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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not Chris' Time To Exit

If you go back into the archives of this blog you'll notice quite a number of true stories, mostly dealing with my own experiences. This time I'd like to share an amazing story about Chris, my husband, which took place in the late 1980's when we lived in western Massachusetts.

Chris and I married in 1980 and from the start I was always trying to get him to wear his seat belt when driving. For some reason he had it in his mind that he was safer not wearing the belt. Obviously, this made me crazy with worry.

Our family lived and worked on a college campus at the time this story takes place. As one turned onto the campus road, there was a pond on the side of that road. One evening Chris was just beginning to make a right onto said road when a car hit him head on, pointing Chris' car directly towards the pond and dangerously close to pond's edge. Turns out the other car was driven by a drunk driver. The accident totaled our car but Chris walked out completely unhurt. Unfortunately the drunk driver and the corrupt cop who arrived were in cahoots, so the drunk driver got off scott-free.

Immensely grateful that Chris was OK, I saw how the car pointed to the pond and saw that the impact must have been great, due to the damage on both cars. I said that it was such an incredible blessing that the collision didn't send Chris flying through the windshield, straight into the pond. It was then Chris said, "I put on my seat belt only minutes before the accident." I said, "What? You never wear a seat belt...ever!!!" Chris said, "Something or someone told me to put it on."

Sylvia Browne mentions in her wonderful books how we all have 5 times we can choose to "exit." We, ourselves, have written these "exits" in our personal blueprints before incarnating into the life we're presently living. I am so very grateful that Chris is still by my side, living life to the fullest. I thank God and Chris' Angels and Spirit Guides for making this so. I'm equally thankful that Chris actually listened and acted accordingly.


  1. wow I never knew this story....

    hug Chris

  2. 'tis important to know that Chris has ALWAYS worn a seat belt since this incident.

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