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Friday, June 5, 2009

Various Dreams

Because I journal I have entries from some of the more vivid dreams over the past year. What follows is a smattering of them. I am not a dream interpreter but would welcome input from anyone who is, please. Thank you!

I dreamed about getting married to Chris as an adult (the same Chris I'm married to now) and my Dad came to the wedding (sans Ma) in a a lavender, tea-length, dress with nylon hose and a purple-red wig that was shoulder-length, straight, with straight-cut bangs. My friend, Ernestine, was there and looked pregnant.

When I relayed this dream to Chris, he said he thought my Dad was happy just being free (freedom of expression). I wondered if Dad was gay in a new incarnation.

I dreamed that Chris took up smoking cigarettes (which he, nor I, do in this lifetime), and I was furious and appalled. I begged him to quit, saying that I would give up butter on bread (which I did...really!) if he would stop smoking. It didn't look hopeful.

I dreamed I was with Chris as he was about to interview for a job in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As Chris waited for the actual interview to take place, he began sweating and took off his shirt. Then he said oddly inappropriate things to 2 people around us. For some reason, when the guy asked who Chris was, Chris gave a different name...a name the interviewer knew personally. Chris knew this would cause trouble the minute he did it. I was worried beyond belief.

On waking from this dream, I thought, "Chris needs to be himself."

I had a dream involving puppies. Someone put the puppies in a room and forgot to feed and water them. When we next went into the room, the puppies were all dead. I was more than dismayed. I had trusted this person to do the right thing and the puppies suffered because they hadn't.

Had a dream that I was pulling Tarot cards one at a time for a spread and the figures on the cards came ALIVE; moving and talking and waving.

This time it was Chris who had the following dream:
Chris said as we were waking, "I dreamed you payed me a compliment by saying that I smell like "freshly stacked newspapers."

I was not surprised by this.

Alexander, our youngest son, was much younger in the following dream than he is now. I was in a car with Alexander driving, heading down an expressway. All of a sudden, Alex put his head on my shoulder, closed his eyes, smiled...all the while he was driving! I freaked out and asked him what he was doing? We were going to get in an accident! He just kept it up. I took the wheel and next thing you know, I was in the driver's seat. We found ourselves in a town that looked familiar. As I tried to park, a big truck got in the way and made parking impossible. I backed the car up and turned left, only to be on a nearly vertical road. I gunned the engine, but the car only went backwards. Then I woke up.

In a dream I received $350,000. I had prayed, in that dream, to Angels for financial help and this is what happened. Chris would not believe that the dollars were sent by Angels.

When I woke up, I told Chris about the dream. He said, "You win ~ no problem about the Angels!!!"

I dreamed I was in brief training to be a kayak instructor at a Mt. Snow-type place. The water that this instructing was to be done in was a HUGE lake. I had a nice supervisor guy for that job. I had a young, 12-13 year old girl as my first "client." I realized then that I was NOT the right person for this job. I worried about "white water" problems, so my supervisor fixed the kayak I was using so that it wouldn't sink when it flipped over. EEK! What if we were under it when it flipped over? I don't swim (even in the dream!) I don't know how to teach paddling. I went to the supervisor and quit, but asked if they needed a photographer. No, they didn't. So I tried to see the best way home via bus. Finally, I consulted my friend, Ernestine, for help.

I dreamed I was in a restaurant filled with men who were eating food types of long ago and dressed like they were from the early 1800's in Ireland or England. They ate gloppy porridge and other goopy foods that were served in bowls. A phone call came in from my Dad stating that some good housing was inevitable. It was very comforting that my Dad called me.


  1. Dream 4: Puppies represent a playful and carefree nature, the fact that they were not nurtured suggests you are not nurturing the playful side of yourself. Perhaps you should try taking some time out to relax, and quit being so serious all the time.
    Dream 5: The tarot reading itself is symbolic of your state of mind at the time of the dream. You want to explore the unconscious, the occult. (For further interpretation, you'd have to remember which arcana was used, the cards drawn, etc). As far as the coming to life portion, it probably refers to the symbol behind the card being a part of your current life, (at the time of the dream), or you choosing to make the card a part of your life. (I hope that makes sense. Again, I don't know what cards were drawn, so I can't be more in depth, sorry).
    Dream 6: Your son's dream make indicate that you either have an odd way of complimenting people, or he feels the need for you to praise him more. Or at least, in a more succinct, clear, logical manner.
    Dream 7: Your son seems to be trying to remain in the driver's seat. Take control of his life, make his own decisions, but sometimes he may mess up, as we often do as humans, and may lean on you for support, and ask you to "drive," and help steer him out of trouble, or harm's way, or what have you. (AKA all that negative nonsense that life throws at us periodically).

  2. Purple Dove, how kind and fabulous that you have taken the time to read and interpret my dreams. Fascinating!!! Thank you!

  3. No worries, I just went it all went through, (the blog deleted the rest of the post for some reason): just so you know, I looked into the first one earlier and wanted to re-write as much as I remember since it was so intriguing.
    To dream that you are getting married suggests transition- which would make sense, considering at the time, you were just learning about your gifts. Quite the transition. It also denotes the union of opposing or differing aspects of the self. This may come into play because we are oftentimes told to ignore our gifts by those more "rational" than ourselves, it seems like in this day and age, science triumphs all. Your father's attire suggests a link to the feminine. His wig- red and purple suggests the love, and psychic gifs you acquired from him when he gave you life, and made you you. (His purple dress also suggests this), and your friend's apparent pregnancy ties in as well. Essentially, your father is the embodiment of the ultimate feminine and masculine. He gave you life, (through the union of the masculine and feminine), creating a sort of healer, and psychic mix. (The feminine, "motherliness" found in his attire). I really hope that makes sense. Be well, Elaine.

  4. Hello Elaine!
    Your interpretation is VERY COOL of the dream about my Dad. WOW! Thank you!

  5. Oh no worries, just glad I got it all out. Blessed be, Elaine.