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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Tarot Beginnings; Grounding With Gardening

Along with my first Tarot deck, The Robin Wood Tarot, I purchased two books that I felt would get me off on the right foot of study: "Tarot Plain and Simple," by Anthony Louis, and "Robin Wood Tarot ~ The Book," by Robin Wood. Anthony's book used the Robin Wood Tarot deck as his illustrations, but the writing is all his...and very good it is!

And so, armed with a Tarot deck and two books, I began to study daily. First I read Robin's book completely through. Then I picked a card at a time and journaled about it, keeping my writing to what I saw and what I felt. I compared what I wrote to what Robin wrote. Before I finished this journaling exercise, I was already reading for myself and friends. Chris wasn't so interested, nor enthusiastic, to be read to at that time. No problem! The Lunar Ladies (a group of 4 female friends) complied graciously and would allow me to read for them when we all were together or when we got together separately.

I had great fun absorbing Anthony Louis's book and became quite enlightened when I noticed that what Anthony wrote about a card didn't necessarily coincide with what Robin wrote about the same card. It was then that I realized that the most important information is what I, myself, saw and felt about a card...or more importantly, what I saw and felt and knew about a card(s) within a given spread as pertaining to a question from a querent (even if that querent was me!). I knew in my heart of hearts that I was generously informed by my Higher Self, by Guides and Angels, and by Spirit, so how could I go wrong if I trusted my gut as I read?!

Since these Tarot beginnings, I've read Robin's book a few more times. I figured that it was important to get a feeling about what the originator of the cards felt about her work. I've also done what amounted to a self-study on Aeclectic Tarot on their Robin Wood Study group. This self-study helped me more than I can say! Once finished, I was well on my way to being a confident Tarot reader.


Grounding. These days I've been at the computer A LOT because I'm finishing up writing a book dealing with spinning, natural dyeing, and knitting. My editor and I are daily hard at work, hoping that we can have the book in print by the end of 2009. This tedious, sometimes intense, work can make me feel less than grounded to the earth as I plug away on the computer. So what's a spider to do? Garden, that's what.

The simple act of getting my hands and feet into the dirt has kept me sane and grounded. Now that my annuals are all planted, what remains is continual weeding and watering and general putzing. Such work is a joy to do, especially given how good I feel afterwards. As I garden, I naturally find myself talking to bugs, plants, trees, and the like. I find myself talking to my crossed-over parents. I reconnect with the earth and that which I love. I'm rejuvenated.

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