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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As my youngest son, Alexander, leaves today on a plane for Japan to spend time with his fiance, Emi, I've taken a moment to place a dome of the brightest, most beautiful, white Light of the Holy Spirit over the airplane he is flying in. This is just one form of protection that I've learned through my spiritual this case, the dome of light was suggested by fave author, Sylvia Browne. I've done the same today over husband, Chris' car, and oldest son, David's, subway trains. This visualization of a dome of Light can be thought of as powerful prayer to keep my loved ones safe.

I wish I would have learned about protection when I was young. It would have saved this clairsentient a lot of grief (see past post, A Personal Revelation). Protection isn't just about keeping safe from an accident, it's about protecting oneself from harmful negativity that sneaks into our own auras and bodies from people we encounter. How many of us have begun the day perfectly happy and content, only to meet up with someone (who could even be in your own household!) who emits depression or has such a pessimistic viewpoint that we begin to feel awful ourselves and even worse, can't seem to shake these feelings for the rest of the day?! Personal protection is the answer.

Such protection comes in many forms. Many of the spiritual writers, psychics, and mediums recommend various protection visualizations that could be chosen at any given time. If one visualization doesn't suit you, another surely will. Or feel free to come up with your own version.
I like to fill myself with the white Light of love and compassion, extending that Light around me in the form of a bubble. It's important for me to keep the inside of the bubble clear, so that I can operate as a clairsentient, clairvoyant, etc. and to make sure that I "observe and not absorb"...which I believe is a Sonia Choquette mantra. I keep the outside of the bubble mirror-like, to reflect away any negativity, dark or gray entities, or any emotions that I want no part of. This type of visualization takes only moments but provides unsurpassed protection. You don't have to be in a meditative state to practice could be dressing for the day or washing your face, for goodness sakes! What do you have to lose? It's free!

Case in point: One day a few weeks I got a call from my youngest son, Alexander, from his workplace. He complained of a headache and that he was being bombarded by other people's "emotional junk." It's becoming clearer and clearer that Alexander is me. I reminded him of the protection bubble. He hemmed and hawed. I reminded him that I didn't have time relaying to him things that don't work. I told Alex to first clear himself a la Echo Bodine:
Take a deep, calming breath or two and breath, with a calming breath between lines.
Say out loud or in your head:
Please clear me. 2 times
Please clear my mind. 2x
Please clear my body. 2x
Please clear my soul. 2x
Please clear me psychically. 2x
And then, if you'd like, you can go on and clear your room, your house, around your house, your workplace, etc.
Then, once cleared, I recommended that Alex place the protective bubble of white Light around him. The proof in the pudding came when Alexander called me a few days ago to say he's been doing these prayers/visualizations and that they WORKED wonderfully.

A psychic friend of mine does something important protection-wise that makes me smile when she tells me of it. If she's going somewhere, she asks her Spirit Guides and Angels to come along with her, saying something like, "Alright gang, whoever wants to come along, here we go." How can one go wrong with a troupe of spiritual entities joining and keeping watch over us in whatever we're doing!


  1. Plus asking my "gang" to come along makes whatever I am doing a lot more fun! Even an errand can seem like an adventure! The funny part is when I'm around people who are sensitive; I was in a store one day and one woman rounded the corner and stopped short in front of me. She asked "What's going on? It is positively glowing around you!" That's when I laughed and said, "Oh I invited my gang to come with me today."

  2. Thank you for commenting, Lee! You're glowing even if your gang is resting for a bit!!