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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Crystal Book Sources; Another Dream

In the past post, Getting Started With Crystals; "The Illustrated Directory Of Healing Crystals", I chatted about my favorite book on crystals thus far. Of course there are many more books out there and I thought it might be nice to list the books I have and find useful, a few at a time, in this and upcoming blog posts.

"Color and Crystals ~ A Journey Through The Chakras," by Joy Gardner-Gordon, The Crossing Press, 1988. This is a book that was sagely recommended to me by my friend and teacher, Janice. I've read this book through once when I first got it, now many months ago, but I wasn't ready for it then. I am ready to read it now and plan to delve more deeply into its teachings as soon as possible.

I love that Joy gives a list of what a healer needs for his/her "basic stone kit." Being one who always looked forward to buying my school supplies at the beginning of the school year, it's no surprise why a list like this appeals to me. It's a list you can take with you when you find yourself at a crystal and gem show or when you're searching for crystals online or in a crystal shop.

There's extensive information in Joy's book on the chakras, with the following given for each chakra: names, symbol, color, tone, element, sense, statement, in-depth explanation, Tarot archetype, characteristics found when energy is balanced in the chakra, characteristics found when excessive energy is present in the chakra, characteristics found when energy is deficient in the chakara, contraindications, glands and organs influenced by the chakra, illnesses and ailments to be treated by the chakra's color, and finally stones associated with the chakra and how they can be used for healing with regards to what's going on with a particular chakra.

I'd be remiss not to tout the excellent illustrations and written information distinguishing the types of crystals, such as: single terminated, double terminated, barnacle crystals, crystal clusters, Herkimer diamonds, clear crystals, long thin delicate crystals, rainbows, veils, baby within crystals, in and out crystals, wall crystals, crystal balls, channeling crystals, and babies on the outside crystals.

"Color and Crystals ~ A Journey Through The Chakras," is a book that I wouldn't want to be without. It's not the biggest book on crystals available, nor is it filled with beautiful, coffee-table-book photos, but it is filled with useful information, especially for healers and those in need of healing.


"The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual ~ A practial A to Z of common ailments and illnesses and how they can be best treated with crystal therapy," by Michael Gienger, Earthdancer, 2006. This is a cool book that I stumbled upon on Amazon. It's one of those helpful, medicine-cupboard, books that a healer who uses crystals would find useful for quick look-ups on what-crystals-needed-for-what-ailments. The book was originally printed in Germany in 1999 as "Die Heilsteine Hausapotheke."

There's such a wide range of illnesses listed by Michael it's hard to do them justice in a small list, but here's my attempt alphabetically: allergies, blood pressure, colds, depression, eye strain, fatigue, grief, heartburn, indigestion, joint pains, knee problems, loss of voice, menopausal problems, nausea, obesity, prostate problems, rheumatism, scars, tick bites, (no 'u') varicose veins, and even pesky warts.

Like Ms. Gardner-Gordon above, Mr. Gienger lists what crystals to collect for home remedy kits. There are recommendations for a travel kit, the small home kit, and the large home kit.

There's a color section of crystals showing a fair selection of crystals in the back of the book. Other books I've seen have a bigger collection of crystal pics, but the ones Michael chose are certainly beautifully photographed.

Hiccup. More crystal books will be discussed in future posts. Do let us know your faves, won't you?

6/16/09 Dream
Chris, my husband, and I were at some kind of mountain resort. There was a women who was demonstrating in a main gathering room "Aura Cacia" essential oils. The lady who was demonstrating looked very made-up...lots of make-up and dressed like she was going to a Mary Kay convention...this seemed weird to me given the holistic nature of the product she was demonstrating. What interested me most what her HUGE suitcase filled with bottles of essential oils and all the mixing equipment tucked neatly inside. She and a helper were making some kind of peanut brittle-like confection out of the essential oils. They were both clumsy at making this candy and dropped it on the floor. The demonstrator scooped it up, undoubtedly hoping no one saw her doing so (tho' I obviously did), and put it all cracked-up in a bowl for serving to the public. I was appalled and told Chris so. I wanted to leave the resort but ran into a psychic who told me to "Stop weaving! You are a psychic and that's what you should be doing instead of weaving." (Note: Interesting, tho' I've done production weaving before, I really don't consider myself a weaver at all, BUT when people meet me they often call me a weaver instead of a spinner, dyer and knitter, so this guy calling me a weaver wasn't surprising to me.) Chris and I did leave the resort after the encounter with the psychic. For some reason, we left with a block of cheese, carefully wrapped. (Note: Geez, is this a reference to me working at Hickory Farms, the cheese joint, as a kid?) End of dream.

Will end this post by saying to anyone who says they can't remember their dreams:
  • Set your intentions to remember your dream before you go to bed.
  • Keep a paper and pen by your bedside with a willingness to record your dream when you wake up.
  • Follow through and record your dream.
If you do the above, you may be surprised by what dreams you remember.

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