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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brian Weiss 1-Day Workshop In NYC

I do believe I've read all the thus far available books on Past Life Regression that were authored by Brian Weiss. Two years ago I didn't know what Past Life Regression was and hadn't ever heard of Dr. Brian Weiss. Now I can be counted as one of Dr. Weiss' many fans. And when I say many, I mean MANY. In March '09 I had the good fortune to go to a workshop give by Dr. Weiss in NYC. It was amazing. But before I tell you about that, I want to relay that several months ago I "stumbled" on an article on Dr. Weiss in our regional version of the metaphysical magazine, Wisdom. I don't believe this stumble was an accident in any way. Instead, I feel it was one of those times I was led to "see" something so that I could move forward spiritually...and spiritually forward I did march!

A friend and I drove down to NYC the day prior to the event. I was to happily stay overnight with my oldest, David, who lives in Brooklyn. The driver stayed with a friend of her's in the Village.

David kindly offered to ride on the subway with me to the venue of the workshop, which was the swanky Hyatt Hotel at 100 42nd St. E. in Manhattan. David did not have a ticket to the workshop and had only been briefly informed by me on who Brian Weiss was the evening before, therefore he was going to head back home once he dropped me off at the hotel. David, who converted to Judaism a few years ago, found what I was interested in, Past Life Regression and other metaphysical topics, very fascinating. I should add that he was quite surprised that I was even going to such an event since I had never discussed my interest in Past Life Regression with him at any earlier date!

The whole day was filled with incredible happenings that I'll try to relay and do justice to. David and I started off for the subway station. I was fumbling for change to pay for the ticket and unsuccessful in finding my change purse for a bit. I thought I had enough on my subway card from the day prior (I had been dropped off in Manhattan and had to take a train to David's place), but when I swiped it, it showed no fare remained to be used. As I was fumbling in my purse, Dave began saying, "Mama, I have the money." I said, "No, thanks, but I have plenty of money and I just need to find it." A Jewish Orthodox man and his sons were the only other folks in the station at that time, besides the station worker who was sitting behind glass. I got embarrassed and motioned to David to go outside the station so I could put my purse down on the ground and find the money. As I did so, one of the Jewish man's kids came outside and motioned me to come in. I had no idea what he wanted but we followed him in. The boy's father, in broken English, handed me $7 and literally took my hand to put it into it. Shocked and embarrassed, I tried to refuse and put my hand out so he would take the money back. He insisted and said, "Give it to charity." What an interesting, yet highly awkward way to start the day. I did hand the money, after I paid for my ticket, to David so that he could give it away to a homeless/needy person on the street, which he did.

David and I arrived about 8:15 am...prior to the 9:00 am opening of the workshop's doors at the Hyatt. Already folks were in line. Again, my David had no ticket but sweetly was going to wait with me 'til the doors opened for the workshop. Next thing you know, a 40-ish, pretty woman came up behind us and immediately said she had an extra ticket to give to someone (the early bird ticket that I had bought went for $100). Shocked, I said my David had no ticket. She proceeded to give the ticket to him. I gave her my Tarot business card and said she could get Tarot readings for life! To this day, she's never contacted me. When the doors opened, Dave and I found great seats right in the middle in front of where Brian would be talking. David, too, was in shock that he was going to get to spend the day with me and in such an interesting workshop!
Please keep in mind that there were about 1000 people at this workshop, to give you an idea of Dr. Weiss' fan base.

At the morning break of the workshop, I ran out of water in my water bottle. I couldn't find any drinking fountain as we wandered down various corridors of the hotel. In an unpopulated area we came upon a lone man who appeared to work for the hotel. I asked him where I could fill my bottle, knowing that the bathroom lines were too crazy to get involved with, and he offered to take the bottle to a sink "out back" and fill it for me. Was this NYC or what? Also, to back up a bit, when we were initially searching for the Hyatt that morning, we asked a gentleman on the street to point which direction E 42nd Street was. He didn't know for sure but went out of his way to ask someone else for us. Amazing.

In addition to the various group regressions that Dr. Weiss gently led us through (he seems such a nice man!), we practiced some really neat exercises, such as one exercise that involved psychometry. David and I worked with two folks seated behind us for the psychometry exercise. We were to exchange a piece of jewelry, or a watch, or keys, etc. with each other and after going into a meditative state, see what came to us regarding the person the item belonged to. David thought this was fascinating and very rewarding.

As far as the Past Life Regressions went, Dr. Weiss led us through one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Here's a brief account of my morning regression:
The year was 1466 in Italy. I looked down and saw I was wearing the black boots of a man. It seemed like I entered a tornado; the sky was dark but I saw no actual tornado. People were running in terror away from I road a brown horse. I had burgundy colored clothes, long black scraggly hair, and facial hair (pointy goatee). I saw a blondish boy who I knew had lost his parents (they previously had died), ready to be trampled on in the crowd. I scooped him up and took him home. Later...years later...I saw a scene where the boy was grown-up, having been raised well by my wife and I. My wife was ALEXANDER (my now youngest son)! The boy was DAVID (my now oldest son)! I saw later my own death. I was on a slab and had died by natural causes. My wife, then very wrinkled, was tending to me. Others were in the room.

My second regression in the afternoon:
It was 1000 BC in a sub-Saharan desert - what's now Swaziland. I was a man, very black and very tall and very thin. I had more than one wife and mistress. However, the scene showed that one wife was dying in childbirth. There was blood everywhere and I was terribly sad and distressed. I was "wealthy" by the tribe's terms. I had a pole (?) and ornamentation on my body.

Have any of you experienced one or more Past Life Regressions? If so, please share. Thank you.

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