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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As my youngest son, Alexander, leaves today on a plane for Japan to spend time with his fiance, Emi, I've taken a moment to place a dome of the brightest, most beautiful, white Light of the Holy Spirit over the airplane he is flying in. This is just one form of protection that I've learned through my spiritual this case, the dome of light was suggested by fave author, Sylvia Browne. I've done the same today over husband, Chris' car, and oldest son, David's, subway trains. This visualization of a dome of Light can be thought of as powerful prayer to keep my loved ones safe.

I wish I would have learned about protection when I was young. It would have saved this clairsentient a lot of grief (see past post, A Personal Revelation). Protection isn't just about keeping safe from an accident, it's about protecting oneself from harmful negativity that sneaks into our own auras and bodies from people we encounter. How many of us have begun the day perfectly happy and content, only to meet up with someone (who could even be in your own household!) who emits depression or has such a pessimistic viewpoint that we begin to feel awful ourselves and even worse, can't seem to shake these feelings for the rest of the day?! Personal protection is the answer.

Such protection comes in many forms. Many of the spiritual writers, psychics, and mediums recommend various protection visualizations that could be chosen at any given time. If one visualization doesn't suit you, another surely will. Or feel free to come up with your own version.
I like to fill myself with the white Light of love and compassion, extending that Light around me in the form of a bubble. It's important for me to keep the inside of the bubble clear, so that I can operate as a clairsentient, clairvoyant, etc. and to make sure that I "observe and not absorb"...which I believe is a Sonia Choquette mantra. I keep the outside of the bubble mirror-like, to reflect away any negativity, dark or gray entities, or any emotions that I want no part of. This type of visualization takes only moments but provides unsurpassed protection. You don't have to be in a meditative state to practice could be dressing for the day or washing your face, for goodness sakes! What do you have to lose? It's free!

Case in point: One day a few weeks I got a call from my youngest son, Alexander, from his workplace. He complained of a headache and that he was being bombarded by other people's "emotional junk." It's becoming clearer and clearer that Alexander is me. I reminded him of the protection bubble. He hemmed and hawed. I reminded him that I didn't have time relaying to him things that don't work. I told Alex to first clear himself a la Echo Bodine:
Take a deep, calming breath or two and breath, with a calming breath between lines.
Say out loud or in your head:
Please clear me. 2 times
Please clear my mind. 2x
Please clear my body. 2x
Please clear my soul. 2x
Please clear me psychically. 2x
And then, if you'd like, you can go on and clear your room, your house, around your house, your workplace, etc.
Then, once cleared, I recommended that Alex place the protective bubble of white Light around him. The proof in the pudding came when Alexander called me a few days ago to say he's been doing these prayers/visualizations and that they WORKED wonderfully.

A psychic friend of mine does something important protection-wise that makes me smile when she tells me of it. If she's going somewhere, she asks her Spirit Guides and Angels to come along with her, saying something like, "Alright gang, whoever wants to come along, here we go." How can one go wrong with a troupe of spiritual entities joining and keeping watch over us in whatever we're doing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ravenstar's Thoughts On My Reading

In my last post I relayed a psychic reading that was done for me by Tina Zion. Friend and teacher, Ravenstar, wrote the following to me when I initially wrote to her about the reading. What Ravenstar wrote was so beautiful, I wanted to share it with you. I had written: "Tina said I had "Mr. Magoo" glasses on, and was squinting, as I tried to hard to move faster spiritually. She said I didn't need to try so was coming."

Ravenstar wrote back: This is so true. Just like spinning, Spirituality is woven with invisible threads and yarns and on a much larger loom than you can imagine. There is a higher dimension, a higher plan and perhaps a greater purpose than you know. Spirituality isn't hard at fact it's so simple we just can't grasp it! And why, cause it's always there, always been there. Sri Ramana Maharshi said "There is no reaching the Self. If Self were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not here and now but that it has yet to be obtained. You are the Self; you are already That." When you notice clouds floating by in your awareness, thoughts floating by in your mind, feelings arising in the are the Self of them all. The Self is fully functioning, fully awake at that moment. Jenny, I can tell you from where I've been and done, I've come back full circle and thought, wow! I did all that stuff just to realize there is no finding enlightenment, there is no finding the Self, it's been with me the whole time ~ just like the title of the book "Wherever You Go, There You Are," by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The problem is our misinterpretation, our fear of death and fear of each other. Spiritual work is about purifying your own experience, your own way of experiencing and what's happening at every moment so you won't want to reject life, you'll want to play in it. The earth is holy, if only we could see it...we would be dazzled by the absolute glory and sense and beauty of everything. If I were to write a children's book (as Tina prophesied I would eventually be doing in the past post: A Psychic Reading For Me), I'd present something from the world that others deem 'ugly' and slowly through the pages transform the 'ugly' to utterly glorious! In the book of miracles, a change in perception IS a miracle!

Thank you, Ravenstar, for your keen insight and love.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Psychic Reading For Me

A few days ago I was given a psychic phone reading by Tina Zion. I've never met Tina, who is located in Indiana, but a good friend recommended her services to me. 'tis always good to choose a psychic who comes highly recommended rather than a street-side psychic you don't know...the chance for scamming is just too great.

It's my opinion that "energy is energy" and getting and/or giving an excellent phone reading is just as relevant and potent as getting and/or giving an excellent reading in person. Tina taped our 1-hour session and before the day was over, I had a copy of it in my inbox, which I figured out how to burn to CD.

For ever important validation reasons, Tina did not know anything about me at the beginning of our session. I did have questions, but we saved them for after her initial report of what she saw/felt/heard around me. She first asked me to relax and if I was a prayerful person, which I am, to say a little prayer to open me up and help me to receive. I did so and in a minute or two Tina saw a beautiful, bright, rosy pink/red light around me, turning to purple. She said she saw a beam of energy heading into my heart. She mentioned this was important because she often sees people depleted, with energy leaving them, but not so with me.

Tina saw many, many children all playing around me. The children trusted and listened to me as their teacher. Tina saw me eventually writing a series of children's books that would make Spirit and metaphysical topics non-scary for them.

Tina saw a fairy by/with me...named "Bells or Bella," who was my Joy Guide. The fairy had lovely slanted eyes and suggested I get out in nature more often and walk on earthen paths, not on cement. This practice will cleanse a heaviness that rises through my feet and centers in my back. Tina called the heaviness "gunk." Such gunk came from past experiences and disappointments and was necessary to remove for optimum health.

Tina also verified my Guides: Joshua and Ayala...both coming from high spiritual realms. She said that Yeshue is not Joshua, as I had thought, but a separate Spirit Guide/Adviser (she saw a line between them).

Tina "saw" my eyes squinting, with thick glasses on them, not unlike "Mr. Magoo" glasses. She said this represented me trying to see too hard; working too hard. She said what instead was necessary was to relax and to receive. I was to open my heart and accept what was coming, which included the abundance and financial stability I had been praying for, not to mention the clairaudience and increased clairvoyance that I knew was around the corner. Patience!

I asked Tina if I was a medium? She said yes, matter of factly, and reminded me that all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. She suggested I look into Lily Dale. I confided I had already learned about Lily Dale from the same friend who recommended me to her. In fact, I had prayed that if we were to move, could it be near Lily Dale...then I realized I had just prayed to move to Buffalo! LOL!! Geez, they have more snow than we do in Vermont!!! Perhaps just having enough money to allow me to go to school and take workshops at Lily Dale would suffice, eh?!

I asked if I was on the road to fulfilling my "life purpose" and following my blueprint? She said that I already knew the answer to this...that I was, indeed. She saw a wide path in front of me, interestingly free of hills and mountains, meaning that my road would be unencumbered and was there for me to travel freely. Again she stressed I was ready to "receive."

I asked if she saw in my future more Tarot reading? She said that within two months I would not need the cards anymore for my readings that I offer, unless I wanted to use them to open up. I told her I knew my readings were more psychic now than ever, and she agreed. I told her I liked the cards to "hold on to," or vaguely refer to, but I knew the information came from "elsewhere."

Finally, I asked if anyone from the Other Side would like to speak with me? My Ma, Agnes, came through. Please know that I love my Ma dearly, but we didn't always see eye to eye. My Ma said, "Our relationship was my greatest teacher. We offered each other contrast. This contrast spurred me on and I hope spurred you on to greater knowledge. My perspective is brighter and lighter of life because of you." I can tell you that was crying with relief by the end of this. My Ma spoke of "brother." I'm wondering if she was my brother in a past life? I always thought of Ma having a fair amount of male energy. Or, she could have been referring to the fact that my only brother and I are presently estranged. Ma certainly would advocate to put our differences of opinion behind us and to reconcile, which I'm all for doing, but something tells me my brother needs more time.

Tina also advised that I look into the workbooks and CDs of Sharon Klingler. In particular, I shall save up for: "Speaking To Spirit Deluxe Edition," and "Advanced Spirit Communication And Public Mediumship." I am looking forward to studying these with the same friend who recommended Tina to me.

The work of Lisa Williams was also endorsed. I'll start with getting an inter-library loan for her book, "Life Among The Dead."

After the reading, I went online to check e-mail, etc. I never just dump my "junk" mail because time and time again there's something that's definitely not junky in it. This time sealed the deal on continuing that practice: in my junk mail was an e-mail by a Mr. Bella. Well, now I know my fairy Joy Guide is named Bella, not Bells.

Tina Zion is the real deal. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic reading.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Healing An Elbow That Plays Tennis

Chris has been playing a lot of tennis these days. This is wonderful and healthy for many reasons. The tennis sessions are also not so good in that he keeps aggravating his racket-holding elbow. Diagnosis - tendinitis. A friend of his (actually the jazz poet he plays tennis with) is a homeopathic doctor: Dr. Namaya. Chris was given a homeopathic remedy that helped a lot and he bought a topical homeopathic remedy, Traumeel, that works really well, too...for awhile. But Chris keeps playing tennis, which although fabulous in most respects, keeps bringing back the elbow pain.

Enter wife/spider/spiritual healer thanks to Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel, who I ask for healing and guidance from regularly. What I've been doing of late is a combo of Reiki and Echo Bodine healing techniques. Please see past posts: Summer Solstice; Reiki I Initiation, and Inner Child. Also, A Medical Intuitive Reading With Sue Singleton, describes how at least 100 of my past lives were spent as a healer.

Like Echo, I generally use hankies between my hands and the body being worked on. I did just that for the first session that I worked on Chris' elbow and more. Chris reported complete elbow recovery after that session...until he played tennis again.

Last night, right before we were about to sleep, I asked how Chris how his elbow was? He said it's "not bad" but there is pain. The elbow that hurt was on the opposite side of his body from where I was. I could have crawled over him but this confuses our cat, Chloe and heaven forbid we confuse the cat. I thought I'd try some "distance healing"...or maybe it's called another thing (not-so-far-distance-healing? lol!) in that I put my hand (no hankies) on Chris' healthy elbow, asking that healing go to the elbow that was injured. After just a few minutes, my hand tingled and was definitely emitting heat. I asked Chris, "What do you feel?" He said, "My hurt elbow is pulsating!" Now please keep in mind, this is the elbow I wasn't touching! We both began to fall asleep and eventually I'm sure I simply rolled over and called it a night.

Chris left early this morning for work so I have yet to ask him how his elbow feels. Will find out tonight and report here: I asked Chris when he came home last night and he said his elbow was far less "tender."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

David's Spirit Visitors

My oldest son, David (now 29), relayed to me some of his paranormal experiences when he was visiting us a few weeks ago. As he talked, I tapped out what he wrote. David's given me permission to print these tappings below:

1. The most recent experience is the “tap on the shoulder.” This has happened more than once…a lot of times actually. It’s a one-two tap, usually on the right shoulder. This occurs when I’m sleeping. Whether I wake up or not for it, I’m not sure. But I’m aware of it and it’s the “same” tap…no variations. It’s not a hard tap. I’m not scared by it. Sometimes I think it’s there to wake me up. I don’t know who it is.

2. The experience that happened the farthest back was when we lived at Bennington College in Vermont. That particular experience was when I was little (early '80s). As usual my mom tucked me into bed and left the room. I know I wasn’t sleeping when the following happened. There was a being in the chair, human-like, looking at me. It was sitting in a chair in my room that was kitty-corner to my bed. I could see the face but it was very dark (so was the room). I remember the eyes being very human-like. It felt like a man as opposed to a woman. Had to be a man that wasn’t alive anymore. It was wearing something, but I can’t remember the details. It didn’t say anything to me and was very still. I don’t think I yelled out for my mom at that time. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. I turned away from the being and went to bed. Perhaps the man was mean, but I didn’t feel really threatened.

3. We were living in Kendrick at Simon's Rock College and Aunt Patty was over. I was in my parent’s bedroom sleeping on the floor because Aunt Patty was in my room. I looked up into the hallway and something was floating in the air, suspended and fluctuating at an angle. I don’t think I was sleeping. It was masculine and looked like a human. It was pretty solid but I don’t remember details.

4. We were living in Toronto, Canada and it was probably after one of my violin performances. I was by a bakery near the Ford Center. When I went in, there was at least one being (human-like but not really human). There were other people in the bakery, but this being didn’t belong there. I got scared at what I was looking at. I remember thinking, “I need to get out of here.”

Thank you, David, for allowing me to share these important experiences with others.

Have YOU had any paranormal experiences that you'd like to share with others on this blog?

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Personal Revelation

Today a BIG lightbulb went off in my head. The Light was so bright that this morning I couldn't explain fast enough what I have learned to Chris. In some ways, I knew what I'm about to explain. But now I KNOW it and want to record this blessing that occurred today. Finally I have a name for what I've been feeling and experiencing all my life.

I had just begun my 4th Sylvia Browne book, "Phenomenon ~ Everything You Need To Know About The Paranormal." This book is set up encyclopedia-style, with terms and their accompanying explanations laid out in alphabetic order.

OK, I admit it... first I skipped ahead to clairvoyance, already knowing I am clairvoyant. All sounded good and explained this gift well, as would be expected from any of Sylvia's excellent books.

Then I read Sylvia's description of clairsentience. Sylvia begins, "Clairsentience is the ability to receive a silent thought, message or projected emotion, from nearby or from other dimensions, and experience it as an actual physical and emotional sensation." She continues, "...clairsentience is essentially empathy in hyperdrive..." THAT IS ME.

Now I already figured out that I'm an animal empath (see the past post, On Being An Animal Empath) but what I've not clearly admitted on The Spiritual Spider, nor totally to myself until now is that I am an EMPATH of the first hyperdrive, as Sylvia says. I always thought that everyone felt other people's emotions, pain, feelings, you-name-it, in the way I did. I can point to the place or places in my body where I physically feel other people's "stuff" before it happens, when it happens, and after it happens. I have just recently begun finally showing Chris this phenomenon by pointing to the places on my body when I'm "hit." Prior to this, I usually never showed anyone where I felt what I felt.

But what did happen over my lifetime is that I had been struck with migraines and severe stomach pains. When? Here's an example: I could generally count on finding myself really ill the evening of my first day of teaching a three-day beginning spinning course. Why? Because on the first day of a "three-day blitz" course, I absorbed all the anxiety and yes, sometimes even anger (the ol' hang the teacher syndrome), that the newbies felt when they either couldn't "get it" or were worried they couldn't get it. I absorbed their pain...everyone's pain. And where did it lead me? Throwing up all night in the bathroom.

I have never equated being clairsentient with the fact that I get sick from absorbing other people's energy...until now.

And pain isn't all I absorb. I take in the excitement of the moment...unfortunately ALL the excitement. For example, just as I got sick after the first day of teaching a class, I also got sick after the first day (or in some cases, the only day) of being on vacation, doing anything fun...heck, even taking a workshop myself. I could name oodles of times when this happened.

Clairsentience is a gift. It's a gift that helps me give a psychic Tarot reading. It's a gift that helps me "read" a person or a situation, which at its best can be very helpful. But now that I know my gift has a name I can't allow it to rob days and nights of my life anymore. I must learn how to use this gift safely and effectively. But Sylvia writes that clairsentience is, "...a total surrender of objectivity, and those who practice it can easily become drained and overexposed, not to mention ill or deeply depressed." What to do?

Sylvia says, "Probably more than any other psychic gift, clairsentience requires an enormous amount of discipline and every TOOL OF PROTECTION in the arsenal. Thankfully "Tools of Protection" are one of the terms explained in her book. Time for study and action...

Geez, I picked this book up from the library, but I think I better check on Amazon what it costs to get myself a personal copy. Looks like I'm going to need to continue referring to it, eh?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Lost My Dyepot" Dream

I woke up this morning from an incredibly vivid dream that hit me over the head with its intense symbolism. This was no regular dream and I knew I needed to record it. Chris was bringing up my morning cuppa tea as I woke, so the dream tumbled out of me as I relayed it to him. Even he said I had better get the dream down on

I was in some large city like NYC when Chris dropped me off next to a sidewalk so I could do "something." I soon acquired a metal shopping cart, the wire kind one finds in grocery stores, to carry a bunch of stuff. The only item I remember clearly in the cart was an antique, black iron pot with handle...just like the late 1800's dyepot I use when I want to impart iron into my dyebath via the pot (i.e. pot-as-mordant).

As I walked, I stopped and rearranged the stuff in the cart. At one point I put the iron dyepot on the sidewalk and accidentally left it there. Hmmm.

I found myself next to the door of an old and rundown upper flat apartment. Once let in to the apartment I tried to maneuver my shopping cart through the narrow hallways, knocking things off shelves as I did so. The fine-boned woman in the flat, with her dark, but graying, hair pulled back off her forehead, seemed unruffled by this and asked me to sit down on an old velvet couch. The woman was going to give me a psychic reading but I was embarrassed that I had no $ to give her for her services. She said her name was Madame Blavatsky (note: In awake, conscious life I have never read anything by this woman, nor do I really know anything about her. Just now I Googled the name and have linked what I've found here). I asked for her card, which was a little rectangle of paper that contained all her pertinent information along with a background drawing of a grove of leafless trees, that somehow I knew was significant. How the trees are significant, I do not know.

Even tho' I had no $, she did a reading for me. I told her how my eyes changed color to everything but brown (note: my eyes really do change color!). She validated that I was psychic (note: but now I can't remember the's almost as if I was not supposed to remember these details now...on purpose). I began to get worried that I had left the dyepot on the street and wanted to leave the apartment flat to retrieve it, afraid that it might be gone by now.

Then I woke up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not Chris' Time To Exit

If you go back into the archives of this blog you'll notice quite a number of true stories, mostly dealing with my own experiences. This time I'd like to share an amazing story about Chris, my husband, which took place in the late 1980's when we lived in western Massachusetts.

Chris and I married in 1980 and from the start I was always trying to get him to wear his seat belt when driving. For some reason he had it in his mind that he was safer not wearing the belt. Obviously, this made me crazy with worry.

Our family lived and worked on a college campus at the time this story takes place. As one turned onto the campus road, there was a pond on the side of that road. One evening Chris was just beginning to make a right onto said road when a car hit him head on, pointing Chris' car directly towards the pond and dangerously close to pond's edge. Turns out the other car was driven by a drunk driver. The accident totaled our car but Chris walked out completely unhurt. Unfortunately the drunk driver and the corrupt cop who arrived were in cahoots, so the drunk driver got off scott-free.

Immensely grateful that Chris was OK, I saw how the car pointed to the pond and saw that the impact must have been great, due to the damage on both cars. I said that it was such an incredible blessing that the collision didn't send Chris flying through the windshield, straight into the pond. It was then Chris said, "I put on my seat belt only minutes before the accident." I said, "What? You never wear a seat belt...ever!!!" Chris said, "Something or someone told me to put it on."

Sylvia Browne mentions in her wonderful books how we all have 5 times we can choose to "exit." We, ourselves, have written these "exits" in our personal blueprints before incarnating into the life we're presently living. I am so very grateful that Chris is still by my side, living life to the fullest. I thank God and Chris' Angels and Spirit Guides for making this so. I'm equally thankful that Chris actually listened and acted accordingly.