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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Clairvoyant Response During A Conversation

This morning Chris and I were talking about a variety of subjects. He teased me about the "casual" reading (knowing for me it wasn't casual at all and would be better called studying) I was doing as I drank my morning cuppa tea ~ Sylvia Browne's, "Adventures Of A Psychic." Apparently he didn't think Sylvia's book was a usual book choice to wake up by. Well, maybe it's not everybody's morning reading, but for me there's nothing better these days than reading books about and by legit psychics and mediums! I've never read any of Sylvia's books prior, nor have I seen her on TV, but I KNOW she's the real deal and I'm already loving this book.

Last night I had finally finished devouring Henry Reed's , "Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self," and while it wasn't hard reading per se, it did require concentration and a fair amount of re-reading on my part. I just can't recommend this book enough. If I ever teach a class on channeling, it would be required reading. I'd like to meet Mr. Reed in person someday, and believe me, it's not every author I feel the need to meet.

Back to Chris' and my conversation...Today found us discussing, as we often do, how things happen for a reason and when the timing and situation is right, all will fall into place, especially if we don't sit idle expecting it (whatever "it" is) to fall into our laps without any effort on our part. We talked about this and that, keying back and forth into both of our life choices, especially regarding careers, but also about each others hopes and desires.

I told him how, upon reading the first 20 or so pages of Sylvia's book, I had a light bulb moment of sorts which has finally answered a question I've wondered about: Why now, in the mid portion of my life, am I increasingly psychic, clairvoyant, and not only interested in healing but doing hands on healing myself? Why didn't this happen when I was younger? The answer is that I couldn't have taken it physically nor emotionally when I was younger. The answer is that my life required grounding before I could embrace my gifts. It wasn't that I didn't have the gift. It's just that the timing had to be correct or...without trying to be maudlin...the gift would destroy me. If I had been a full-blown psychic, chances are Chris would have not touched me with two ten-foot poles (he would have found it all too freaky) and my life would have been very different. Chris IS my soul mate, we were meant to be together in this lifetime, and we had to be married nearly 30 years for him to...albeit, slowly...accept what was happening psychically to me. I also realize now that I NEEDED to be a fiber artist first, because it grounded and prepared me for what was to come and has come. This is my story in-the-making and the book hasn't been written...yet.

Chris and I went on to discuss how if there's anything we've begun to understand, it's that our thoughts, imagination, and intentions DO have a bearing on our life as we live it. We spoke of how not to put a "capper" on any situation, especially a negative capper, and instead allow a situation to play out with the possibility of a good outcome rather than not. This is a hard lesson to learn. I have a feeling I'll have to keep re-learning it the rest of my lives.

I used to like my favorite knitting author's quote about how so far we can think perfectly hellish thoughts and not worry that anyone can read our minds. Now I know that we're linked as one by our subconscious thoughts and it's the better road to keep them as positive and loving as one can.

Anyways, Chris got up after our lengthy discussion and I told him, "You know, I think I don't see as much stuff clairvoyantly these last few weeks as I have been because I'm in a related "learn about healing" mode and my conscious mind knows I must buckle down (ground!) because I have a book, "Spinning Around," to get ready for printing. I told Chris I know that the clairvoyance hasn't left me or anything. JUST as I said this, a large ball of white light rose from Chris' head. I sat there with my mouth open as he agreed with me. This light was similar to the ellipse of light that rose above the man who received an award for good work in a poor public school district in Connecticut, as written on the past post, Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience. I told Chris what I was seeing and he said he "felt" it. When I had seen this light emanating from the man in CT, I knew he was a good man. Regarding Chris, the message is the same...GOOD MAN!!!

It was as if in response to saying, "the clairvoyance hasn't left me," that I had immediate validation. Humbling, to say the least.

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