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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Tarot Reader Prepares For A Tarot Reading

It wasn't long before I realized that my Tarot readings went better when I prepared for them prior to reading. Now I'm not saying every reader should do what I do, but I thought it might be helpful to see what one Tarot reader does.

To begin with, perhaps it's good to let you know that my spiritual path includes both Wicca AND Catholicism. Never mind that some Wiccans and no doubt most Catholics would say the two don't mix. I'm 51 years old, raised Catholic and introduced to Wicca a few year ago, and I'm proof to say that they do. It's also important to say that I don't practice everything Wicca nor everything Catholic. I gravitate to what feels right to me. About the last thing I want to hear is that I MUST do this or I MUST do that. With all due respect, no human on earth is going to be telling me what I should or shouldn't believe and practice.

So what do I do to prepare for a Tarot reading? I begin (or end...varies) my preparation with saying the Rosary. I've always loved saying the Rosary, even as a child. First there's the tactual nature and aesthetic of holding the beautiful beads in my hand. Then there's meditative trance I go into as I recite the repetition of prayers. When I pray the Rosary, I am both at peace and uplifted at the same time. I like that my Ma would have approved of me saying the Rosary. And it's interesting that several well-known Mediums, including John Edward , say the Rosary before their readings. Doing so raises our vibrations to a higher level. Somewhere I read that repetitive prayers are like music to the Angels' ears. All I know is that I feel wonderful after saying the Rosary.

Know that what follows gets adjusted and somewhat changed occasionally, based on ideas I've received from my spiritual reading, from friends, and gleaned from my own ideas and needs.

My preparation includes grounding and centering. I still use a variation of how to go about this from reading The Robin Wood Tarot ~ The Book, though I've read many variations on the subject just in the last couple of years. To begin, I sit quietly on a chair or the floor, with back straight, and envision the 7 major chakra points on my body. I begin at the root chakra and envision it as a red sphere, slowly swirling around. Into this sphere I see energy going through it; simultaneously front and back (north to center and south to center), heading to the core of the sphere; and simultaneously on each side (west to center and east to center), heading to the core of the sphere. I move up to the next chakra and envision an orange sphere, swirling slightly faster than the red, and so on. I won't presently go into all the interesting information to be had about the 7 chakras such as where exactly they are, what do they represent, etc....there are oodles of books available on those topics alone. But by doing the above, I "center" my chakras and I can tell you that I feel better for it.

Before I ground, I now say Echo Bodine's blissfully simple clearing prayers:
Take a deep, calming breath or two and breath, with a calming breath between lines.
Say out loud or in your head:
Please clear me. 2 times
Please clear my mind. 2x
Please clear my body. 2x
Please clear my soul. 2x
Please clear me psychically. 2x
And then, if you'd like, you can go on and clear your room, your house, around your house, etc.
I love these powerful prayers so much that I find myself saying them whenever I feel stressed, threatened, or just in need.

I also say a prayer of protection, written by James Dillet Freeman and again found in Echo's books, that she learned from Unity Church.
~The Light of God Surrounds Me
~The Love of God Enfolds Me
~ The Power of God Protects Me
~The Presence of God Watches Over Me
~Wherever I Am, God Is.
~And All Is Well.

To ground, I envision a root coming out of the base of my back and heading deep into the earth. I also see silver cords coming from my feet, heading into the ground, and wrapping around whatever crystal comes to mind first...often rose quartz or emerald. I ask that the highest vibrational energy coming from the Light fill my body. I pray for no more nor less than what I need. Once filled I watch as the excess energy shoots out of my head and cascades back to its source. It's important, when done, to allow the root to go back into your body and to untie the cords from the crystals and have them go back into your feet.

There are times I feel the want and need for more prayers. Often I talk to my Angels, Spirit Guides, and Archangels, thanking them for all they do and asking for further guidance.

After I lay out my Tarot cloth and cards, I spray the area with Taliloquay's "Aura and Room Spray" for clearing. I spray again between readings to clear out the energy from the last reading, and if the reading is in person, from the last querent, too.

So presently, this is how I prepare for Tarot readings. We would love to hear of your preparations or experiences, please. Thank you!


  1. The Prayer for Prtection was written by James Dillet Freeman. It is correct as written here EXCEPT in the original he didn't have the last line "and all is well"

  2. Thank you, Rob. I, and surely my readers, appreciate knowing who first wrote this lovely prayer. Thanks for taking the time to comment.