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Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesson In The Making

Chris and I decided it was healthy and high-time I find and take a little part-time job somewhere to bring in a taddy bit of needed cash and give myself something other to think about than my BOOK, which did not need to be baby sat by me anymore and whose fate was in the hands of others.

I do not drive so options for such a job were somewhat limited, especially since our free bus service, the Moo-ver, didn't regularly run to Brattleboro (a bigger town where jobs might be found) on weekends. Luckily, we have a dandy general store in the rural town I reside in. Even luckier is the fact that they needed part-time help. Tomorrow I begin my training. I can walk to and from work. I can't wait. Woo-hoo!

Now there is one catch. I'm an animal empath. It's hunting season. Folks come to the store to weigh their deer, bear, turkeys, etc. and record the date killed and the weights with the state. When I could afford it, I used to set feed out FOR undoubtedly these very same turkeys. Interestingly, I'm not worried too much and know this is a lesson for me in the making. After all, I eat neatly disguised and packaged turkey and chicken myself. Hunting IS, for better or worse. It involves killing animals. Hopefully the hunter who takes the animal's life will honor and eat the animal and/or use the hide or parts, but the bottom line is that I am not responsible for that hunter's motives. It's not for me to judge. I can and will say prayers over any of these animals I encounter. I can honor the animals.

Any thoughts you have that could help me would be most appreciated. Thank you.


  1. My sympathy to you on the death of your Aunt Lorraine. She sounds like a very special person.

    Perhaps it will help you if you remember the hunters will be weighing wild animals who have lived their lives in nature as intended, not in captivity.

    I enjoyed your article on different drafts in the latest issue of Spin-Off. Excellent description of the techniques, and I appreciate the photos. Learning the different drafts and understanding how they affect the yarn produced has given my spinning a big push. I am so much more aware of my hands and the yarn, and I "step" into the flow much more quickly. Love the flow!
    Regards from the Jersey Shore,

  2. Thank you, Anne. Today at work I had to look at, check the hunting tag, and note that the antler points are longer than 1" on a freshly killed and cleaned out deer. I had a hard time keeping the tears at bay and wanted to run away...far. A choking sensation crept into my neck area. Once everything was recorded, I asked the woman who is training me when the season ends? None too soon, if you ask me. Muzzle loading comes up in December. Then turkey season begins in May...that'll surely send me reeling. I KNOW I'll never get used to this but I will cope.

    Still, you're so right Anne, they did live their months/years in nature and not tied up or confined in some horrible way. Truly that is somewhat of a consolation. Thank you.

    Glad you liked the drafting article. And thank you for your kinds words regarding my Aunt Loraine.

    Wishing you well!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. After a weekend of thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more about the hunting weigh station component I'm faced to confront if I stay at my little general store job, I have decided to quit. This morning I called the store's owner and told them that I enjoyed all the other aspects of the job but that I can't go around crying or throwing up whenever a hunter brings its kill in for weighing and recording. Chris thought I should have quit right after I dealt with my first deer tagging. Friend, Jenna, said that the lesson here is to say "NO" to what obviously goes against my animal empathy. The owner of the store understood completely. She was sad to lose someone that everyone "loved." That made me feel good. Now to find another little local job... Sigh.