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Friday, July 3, 2009

Automatic Writing

Alfred, generous friend and handspinner/dyer/weaver/knitter, e-mailed me the following about his exciting automatic writing experiences. Thank you dear Alfred. Your account encourages me to have a go at automatic writing, too. Any other readers out there who have tried it?

Alfred wrote: Starting about three months ago I tried my hand at automatic writing. First I tried using the Ouija board, with some success, but it's very slow going and it arouses my impatience. Also my arms get tired and numb. I also noticed that the full answer to a question would usually come instantly into my head, so while I was waiting for the board to spell it out, I usually already knew it, as it would flash into my mind (and it always has a distinctly different 'energy signature' than my own Alfred thoughts). So I just started by asking the questions aloud and then POP they could flash into my head. Or not, as sometimes it seems that the 'line is down'. But almost always they do. I started to try automatic writing, and though it was quite tricky at first to try and quiet my mind and then distract it enough so that the writing would flow, but I seem to have gotten better at it through practice.

What is so interesting is that the answers come through, very strongly, no fragmentary material at all (though sometimes there will be a momentary lull in the writing and in the 'transmission'), always in tidy and complete sentences, and with a writing style that noticeably differs from my own. When writing on my own I tend to be pretty wordy, sort of painting emotional pictures through descriptive writing, but the automatic writing stuff is very concise, much more than my 'own' writing, and with a style all its own. It is very no-nonsense, very intellectual, with little emotional component to it.

And I've found it's much easier to write for someone who isn't me rather than writing for myself! The writing will usually end suddenly, though always with a 'closing' note, and then I get a momentary wave of nausea, just for a moment, and am dizzy for a moment. I find that I can minimize the nausea and dizziness, and seemingly to improve the connection, if I drink sips of warm or room-temperature water occasionally through the session.

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