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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Memoriam To Aunt Loraine

A few days ago the most...and I mean the most...incredible woman I have EVER known crossed over. This woman just happened to be my Aunt Loraine. She was 97 years young. We weren't related directly by blood, as she was the wife of one of my Ma's brothers, but we were thankfully, inextricably tied nonetheless. She was a second mother to me and always was available with a loving, listening, ear and encouraging advice. The thing is, she connected deeply with MANY people and each of us were special to her in our own right. Us Loraine-Loved-Folks would be doing ourselves a disservice if we were jealous of this...she had enough love for us all! I can only imagine the HUGE crowd of folks, myself included, who will be present during the visitation at the funeral home and at the memorial service at Aunt Loraine's church. She's undeniably touched the hearts and souls of countless people. And the thing is, she demonstrated time and again that she never forgot a single one of us, our connection to her, and our connection to each other. If I had half the memory and brain-power that Aunt Loraine had in her 90s, I'd be doing really good. If we all had a portion of the love that Aunt Loraine gave to others, the world would be a better place.

I've been suffering from a low-grade headache over the last several days. I attributed it to flu, but friend, Jenna, suggested it may be more metaphysical and connected to Aunt Loraine's crossing. Since I'm clairsentient, there is a good chance I'm picking up vibes from a lot of sources, all trying to get through to me. Jenna thought it would be a good idea if I wrote down experiences/thoughts I have had with Aunt Loraine, focusing in, and releasing bottled up emotions. Here goes...

Aunt Loraine lived her life in St. Paul, Minnesota (where my whole family was born, except for me...a Detroiter). Whenever we made our nearly-yearly trek to St. Paul to visit family, we ALWAYS spent a lot of time with Aunt Loraine's family. I was particularly close to Mary Pat, Aunt Loraine's youngest and near in age to me, and we would draw and play the afternoons away. I remember when Mary Pat and I got a wicked awful sunburn and Aunt Loraine knew just what to do to cure it.

Aunt Loraine knew how to make a dandy ham sandwich...always with pickles on the side.

I remember when my Ma broke her tooth on a frozen candy bar at Aunt Loraine's. Actually, we all had a hearty laugh over that.

Aunt Loraine, an only child, told me that my Ma was just like a sister to her.

I stayed with Aunt Loraine (and her husband, Uncle Bob, when he was alive) at her longtime home on Edmund Ave. whenever I was in St. Paul from the time I was a teenager and onward. In the '70s, I was with her when I interviewed to be a stewardess for Northwest Orient airlines (based in MN at the time). I didn't get the job (not "sophisticated" enough!) and continued my university degree instead. I visited Aunt Loraine when I attended Stitches in order to take a class with Nancy Bush (and ask Nancy to co-write/co-design an article for Spin-Off with me). When Aunt Loraine was still driving, she took me to my Ma's and Dad's old "haunts," including the "Nickle Joint," a bar where my parents met. She also took me to where her parents had lived. We visited my Aunt Addie when she was still alive. We hosted my Ma's cousin, Marie, with her little poodle, at Aunt Loraine's house. We visited many grave sites of family members, including my grandparents. I pored over Aunt Loraine's many photo albums of family/friends.

When my Ma and oldest brother, Jack, crossed over in the '90s, she flew in to be with us for the funerals, etc. She was the family's representative and ambassador.

Aunt Loraine and I became closest over the last 14 years. She was the only one who stood by and supported me and my decisions during an ongoing family health crisis. She always was available for a discussion, no matter when I called.

Aunt Loraine would send me fivers and tenners in the mail, "just because." She made it clear I was NOT to discuss this money even with her, and told me never to send it back.

Aunt Loraine taught me to "Let Go and Let God." She taught me "Image, Attitude, Wisdom, and Time." She had no time for the "I wants". God's will being done was the most important thing to her.

A few years ago I stayed with one of Aunt Loraine's daughters, Jan, when Aunt Loraine landed in the hospital and everyone thought her life might be over soon. Despite Aunt Loraine being very sick, we had our personal "talk" then. It was "our" special time.

A few weeks ago I had another amazing chat with Aunt Loraine. Amazing, because her congestive heart failure had been recently playing havoc with her powers of speech. On the day I called she was lucid and sounded nearly like her old self. I viewed our talk together as the gift that it was.

There is undoubtedly more. These were just some of the snippets in time. The blessing of having Aunt Loraine present throughout much of my life is golden...priceless.

I "talked" telepathically to Aunt Loraine several weeks ago and asked if she would send me clear signs when she crossed over. So far here is what has happened. Between 8 and 9 pm on the day she died, I was at my altar centering and grounding. At that point, I had no idea Aunt Loraine crossed over around 8 pm. I didn't learn this until the next morning. As I centered, I heard beautiful, indescribable, music playing in my ear (no one was home but me). I remember thinking, "Well, this must be the clairaudience I knew was coming." The next day, when I heard of Aunt Loraine's passing, I got a sense that the Angels were rejoicing that Aunt Loraine had come home.

Also, the day that Jan, Aunt Loraine's daughter, had called to say Aunt Loraine had broken her hip and was in hospital (the night before she died); I woke up with a start at 1:15 am and said out loud, "Aunt Loraine has died." I wrote this in my dream notebook. The next morning, Jan called and gave me the news that she did, indeed, die the evening prior.

Something tells me Aunt Loraine will give more loving signs. She's just that kind of beautiful soul.

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