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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Energy Emanating From Objects

This morning Chris and I were discussing favorite and some not-so-favorite presents we each received at Christmas as kids. Chris brought up a store-bought, red, wool sweater with fancy buttons given to him by his grandmother. I asked him if he liked it. Chris said, "No." On questioning him why, he said, "It was the lack of positive energy coming off it. Dull. Lifeless." Interesting answer.

On thinking, I too, can remember otherwise perfectly nice presents that resonated with me the same way. It didn't necessarily have to do with liking or not liking the person who gave the present. But I do think that objects, presents included, can pick up and resonate with positive energy, or negative energy, or any other type of energy. Kids, in particular, still in possession of and capable of utilizing their keen intuition and 6th sense (if they've been lucky enough not to have that intuitive nature squashed out by "well meaning" adults), can "feel" the vibes from objects. For instance, if grandma bought the sweater just because she had to get something, and not out of love and joy, who is to say that grandma's ambivalence, even unto negativity, doesn't remain in the object? Interesting to ponder.

And come to think about it, high price or popular worth had little to nothing to do with me loving a present. To this day I have "little" things I continue treasure because I know...because I still can feel... the loving intention behind the gift.

Taking this further is the topic of psychometry. From psychometry is "The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it." When I went to see Brian Weiss speak this past year (see post: Brian Weiss 1-Day Workshop In NYC) he had us do a psychometry exercise that was fascinating.

On a somewhat different note, I explained to Chris how I tend to love what many people would consider passe or old-fashioned. For instance, as an adult I love writing with cartridge pens...the very same kind of Sheaffer pen than I used as a kid in the '60s (pre-ballpoint). And then there's the wind-up clock that I purchased for us this battery, no electricity. Such items evoke wonderful childhood memories for me. Just using them brings me joy and warmth. I wonder if long after I've crossed over someone will get those same warm feelings when they touch my favorite pen or clock?

On this New Year's Eve, may all that surround you give you joy and warmth. Wishing you Peace and Love for 2010 and beyond.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My Ma, a Catholic, used to say to my Dad, a Lutheran, "Al, you're not going to be allowed on the same side of heaven as me if you don't become Catholic." Amidst her teasing, but nonetheless scolding, tone of voice, I think there was a part of Ma that truly believed this. BTW, Dad never did become a Catholic.

When I was around 7 years old I remember thinking on more than one occasion why God would send those who weren't Catholic to hell? My young mind grappled with the horror that a loving and caring God would doom folks at all, let alone to fire and damnation. Even then I couldn't comprehend that just because a person was born Buddhist in China, or Muslim in Egypt, or grew up Native American or African or, or, or, or even atheist...they wouldn't have the same chance to reach heaven, or wherever we went, as I did. And what about Judaism? Jesus himself was a Jew! I mean, how could God condemn an otherwise good and just person? I used to think, "Was I just lucky that I was born into the "right" religion?" Such thoughts swirled around my young head for years, no doubt keeping me up way past my bedtime and causing the "circles" below my eyes that photos from that time period cannot hide. Sagittarius Suns are known to philosophize, and are often particularly interested in religion. I guess I'm no exception.

I knew better than to overly ask my Ma or the nuns at school such questions. Similar questions had Ma say, "Just because. You need to have faith. Stop asking questions." Then Ma would remind me of "Doubting Thomas," and how wrong he was. This attitude of Ma's led me to the conclusion that I was young and surely the priests and my Ma knew what was correct. Perhaps this is why I felt sooooo betrayed when account upon account of priests molesting children came to the fore in the news. And as for Ma, well she was a good girl who did what she was told, apparently without question. Why couldn't I stop the questions in my head from forming? Sigh.

By the time I was a late teen, I was truly becoming disenchanted with the Catholic church. I started visiting various denominations of Christian churches. Part of me just wanted to piss my Ma off. No temples or Hari Krishna or anything. I didn't want to rock the boat too much. When Dad found out I was church shopping he said, "Jeannine, you're going to drive your mother crazy. Can we just keep the peace, please?" For Dad's sake, I stopped blatantly looking outside the Catholic church...for awhile, anyways.

Recently a cute joke was sent to me. Instead of printing the entire joke, here's what's pertinent to this post:
Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in hell to increase exponentially.
Just goes to show you other folks ponder religion and hell like us Sag Suns.

I'll offer no answers in this post to any of the questions posed. Guess I am my mother's daughter, after all...LOL.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Difficult Situations - Difficult Persons

Beautiful tho' the holidays are, they can also be a time of heightened stress. Sometimes the responsibilities and expectations attached to holiday merrymaking can be overwhelming: shopping and all it entails; getting together with folks, some of whom, to say the least, are not the easiest to be around; excessive cooking, eating, and drinking; travel during possible bad weather; regular schedules turned upside down; guilt for not being able to be with loved ones far away; seemingly never-ending party obligations; etc... Misunderstandings, especially at this time of year, can easily become overblown arguments, leading to long-lasting resentments. Empath or not, your stress-o-meter might be tipping towards "overload," or even "danger," by Christmas Eve, if not sooner.

What follows are a few coping prayers/affirmations/thoughts to bring relief, especially when you encounter difficult people or situations, whether during the holidays or not. These can be said out loud or quietly within.

"Observe don't absorb," from Sonia Choquette (first discussed on the past post, Protection, but so important it's well worth repeating).

"God, remove from my aura whatever does not belong to me. Remove from my aura whatever does not belong to me. Remove from my aura whatever does not belong to me. Fill me with self-knowledge, self-love, spiritual light and spiritual power, " from Rose Rosetree in her excellent book, "Become The Most Important Person In The Room ~ Your 30-Day Plan For Empath Empowerment." Rose calls this her "Wakeup Call" technique and uses it in conjunction with other useful techniques in the book. I find it's a dandy prayer in and of itself, and especially helpful if I feel I've taken on too much from those around me. I literally feel a cool, menthol-like, shot going up and down my spine after every time I've said this prayer.

Friend, Lee, shared this prayer she learned recently, which is incredibly helpful when you encounter a difficult person or situation: "May the God power in me greet the God power in thee, (state name of person), in the name of the Holy Spirit for the highest good of all."

"Let nothing disturb thee. Let nothing dismay thee. All things pass. God never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. He who has God finds he lacks nothing. God alone suffices." ~ St. Teresa of Avila

"Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in." ~ Leonard Cohen

"Healthy I am. Happy I am. Holy I am." ~ James Van Praagh

Whenever I encounter such prayers via my reading or gleaned from friends and/or teachers, I jot them down in a little blank book. I've got a copy of this book that goes with me in my purse and another one that resides at my bedside desk. My "personal" prayerbooks are about 4" X 5.5". This holiday season consider gifting yourself one or more of these little blank SOS books, picking covers that please you (one of mine has batik stars and the other has batik salamanders) to fill with your favorite prayers, thoughts, and quotes.

"What we think we become" ~ Buddha

Wishing you Love, Light, Peace and Happiness during this Blessed Holiday Season. Safe travels!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Empathy Help!!!

Being an empath is a beautiful gift when one is skilled. Being an empath is challenging, even unto often being nightmarish (especially health-wise), when one is unskilled.

A friend of mine, Lee, recommended months ago that I look into the work of Rose Rosetree. Lee has recommended many excellent spiritually-based books to me over the last couple years, but not always was I ready to follow her advice, at least not necessarily at the exact moment she suggested an author's work to me. I can be a stubborn ol' cuss, as friends will attest. I'm not ready 'til I'm ready!! This is one (of now several!) times I sure wish I would have followed Lee's excellent advice right away. I feel as if I wasted valuable time. Rose Rosetree's books on empathy are life changing. I know this because already my life has changed empathically for the better.

I recently began simultaneously reading Rose's newest book, "Become The Most Important Person In The Room ~ Your 30-Day Plan For Empath Empowerment," AND "Empowered By Empathy ~ 25 Ways To Fly In Spirit." I'm about 1/2 way through with each book. Just finding out all the different forms of empathy and realizing I could relate to many of them had me gobsmacked. How can I explain the amazement of seeing in print what I have been living with all of my life? And begin to learn how to control turn if OFF when appropriate and to turn it ON when wanted! Who would have guessed this was even possible?!!!!

I've learned that I've been unskilled for most of my life. I told Chris it's a wonder I didn't turn into a drug addict or alcoholic having to deal with some of the situations I've found myself in over the years, particularly when teaching and otherwise on-the-job. So many pieces of my life's puzzle, especially regarding illness, have begun to be answered by Rose's books, and I'm not even done with the first two!

Recently I had an aura reading from Rose Rosetree that showed in my root chakra a will of iron. Surely this has served me well from a coping standpoint. I highly recommend Rose's aura readings and want to sign up for a phone session just as soon as finances will allow. More on my reading in an upcoming post.

In fact, more will be written on Rose Rosetree's amazing books as I plow through them. If you're an empath of any sort, or simply think you may be, you truly need to begin reading Rose's books asap.

UPDATE on April 30th, 2016: Rose Rosetree has published two new books on empathy since this post was written back in '09. They are called: "The Empowered Empath" and "The Master Empath." If you're an empath, consider getting these volumes asap. You can find them on Amazon or Rose's website (linked above). 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Healing Surprise

The other night I dreamed about Chris, telling him in the dream that he, too, was a healer and it was a job he'd best own up to. In the dream, he took this news rather nonchalantly.

Now the surprising thing that happened is this...I woke up early that morning, after having the interesting dream, with excruciating neck pain and a stabbing pain behind my right eye. I stumbled out of bed and mumbled out loud that I was going downstairs to take Excedrin. Chris opened his eyes and later told me that I looked as white as a proverbial ghost just then; all color drained from my face.

I came back up to bed and wondered to myself if I had given Chris my favorite pillow, which if so, had the potential to cause my agonizing neck issues. I poked at my pillow at hand and at Chris' pillow. No, all pillows in their rightful place.

Next I lay on Chris' shoulder and, without even thinking about it, I moved his free hand onto my sore eye. I asked the Archangels Raphael and Ariel, healing Angels both, to bring healing into my eye and neck. Now mind you, this was Chris' hand on my eye and Chris' arm cradling my neck. Intense heat radiated from Chris' hand which soothed and comforted me. We both fell deeply back asleep in said positions.

Upon waking, I popped up, eyes a'twinkling and felt GREAT. All pain in neck and eye had vanished. I asked Chris if he had asked for healing for me? He honestly said, "No." I asked if he felt the heat coming from his hands? He again said, "No."

So yes, I did take Excedrin, but that alone would never have been able to completely relieve me from the pain I had experienced. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, I've used Excedrin long enough during my lifetime to know what it does do and what it doesn't. But most importantly, and also from experience, I know that healing Archangels can and do work miracles...IF you but ask them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dreams To Contemplate

Some dreams...

I worked at a job making ice cream and HUGE ice cream sandwiches. Chris had worked at the ice cream place, too, but said he could only support our family for four days a week because he made so little $.

I was in a dye studio with a white, circa '50s stove. There was a large pot on the stove with indigo dye in it. In the pot was a standing sheep, wicking up the dye from its legs to its entire body. The sheep didn't seem to mind the low heat. There was a tarp on the ground with an indigo urine vat on it. I was wearing handspun socks on my feet and got the idea to dip my feet into the vat to achieve the same wicking effect. It either didn't occur to me or didn't bother me that my feet would be dyed blue, too.

Woke up with a headache after dreaming of taking an English test based on the grammar of just one sentence. I realized I hadn't studied well and couldn't properly answer what I was supposed to know. My brother, Jack (who had crossed over in the '90s), apparently took the same test in another room and finished early. He was outside my classroom, laughing and talking, making me all the more anxious.

Dreamed of Ma. She had very little grey hair and it was done differently from any way I ever saw her wore it...a French twist in the back. I told her I was 30 and that she was 50. She looked surprised at me. I said, "I've forgotten that over 20 years have passed. Right, Ma?" She agreed. I said that this is the second time I've done that. She said, "I have more grey than I thought. It's the light that makes it seem not so."

Dreamed of some kind of epidemic. Folks were OK one day and dead the next.

I was teaching a spindle class of about 6 people. One woman persistently interrupted me whenever I said anything. I left the room for a bit (to a side room that looked like a guest room) to regroup and figure out what to do about the woman. She found me and asked, "Are you a Shaman like your mother?" I thought...if my Ma was a Shaman, she sure didn't know it. Then the woman tried to call another passing student into the room, showing her a stuffed kitten in a pouch that was hanging on the wall. The other woman declined coming in.

I was a servant in a big house. I faked that I knew how to bake bread. The crust, as I kneaded, was like a piece of foam core and kept sliding off the dough.

Two "sort-of" nightmares that went together. "Sort-Of" because I wasn't scared...more of an artist/observer. One dream took place in Antarctica. I was sitting on ice watching for cracks and soft spots. I was not cold at all. I saw how dangerous the situation around me was but noticed, as well, how beautiful the ice was. I even imagined myself going under water if I fell in, figuring I had about 15 seconds before I died. It wasn't an awful experience. The flip-side, second, dream had to do with earth and hay...a similar situation to the one on ice except the land broke up, as in an earthquake. Again, I witnessed it all as an observer, but felt no pain.

Another fiber dream. I was teaching a spinning class in a building that seemed like my old grade school in Detroit. I had just finished successfully teaching one session and realized that there was a lack of time to get to the next classroom. I walked into what I thought was my room to teach and began to apologize to the class for my lateness. At a podium was the Yarn Harlot, with odd Botoxed lips, who had already began teaching what was "her" class. I apologized and left. When I found my room, it was filled to the rafters with students...60 or more. I apologized to them all as I tried to set up for class, realizing that there were no tables upon which to put my stuff. The topic for the workshop was color blending of fibers and I realized, with horror, that I hadn't been told how many were taking this class. After scanning the room, I knew I didn't have enough materials for all of them. Just my dream...I said, "I don't need to deal with this. It's just a dream." And I woke up. End of dream.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Astrology Self-Study!

After more recent internet research I have decided that the online metaphysical schools are NOT for me (see past post, Pros and Cons of Schools/Programs). No need to go into more pros and cons as what I found were a whole lotta cons. Sigh. If you find any such school or program that looks good to you, please let me know. I'm always open to checking things out.

At this point, my plans are to eventually take some of the offerings at Lily Dale and the Fellowships of the Spirit (located in same area as Lily Dale). As I wait until the two-part "Spiritual Insight" training taught by Elaine Thomas is held in spring 2010 (part one is being held May 14-16 or May 21-23; part two is scheduled for June 11-13), I have become antsy to begin some sort of in-depth studies on my own. 'course this is in addition to whatever new (usually used) book I've cracked into that catches my fancy...

I've always been interested in astrology (even as a kid), knowing that there was soooo much more beyond the Sun horoscope featured in newspapers. You, too? Does "As above, so below" ring true for you? A few years ago I plowed through the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology," by Gerwick-Brodeur and Lenard...not a bad introduction really, albeit the rotten title. Then one summer I read most of "Alan Oken's Complete Astrology," by, yes, Alan Oken. This was also quite good tho' not the easiest of reading, and I remember fondly reading quotes to Chris out of the book as we basked in the sun next to a local lake.

But what I was on the lookout for astrology-wise was a self-study book or group of books that were highly recommended by well-known astrologers AND user-friendly. In a used bookstore, I found the first three in a series of astrology books by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers that fit the bill. The first title is "The Only Way To Learn Astrology; Vol. 1: Basic Principles." I'm glad I wasn't too turned off by the rather pompous title. Just inside the cover were praises for the series by respected astrologers such as Robert Hand and Steven Forrest, amongst others, and for good reason.

After working through several chapters of "The Only Way...," I can say I really, really, like it! The information is clear and the quizzes at the end of the chapters are great to check what I've learned. I'm finding that it's helpful to memorize some of the info in order to make it more second-nature, and to give me a good foundation. Sure, as a kid I memorized stuff for tests, but this time it's because I want to, not because I have to.

So, into a bag I keep this first book of March and McEvers, tools (pen, pencil, compass, protractor, ruler), and plenty of paper. The bag travels with me and has already provide hours of enjoyment and study at the various libraries I find myself in of late.

For those of you looking for good online astrology sources, do check out: Astrodienst and Astrotheme. Both have tons of free information, including free horoscopes that are based not just on your Sun sign, but on your entire chart. You just need to plug in your birthdate, where you were born, and the accurate time of your birth. One offering at Astrodienst I did pay for a few years back was Robert Pelletier's "Personal Portrait"...well-worth the price and something I find myself referring to again and again.