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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Three

What follows is the third installment of my friend, Alfred's, past lives. Believe me, you won't want to miss Alfred's fascinating earlier posts: The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One, and The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Two. Alfred begins by telling what happened to him in his present lifetime as a child, which prompted him to ask the channeler if a past life of his has bearing on the situation.

4) When I was seven I was once surrounded by a group of high school girls in the parking lot of my elementary school during recess. One of them told me that I had beaten her up many times and that it was time to beat me up. The weird thing is that even though I knew very well that I, a little seven year old guy, had not ever beaten up this looming giant of a high school girl, she was still telling the truth on some level, and it terrified me and confused me. They did beat me up, not too badly, but then over the next two years they stalked me everywhere, and K., the girl who said I had beaten her up, would shout threats to me whenever she and her gang would see me.

I had mentioned this to my second-grade teacher at the time but she just laughed it off (even though I had visible bruises on my face) and said she was 'sure it was just a bit of horseplay' and that I had probably just fallen while playing and wanted to blame someone for it.

ANYWAY...this long prelude will make sense: I had asked the channeler (Karen Murphy) whether I had ever been a bully in any life, and she wrote that I had lived in Bristol, England, in the early 1800's and that I was a wharf thug who made a living through extorting money from (poor) people around me by terrifying them. She said that by the time I had incarnated in this life all of the 'karmic ribbons' had been balanced with the exception of one, and she said that *that* karma had been paid off during a long period of fear in my early life this time around. She told me that I probably would know who it is but that she could see that I had been accosted in elementary school and lived in terror for years afterward, and that I had done the same thing to a person back in the Bristol life, who was a child much younger than me. She said I had beaten this child up and for two years and afterward had made her life a living hell, and that although the beating was part of the karma, that a biggest portion of it was to endure the experience of living in fear and having no one around me willing to listen or defend me. And I'm thinking, OMG, I was a rotten person in that wonder...and then the channeler reminded me that it was a lesson that, however awful, was given to me with much love and compassion.

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