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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Healing Surprise

The other night I dreamed about Chris, telling him in the dream that he, too, was a healer and it was a job he'd best own up to. In the dream, he took this news rather nonchalantly.

Now the surprising thing that happened is this...I woke up early that morning, after having the interesting dream, with excruciating neck pain and a stabbing pain behind my right eye. I stumbled out of bed and mumbled out loud that I was going downstairs to take Excedrin. Chris opened his eyes and later told me that I looked as white as a proverbial ghost just then; all color drained from my face.

I came back up to bed and wondered to myself if I had given Chris my favorite pillow, which if so, had the potential to cause my agonizing neck issues. I poked at my pillow at hand and at Chris' pillow. No, all pillows in their rightful place.

Next I lay on Chris' shoulder and, without even thinking about it, I moved his free hand onto my sore eye. I asked the Archangels Raphael and Ariel, healing Angels both, to bring healing into my eye and neck. Now mind you, this was Chris' hand on my eye and Chris' arm cradling my neck. Intense heat radiated from Chris' hand which soothed and comforted me. We both fell deeply back asleep in said positions.

Upon waking, I popped up, eyes a'twinkling and felt GREAT. All pain in neck and eye had vanished. I asked Chris if he had asked for healing for me? He honestly said, "No." I asked if he felt the heat coming from his hands? He again said, "No."

So yes, I did take Excedrin, but that alone would never have been able to completely relieve me from the pain I had experienced. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, I've used Excedrin long enough during my lifetime to know what it does do and what it doesn't. But most importantly, and also from experience, I know that healing Archangels can and do work miracles...IF you but ask them.

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