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Monday, June 15, 2009

Patti Frankel ~ Dreamworker, Poet, Artist; Another Guidance Dream

Awhile back I featured my friend, Patti Frankel, on my fiber arts blog, Spinning Spider Jenny, but now that I have a second, more spiritually-based blog, it's a fine time to introduce her again. I met Patti when I was reading Tarot at a metaphysical shop in Brattleboro, Vermont called "Kindred Spirits." Sadly, the shop closed at the beginning of the year. Patti sold her beautiful jewelry on consignment at Kindred Spirits, so I'd occasionally see her coming through on the day I read. I knew she was also a poet and was working on a Master's degree in dreamwork and Jungian psychology.

One day, Patti came in for an hour-long reading from me. While I had taught myself to read using the Celtic cross spread and had performed many such readings, I don't now often do a full, Celtic Cross spread because it takes time to do justice to the many cards that are pulled. Here's Angel Paths's Celtic Cross Spread, but know there are many more versions of the Celtic Cross. Patti was delighted because she follows (perhaps among others) a Celtic path and has deep interest in Celtic ways.

I was distraught when Kindred Spirits closed because not only did I lose a place to read in person, but I wondered how I would ever see again all the really neat folks who had visited the shop. Never a day passed by that there wasn't someone interesting who stopped by the shop.

Months later, I encountered Patti at a knitting circle run by my friend, Librarian Leslie, at the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro. I did know that Patti knit because I knew she made prayer shawls for people in need. But what a delight to see her at the knitting circle! We vowed to get together sometime and we did. She's come to my home and I to her's.

We found out we both like to garden, as well as knit, and both of us are writers. 'course then there's that whole love of the metaphysical we both have. I've read Tarot for her and she's interpreted dreams for me. I'm teaching her spinning and she's loving it!

I purchased Patti's beautiful, self-published book, "Dreaming Creation: Seven Poems, Seven Days." Patti writes, "It's a poetic and photographic journey through the seven days of creation as recorded in Genesis, and was the final project for a two year course in dreamwork. The imagery for the poems comes directly from my own dreams and visions." To get your copy, check out: Patti's Poetry.

Regarding Patti's dreamwork, she says, "I am a trained and certified dreamworker, and have done psychospiritual soul work/play and spiritual direction and journey accompaniment for many years. However, I choose to work by barter only. Barter is not free, but rather an exchange of energies that does not involve money. It is more flexible and more communal. It works on a one-to-one ratio. An hour of your time + an hour of my time. It is high-touch rather than high-tech. References available. Please see my website for more information. Namaste."


For some reason, in the middle of the night I woke up abruptly. The dream I was having was quite vivid, so I grabbed my journal and wrote the following:

6/15/09 2:35 am
I was doing healings for a husband and a wife, as well as others in their family. A misunderstanding broke out and the husband began shooting with an automatic rifle at me and the others. For some reason, what also came to mind was that I had a wooden Reiki table that my friend, Janice, had written to me about, and despite all the chaos, was very proud of this table. End of dream.

Since I found it hard to fall back asleep, I turned on the light and once again wrote a question I had (as per Delaney's "phrase focusing") in my journal. Phrase focusing is discussed in my recent past post, Dreams Of Guidance. This time I'll share what I wrote. The initial question I had was, "What do I need to know about Chris' and my future from a financial and job standpoint? The feelings I wrote down regarding this question were as follows: hopeful, excited, worried, fearful, scared, blessed, and happy...highs and lows, to be sure! I put the question into this phrase: Our future financially and job-wise.

In the morning, another vivid dream prompted me to put pen to journal.

I was in a big, hotel conference center and I was a "writer." There were three women, each who did different jobs, that I was waiting with. Waiting for? Who knows. We all became quite friendly with each other as we were waiting. I wanted to take a pic of them but as I tried to do so, my camera turned into 1/2 a camera and 1/2 a movie literally, partially, broke in two and became quite complicated...and I couldn't figure out how to take a simple pic. Another scene in the same dream showed a receptionist at a big, front desk in the hotel who kept making announcements but they were so long and complicated that no one knew what she was talking about. I thought to myself that the receptionist should learn to be more concise. The receptionist had a fancy "golf" cart that got her around the hotel when she needed to deliver a message to someone. In the end, it became clear that I was waiting for Chris, my husband, that day but he never appeared. End of dream.

I've got some thinking to do in how to follow Hugh Lynn's (Edgar Cayce's son) advice regarding, "The best interpretation of a dream is the one you apply."

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