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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Violet Message From Ma

My Ma crossed over in 1995. I was 38 years old at the time and missed her intensely. She had lived in Michigan, where I was born, and at the time she died I was residing in Connecticut with my family. However, Chris and I had actually moved from Michigan by 1983, whereas Ma stayed in Michigan mostly all of her adult life.

Up until she could no longer converse due to the cruel thief, Alzheimer's Disease, I had pretty much called Ma every day of every week of every year since I had moved. Sometimes we would chat for a few minutes, but other times our phone get-togethers would be much longer.

Now I won't say Ma and I always got along. Far from it. We were alike in some ways but very different in oil and vinegar combo that often had opposite opinions and ways. Still, we admired each other even if we didn't always let this be known to anyone, and certainly not regularly to each other.

After the funeral, Chris, our boys, and I drove back to Connecticut. Among other things I brought back were some woeful African violets that had been neglected over the last few years and hung onto life by a thread. Once we got home, I watered the plants and actually found myself talking to Ma through them regularly. I remember saying, "Ma, if you're still here with me, show me your presence through these violets, please."

I can't remember exactly when all the plants began blooming...a few days or a few weeks...but BLOOM they did. Prior to this they were the sorriest plants that were ever laid eyes on. But when they bloomed, it wasn't just a few flowers produced. Each plant was literally covered in blossoms. I KNEW I had my answer that Ma was fine, heard me, and was watching over our family.

A few years and moves later all the African violet plants did die. I did not neglect them in any way nor did I overwater or underwater them when this happened. It simply was their time. I knew Ma would always be looking out for us but I sensed she had other things to do now (busy 'tween lives), as well. I wasn't sad. I was grateful that the violets helped me make the transition that Ma couldn't be with me physically anymore. I know she's with me spiritually and always will be.


  1. Beautiful story. I KNOW she's with you too!