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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fragrant Associations With Past Lives And More

Alfred, who so kindly shared his channeled past lives in the recent past posts, also wrote the following fascinating account about fragrances that trigger past life and other memories:

Did I mention to you that I have been studying natural perfumery for the past three years? That is, all natural stuff, no synthetics at all, only things that were available all through the history of perfumery until the advent of synthetics in the 19th century. There are still only seven perfumes that I've concocted that turned out to be really good. Mostly it's done by very laborious mixing and testing and note-taking, but the first one, which ties into intuition and psychic information transmission, happened this way...

One evening I had randomly picked out a few essential oils and some absolutes to combine. I had three different vials going, intending them to be three different 'intuitive' perfumes. But then, when I smelled them all together, I 'recognized' the scent immediately as unmistakeably being something I had smelled *a lot* in ancient Egypt. Of course you will understand very well the 'instant recognition' sensation, I suspect! It was an Ahah! moment. It came to me in a flash, much like a vision, though the initial combinations in the three separate vials had clearly, in retrospect, been part of the 'download' even before I realized what I was concocting, though when I was first formulating them I thought of them as three different fragrances unrelated to each other. I had combined cinnamon, frankincense, rock rose resin, spikenard (known in the Bible as 'nard'), sandalwood, Blue Nile Lotus (a kind of lily rather than a true lotus), cardamom, myrrh, and aloes (aguillaria aguillocha, known as agarwood or aloeswood, a totally different species of plant from what we call aloe vera). I had no idea how the mixtures would come out, but when I smelled them holding the three vials to my nose all together, it smelled so familiar and old that I almost fainted with delight and shock. First I was going to call it 'Mummy' but it was a bit weird and Halloweeny, and then into my head popped the name 'Old Kingdom' and it stuck.
Months later I saw an article on the perfumery materials used in ancient Egypt, and the ingredients were: frankincense, myrrh, rock rose resin, sandalwood, aloes, cinnamon or cassia, spikenard, cardamom (the ancient Egyptians had very well-established trading routes - spikenard, cardamom, sandalwood, and cinnamon all came from the very far East, via trade!), and others. Found in the tomb of Tutankhamun (who was actually a New Kingdom pharaoh) were various perfumes, among them a wonderfully earthy mixture of frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, and cinnamon. Clearly I had been operating out of an ancient memory. One friend sniffed it and said right away "Yup, people in ancient Egypt wore this, but it was also poured over mummies once the wrapping had been completed, because the Egyptians knew that in addition to smelling good, these materials would discourage insects (and bacteria, though I don't know if the ancients knew of such things). In fact, poured ritually over the mummy of Tutankhamun at the 'opening of the mouth' ceremony, which took place at the tomb once the funeral procession had gotten there, was a mixture of wine, rock rose resin (if you've ever smelled Halston Z-14, or any of the Aramis men's fragrances, rock rose resin is one of the main base notes), frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon. It was still powerfully fragrant when the innermost coffin was opened in the 1920's by the archaeology team.

We all know how certain smells will awake an association with something long ago in our present lives - for instance, the smell of Solo detergent sends me right back to October day in 1984 when I first met Peter in the laundry room under Commons at college - but then I think that somehow, within ourselves, we remember smells that go back much further than our present incarnations - somewhere within our being the memory is held - and one whiff and we're reminded of this. It is especially powerful when it seems to be associated with an emotion. Sometimes I think it is a sort of half-knowing - a smell of this or that will evoke something powerful and long-ago, although *what* or *where* specifically may lie too remotely to retrieve, perhaps. The sight and smell of an oryx at the SF Zoo a couple of weeks ago reminded me *instantly* of having lived a life a very long time ago - like 30,000 years ago or so - in Africa, and I dimly recalled having herded a domestic version of it or something like it. (I later learned that the oryx shares a common ancestor with cattle). The impression just 'flashed' for a moment, but in it was contained such a rich, powerful memory - just a whiff of it.
As you can imagine, the smell of some of the natural dyes - particularly that of madder - does something similar to me.
Alfred asked me, "Do you have any fragrant associations with past lives?"

I responded: As a kid, I would sit at my mirrored "vanity," a dressing table with a flouncy skirt around it. My Ma made the skirt out of pink, gauzy, organza. Anyways, I had a lot of cheap perfumes on it, both some that were given to me and some that my Ma no longer wanted. I'd pour a bit of one into another and then add a dash of another. Eventually, all the bottles were my own "signature" blend. Ha! I used to pretend I was on a TV show demonstrating my perfumery skills.

Also, when Ma and I would go to one of the more upscale department stores, we used to have fun spritzing one perfume/cologne after another on ourselves. Eventually, we must have reeked, but it was all great fun. I did this many, many times as a kid with Ma.

A few years ago I stumbled on to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. When I looked at their offerings, I felt "at home." I most certainly must have done this in a past life or even past lives.

I love Rose Geranium anything. And I'm very attracted to Kuumba Made Tunisian Amber. That smell takes me back to ancient times. Also, lavender calms me like no other fragrance.

Readers, do you have fragrances that "take you back?" If so, please share. Thank you.

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  1. lavender

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