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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Premonition, Hunches, Prayers Answered, And Light Bulbs Going Off

I woke up thinking about the many times I knew something was going to happen in my life. Then there were the times that I nudged a family member to do something because I knew it would either turn out good or save them from less than good. And surely other folks can remember their "light bulb" moments...the times when GREAT ideas came at seemingly the most unlikely times. What's at the bottom of all this? Intuition, that's what. And thank goodness for it. At the very least, life wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the gift of intuition. A little help from Spirit Guides and Angels doesn't hurt either.

I looked back in my journal for times when my intuition was so on top of things, it couldn't be missed. What follows are a few examples. Some of these are quite fiber related, as I'm a handspinner, dyer, and knitter. Some examples are mundane, but nonetheless important to me, and some are quite out of the ordinary.

Weeks ago I said I'd be rooming at Fibre Fallout in New Jersey with Judith, a well-known spinning instructor. Today, the administrator for the event wrote to say that's who I'd be rooming with.

A few weeks ago I was home and had to go down to the Post Office. I had my purse and keys with me, but I had the STRONG feeling to leave my dye studio door open (unlocked) when I left. When I came back, all was well. But a few days later, I found out that friend, Jenna, had never given my key back from the last time we were away and she fed Chloe, excellent black cat, and our fish. If I had locked the door that day I left for the Post Office, I would have been locked out. Chris later made me a new key.

I prayed to find means to be able to afford "what I need" to continue my spiritual study. I had just taught a class and gave over the proceeds to Chris for bills. Later, I found extra money that I had charged in materials' fees in my purse...just enough to purchase the books I had been wanting.

Chris and I were in Bennington, VT last week because Chris had a haircut appointment. I went to the used bookstore and James Van Praagh's, "Heaven and Earth," was sitting upright, in front of the other books in the metaphysical area. I "felt" I should get it and had enough for a palm reading book, too. (Note: Do books in stores fall out of bookshelves for you, too? What a phenomenon, eh?)

During the Rhinebeck weekend, when I was teaching at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, Chris and I went to a "Ravelry" party on Saturday evening. There was a free raffle for lots of great fiber-related prizes. Chris had a ticket and I had a ticket. The tents the event was held in were jammed with people. I heard over the loudspeaker that an orange knitting bag was being given away. I thought that such a bag would be perfect for me since it was orange, a fave color. It WAS perfect or me and I won it! (Note: Instead of holding knitting, I'm using it for my summer purse). Then, Chris too, won a prize of a cloth, free-standing, knitting bag that was orange and turquoise and machine embroidered. Wow!

I KNEW Alexander, our youngest son, should apply at Bruegger's Bagel even tho' it was a supervisory position. He said he'd never get the job. I was persistent that he apply. He got the job.

I KNEW the Windham Housing Land Trust would be able to find housing for Alex in Brattleboro, despite everyone telling us how hard housing is to come by, and when you do find it, it's beyond expensive. I persisted that Alex apply to the Land Trust. He received what surely is the nicest apartment in Brattleboro...sun-filled, 1 bedroom (not a studio), hardwood floors...all for less than $500 a month. Many places in Bratt charge that for 1 room!

I KNEW, in the 90's, when we were in Toronto and had our parakeet, Thelonious, that he'd get the liver disease where his beak grew uncontrollably. He did and sadly died of heart failure because of it.

LIGHT BULB moment: I was sitting at the kitchen table when we lived in Brattleboro in the late 90's when I got the notion to write a collaborative article with a famous knitter I admired for Spin-Off. It was as if fireworks went off in my head. That was when my career got truly launched. I proceeded to write several such articles for Spin-Off and continue to write for them to this day.

LIGHT BULB moment: I was spinning in the living room about 3 1/2 years ago, unhappy with my dayjob, when I got the notion to call Meg and propose a book idea. I did. The proposal was accepted in about 15 minutes. The book will be published this year.

No doubt, there are many more premonitions, hunches, answered prayers, and light bulb moments lost in the history of this lifetime. Do you have such stories to tell? If so, please share. Thanks.


  1. Hi Jenny...I think alot of us have those moments but maybe don't pay attention to them or think about them a second time.
    I "met" my DH online and made the decision at some point that I was going to go to Holland and meet him in person. I knew it was my destiny.

  2. Oh Jenny I just remembered something else that happened when I was only 14 years old. I had a very vivid dream that I would have a son with curly blondish hair and that his name would be Christian. Well of course I did have a son who had curly blond hair (I named him Mirek) but his zsa zsa (Polish grampa) is named Kristian.

  3. Thank you, Jody, for your wonderful comments. I love reading about other people's intuitive and psychic experiences and know readers appreciate them, too. Thanks for sharing.