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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One

The next several posts will be devoted to the truly amazing experiences of a friend of mine, Alfred. Alfred and I met back in the mid-80's in Vermont. He was a student at a school where Chris and I lived and worked at the time. He was also the first handspinner I knew who not only spun silk, but dyed it with indigo. I fondly remember a wonderful, "Dr. Who" scarf (seemingly miles long) he knit back then. Thankfully, Alfred and I have stayed in touch over these many years. He was one of the folks I let know that I had begun this spiritual blog. After reading my posts on past lives and other related topics here on The Spiritual Spider, Alfred felt comfortable enough to share what follows. Thank you, Alfred, for your kindness and generosity in relaying your past lives and more.

Alfred found out about some of his past lives through an incredible channeler, Karen Murphy. Alfred wrote, "My material was channeled as from the entity Michael a few years ago, but she now says that she channels Polaris and that Michael is part of that. She's very kind!"

1) I had asked the channel to tell me if there were any other lives I had had related to the fiber arts in any way. She wrote that I had spent a life in Persia in the 9th century AD. She told me I was a weaver of silk fabrics that used gold thread and vivid colors. That was delightful to hear, but then she told me that it had been a very lonely life for me, as I had no family, and that I had used my skills to weave extra lengths of each fabric (using the expensive materials which I myself did not own, as I was employed in the shop of someone who owned the operation) secretly and to keep them for my own enjoyment. She said it was a fairly innocent thing, since, she said, the reason I kept them for myself was to remind me of the beauty of each piece, rather like a portfolio, and that the textiles were my only joy in life. However, she said, when my employer discovered my cache of radiant gold and silk textiles, which had been created using materials which *he*, and not *I*, owned, I was tried for embezzlement and executed!

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