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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knight People; "When Ghosts Speak"

A couple of plugs for a metaphysical shop/website and one for a book I've just finished devouring.

A few weeks ago my musician husband, Chris, had a gig near to Middletown, Connecticut. In the mid-90's we lived and worked in Middletown as Chris went for his Master's degree in Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University. I tagged along the day of Chris' gig and had him drop me off in Middletown for old times sake.

After getting a bagel and tea at a local eatery, I made my way to Wesleyan's library to read for awhile. When it was getting close to the time Chris agreed to pick me up for home, I walked down William Street towards the spot we decided upon to meet at. As I walked I noticed a shop across the street advertising Tarot readings, incense, crystals, and the like. I wandered in and to my delight found a room packed with all sorts of cool stuff, beautiful jewelry included. The owner came out and I found myself asking if a reader was needed for their monthly Psychic Fairs (1st Sunday of every month)? No, I was told, since they had all the readers they needed and many had worked for him for years and years. Apparently the shop had just opened during our last year living in Middletown and I had never discovered it. 'course that's not surprising because I wasn't exactly looking for such a shop back then. The owner and I proceeded to have a nice chat over this and that until it was time for me to take my leave.

"Knight People" is a GREAT shop to visit if your in the Middletown, CT area. It's on 228 William St. and its hours are: Open Wednesday through Saturday 11am - 5pm. But even if you're not traveling near there, do check out their comprehensive website: One of the things the shop is known for is their LARGE collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The owner, Emile de Leon, also does personal consultations in Astrology, as well as Tarot readings...either by phone, in-person, or online video via SKYPE. His phone # is: 860-347-3220.


Another OH-SO-EXCELLENT book: "When Ghosts Speak ~ Understanding The World Of Earthbound Spirits," by Mary Ann Winkowski. This is not your average ghost book and Mary Ann is not your average ghostbuster. I have read several books on earthbound spirits prior to this one, but never have I been given such amazing and useful advice on how to recognize if an earthbound spirit has entered your life, home, or place of work; how to deal with ghosts if you do have them; and how to deal with curses and negative energy.

Mary Ann sees, as if they were people (albeit see-through), ghosts who have not crossed over, as does Echo Bodine. Folks like James Van Praagh and John Edward see spirits who have crossed over. I see spirits who have crossed over, and I see them literally, as I do auras, through my eyes. Mary Ann has been communicating with earthbound spirits for over 50 years. Her grandmother realized she had the "gift" early on and brought her to funeral homes to speak to the ghosts of people who had just died.

Within "When Ghosts Speak," I found so many interesting and intriguing bits of information that I either haven't read anywhere else or I haven't digested in the way I did when I read Mary Ann's clear and well-written book. Just a sample: 1) If a ghost did not cross over for years and "lost" the chance to go to the original Light that appeared for a short time after they died, they can still go to the Light if they make their way to funeral homes, where they can enter the same Light of just-deceased people. Or they can be shown and led to walk through the Light by a ghostbuster such as Mary Ann. 2) Mary Ann gets special quince seeds from her relatives in Italy which, once ghosts are gone from a place, if the seeds are put up above the doorways, the ghosts cannot return. Mary Ann sells the seeds set in pendants, bracelets, etc. online in her store. See link above. 3) It's not a good idea to invite a ghost into your life. When such ghosts are around, folks can get sick or untoward things can happen...even if the ghost is not meaning to have such things happen. 4) Ghosts are not readily found in graveyards. They prefer places where there's LOTS of human energy, which will help them build their own energy back up.
And so much more...

There's an insert of wonderful pics within the book, depicting Mary Ann at different ages, family members, and even photos of ghost "energy." Her life story is a great read, as well.

Note that Mary Ann Winkowski is the consultant for the CBS TV show, "Ghost Whisperer."

What ghost books do YOU like? Please tell us about them. Thank you.

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