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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Four

My friend and fellow fiber artist, Alfred, has been most generous in sharing his past life experiences, as channeled through Karen Murphy. See the past posts The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One, The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Two, and The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Three. What follows are two more incredible past life accounts of Alfred.

5) I asked the channeler if I had ever lived in Nazi Germany, because I had actual memory fragments in this life about that and they scared me. The Michael entity responded through the channeler that I had been a young girl growing up in Alsace-Lorraine on a farm, and during the period when France was controlled by the Nazis I had been gang-raped by a group of young Nazi soldiers - at the time I was ten years old. The channeler said that I had been so traumatized by the attack that I had lost the ability to speak and was largely catatonic afterward. I had been then sent to a facility for the mentally disabled and not long after that all the residents of that facility had been sent via train to various death camps in Germany and Poland. I do not know which one I was sent to but my death occurred at the age of 13 in the camp in the year 1943. She said that my older brother in that life died not long after the war, of disease, and that that soul had been reborn as someone who was now a close friend of mine who 'worked either in a library or a museum, as a curator of sorts'. Right away I recognized that it was a very dear friend of mine who works as a curator in a music library that is also a museum, in the Northeast. Great validation!

6) One more was based on a question I had regarding whether I had lived in Elizabethan or Jacobean England. The channeler responded that I had not lived in Jacobean England but had been born in the very early Tudor period, at the very end of the fifteenth century during the early part of the reign of Henry VII, father to the infamous Tudor king Henry VIII. The channeler said that I had been born into a family of gentry and sent to court to try my hand at 'marrying well', that is, into the aristocracy. Apparently, although I ultimately did not succeed in landing this kind of marriage, during the reign of Edward VI, Henry VIII's son, I had grown disenchanted with the court thing and had returned to my family estates where I had ended up making a 'financial kingdom' of my own through very canny business acumen. She said that I never consummated my marriage with the woman I eventually married, because 'in that life you preferred men over women, a theme that reappears in many of your lives'. Apparently we lived very comfortably and although I did not have any children, and departed that life in the year 1563, the family business (whatever it was) grew and grew and two centuries later a family member succeeded in finally marrying into the aristocracy, squandering a great deal of the family money in the process!

The channeler told me that one of the things I retained from that lifetime was a great love of music of the period, because I had been an accomplished 'gentleman amateur'. I don't recall, but I'm pretty sure I hadn't told the channeler that in fact I had studied Tudor music in college and continue to play it now just for the sheer joy of it!

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