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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Just-Happened Tarot-ish Story; "Out of Darkness Into Light"

Chris and I had to run errands today in Brattleboro, Vermont, which is about 25 miles to the east of the little, rural town we live in. One of our stops was to the library, to see Librarian Leslie, who as I've mentioned in an earlier blog...keeps me in books. Leslie told me that her husband, John, noticed a shop on Route 9 "...that would be right up the spider's alley," with the words "Tarot" and "Crystals" and other interesting stuff advertised on the windows of the shop. John said, "Maybe Jenny could get a Tarot reading day-job there." Maybe, indeed!

We searched and searched and I saw a banner with words hanging by the door of a house, thinking maybe that was the shop. On closer inspection, the words said, "Welcome to the nut house" ~ with nuts of some kind pictured on the banner. Chris, not missing a beat, said that perhaps it wouldn't be good for my business to say that I read in a nut house. Thankfully, the nut house wasn't the shop we were looking for after all.

We continued our search and Chris said, as we passed a Dunkin' Donuts, "Can you imagine setting up a booth in Dunkin' Donuts? There would be a special proclaiming, "Large coffee, muffin, and 10 minute reading for $13." What a deal.

Chris and I finally found the shop which was in West Brattleboro, but it was apparently so new the shop didn't even have a sign displaying its name. Alas, there was a "closed on Mondays and Tuesdays" sign. I was going to leave one of my cards but Chris felt that was tacky...better to try again when they're open. Wish me luck. I'm hankering to read "in person" again, in addition to my online readings.


I'm a big fan of the psychic and medium, John Edward (thank you, Lee, for another fabulous recommendation) and I've read several of his wonderful, fun-to-digest, books. When John relays his life story and how he got started metaphysically, Lydia Clar's name is mentioned as being THE psychic who predicted that John's psychic and mediumship gifts would lead to him being famous the world over. At the time Lydia met John, he was just a kid (teen, I think)!

I Googled Lydia Clar's name and was pleased to find her website (link above). I became even more excited when I found out she had a CD available entitled, "Out of Darkness Into Light ~ 7-day Psychic Development Meditation Program." Now mind you, Lydia doesn't claim to make anyone a psychic in 7 days. Instead, she says that what she has to offer meditation-wise is divided up into 7 important difference.

I LOVE this CD. It's simple and beautiful and best of all, helps me delve into a deep meditation state faster than anything else I've done previously. There's a prayer that's repeated for every meditation that I really like. In fact, I like the prayer so much that I copied it into my little, batik-covered, personal, prayer book that I started months ago at the suggestion of Sonia Choquette in one of her excellent books.

The seven days of Lydia Clar's meditations are as follows:
Meditation 1: Creation of workspace and contacting guides
Meditation 2: Psychic Development
Meditation 3: Visualizing your mate
Meditation 4: Health and healing
Meditation 5: Visualizing the perfect employment
Meditation 6: Personal Meditation
Meditation 7: Development of talent

I made it a point to do one meditation a day for 7 days straight. After that, I really didn't need to use the CD itself unless I needed a refresher. In other words, after the 7 days, I learned Lydia's brilliantly simple techniques in order to go deep into my meditation space and get to that space quickly. Once there, I can stay as long as I like or have time for that day.

Please note about "Meditation 3 ~ Visualizing your mate." Now those of you who know me know I already have a mate in this particular lifetime of nearly 30 years...namely Chris. But know that I followed the "mate" meditation anyways and suggest you consider doing the same, as I'm guessing Lydia put them in a particular order so you would follow them that way. I just pictured my Chris when it came time to "vizualize my mate." I learned some interesting things when I did.

Someday I hope to be able to get a reading from Lydia. I will have to save those spare quarters and dollars occasionally floating around in my pocket.


  1. I just found your blog- via Rav. I sure do long for more info (in general, not just from you- so no pressure :) ) with regard to some of what you have expereinced. Quite a talent you have.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Anonymous! This blog is in its infancy yet, but as it grows I'm hoping there will be LOTS of discussion among folks who can share more info on the metaphysical, etc... Stay tuned and do come back, please.

  3. Thank you, I sure hope to.
    All my best.