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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Dyeing Dream

The phrase I chose (phrase focusing) to see if I could get more information regarding the red, Tibetan beads featured in my dream the night before was "Tibetan beads health past lives." I did have two, distinctly different dreams last night, but I'm not sure either of them addressed the Tibetan red beads.

The first dream I had is now sketchy in my mind. The main character in it, besides myself, was my youngest son, Alex's, high school girlfriend, Courtney. In real life, Alex and Courtney had gone together for several years before they broke up and are now each engaged to someone else. Also in real life, Courtney was going to school, at one point, to be a nurse so maybe there's a health connection in this dream. Unfortunately, I can't remember much of any of the dream to record it, except for her walking away after all sorts of stuff was set out by her on our front lawn.

The second dream was much more involved and had a "fiber" bend. I was taking a natural dyeing class from a stern Russian woman with a heavy accent. The class was held in a huge warehouse, with many tables set up around us, filled with all sorts of dyeing paraphernalia. Friend, Librarian Leslie, was taking the class, too. I remember I had to go to the restroom and when I came back, Leslie and other class participants were taking dyed silk fibers and dyed silk yarns and forcefully throwing them on the floor. As they threw the items, they'd change the original position where they would fall. I asked, "What's going on?" Leslie said, "We are being taught that nothing is so precious and dear that it can't be changed." Leslie added, "Also, when you are somewhat rough with silk, the luster is brought out better." Then the teacher came up to me and picked up my personal dye notebook. She asked about the mention of using copper piping combined with vinegar to get a copper tea mordant. She said, "Are you planning to use this technique in the class?" I said, "Yes, I've already prepared the copper tea in advance." The teacher seemed satisfied with my answer and the dream ended.

I told Chris the second dream this morning and he said, "Sounds like you are adamant that the natural dyeing component be included in your book." Spot-on, Chris! Maybe Chris should consider dream work as a sideline, eh?

I see the "change" that Leslie is talking about as a universal theme, appropriate for fibers and beyond. It's that whole "don't be so attached that you can't see room for improvement" sort of thing.

And while I probably wouldn't throw silk on the floor, I do "thwack" it whilst it's still wet. Also, I temporarily tightly twist a handspun silk skein as it's partially drying to release and bring out the luster.

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