accounts of Alfred.

5) I asked the channeler if I had ever lived in Nazi Germany, because I had actual memory fragments in this life about that and they scared me. The Michael entity responded through the channeler that I had been a young girl growing up in Alsace-Lorraine on a farm, and during the period when France was controlled by the Nazis I had been gang-raped by a group of young Nazi soldiers - at the time I was ten years old. The channeler said that I had been so traumatized by the attack that I had lost the ability to speak and was largely catatonic afterward. I had been then sent to a facility for the mentally disabled and not long after that all the residents of that facility had been sent via train to various death camps in Germany and Poland. I do not know which one I was sent to but my death occurred at the age of 13 in the camp in the year 1943. She said that my older brother in that life died not long after the war, of disease, and that that soul had been reborn as someone who was now a close friend of mine who 'worked either in a library or a museum, as a curator of sorts'. Right away I recognized that it was a very dear friend of mine who works as a curator in a music library that is also a museum, in the Northeast. Great validation!

6) One more was based on a question I had regarding whether I had lived in Elizabethan or Jacobean England. The channeler responded that I had not lived in Jacobean England but had been born in the very early Tudor period, at the very end of the fifteenth century during the early part of the reign of Henry VII, father to the infamous Tudor king Henry VIII. The channeler said that I had been born into a family of gentry and sent to court to try my hand at 'marrying well', that is, into the aristocracy. Apparently, although I ultimately did not succeed in landing this kind of marriage, during the reign of Edward VI, Henry VIII's son, I had grown disenchanted with the court thing and had returned to my family estates where I had ended up making a 'financial kingdom' of my own through very canny business acumen. She said that I never consummated my marriage with the woman I eventually married, because 'in that life you preferred men over women, a theme that reappears in many of your lives'. Apparently we lived very comfortably and although I did not have any children, and departed that life in the year 1563, the family business (whatever it was) grew and grew and two centuries later a family member succeeded in finally marrying into the aristocracy, squandering a great deal of the family money in the process!

The channeler told me that one of the things I retained from that lifetime was a great love of music of the period, because I had been an accomplished 'gentleman amateur'. I don't recall, but I'm pretty sure I hadn't told the channeler that in fact I had studied Tudor music in college and continue to play it now just for the sheer joy of it!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Three

What follows is the third installment of my friend, Alfred's, past lives. Believe me, you won't want to miss Alfred's fascinating earlier posts: The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One, and The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Two. Alfred begins by telling what happened to him in his present lifetime as a child, which prompted him to ask the channeler if a past life of his has bearing on the situation.

4) When I was seven I was once surrounded by a group of high school girls in the parking lot of my elementary school during recess. One of them told me that I had beaten her up many times and that it was time to beat me up. The weird thing is that even though I knew very well that I, a little seven year old guy, had not ever beaten up this looming giant of a high school girl, she was still telling the truth on some level, and it terrified me and confused me. They did beat me up, not too badly, but then over the next two years they stalked me everywhere, and K., the girl who said I had beaten her up, would shout threats to me whenever she and her gang would see me.

I had mentioned this to my second-grade teacher at the time but she just laughed it off (even though I had visible bruises on my face) and said she was 'sure it was just a bit of horseplay' and that I had probably just fallen while playing and wanted to blame someone for it.

ANYWAY...this long prelude will make sense: I had asked the channeler (Karen Murphy) whether I had ever been a bully in any life, and she wrote that I had lived in Bristol, England, in the early 1800's and that I was a wharf thug who made a living through extorting money from (poor) people around me by terrifying them. She said that by the time I had incarnated in this life all of the 'karmic ribbons' had been balanced with the exception of one, and she said that *that* karma had been paid off during a long period of fear in my early life this time around. She told me that I probably would know who it is but that she could see that I had been accosted in elementary school and lived in terror for years afterward, and that I had done the same thing to a person back in the Bristol life, who was a child much younger than me. She said I had beaten this child up and for two years and afterward had made her life a living hell, and that although the beating was part of the karma, that a biggest portion of it was to endure the experience of living in fear and having no one around me willing to listen or defend me. And I'm thinking, OMG, I was a rotten person in that wonder...and then the channeler reminded me that it was a lesson that, however awful, was given to me with much love and compassion.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Two

Here are two more incredible past lives of my friend, Alfred. The first account was written in the past post, The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One.

2) I told her (Karen Murphy ~channeler) that my mother had told me that once when I was almost three (I don't remember this incident myself) there was a brief segment of Cambodian court musicians on the mother had said I instantly stood up with wide eyes, and began to dance in front of the TV, trying to imitate the motions of the dancers on the screen. The channeler told me that this was connected to a life in the twelfth century when I had been born female in Sumatra but had been taken as a very young child to a temple inside the palace of the Khmer king in what is now Cambodia/Kampuchea and trained as a royal temple dancer. She added that it was a pleasant life with few demands beyond practicing the dances, which I loved, and teaching young students brought to the temple when I grew older, but that it was a very lonely life otherwise.
3) I asked her (Karen Murphy ~channeler) if I had ever lived in Ancient Egypt. She told me that I had lived in Alexandria as a Greek-speaking Egyptian during the period somewhat before the most famous of the Ptolemies, Cleopatra (I think there were several rulers named Cleopatra, but it was before the time of THE Cleopatra). She said I lived and trained in one of the "Alexandria Mystery Schools" and that the now-deceased lover of a boyfriend of mind from the late 1980's had been my study partner there and a very good friend. Interestingly, I had not ever mentioned to her about my former boyfriend L. whom I was with for half a year in 1987. L. was older and had had a longtime partner, A., who had died of leukemia in 1985. Once L. decided to give me a beautiful antique Russian malachite egg which A. had handed to him before he passed away, saying 'give it to the right person, and you'll know who he is when you meet him...'. L. said that the moment he met me he knew I was the guy who was getting the malachite egg (which I still have) and that a few weeks later he dreamed of A. waving the malachite egg and smiling at him. How tangled and rich are our relationships with other souls over time!! She also mentioned that I had lived several lives throughout the history of Egypt, but that one in particular had bearing on my life now, and that was in '*Very* ancient Egypt!', approximately two thousand years before the life lived in Alexandria, when I had been a priest in a temple during the Old Kingdom period. I asked her if she had any fun details, and she said 'yes, there are many fun details, but Michael (the name of the entity she was channeling) had laughingly told her that I was perfectly capable of re-remembering the fun details myself, and that I would be left to discover them on my own, and that to reveal them to me would take away the sense of delight I would have about re-discovering them myself. One clue, though, said the channel: it had something to do with something mentioned in The Seth Material, when the entity Seth told Jane Roberts that in ancient Egypt, during the Old Kingdom, there were people who were known as Speakers, and that I - and the soul who had in the present life incarnated as my mother- had been Speakers.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One

The next several posts will be devoted to the truly amazing experiences of a friend of mine, Alfred. Alfred and I met back in the mid-80's in Vermont. He was a student at a school where Chris and I lived and worked at the time. He was also the first handspinner I knew who not only spun silk, but dyed it with indigo. I fondly remember a wonderful, "Dr. Who" scarf (seemingly miles long) he knit back then. Thankfully, Alfred and I have stayed in touch over these many years. He was one of the folks I let know that I had begun this spiritual blog. After reading my posts on past lives and other related topics here on The Spiritual Spider, Alfred felt comfortable enough to share what follows. Thank you, Alfred, for your kindness and generosity in relaying your past lives and more.

Alfred found out about some of his past lives through an incredible channeler, Karen Murphy. Alfred wrote, "My material was channeled as from the entity Michael a few years ago, but she now says that she channels Polaris and that Michael is part of that. She's very kind!"

1) I had asked the channel to tell me if there were any other lives I had had related to the fiber arts in any way. She wrote that I had spent a life in Persia in the 9th century AD. She told me I was a weaver of silk fabrics that used gold thread and vivid colors. That was delightful to hear, but then she told me that it had been a very lonely life for me, as I had no family, and that I had used my skills to weave extra lengths of each fabric (using the expensive materials which I myself did not own, as I was employed in the shop of someone who owned the operation) secretly and to keep them for my own enjoyment. She said it was a fairly innocent thing, since, she said, the reason I kept them for myself was to remind me of the beauty of each piece, rather like a portfolio, and that the textiles were my only joy in life. However, she said, when my employer discovered my cache of radiant gold and silk textiles, which had been created using materials which *he*, and not *I*, owned, I was tried for embezzlement and executed!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oracle Card Decks

Over the past few years I've acquired several oracle card decks. These differ from many of my Tarot decks, especially those in the Rider-Waite tradition, in that they don't adhere to any Tarot-specific formula, such as including Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and a typical, set number of cards in the deck. But like Tarot decks, oracles are offered in a wide variety of themes. Animals, astrology, Angels, Avatars, plants, and faeries are just some of the many types of oracle decks available today.

Among other definitions, The Free Dictionary lists an oracle as being:
a. A person considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions.
b. An authoritative or wise statement or prediction.

While one could definitely use and/or develop spreads for using multiple cards together, I find I'm most likely to pull a-card-a-day from an oracle deck. I sometimes pull such a card on waking. Other times I pull it during the day, especially if I have a question about something. But another neat use of an oracle deck is for dreamwork, where you pull a card, meditate on it just before bed, and see what dream(s) occur in relationship to the card's message(s).

Here's a list of my current oracle decks, in no particular order:
"Archangel Oracle Cards," by Doreen Virtue;
"Ascended Masters Oracle Cards," by Doreen Virtue;
"Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards," by Sonia Choquette;
"Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards," by Sonia Choquette;
"Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards," by Sonia Choquette;
"Easy Astrology Oracle Cards," by Maya White;
"Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards," by Susan Seddon Boulet;
"Goddess Knowledge Cards," by Susan Seddon Boulet;
"Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals," by Jamie Sams and David Carson (Note: Not sure why on the box of the cards that David's name is Carlson and not Carson);
"The Goddess Oracle," by Amy Sophia Marashinsky;
"Mythic Astrology," by Liz Greene";
"The Druid Animal Oracle," by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

While I've not had the chance to delve completely into the beauty of each deck, I have to say that I've not regretted purchasing any of my oracle decks. What are your favorite oracle decks and why?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Son Can See Earthbound Spirits; Truth Tingles

As mentioned in the last post, my oldest son, David, was here visiting with us from NYC. The duo recording that he and Chris collaborated on is going to be a masterpiece. No doubt about it. Don't mean to be cocky about this. It's just a fact, that's all.

During a quiet moment David said to me something like, "Mama, do you remember how I told you that when I was about 5 a ghost was sitting in a chair in my bedroom?" No, I didn't remember at all!! He went on to describe that incident and several more that occurred right through high school and beyond. I asked David to write it all down once he got home. From what I can tell, it sounds like Dave saw earthbound spirits. They weren't friendly and gave him a not-nice feeling. I asked him if he could literally see facial features? He could. This is very interesting to me since I don't see earthbound ghosts, but instead see crossed-over spirits (see past post,The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More fact, please go back to many of the May '09 posts for more examples.). I'll be happy to share David's experiences if and when he gives the A-OK.

I asked David why he didn't tell me these incidences earlier? He said, "Would you have believed me years ago?" He's got a point. Sadly enough, I'm not sure I would have.


It's been for several months now that I have been experiencing a jolt of what feels like electricity, especially when I encounter "truth" during a Tarot reading. Quite literally, strong tingles zoom up my spinal column, as if reaffirming that something is correct. This is not an unpleasant feeling at all. And it's most welcome because I'm guessing it's my Higher Self letting me know truth from untruth. Nice, and very helpful.

From the Free Dictionary:
kun·da·li·ni (knd-ln)
n. Hinduism
Energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated, as by the practice of yoga, and channeled upward through the chakras in the process of spiritual perfection.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice; Reiki I Initiation

Happy Summer Solstice!!!! Even tho' clouds covered the sky for much of the day here in southern Vermont, it was a beautiful day, nonetheless. Our oldest, David, is here with us from NYC for a few days. David is a jazz and classical violinist and Chris is a pianist/composer. Tomorrow they will be recording their first duo CD based on original compositions inspired by Matisse's "Jazz" paper cutouts. 'tis a very beautiful and memorable collaboration between father and son in and around Father's Day.

Another highlight of this Summer Solstice time is that I was officially initiated by teacher, Janice, in Reiki I. Janice, a Reiki Master who has taught many people in Canada, asked her Spirit Guides if she could initiate me since I lived in Vermont and she in the Toronto area? They said unequivocally, "Yes." Janice has been giving me Reiki information for my healing binder for weeks now and I've been reading/studying as much as I can. I first asked Janice if I could announce my initiation to others (including on this blog), telling her I was bursting with excitement. She said, "Of course you can silly! Go for it and be proud ot it!!!" Thank you, dear Janice, for taking me under your wing.

The only one around the house after I was Reiki I initiated was Chloe, our most excellent black cat. I asked her if she'd like Reiki? She responded by purring and sitting on my lap. She loves Reiki! She has hardly let me out of her sight since her first treatment. She has a weak stomach and one drippy eye that I'm hoping will be helped. Over 10 years ago Chloe was brought into the Humane Society with her brother (who I so wish we could have taken home, as well). Both kittens were found with their mother by a Congregational Church on Main Street in Brattleboro. They had been on the street for a few months already and by the time we chose Chloe to be our cat, she had developed Feline Upper Respiratory Disease. The vet treated her with antibiotics but one eye's tear duct was already scarred and causing the dripping. Her throwing up and weepy eye aside, she's is a magnificent cat and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I'm so glad that healing is possible. I know she certainly likes the extra attention!

Of you healers out there, do any of you specialize in animal healing? If so, please tell us about it. Thanks!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Archangel Uriel; Forgotten Dreams

I was telling my friend and teacher, ravenstar, about how Archangel Gabriel (see past post ~ The Archangel Gabriel; Two More Guidance Dreams ) helps me with writing my book, "Spinning Around." Especially now, in the text editing phase, things can be very frustrating and sometimes confusing, so all Angels and Guides who are willing to assist are most welcome to do so.

Ravenstar mentioned that the Archangel Uriel would be another to pray to regarding my book-work because he provides much needed clarity.

Once again, I went to Doreen Virtue's, "Guidebook for the Archangel Oracle Cards," and found the following,"Working with Archangel Uriel: Uriel's name means "The Light of God." He's known for his ability to enlighten our minds with Divine inspiration. Anytime you need answers or insights, call upon Uriel. He answers anyone who calls upon him. You'll know that Uriel has answered when you have repetitive thoughts or ideas that are positive, loving, and helpful. If you need facts in a hurry (such as during a test or important meeting), Uriel will supply you with the information. After you ask him for help, the answer will pop into your mind. Trust the information that he supplies." Doreen goes on to say, "Uriel's energy is pale yellow, like a candle's glow. Whenever you need ideas or intellectual guidance, contact Uriel. His energy is aligned with the amber crystal."

Please recommend your favorite Angel books, please. Thank you.


Last night I had two, very, very vivid dreams. I remembered both on waking and didn't stir from bed 'til I got them set in my conscious. BUT, I made a mistake by not having my journal and pen (an old fashioned cartridge pen I like to use) next to the bed last night. In the time it took to walk across the hallway and into my spinning room, I forgot both dreams completely. Live and learn. It was as if I was told, "You want to remember dreams? You have to show intention by keeping the pen and journal ready to use while still in bed." Geesh.

Friday, June 19, 2009

St. Theresa's Prayer; "Colour Meditations"

I love when beautiful prayers are forwarded to me on the internet by a caring friend. The following prayer is one such prayer that perhaps you may like, too.

St. Theresa's Prayer

May today there be peace within.

May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.

May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be content with yourself just the way you are.

Let this knowledge settle into your bones and allow yourself the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.


If I had to name a favorite type of shop that I like to frequent it would have to be any used bookstore (especially when the books are reasonably priced). Not long ago a little book came home with me for a mere $3 entitled, "Colour Meditations ~ With Guide to Colour-Healing ~ A Course of Instructions and Exercises in Developing Colour Consciousness," by S. G. J. Ouseley, L.N. Fowler & Co. LTD., London, original copyright 1949, my edition 1971. Does anyone have this book? If so, are you as enchanted by it as I am? As a fiber artist, the whole "colour" emphasis of this book excited me.

There are 31 colour meditations, many quite quaint and flowery, but all very nice. As an example: "Mediation 5: Picture mentally the forms of great rocks jutting out into the sapphire-like sea, their bases washed by creamy foam and snowy spray. Far below lies a dark tunnel with deep Green (note how colours and other words are capitalized) water dashing through the opening. In its midst a narrow arch shows a brilliant glimpse of Light and distant sea. Over the piled rocks cluster Orange lichens and above the high water mark purple thrift grows in every cranny."
Then, what follows the meditation is a "realisation": "Our path in life is often strewn with difficulties, trials and burdens that seem gigantic and rock-like. We often seem in a dark tunnel, weighed down with grief and shut off from all Beauty, Joy, Freedom. Even Nature seems to lose her wonted glory. When we give way to fears, doubts, thoughts of despair and depression we are losing ourselves deeper in the tunnel. By having faith and a positive attitude of mind, the most evil circumstances will be circumvented. In their midst we behold the Archway of Light through which pours the splendour of the Seven Rays. We receive Love, Strength, Power, Joy and Peace from the Eternal Source. When we become Colour-conscious, the Light is always shining in the darkness. Like the thrift we dwell above the troubled seas of life."

I can see myself taping the meditation itself and when I'm done meditating, looking over the "realisation" part to add to my own insights.

Had to look up what "thrift" was. The The Free Dictionary said thrift was: Any of several densely tufted plants of the genus Armeria, especially A. maritima, having white to pink flower heads with a funnel-shaped scarious calyx. Good to know!
The Seven Rays, as mentioned above, are explained in the colour-healing section. For instance, the author wrote that "Ray 7 is the Violet Cosmic Ray. Violet is the highest vibration of Light, with strong electro-chemical properties, and the rays are stimulating to the nervous system." Mr. Ouseley goes on to say, "It is not a colour for the masses but appeals more to the sensitive and soul-conscious type of person."

There are chapters on the power of colour, the science of of cosmic colour, colour attributes, colour chakras, methods of colour treatment, mental and absent healing, and more.

I Googled S. G. J. Ouseley and found out he wrote a number of other books that I'll keep on the lookout for. Have any of you read any of them? If so, do tell us about them, please.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Archangel Gabriel; Two More Guidance Dreams

As a child who grew up Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school, an all girls Catholic high school, and even a Jesuit University, Archangels were not unfamiliar Angels to me. However, as an adult, it was through the books of Sonia Choquette and the Oracle cards of Doreen Virtue, that I've felt personally closer to Archangels than ever before. I've not even begun to read the many books by Doreen and other Angel authors, but I know I have lots more Archangel "study" ahead of me.

In the meantime, I just want to put in writing that it's the Archangel Gabriel who I pray to for guidance as I continue with the editing phases of my fiber arts book, "Spinning Around," Schoolhouse Press, which will go to print before '09 is out. Yes, whenever I feel anxiety or dismay over the ups and downs of writing and editing, it's good Archangel Gabriel who comes to my rescue and gives me peace of mind.

Ms. Virtue wrote in her, "Guidebook for the Archangel Oracle Cards," "Working with Archangel Gabriel: As the messenger Angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Like a loving coach, she'll urge you to delegate your time and energy towards writing. Gabriel can also open doors that allow for publication of your articles and books, if you'll ask for her assistance. Most of all, she'll help you enjoy writing."


In the past post, Dreams Of Guidance, "phrase focusing" was explained, and in the past post, Patti Frankel ~ Dreamworker, Poet, Artist; Another Guidance Dream, "phrase focusing" was put to use. Here's the phrase I wrote and repeated in my head a few times prior to sleeping: Our future financially and job-wise. I'm continuing to get more dreams that are addressing this phrase.

Dream #1 ~ 6/18/09 (note: all dreams are dated the morning after I dreamed them)
This was a vivid dream but on the "choppy" side; in bits and pieces. I was working a "Mary Kay-type" party (again with the Mary Kay theme...geesh!) and hating every minute of it. Luanne, one of the Tarot readers I had met at the now-closed shop, "Kindred Spirits," was at the party but acting embarrassed that I was doing such a job. I was half-heartedly trying to sell all sorts of stuff set out on the tables around us. I walked over to Luanne's table holding two HUGE tubes of tanning lotion, rolling my eyes as I did so (not good for sales, eh?). Luanne said in a bored and loathing manner, "Well, I do need to buy something for my daughter. Do you think she'll like these lotions?" End of dream.

Dream #2 ~ 6/18/09
This second dream was much more vivid and detailed than the first. I applied to be a chef and got a call from a would-be employer. Please note that in my daily life now, I'm not much of a cook, and have just recently started to get excited by baking muffins, scones, etc... The woman employer had a HEAVY Scottish accent and went by the name of McClara McTavish. She began by saying the job would require me to room with folks in a small town in Missouri. I told McClara that I was married and I wouldn't need to be rooming with anyone but my husband. She asked what my husband did as a living? I told her he was a musician. She said that we could have a "fine" commuter marriage. Knowing that I had no intention of having a commuter marriage of any kind and feeling we could "get around it", " I asked her to continue to tell me about the job. She sheepishly said the job was to be a chef for a very wealthy family AND that there would be childcare duties involved, as well. In my head I thought of how my own Ma had done childcare in her 70's and thought, "No way!" Ms. McTavish said she had to leave the phone for a bit...and the "bit" seemed like an exorbitant amount of time. I kept saying over and over, "Ms. McTavish! Ms. McTavish!" I realized in my heart that I should never have gone for the job in the first place. End of dream.

Boy, were these two bad-job warning dreams or what?!!! I'd best listen to my heart before finding myself in any situation remotely like such jobs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Crystal Book Source; Thoughts On Hand Positions For Spiritual Healing

In handspinning, the BIG compendium is Alden Amos', "The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning: Being a Compendium of Information, Advice, and Opinion on the Noble Art and Craft." Knitters who covet BIG books most likely have June Hemmons Hiatt's, "The Principles of Knitting Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting." Crystal enthusiast have, among a few other BIG books, "The Book of Stones ~ Who They Are and What They Teach," by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

Now I think it's fair to say that I'm not a huge fan of most BIG books on anything. I think I'm a lot like my youngest son, Alexander, who when presented with too much on his plate when he was little would eat none of it. Maybe we're both skeptical that ALL that food or ALL that information is good for us. Or maybe we're worried that it's too good for us. Whatever the reason, I generally like my info in small, easy to read, friendly, doses. Regarding my food, depends what it is...I can never seem to get enough potatoes.

"The Book of Stones ~ Who They Are and What They Teach," by Simmons and Ahsian does have a probably permanent place on my bookshelf. For one thing, the pics are rather nice. For another, there are crystal offerings that I've not seen in many other books. But the main reason I like this book is that both authors contribute very different takes/opinions on a crystal. It's simply nice to get two different points of view! Included in each crystal's write-up are: keywords, element, chakra(s), spiritual attributes, emotional attributes, physical attributes, and an affirmation that deals directly with the crystal at hand. There's also two dandy reference indexes at the back of the book. One index deals with physical correspondences. So, for instance, if you want to know the crystals to consider when dealing with "bone marrow," you'll find they are bixbite, bloodstone, goethite, hematite, magnetite, and petrified wood. The other index deals with spiritual/emotional correspondences. If you want to "slow aging," look to jasper and mook. All and all, this is a good BIG book to consider for your crystal library.


Teacher, Janice, has given me so much incredibly wonderful and helpful spiritual healing information that I've put it into a binder, with plastic sheets to protect the pages. In the past post, Beginning Healing, I spoke of doing healing sessions on my husband, Chris', neck and shoulder pain...stress related. I was puzzled how the pain moved deeper and below the original site after one healing. A few nights ago I read the following in Janice's "binder": "When a person has a long-term imbalance, there is usually not enough energy to trigger a higher immune response, and the 'condition' seems stuck and on-going. But, when additional energy is introduced, then the immune system can draw upon it, kicking the body's defense mechanism into a higher level of healing, and the condition will begin to change/mutate, the purification process is triggered, and the body regains balance and homeostasis."
Janice goes on to explain that by doing "specific hand positions, a practitioner cangive the "fastest" charge to the glands that are responsible for maintaining 'health,' and accelerating the healing process."

From reading Janice's advice, it occurred to me why healers learn the various hand positions for whatever healing modalities they are using. One could just use intuition on where to lay hands, or one could use intuition with known-to-help hand positions. I've got some studying to do! Thank you, Janice.

Any advice/opinions from spiritual healers on this subject? Thanks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Crystal Book Sources; Another Dream

In the past post, Getting Started With Crystals; "The Illustrated Directory Of Healing Crystals", I chatted about my favorite book on crystals thus far. Of course there are many more books out there and I thought it might be nice to list the books I have and find useful, a few at a time, in this and upcoming blog posts.

"Color and Crystals ~ A Journey Through The Chakras," by Joy Gardner-Gordon, The Crossing Press, 1988. This is a book that was sagely recommended to me by my friend and teacher, Janice. I've read this book through once when I first got it, now many months ago, but I wasn't ready for it then. I am ready to read it now and plan to delve more deeply into its teachings as soon as possible.

I love that Joy gives a list of what a healer needs for his/her "basic stone kit." Being one who always looked forward to buying my school supplies at the beginning of the school year, it's no surprise why a list like this appeals to me. It's a list you can take with you when you find yourself at a crystal and gem show or when you're searching for crystals online or in a crystal shop.

There's extensive information in Joy's book on the chakras, with the following given for each chakra: names, symbol, color, tone, element, sense, statement, in-depth explanation, Tarot archetype, characteristics found when energy is balanced in the chakra, characteristics found when excessive energy is present in the chakra, characteristics found when energy is deficient in the chakara, contraindications, glands and organs influenced by the chakra, illnesses and ailments to be treated by the chakra's color, and finally stones associated with the chakra and how they can be used for healing with regards to what's going on with a particular chakra.

I'd be remiss not to tout the excellent illustrations and written information distinguishing the types of crystals, such as: single terminated, double terminated, barnacle crystals, crystal clusters, Herkimer diamonds, clear crystals, long thin delicate crystals, rainbows, veils, baby within crystals, in and out crystals, wall crystals, crystal balls, channeling crystals, and babies on the outside crystals.

"Color and Crystals ~ A Journey Through The Chakras," is a book that I wouldn't want to be without. It's not the biggest book on crystals available, nor is it filled with beautiful, coffee-table-book photos, but it is filled with useful information, especially for healers and those in need of healing.


"The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual ~ A practial A to Z of common ailments and illnesses and how they can be best treated with crystal therapy," by Michael Gienger, Earthdancer, 2006. This is a cool book that I stumbled upon on Amazon. It's one of those helpful, medicine-cupboard, books that a healer who uses crystals would find useful for quick look-ups on what-crystals-needed-for-what-ailments. The book was originally printed in Germany in 1999 as "Die Heilsteine Hausapotheke."

There's such a wide range of illnesses listed by Michael it's hard to do them justice in a small list, but here's my attempt alphabetically: allergies, blood pressure, colds, depression, eye strain, fatigue, grief, heartburn, indigestion, joint pains, knee problems, loss of voice, menopausal problems, nausea, obesity, prostate problems, rheumatism, scars, tick bites, (no 'u') varicose veins, and even pesky warts.

Like Ms. Gardner-Gordon above, Mr. Gienger lists what crystals to collect for home remedy kits. There are recommendations for a travel kit, the small home kit, and the large home kit.

There's a color section of crystals showing a fair selection of crystals in the back of the book. Other books I've seen have a bigger collection of crystal pics, but the ones Michael chose are certainly beautifully photographed.

Hiccup. More crystal books will be discussed in future posts. Do let us know your faves, won't you?

6/16/09 Dream
Chris, my husband, and I were at some kind of mountain resort. There was a women who was demonstrating in a main gathering room "Aura Cacia" essential oils. The lady who was demonstrating looked very made-up...lots of make-up and dressed like she was going to a Mary Kay convention...this seemed weird to me given the holistic nature of the product she was demonstrating. What interested me most what her HUGE suitcase filled with bottles of essential oils and all the mixing equipment tucked neatly inside. She and a helper were making some kind of peanut brittle-like confection out of the essential oils. They were both clumsy at making this candy and dropped it on the floor. The demonstrator scooped it up, undoubtedly hoping no one saw her doing so (tho' I obviously did), and put it all cracked-up in a bowl for serving to the public. I was appalled and told Chris so. I wanted to leave the resort but ran into a psychic who told me to "Stop weaving! You are a psychic and that's what you should be doing instead of weaving." (Note: Interesting, tho' I've done production weaving before, I really don't consider myself a weaver at all, BUT when people meet me they often call me a weaver instead of a spinner, dyer and knitter, so this guy calling me a weaver wasn't surprising to me.) Chris and I did leave the resort after the encounter with the psychic. For some reason, we left with a block of cheese, carefully wrapped. (Note: Geez, is this a reference to me working at Hickory Farms, the cheese joint, as a kid?) End of dream.

Will end this post by saying to anyone who says they can't remember their dreams:
  • Set your intentions to remember your dream before you go to bed.
  • Keep a paper and pen by your bedside with a willingness to record your dream when you wake up.
  • Follow through and record your dream.
If you do the above, you may be surprised by what dreams you remember.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Patti Frankel ~ Dreamworker, Poet, Artist; Another Guidance Dream

Awhile back I featured my friend, Patti Frankel, on my fiber arts blog, Spinning Spider Jenny, but now that I have a second, more spiritually-based blog, it's a fine time to introduce her again. I met Patti when I was reading Tarot at a metaphysical shop in Brattleboro, Vermont called "Kindred Spirits." Sadly, the shop closed at the beginning of the year. Patti sold her beautiful jewelry on consignment at Kindred Spirits, so I'd occasionally see her coming through on the day I read. I knew she was also a poet and was working on a Master's degree in dreamwork and Jungian psychology.

One day, Patti came in for an hour-long reading from me. While I had taught myself to read using the Celtic cross spread and had performed many such readings, I don't now often do a full, Celtic Cross spread because it takes time to do justice to the many cards that are pulled. Here's Angel Paths's Celtic Cross Spread, but know there are many more versions of the Celtic Cross. Patti was delighted because she follows (perhaps among others) a Celtic path and has deep interest in Celtic ways.

I was distraught when Kindred Spirits closed because not only did I lose a place to read in person, but I wondered how I would ever see again all the really neat folks who had visited the shop. Never a day passed by that there wasn't someone interesting who stopped by the shop.

Months later, I encountered Patti at a knitting circle run by my friend, Librarian Leslie, at the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro. I did know that Patti knit because I knew she made prayer shawls for people in need. But what a delight to see her at the knitting circle! We vowed to get together sometime and we did. She's come to my home and I to her's.

We found out we both like to garden, as well as knit, and both of us are writers. 'course then there's that whole love of the metaphysical we both have. I've read Tarot for her and she's interpreted dreams for me. I'm teaching her spinning and she's loving it!

I purchased Patti's beautiful, self-published book, "Dreaming Creation: Seven Poems, Seven Days." Patti writes, "It's a poetic and photographic journey through the seven days of creation as recorded in Genesis, and was the final project for a two year course in dreamwork. The imagery for the poems comes directly from my own dreams and visions." To get your copy, check out: Patti's Poetry.

Regarding Patti's dreamwork, she says, "I am a trained and certified dreamworker, and have done psychospiritual soul work/play and spiritual direction and journey accompaniment for many years. However, I choose to work by barter only. Barter is not free, but rather an exchange of energies that does not involve money. It is more flexible and more communal. It works on a one-to-one ratio. An hour of your time + an hour of my time. It is high-touch rather than high-tech. References available. Please see my website for more information. Namaste."


For some reason, in the middle of the night I woke up abruptly. The dream I was having was quite vivid, so I grabbed my journal and wrote the following:

6/15/09 2:35 am
I was doing healings for a husband and a wife, as well as others in their family. A misunderstanding broke out and the husband began shooting with an automatic rifle at me and the others. For some reason, what also came to mind was that I had a wooden Reiki table that my friend, Janice, had written to me about, and despite all the chaos, was very proud of this table. End of dream.

Since I found it hard to fall back asleep, I turned on the light and once again wrote a question I had (as per Delaney's "phrase focusing") in my journal. Phrase focusing is discussed in my recent past post, Dreams Of Guidance. This time I'll share what I wrote. The initial question I had was, "What do I need to know about Chris' and my future from a financial and job standpoint? The feelings I wrote down regarding this question were as follows: hopeful, excited, worried, fearful, scared, blessed, and happy...highs and lows, to be sure! I put the question into this phrase: Our future financially and job-wise.

In the morning, another vivid dream prompted me to put pen to journal.

I was in a big, hotel conference center and I was a "writer." There were three women, each who did different jobs, that I was waiting with. Waiting for? Who knows. We all became quite friendly with each other as we were waiting. I wanted to take a pic of them but as I tried to do so, my camera turned into 1/2 a camera and 1/2 a movie literally, partially, broke in two and became quite complicated...and I couldn't figure out how to take a simple pic. Another scene in the same dream showed a receptionist at a big, front desk in the hotel who kept making announcements but they were so long and complicated that no one knew what she was talking about. I thought to myself that the receptionist should learn to be more concise. The receptionist had a fancy "golf" cart that got her around the hotel when she needed to deliver a message to someone. In the end, it became clear that I was waiting for Chris, my husband, that day but he never appeared. End of dream.

I've got some thinking to do in how to follow Hugh Lynn's (Edgar Cayce's son) advice regarding, "The best interpretation of a dream is the one you apply."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Tarot Reader Prepares For A Tarot Reading

It wasn't long before I realized that my Tarot readings went better when I prepared for them prior to reading. Now I'm not saying every reader should do what I do, but I thought it might be helpful to see what one Tarot reader does.

To begin with, perhaps it's good to let you know that my spiritual path includes both Wicca AND Catholicism. Never mind that some Wiccans and no doubt most Catholics would say the two don't mix. I'm 51 years old, raised Catholic and introduced to Wicca a few year ago, and I'm proof to say that they do. It's also important to say that I don't practice everything Wicca nor everything Catholic. I gravitate to what feels right to me. About the last thing I want to hear is that I MUST do this or I MUST do that. With all due respect, no human on earth is going to be telling me what I should or shouldn't believe and practice.

So what do I do to prepare for a Tarot reading? I begin (or end...varies) my preparation with saying the Rosary. I've always loved saying the Rosary, even as a child. First there's the tactual nature and aesthetic of holding the beautiful beads in my hand. Then there's meditative trance I go into as I recite the repetition of prayers. When I pray the Rosary, I am both at peace and uplifted at the same time. I like that my Ma would have approved of me saying the Rosary. And it's interesting that several well-known Mediums, including John Edward , say the Rosary before their readings. Doing so raises our vibrations to a higher level. Somewhere I read that repetitive prayers are like music to the Angels' ears. All I know is that I feel wonderful after saying the Rosary.

Know that what follows gets adjusted and somewhat changed occasionally, based on ideas I've received from my spiritual reading, from friends, and gleaned from my own ideas and needs.

My preparation includes grounding and centering. I still use a variation of how to go about this from reading The Robin Wood Tarot ~ The Book, though I've read many variations on the subject just in the last couple of years. To begin, I sit quietly on a chair or the floor, with back straight, and envision the 7 major chakra points on my body. I begin at the root chakra and envision it as a red sphere, slowly swirling around. Into this sphere I see energy going through it; simultaneously front and back (north to center and south to center), heading to the core of the sphere; and simultaneously on each side (west to center and east to center), heading to the core of the sphere. I move up to the next chakra and envision an orange sphere, swirling slightly faster than the red, and so on. I won't presently go into all the interesting information to be had about the 7 chakras such as where exactly they are, what do they represent, etc....there are oodles of books available on those topics alone. But by doing the above, I "center" my chakras and I can tell you that I feel better for it.

Before I ground, I now say Echo Bodine's blissfully simple clearing prayers:
Take a deep, calming breath or two and breath, with a calming breath between lines.
Say out loud or in your head:
Please clear me. 2 times
Please clear my mind. 2x
Please clear my body. 2x
Please clear my soul. 2x
Please clear me psychically. 2x
And then, if you'd like, you can go on and clear your room, your house, around your house, etc.
I love these powerful prayers so much that I find myself saying them whenever I feel stressed, threatened, or just in need.

I also say a prayer of protection, written by James Dillet Freeman and again found in Echo's books, that she learned from Unity Church.
~The Light of God Surrounds Me
~The Love of God Enfolds Me
~ The Power of God Protects Me
~The Presence of God Watches Over Me
~Wherever I Am, God Is.
~And All Is Well.

To ground, I envision a root coming out of the base of my back and heading deep into the earth. I also see silver cords coming from my feet, heading into the ground, and wrapping around whatever crystal comes to mind first...often rose quartz or emerald. I ask that the highest vibrational energy coming from the Light fill my body. I pray for no more nor less than what I need. Once filled I watch as the excess energy shoots out of my head and cascades back to its source. It's important, when done, to allow the root to go back into your body and to untie the cords from the crystals and have them go back into your feet.

There are times I feel the want and need for more prayers. Often I talk to my Angels, Spirit Guides, and Archangels, thanking them for all they do and asking for further guidance.

After I lay out my Tarot cloth and cards, I spray the area with Taliloquay's "Aura and Room Spray" for clearing. I spray again between readings to clear out the energy from the last reading, and if the reading is in person, from the last querent, too.

So presently, this is how I prepare for Tarot readings. We would love to hear of your preparations or experiences, please. Thank you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dreams Of Guidance

Have been reading an excellent book, "Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self," by Henry Reed. There are many, many books available on Cayce, a medical intuitive and psychic, that I hope to read in the future. I did previously enjoy "The Story Of Edgar Cayce ~ There Is A River," by Thomas Sugrue and highly recommend that, especially if you're totally unfamiliar about Cayce and his work.

In Reed's book I came across early chapters entitled "Preparing To Channel A Dream Of Guidance" followed with, "Learning To Recall Dreams ~ An Exercise In Channeling." The information in these chapters is compelling but easy to follow. Just last night I put some of the info I learned into use.

Reed quotes an exercise from Gayle Delaney's book, "Living Your Dreams" (note to self: Ask Librarian Leslie for this book!), called phrase focusing. To do this, first you write out your feelings about a question you have on paper. Reed writes, "Then reduce your question to a single phrase that expresses the heart of the matter. Repeat this phrase to yourself as you fall asleep." I did this and lo and behold I had a dream of guidance!! The question I asked is too personal to print here, but know that success was to be had, in this case, on the very first try. If you, too, try this exercise, let us know how it worked for you, please.

Now deciphering the symbols in my dream is a challenge in and of itself. Reed writes, "The experience the soul has while we are asleep we remember as a dream. When we awaken, what we remember is the dream, not the aha or the uh oh that the soul experienced. The soul experiences a goodness gracious, the subconscious mind mirrors that experience symbolically, and what we remember we call a dream." The more we practice interpreting our own dreams, the better we will get. Reed shares, "As Hugh Lynn (Cayce's son) said, 'The best book on dreams is the one you write yourself.'" It's suggested that we write down our dream as we recall it. Then find at least one "clue" as to why you may have dreamed what you did. Think of a way to validify your clue by some "practical application." Reed writes that Hugh Lynn said, "The best interpretation of a dream is the one you apply."

I've learned from Reed's book that anyone CAN learn to remember your dreams. If you've been reading this blog, you know that in past posts I have, indeed, remembered dreams and have recorded them. But I'd like to do even better at recalling dreams. Reed wrote, "Cayce declared that forgetting dreams is simply a matter of negligence." He goes on to recommend that for one week, after you wake up but before you leave bed, write a page of your thoughts. Worry not if what you're remembering is from your dream. Write whatever comes to mind. Chances are good that within the week it'll be dreams that you'll be writing about. Doing this kind of exercise shows you're committed to remembering dreams. It shows you're paying the kind of attention required to remember dreams.

I'll end with another fiber arts dream I had a few nights ago.
I was at a knitting/spinning event where I dormed with a bunch of ladies. We were to go on a field trip on the Bob-Lo boat (a boat ride straight out of my Detroit childhood). I was told that we had to stop somewhere in downriver Detroit before we could continue to wherever it was that we were going (old Bob-Lo island amusement park that has, I think, long ago been closed?). We'd have to get off onto a smaller boat, then re-hop aboard the Bob-Lo boat to continue our journey. I was sweating with panic because apparently one could easily fall into the Detroit River when transferring to the smaller boat. I can't swim now and I couldn't swim in the dream. Everyone was irritated by this pit stop. I found myself sitting next to the Yarn Harlot, who oddly sat very close to me and even put her head on my shoulder. I asked her why she didn't like me? I nervously kept cracking jokes and she told me to be quiet so she could figure out why she didn't like me. Then I woke up.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beginning Healing

Several days ago Chris was holding his neck/shoulder and I knew that once again he was feeling intense pain due to stress overload. The area Chris was holding is a chronic problem area for him. Even if I don't know Chris is worrying or stressed, soon enough I can tell because of his wince when he moves his head.

As previously mentioned in posts, over the last months I have devoured many of the books by spiritual healer, Echo Bodine. Also, via my friendship and regular e-mails with ravenstar, I have been taught an enormous amount of "healing" information. 'course it will take me eons to absorb it all! And there's many more books...and eventual study and look forward to. But watching Chris in pain revved me into action...

I asked Chris if he'd like me to try laying my hands on him? Happily, and a bit surprisingly to me, he said, "Yes!" I explained that I'd be just a conduit for the healing. The actual healing would be done by spiritual entities of a much higher vibrational level than a human. He seemed relieved that something could be done for his pain right away.

The first time I attempted a healing I had Chris lie down on our bed, but I soon found it was hard to get around him and quite uncomfortable for me. The second and subsequent times, I had him lie down on the floor with his head on a cushion. This worked much better all around, but I can see that a standing healing table will be something that I'll hanker for in the future.

I said a few quick prayers and gathered a white sage smudge stick, a copper bowl with sand, some matches, and two, white hankies (a la Echo). Instead of lighting the smudge stick directly, I chose to break off a few pieces of the white sage and put them in the bowl with sand. Once lit and on fire, I blew out the flame and allowed the smoke to envelop Chris. He loved the smell and immediately started to relax.

I put the hankies on Chris' body where I intuited he needed help. In her books, Echo speaks of how she was told by her Spirit Guides/Angels to put the hankies on a person's body and to put her hands on top of the hankies. Practically speaking, I can understand at least one reason for this...the hands can emit LOTS of heat! But I'm sure there's a spiritual reason for the hankies, as well, even if I don't understand it all at present.

It was only a few seconds before I felt tingling, not unlike an electrical current, traveling through the palms of my hands. I asked Chris if he felt something and he said, "Electricity! It's shooting out the bottom of my feet!" Nearly the entire time I held my hands on Chris' body, this energy continued. Chris also said he felt intense heat radiating from my hands. Interestingly, I couldn't feel the same heat...a little bit...but not a lot. He said the heat coming off my hands was INTENSE.

The whole first session lasted about 10-15 minutes, with subsequent sessions over the following days lasting a little longer. After the first session, Chris felt much relief. The next day, he said the pain had moved down his back and seemed deeper. In my mind, I could see the stress/pain insidiously going deeper because it was "found out" the first time round. It was if the stress had to hide in order to survive. Does this make sense? In any case, it was as if the stress/pain was alive with its own emotions and they weren't nice emotions, I might add.

During the last session before Chris left to travel out-of-state on business, an interesting thing happened. I had him turn over on his back and something was nudging me to put my hands on his upper stomach. But before I could do so, Chris pointed directly to the spot I was going to go to...and I hadn't said a word about this to him! When I told him that that was where I was directed to go, we looked at each other with big, amazed eyes.

These first sessions were successful all the way 'round. There's much more work to do, such as figuring out what organs may be triggering the pain due to Chris' stress. And then there's that whole problem about how to get rid of the stress in the first place.

Any healers out there with advice? Thank you! Much appreciated!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tarot Cyber-Pal

As a kid I was thrilled when a teacher handed out a form for us to fill out so that we each could get a pen-pal from another country. The whole idea of writing to someone I didn't know who lived far away made me giddy with excitement.

As a young-ish adult I still loved the whole idea of much so that I asked for a spinning and knitting penfriend in the classifieds of a British knitting journal. Many folks from England wrote to me but one person, Lorry, stood out with her wit, intelligence, and friendliness. To this day, Lorry and I more so via phone or internet than snailmail. In fact, she's one of the talented fiber artists who spun and knitted projects for my upcoming book, "Spinning Around."

Fast forward to a few years ago. As mentioned in earlier posts, I found Aeclectic Tarot quite by accident. Among the wonderful possibilities this site has to offer is the "forum" section, where folks can chat about all sorts of Tarot or metaphysical topics. On a "welcome" group in the forum, a kind person by the name of "tink27" not only caught my eye, but was sincerely friendlier than all the rest who were posting. Being an intuitive myself, I usually get a reading on a person when I'm near them in a matter of seconds. But since energy IS energy, it's not surprising when one can get a reading on a person via the internet as well. Well, if I could describe tink27's aura, I'd say it was brilliant and sparkling with love and beauty.

The long and short of it is that tink27 is ravenstar is my friend and teacher, Janice. Yes, she's the wonderful blog author of The Healing Room. I highly suggest you skedaddle over to Janice's blog just as soon as you can. Be sure to go back into her archives for a wealth of spiritual and healing information.

Janice has generously share SO MUCH with me, I can't begin to tell you it all. We've exchanged Tarot readings. She introduced me to the amazing Sabian Symbols. She introduced me to crystal healing. She's hipped me to many excellent books. She's shared her incredible experiences and knowledge of the 4 healing modes she's trained in: Reiki, massage, Therapeutic Touch and Touch for Health. Janice is one of the most gifted and giving people I've ever met. That said, we've NEVER met (yet) in person! Thank you, dear Janice, for ALL you do.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tarot Philosophy of Sorts

A little while ago a member on the "KniTarot" Ravelry group was very upset because her friends kept asking her for readings at "inopportune" times and were too demanding for readings. I'm not here to judge her, or anyone else, for that matter. What bothered me tho' is that some of the folks who responded to this post had what I felt were negative suggestions. Some suggested that the reader basically lie and say they charge a whole lot for that, in my opinion, don't go hand in hand with the beauty of Tarot readings. What's wrong with just saying, "No"?

I have to say, that given the responses to the thread on KniTarot above, I would never want any of those folks to read for me and am scratching my head as to why anyone else would want a reading from them.

Here's how I responded to the post: I have a little different take on this whole subject than some others. Because I read professionally online and have read professionally in shops…in other words, I charge…I decided right from the start that I’d give free readings whenever I intuited that I should or when I sense that $ are tight for someone. I love to give free readings to someone who doesn’t expect it. That makes my day. I’ve not had anyone take advantage of me with this policy. In addition, I don’t tack on extra money if I need extra time to perform a reading where the time was set up front by the querent. If someone e-mails me and needs a reading but I’m too busy with work, I let them know I’ll either get back to them later that week, or at the latest, the week after. I always consider it an honor if someone requests a reading from me.

I don't mean to be smug. I don't think I'm better in any way, including at reading, than the person who originally started the thread on the group, nor the folks who responded on the KniTarot thread. But I do know that if I wanted a reading done for me, I'd not want someone who felt like "screaming" whenever someone wanted a reading because they knew he/she read cards. Nor would I want a reading from a reader who "wanted to hit" a person because it felt like the only time the person ever talked to the reader was when they were having problems and needed some insight. Folks who are having problems and need insight can sometimes be desperate people...we've ALL been there...and a little understanding can go a long way. I can guarantee, if I ever felt like screaming or wanted to hit someone because they requested a reading...ever...I wouldn't be reading anymore.

One last thought regarding another response on the KniTarot thread: One person was dismayed to read for anyone who didn't listen to her "advice" on earlier readings. This opens up a whole 'nother ball of wax. Since when do folks have to take a Tarot reader's advice anyway? Tarot readers are Tarot readers, not dictators nor All-Knowing. Everyone has free will and the success or failure of a reading or reader does NOT have to do with whether someone takes our advice or not. Just my 2 cents.

How do you folks feel about this whole can 'o worms? No offense to the worms...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Tarot Beginnings; Grounding With Gardening

Along with my first Tarot deck, The Robin Wood Tarot, I purchased two books that I felt would get me off on the right foot of study: "Tarot Plain and Simple," by Anthony Louis, and "Robin Wood Tarot ~ The Book," by Robin Wood. Anthony's book used the Robin Wood Tarot deck as his illustrations, but the writing is all his...and very good it is!

And so, armed with a Tarot deck and two books, I began to study daily. First I read Robin's book completely through. Then I picked a card at a time and journaled about it, keeping my writing to what I saw and what I felt. I compared what I wrote to what Robin wrote. Before I finished this journaling exercise, I was already reading for myself and friends. Chris wasn't so interested, nor enthusiastic, to be read to at that time. No problem! The Lunar Ladies (a group of 4 female friends) complied graciously and would allow me to read for them when we all were together or when we got together separately.

I had great fun absorbing Anthony Louis's book and became quite enlightened when I noticed that what Anthony wrote about a card didn't necessarily coincide with what Robin wrote about the same card. It was then that I realized that the most important information is what I, myself, saw and felt about a card...or more importantly, what I saw and felt and knew about a card(s) within a given spread as pertaining to a question from a querent (even if that querent was me!). I knew in my heart of hearts that I was generously informed by my Higher Self, by Guides and Angels, and by Spirit, so how could I go wrong if I trusted my gut as I read?!

Since these Tarot beginnings, I've read Robin's book a few more times. I figured that it was important to get a feeling about what the originator of the cards felt about her work. I've also done what amounted to a self-study on Aeclectic Tarot on their Robin Wood Study group. This self-study helped me more than I can say! Once finished, I was well on my way to being a confident Tarot reader.


Grounding. These days I've been at the computer A LOT because I'm finishing up writing a book dealing with spinning, natural dyeing, and knitting. My editor and I are daily hard at work, hoping that we can have the book in print by the end of 2009. This tedious, sometimes intense, work can make me feel less than grounded to the earth as I plug away on the computer. So what's a spider to do? Garden, that's what.

The simple act of getting my hands and feet into the dirt has kept me sane and grounded. Now that my annuals are all planted, what remains is continual weeding and watering and general putzing. Such work is a joy to do, especially given how good I feel afterwards. As I garden, I naturally find myself talking to bugs, plants, trees, and the like. I find myself talking to my crossed-over parents. I reconnect with the earth and that which I love. I'm rejuvenated.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Tarot?

I need to face it ~ It was shocking to Chris, family members, and long-time friends when I said I "HAD" to read Tarot, now over 3 years ago. In some ways, feeling this strong urge to learn Tarot even surprised me somewhat. But I shouldn't have been so shocked because I always thought divination was really cool, even as a kid.

As a 6 year old in Maryland (we lived there 3 years of my childhood), I remember neighbors having a fundraising event of some sort in their backyard. I was particularly intrigued by the makeshift tent set up for the gypsy fortune teller. She had a crystal ball that foretold all. I thought that was the neatest thing ever and secretly wished I was a gypsy fortune teller.

On the very last scheduled day of my dayjob as a Resident Fiber Artist and production dyer (I left to write the book I'm still working on), one of my friends agreed to give me a Tarot reading at my going away party. She shyly said she didn't read much anymore, but if I didn't mind her occasionally looking up what cards meant, she would be happy to read for me. Cindy brought her Robin Wood Tarot deck, which I had never seen before. Heck, I had never seen any Tarot deck up close and personal.

The reading commenced. I was smitten. Hooked. Had to get my own deck. Which I did within a week or two from the reading.

I stumbled onto Aeclectic Tarot and the rest is history. Friend, Jenna, was not surprised at all that I began down the Tarot path. I told her that all I'd need was the one deck. She smiled and said something like, "Sure. Uh hum," in a knowing, unbelieving fashion. Let's just say that I purchased more than a few decks over the years...

But to this day, I still read primarily with The Robin Wood Tarot deck. More on what happened after my initiation reading with Cindy in a future post.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Premonition, Hunches, Prayers Answered, And Light Bulbs Going Off

I woke up thinking about the many times I knew something was going to happen in my life. Then there were the times that I nudged a family member to do something because I knew it would either turn out good or save them from less than good. And surely other folks can remember their "light bulb" moments...the times when GREAT ideas came at seemingly the most unlikely times. What's at the bottom of all this? Intuition, that's what. And thank goodness for it. At the very least, life wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the gift of intuition. A little help from Spirit Guides and Angels doesn't hurt either.

I looked back in my journal for times when my intuition was so on top of things, it couldn't be missed. What follows are a few examples. Some of these are quite fiber related, as I'm a handspinner, dyer, and knitter. Some examples are mundane, but nonetheless important to me, and some are quite out of the ordinary.

Weeks ago I said I'd be rooming at Fibre Fallout in New Jersey with Judith, a well-known spinning instructor. Today, the administrator for the event wrote to say that's who I'd be rooming with.

A few weeks ago I was home and had to go down to the Post Office. I had my purse and keys with me, but I had the STRONG feeling to leave my dye studio door open (unlocked) when I left. When I came back, all was well. But a few days later, I found out that friend, Jenna, had never given my key back from the last time we were away and she fed Chloe, excellent black cat, and our fish. If I had locked the door that day I left for the Post Office, I would have been locked out. Chris later made me a new key.

I prayed to find means to be able to afford "what I need" to continue my spiritual study. I had just taught a class and gave over the proceeds to Chris for bills. Later, I found extra money that I had charged in materials' fees in my purse...just enough to purchase the books I had been wanting.

Chris and I were in Bennington, VT last week because Chris had a haircut appointment. I went to the used bookstore and James Van Praagh's, "Heaven and Earth," was sitting upright, in front of the other books in the metaphysical area. I "felt" I should get it and had enough for a palm reading book, too. (Note: Do books in stores fall out of bookshelves for you, too? What a phenomenon, eh?)

During the Rhinebeck weekend, when I was teaching at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, Chris and I went to a "Ravelry" party on Saturday evening. There was a free raffle for lots of great fiber-related prizes. Chris had a ticket and I had a ticket. The tents the event was held in were jammed with people. I heard over the loudspeaker that an orange knitting bag was being given away. I thought that such a bag would be perfect for me since it was orange, a fave color. It WAS perfect or me and I won it! (Note: Instead of holding knitting, I'm using it for my summer purse). Then, Chris too, won a prize of a cloth, free-standing, knitting bag that was orange and turquoise and machine embroidered. Wow!

I KNEW Alexander, our youngest son, should apply at Bruegger's Bagel even tho' it was a supervisory position. He said he'd never get the job. I was persistent that he apply. He got the job.

I KNEW the Windham Housing Land Trust would be able to find housing for Alex in Brattleboro, despite everyone telling us how hard housing is to come by, and when you do find it, it's beyond expensive. I persisted that Alex apply to the Land Trust. He received what surely is the nicest apartment in Brattleboro...sun-filled, 1 bedroom (not a studio), hardwood floors...all for less than $500 a month. Many places in Bratt charge that for 1 room!

I KNEW, in the 90's, when we were in Toronto and had our parakeet, Thelonious, that he'd get the liver disease where his beak grew uncontrollably. He did and sadly died of heart failure because of it.

LIGHT BULB moment: I was sitting at the kitchen table when we lived in Brattleboro in the late 90's when I got the notion to write a collaborative article with a famous knitter I admired for Spin-Off. It was as if fireworks went off in my head. That was when my career got truly launched. I proceeded to write several such articles for Spin-Off and continue to write for them to this day.

LIGHT BULB moment: I was spinning in the living room about 3 1/2 years ago, unhappy with my dayjob, when I got the notion to call Meg and propose a book idea. I did. The proposal was accepted in about 15 minutes. The book will be published this year.

No doubt, there are many more premonitions, hunches, answered prayers, and light bulb moments lost in the history of this lifetime. Do you have such stories to tell? If so, please share. Thanks.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting Started With Crystals; "The Illustrated Directory Of Healing Crystals"

I guess I've always been intrigued with rocks and crystals. I can remember being about 5 and taking home a piece of quartz that I found by the side of the Potomac River. Mica, too, always fascinated me...with it's ethereal grey, translucent, iridescent sheets of magic. When we went to Niagara Falls as a kid, and I got to pick out a "toy" to take home, I picked a box of rocks and minerals that were neatly identified.

Chris and I have gone on LOTS of walks in our marriage. I always say our marriage is built on walks...where we talk things out and get exercise at the same time. Given that Chris has always loved rocks, too, it's not surprising that he often brings back one or two on our excursions. As a musician, he travels a lot and brings back rocks from various states. Most of these rocks end up on or by our rock garden. They come in useful to ring new plants so they won't be mowed over by my personal mowing machine husband.

A few years ago I noticed that many of the metaphysical or bead shops I had be frequenting were offering a vast array of rocks and crystals, often with various attributes and astrological correspondences listed for each one. I began to buy one or more of these crystals, which were usually tumbled smooth, but not always. I usually just bought the crystal that I was attracted to, but eventually I looked more closely and took into consideration the crystal's attributes.

For Christmas one year, Chris bought me the book, "The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals ~ A Comprehensive Guide To 150 Crystals and Gemstones," by Cassandra Eason. Now I've amassed several more crystal books since then, but to this day, this book remains my favorite. What first struck me in this book was the mention of using crystals for divination. I put my crystals in a cloth pouch and each day I pull a crystal blindly from the pouch. Cassandra's book lets me know what the divinatory meaning is. It's that simple! 'course if other meanings come into my head as I'm holding the crystal, then these meanings are just as valid.

I've a group of amazing friends who collectively are called "The Lunar Ladies." We are all fiber artists and get together at least once a month if not more. One day I got into my head that I would buy the same crystal for each of the Lunar Ladies. Since that day, once a month we all get a new crystal. I'm not sure who this is more fun doing the giving or they discovering about a new crystal.

Other reasons I like Cassandra's book over others:
  • The pics of crystals are consistently excellent.
  • Each crystal is discussed using the following categories: mythology and history; divinatory significance (if any); healing and the environment; at work and in the home; children and animals; psychic associations; recharging its energies; geological properties of the crystal; colors available; zodiac sign; planet; element; candle color; Guardian Angel; chakra; herbs, incenses, and oils; flowers; and associated crystals.
  • In addition, there's lots of general crystal information such as choosing your crystals, crystals and healing, crystal pendulum divination, crystal magic, and so much more.
What's your favorite crystal? What's your favorite crystal book?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Various Dreams

Because I journal I have entries from some of the more vivid dreams over the past year. What follows is a smattering of them. I am not a dream interpreter but would welcome input from anyone who is, please. Thank you!

I dreamed about getting married to Chris as an adult (the same Chris I'm married to now) and my Dad came to the wedding (sans Ma) in a a lavender, tea-length, dress with nylon hose and a purple-red wig that was shoulder-length, straight, with straight-cut bangs. My friend, Ernestine, was there and looked pregnant.

When I relayed this dream to Chris, he said he thought my Dad was happy just being free (freedom of expression). I wondered if Dad was gay in a new incarnation.

I dreamed that Chris took up smoking cigarettes (which he, nor I, do in this lifetime), and I was furious and appalled. I begged him to quit, saying that I would give up butter on bread (which I did...really!) if he would stop smoking. It didn't look hopeful.

I dreamed I was with Chris as he was about to interview for a job in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As Chris waited for the actual interview to take place, he began sweating and took off his shirt. Then he said oddly inappropriate things to 2 people around us. For some reason, when the guy asked who Chris was, Chris gave a different name...a name the interviewer knew personally. Chris knew this would cause trouble the minute he did it. I was worried beyond belief.

On waking from this dream, I thought, "Chris needs to be himself."

I had a dream involving puppies. Someone put the puppies in a room and forgot to feed and water them. When we next went into the room, the puppies were all dead. I was more than dismayed. I had trusted this person to do the right thing and the puppies suffered because they hadn't.

Had a dream that I was pulling Tarot cards one at a time for a spread and the figures on the cards came ALIVE; moving and talking and waving.

This time it was Chris who had the following dream:
Chris said as we were waking, "I dreamed you payed me a compliment by saying that I smell like "freshly stacked newspapers."

I was not surprised by this.

Alexander, our youngest son, was much younger in the following dream than he is now. I was in a car with Alexander driving, heading down an expressway. All of a sudden, Alex put his head on my shoulder, closed his eyes, smiled...all the while he was driving! I freaked out and asked him what he was doing? We were going to get in an accident! He just kept it up. I took the wheel and next thing you know, I was in the driver's seat. We found ourselves in a town that looked familiar. As I tried to park, a big truck got in the way and made parking impossible. I backed the car up and turned left, only to be on a nearly vertical road. I gunned the engine, but the car only went backwards. Then I woke up.

In a dream I received $350,000. I had prayed, in that dream, to Angels for financial help and this is what happened. Chris would not believe that the dollars were sent by Angels.

When I woke up, I told Chris about the dream. He said, "You win ~ no problem about the Angels!!!"

I dreamed I was in brief training to be a kayak instructor at a Mt. Snow-type place. The water that this instructing was to be done in was a HUGE lake. I had a nice supervisor guy for that job. I had a young, 12-13 year old girl as my first "client." I realized then that I was NOT the right person for this job. I worried about "white water" problems, so my supervisor fixed the kayak I was using so that it wouldn't sink when it flipped over. EEK! What if we were under it when it flipped over? I don't swim (even in the dream!) I don't know how to teach paddling. I went to the supervisor and quit, but asked if they needed a photographer. No, they didn't. So I tried to see the best way home via bus. Finally, I consulted my friend, Ernestine, for help.

I dreamed I was in a restaurant filled with men who were eating food types of long ago and dressed like they were from the early 1800's in Ireland or England. They ate gloppy porridge and other goopy foods that were served in bowls. A phone call came in from my Dad stating that some good housing was inevitable. It was very comforting that my Dad called me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knight People; "When Ghosts Speak"

A couple of plugs for a metaphysical shop/website and one for a book I've just finished devouring.

A few weeks ago my musician husband, Chris, had a gig near to Middletown, Connecticut. In the mid-90's we lived and worked in Middletown as Chris went for his Master's degree in Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University. I tagged along the day of Chris' gig and had him drop me off in Middletown for old times sake.

After getting a bagel and tea at a local eatery, I made my way to Wesleyan's library to read for awhile. When it was getting close to the time Chris agreed to pick me up for home, I walked down William Street towards the spot we decided upon to meet at. As I walked I noticed a shop across the street advertising Tarot readings, incense, crystals, and the like. I wandered in and to my delight found a room packed with all sorts of cool stuff, beautiful jewelry included. The owner came out and I found myself asking if a reader was needed for their monthly Psychic Fairs (1st Sunday of every month)? No, I was told, since they had all the readers they needed and many had worked for him for years and years. Apparently the shop had just opened during our last year living in Middletown and I had never discovered it. 'course that's not surprising because I wasn't exactly looking for such a shop back then. The owner and I proceeded to have a nice chat over this and that until it was time for me to take my leave.

"Knight People" is a GREAT shop to visit if your in the Middletown, CT area. It's on 228 William St. and its hours are: Open Wednesday through Saturday 11am - 5pm. But even if you're not traveling near there, do check out their comprehensive website: One of the things the shop is known for is their LARGE collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The owner, Emile de Leon, also does personal consultations in Astrology, as well as Tarot readings...either by phone, in-person, or online video via SKYPE. His phone # is: 860-347-3220.


Another OH-SO-EXCELLENT book: "When Ghosts Speak ~ Understanding The World Of Earthbound Spirits," by Mary Ann Winkowski. This is not your average ghost book and Mary Ann is not your average ghostbuster. I have read several books on earthbound spirits prior to this one, but never have I been given such amazing and useful advice on how to recognize if an earthbound spirit has entered your life, home, or place of work; how to deal with ghosts if you do have them; and how to deal with curses and negative energy.

Mary Ann sees, as if they were people (albeit see-through), ghosts who have not crossed over, as does Echo Bodine. Folks like James Van Praagh and John Edward see spirits who have crossed over. I see spirits who have crossed over, and I see them literally, as I do auras, through my eyes. Mary Ann has been communicating with earthbound spirits for over 50 years. Her grandmother realized she had the "gift" early on and brought her to funeral homes to speak to the ghosts of people who had just died.

Within "When Ghosts Speak," I found so many interesting and intriguing bits of information that I either haven't read anywhere else or I haven't digested in the way I did when I read Mary Ann's clear and well-written book. Just a sample: 1) If a ghost did not cross over for years and "lost" the chance to go to the original Light that appeared for a short time after they died, they can still go to the Light if they make their way to funeral homes, where they can enter the same Light of just-deceased people. Or they can be shown and led to walk through the Light by a ghostbuster such as Mary Ann. 2) Mary Ann gets special quince seeds from her relatives in Italy which, once ghosts are gone from a place, if the seeds are put up above the doorways, the ghosts cannot return. Mary Ann sells the seeds set in pendants, bracelets, etc. online in her store. See link above. 3) It's not a good idea to invite a ghost into your life. When such ghosts are around, folks can get sick or untoward things can happen...even if the ghost is not meaning to have such things happen. 4) Ghosts are not readily found in graveyards. They prefer places where there's LOTS of human energy, which will help them build their own energy back up.
And so much more...

There's an insert of wonderful pics within the book, depicting Mary Ann at different ages, family members, and even photos of ghost "energy." Her life story is a great read, as well.

Note that Mary Ann Winkowski is the consultant for the CBS TV show, "Ghost Whisperer."

What ghost books do YOU like? Please tell us about them. Thank you.