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Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Tarot?

I need to face it ~ It was shocking to Chris, family members, and long-time friends when I said I "HAD" to read Tarot, now over 3 years ago. In some ways, feeling this strong urge to learn Tarot even surprised me somewhat. But I shouldn't have been so shocked because I always thought divination was really cool, even as a kid.

As a 6 year old in Maryland (we lived there 3 years of my childhood), I remember neighbors having a fundraising event of some sort in their backyard. I was particularly intrigued by the makeshift tent set up for the gypsy fortune teller. She had a crystal ball that foretold all. I thought that was the neatest thing ever and secretly wished I was a gypsy fortune teller.

On the very last scheduled day of my dayjob as a Resident Fiber Artist and production dyer (I left to write the book I'm still working on), one of my friends agreed to give me a Tarot reading at my going away party. She shyly said she didn't read much anymore, but if I didn't mind her occasionally looking up what cards meant, she would be happy to read for me. Cindy brought her Robin Wood Tarot deck, which I had never seen before. Heck, I had never seen any Tarot deck up close and personal.

The reading commenced. I was smitten. Hooked. Had to get my own deck. Which I did within a week or two from the reading.

I stumbled onto Aeclectic Tarot and the rest is history. Friend, Jenna, was not surprised at all that I began down the Tarot path. I told her that all I'd need was the one deck. She smiled and said something like, "Sure. Uh hum," in a knowing, unbelieving fashion. Let's just say that I purchased more than a few decks over the years...

But to this day, I still read primarily with The Robin Wood Tarot deck. More on what happened after my initiation reading with Cindy in a future post.

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