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Friday, August 14, 2009

Four Dreams

Four recent, vivid, dreams:

I asked to see what my Spirit Guide looked like. Not long ago in meditation I had established his name was Joshua. Actually, I believe his name is Yeshue, but I was told it was fine to call him Joshua.

Dream 1: I was in an art classroom and a guy with long, brown hair was a few rows up from me (the desks were "stair-stepped"). It was known that he was the best watercolorist around. Then I found out he was BLIND. I remember contemplating how he could be such an amazing painter if he was blind? End of dream.

Dream 2 (same night): I was at a new friend's wedding. We had become good friends fast. Her husband-to-be also had long, dark brown hair. The husband noticed me taking photos and having problems over what button to push in order to make the camera operate properly. He said, "Perhaps I should take the photos?!". I was miffed about this. I pushed another wrong button and broke it (cracked some glass or plastic). The to-be-bride was very nice and very happy, oblivious to my non-pic-taking and bad photography skills. End of dream.

I asked to see my Ma and Dad again before I went to sleep.

This dream occurred: I was to go to a Lunar Ladies get-together and was packing bags to do so. Chris was away and my Dad (no Ma present in dream) was in our house, tho' it wasn't the same house I live in now. It was winter and quite snowy. I kept packing stuff and changing into different skirts. Friends, Jenna and Maureen, were there and for some reason they decided to caravan to where we were going, with my Dad driving me. Another woman was in the car but I have no idea who she was. I got into the car and Dad drove some distance before I realized I had forgotten to put my packed bags in the car. I panicked but Dad seemed calm. The woman in the car said, "No problem." Then she wiggled her nose like Elizabeth Montgomery did in the old TV show, "Bewitched." My bags appeared. I glanced over to my Dad and lo' and behold, it was Jenna's father instead of Dad in the driver's seat. End of dream.

Didn't send any intentions last night regarding what/who I'd like to see in my dream, but my Dad appeared again.

In this dream, my Dad was not his usual, jovial self. He even seemed personality-less, which was puzzling. Dad and I were together in his '80s, rust-colored, BIG car (a Buick, I think)...the car he drove before he crossed over in 1983. Again, there was another female in the car who I didn't know. This time she was a teen or in her early 20s. I was driving the car and the roads were weirdly steep (like in San Francisco, but not winding), with a strange "lip" at the top, which immediately went into another steep road with a lip at the top, as well...etc.... In other words, the roads were stair-stepped (there seems to be a theme with this whole stair-step thingy!).

I gunned the engine so we could climb the nearly impossible road, only to see a woman with a baby in a buggy crossing at the lip. I freaked out, worried that I would hit her, and started going backwards. I got exasperated and pulled over to the side of the road where it was grassy. I said, "That's it, Dad. You drive, please, because these roads are driving me crazy." End of dream.

It's amazing to me how many times cars and driving show up in my dreams. Geesh. Interesting, I haven't driven for over 10 years. Wonder what's going on with all this symbolically and metaphorically?

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