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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting Started With Crystals; "The Illustrated Directory Of Healing Crystals"

I guess I've always been intrigued with rocks and crystals. I can remember being about 5 and taking home a piece of quartz that I found by the side of the Potomac River. Mica, too, always fascinated me...with it's ethereal grey, translucent, iridescent sheets of magic. When we went to Niagara Falls as a kid, and I got to pick out a "toy" to take home, I picked a box of rocks and minerals that were neatly identified.

Chris and I have gone on LOTS of walks in our marriage. I always say our marriage is built on walks...where we talk things out and get exercise at the same time. Given that Chris has always loved rocks, too, it's not surprising that he often brings back one or two on our excursions. As a musician, he travels a lot and brings back rocks from various states. Most of these rocks end up on or by our rock garden. They come in useful to ring new plants so they won't be mowed over by my personal mowing machine husband.

A few years ago I noticed that many of the metaphysical or bead shops I had be frequenting were offering a vast array of rocks and crystals, often with various attributes and astrological correspondences listed for each one. I began to buy one or more of these crystals, which were usually tumbled smooth, but not always. I usually just bought the crystal that I was attracted to, but eventually I looked more closely and took into consideration the crystal's attributes.

For Christmas one year, Chris bought me the book, "The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals ~ A Comprehensive Guide To 150 Crystals and Gemstones," by Cassandra Eason. Now I've amassed several more crystal books since then, but to this day, this book remains my favorite. What first struck me in this book was the mention of using crystals for divination. I put my crystals in a cloth pouch and each day I pull a crystal blindly from the pouch. Cassandra's book lets me know what the divinatory meaning is. It's that simple! 'course if other meanings come into my head as I'm holding the crystal, then these meanings are just as valid.

I've a group of amazing friends who collectively are called "The Lunar Ladies." We are all fiber artists and get together at least once a month if not more. One day I got into my head that I would buy the same crystal for each of the Lunar Ladies. Since that day, once a month we all get a new crystal. I'm not sure who this is more fun doing the giving or they discovering about a new crystal.

Other reasons I like Cassandra's book over others:
  • The pics of crystals are consistently excellent.
  • Each crystal is discussed using the following categories: mythology and history; divinatory significance (if any); healing and the environment; at work and in the home; children and animals; psychic associations; recharging its energies; geological properties of the crystal; colors available; zodiac sign; planet; element; candle color; Guardian Angel; chakra; herbs, incenses, and oils; flowers; and associated crystals.
  • In addition, there's lots of general crystal information such as choosing your crystals, crystals and healing, crystal pendulum divination, crystal magic, and so much more.
What's your favorite crystal? What's your favorite crystal book?

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