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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Echo's Healing Pen Pals

Being a fan of Echo Bodine, I visit her website more than occasionally. I want to let readers of this blog know about a service she offers for FREE that I just signed up for myself: Healing Penpals.

Echo trains many people each year to be spiritual healers. Since there are a lot of folks not living in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area and they can't come to Echo's Healing Center in person but are still very much in need of healing, the healing "pen pals" program was formed. On request, a kind and giving spiritual healer will send 15 days worth of absentee healing to anyone in need. The only thing they ask for in return is to let them know how things go at the end of the 15 days. Also, the one receiving the healing is advised to find a quiet time each day in order for the healing energy to surround them.

I wrote an e-mail requesting help for my stomach aches that come when I'm overwhelmed and filled with anxiety, fear, etc. In one day, I was e-mailed that a healer is now sending absentee healing for the next 15 days. WOW! That was fast and very much appreciated!

Please let me know if you, too, sign up for this program. I'll write again about it after my 15 days are up.

Thank you Echo and your team of Healing Pen-pals!!!

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