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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011! Exactly Where I Need To Be!

Happy New Year 2011

Bright Blessings for a joyful, prosperous, and peaceful New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sugar Baby

Over the last years I've been amazed that the lyrics of Bob Dylan have a way of explaining all the important things that have happened in my life. Talk about an artist who has tapped into the world's consciousness!

Also, I often listen to Bob on my iPod Shuffle, helping me to complete tasks at hand. Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and Chris Bakriges are the only artists currently represented on my Shuffle. Friends were not surprised in the least when I listed Dylan on the "thank you" page of Spinning Around. He helped keep me sane during the long journey to publication.

Rather than put up partial lyrics to "Sugar Baby" by Dylan, I've included this link, which also gives a snippet of the actual tune. Cut and paste the url and then click on the "Listen" button by the "Love and Theft" CD cover:

This is one tune that recently has been speaking to me. Maybe it'll have meaning for you, too. No matter what, I've been nudged to devote a post to the tune.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just What I Needed To See/Hear/Know

This has been such a lovely Christmas. Chris and I spent it quietly at home. The only time we ventured out was in the afternoon, just before sunset. We walked up a nearby hill to view Lake Sadawga and the mountains around us; serene and so very beautiful. Blessed. We walked back through a forest path; quiet and comforting. Content.

There have been amazingly positive things that have happened to me this year: the BOOK was published; I'm back in school studying a curriculum that feeds my soul and makes my heart sing; I get to spend treasured time in-person and online with a multitude of friends ~ old, new, and renewed friendships; I continue to feel pride as we witness our children...David, Alexander, and Emi...loving, learning and growing; Chris and I celebrated our 30th year of marriage; and so much more.

But sprinkled in amongst all this Light during the year were doses of shadow. Sadness. Sorrow. Anxiety. Illness. Fear. Pain. And more. The holidays weren't without shadow, as can often be the case. Betrayal isn't something I can remember dealing with at any other time in this lifetime, but it showed up recently. Shocking? Yes. Wow, I wouldn't wish this on anybody and I sure didn't expect it to happen to me. But rather than hate it or any shadow that darkens my life, I try to look at it as a learning lesson. Often prior to meditating I pick up one of the books nearby my altar and open randomly to a page. I trust that whatever I see is what I need for what I'm presently dealing with. The trick is to be aware of the guidance that is coming in just for you.

Below is a passage from "Tao Te Ching," English translation by Stephen Mitchell. Here's what was gifted to me today:

Can you coax your mind from its wandering
and keep to the original oneness?
Can you let your body become
supple as a newborn child's?
Can you cleanse your inner vision
until you see nothing but the light?
Can you love people and lead them
without imposing your will?
Can you deal with the most vital matters
by letting events take their course?
Can you step back from your own mind
and thus understand all things?

Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue.

Today on Facebook, I saw this quote:
“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn.”
~ Scottish classical Guitarist, b.1942

Yesterday on Facebook, I saw this quote:
"When you think that everyone around you is wrong and only you have the right answer, your arrogance blocks the flow of intuition and energy. You will miss so much of life this way."
~ James Van Praagh

Also yesterday on Facebook was a link to these words of wisdom:
"To find forgiveness while endeavoring to heal anger, you must evaluate whom you're dealing with, the good and the bad. Often, people are just doing the best they can, which may not amount to a hill of beans where you're concerned, but it does represent the sad truth of the situation. Accepting that truth of someone's limitations will help you to forgive."

"Compassion opens a hidden door to a secret world that exists beyond anger. Notwithstanding, the feelings of anger or forgiveness aren't mutually exclusive. You can simultaneously experience varying degrees of both. Perhaps, at first, you're a little forgiving and very angry. But when you progress, the scales increasingly tip toward forgiveness as your attachment to anger recedes."
~ Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D.

From my friend, Ravenstar, author of The Healing Room, came this in an e-mail recently:
"We have to let go; the desire to justify what we're going through is futile. They won't listen because they can't comprehend. That's the challenge to you...the test to embrace and not let go of yourself in trust that it is the right process for you no matter what others may think."

"When we're vulnerable our Inner Spirit comes forth, and we have to make room for it to rise's not easy, especially trusting the process.....we have to let go of all our earlier teachings....But...when we do we see that it teaches us to find that courage, that leads to the inner strength (the fortitude of the spirit) and allows us to keep going.....until we 'arrive'.....with a stronger and greater conviction than ever. No one else can fully understand where we're at while the process unfolds unless they understand initiation through their own experiences.....There's no way to fully explain it to someone who hasn't been there. You have to walk it, experience it.....this is why you are doing all those readings and healings."
~ Ravenstar

Have you experienced just what YOU needed to see/hear/know today? Be open to finding it in unusual places. There are times I can't get a song out of my head and I wonder how it got there in the first place. If I stop and take time to evaluate the lyrics, often I'm amazed to find it's just what I needed to hear. Listen. See. Know.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lessons In Non-Attachment

Wikipedia states: Detachment, also expressed as non-attachment, is a state in which a person overcomes his or her attachment to desire for things, people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective.

I've been thinking of non-attachment of late, especially given the "lesson" in it that my classmates and I experienced during the December holiday party at school. We enjoyed a version of an old fashioned "Yankee Swap" gift exchange. This is where all the wrapped presents are in the middle of the room and the participants are circled around them. The first person gets to pick a present. The variation occurred in that the present is NOT unwrapped until the very end. The second person can pick either from the middle or take the present that the first person took. If the first person's gift is taken by the second person, they get to pick another present from the middle, but cannot take back what the second person took from least not at that point. The third person can either pick from the middle, or choose a present that the other two are holding. If say, the third person wants one of the gifts that the other two are holding, the person whose gift is taken can then either pick from the pile, or take a gift from the person whose gift wasn't chosen by the third person. This leaves a potential window for someone to get back the present they originally wanted. And so on and so on... With 18 classmates, several mentors, and the two heads of the school, this could go on and on for quite awhile if any of them keep wanting to get back what they originally chose. It finally ends when ALL the folks are happy with what they DO have.

I know plenty of folks who HATE Yankee Swaps. They want only what they originally chose. Our instructors at school wanted us to see this form of gift exchange as a lesson in non-attachment. Just how much DO folks want to control their this case, what they take home as gifts. Now I'm not here to judge anyone in any way shape or form. After all, I have my own things/situations that I dislike, too. But Yankee Swaps aren't one of them. I just like having fun with them. Really. And quite honestly, I have to admit I don't really care what I go home with because even if it's not something I'm particularly interested in, I know I can re-gift it to someone who'll really like it.

As I was thinking about this I remembered a lesson in non-attachment that has recurred over and over in my life. It began as a teenager when I purchased a porcelain penguin that I really loved. I was collecting penguin paraphernalia at the time and I had saved for this really lovely penguin statue. I even had a glass dome on a wood base that "protected" it. The penguin stood on my bedroom dresser top. One day, as I opened a drawer of the dresser, the dome and penguin toppled off onto the floor, breaking into bits. At first I stood there dumbfounded. Then I sobbed. My Ma came into my room to see what was going on. I was inconsolable.

Over the years, I can't tell you how many things that were glass or breakable that I liked...or even loved...that have broken. For whatever reason, this lesson keeps coming up again and again in my life. I'm happy to say that the last few years have me not sobbing, but simply throwing up my hands in the air. If Chris is present, we even start laughing. It's become a joke not to let anything fragile touch my hands for too long. LOL!

Maybe the whole penguin episode and beyond has made me not get upset by Yankee Swaps. I don't know for sure, but it seems a good bet. That said, I don't do anywhere near as well with non-attachment of people I love. There are friends I have lost years ago that I still mourn to this day.

Now as for places...I'm pretty good at detaching from them. After all, Chris and I are gypsies and quite nomadic by nature, so it would be fruitless to get toooo attached to a place.

What's your thoughts on non-attachment? Please share your experiences. Thank you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spinning Around ~ Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics

YAY! YIPPEEE! HURRAY! HOLY MACKEREL! OH MY GOODNESS! The BOOK is in print, in the warehouse of SHP, and available from Schoolhouse Press for shipping. Thank you to all who made the BOOK possible. You know who you are!

For YOUR copy go to:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Raising Vibrations

I've been thinking a lot about vibrations lately. Since everything is energy, everything emits its own vibrations, and it's important to note that vibrations are not necessarily static, especially where humans and animals are concerned. Vibrations can change.

I've read, have been told, and somewhere within me I KNOW, that when I communicate with The Other Side, communication occurs easiest when my vibrations are higher/raised. When my vibrations are raised, I can easily see auras, Spirits, and am more acutely clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. When my vibrations are raised, the Kundalini energy that now regularly goes up my spine is stronger, more active, and cannot be missed. I have also read that those on The Other Side lower their vibrations in order to meet us...this makes sense to me, but I'm not quite sure how they go about doing that. Any thoughts or leads on where to learn more about this? I simply trust that those on the Other Side know to do this and I haven't been disappointed.

In pasts post I've talked about ways I raise my vibrations: Prayer and A Tarot Reader Prepares For A Tarot Reading. Being raised Catholic, the rosary is still something I often say prior to doing readings or energy work. I love the feeling of the beads in my hands as I recite prayers that are ingrained in my heart and soul. I love the heightened feeling I have after I say the rosary. For those who aren't Catholic-raised, perhaps looking into other prayer bead options would be of interest. I've recently bought a few books with the intent of researching such prayer beads in the future: "A String and A Prayer ~ How to Make and Use Prayer Beads," by Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon; "Pagan Prayer Beads ~ Magic and Meditation with Pagan Rosaries," by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn; and "Bead One, Pray Too ~ Guide to Making and Using Prayer Beads," by Kimberly Winston.

Another way to raise one's vibrations is to be in a room with Spiritually-like-minded people. For me, this is literally done when I'm in the company of 17 of my classmates at Fellowships Of The Spirit School Of Spiritual Healing And Prophecy. It can also occur when I'm in a Sacred Space, such as a church, cathedral, temple, or structure-free Sacred Space. Please see this past post: Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience.

When I recently spent a week with my classmates and teachers, I can truly say my Kundalini energy went wild. Boy, there's no missing I'm alive and well when that happens! I often think of Kundalini as "positive truth energy," for when it shoots up my back, I know I'm to pay close attention and/or I know what's being said, shown, etc. is the truth, regardless of who is it me or someone else.

That same week at school ended with a Light Show. Roberta, my roomie, and I were chatting, each on our own single bed, the night before we were to leave. I was giving her a reading and relayed that as I did so, her aura was HUGE and golden. Just as I said that to her, Spirits started showing up around her, all of the same color as her aura. She, too, saw my aura and had her own Light Show. It was a profound experience.

Since I've been back from school, the person I most often see things around is my Chris. 'course he's the one I live with and am in the company of the most.

Soon, I head back to school for a weekend of instruction. Let the Light Show begin! Raising vibrations is much preferred to raising Cain, don't you think? Ha.

Would love to read your thoughts on raising vibrations. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Five FREE Empath Readings - December

It's December! Time again for my offer of 5 free Empath readings. The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who not only contact me via e-mail but send a pic that follows my pic requirements as described in this past post, Empath Readings + Testimonials, will be chosen. See the same past post for info on what an empath reading is. Send your request AND pic to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll re-post this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year, per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

Please note that now that I am in seminary (see My First Week Of School), I can count my Empath Readings for my homework reading requirement. I will send a brief questionnaire t0 each person who requests an Empath Reading to kindly fill out and send back to me after they receive their reading. These questionnaires are then handed in to my teachers as proof that a reading has been completed.

An additional service of free distance healing energy work (distance Reiki) will be offered to all who request an Empath Reading. This is optional on your part but hopefully something that you will desire. Once your Empath Reading is done and the questionnaire is filled out, I will set up a 1/2 hour time slot with you to facilitate the distance healing energy work. Again, I can use this energy work for my healing homework assignment and so will ask that you fill out a brief questionnaire relating to it.

#1. Caroline - completed
#2. Carole - completed
#3. Harper - completed
#4. Cynthia - completed
#5. Susan - completed

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading and healing energy work for YOU!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Energy Reading Parties

Please note that these parties are no longer being offered. Instead, see: Reading Gatherings.
Here's an example of what folks can expect when booking an Energy Reading Party.

Energy Reading Parties

Reverend Jeannine Bakriges, clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and intuitive empath, will be giving energy readings from 11 am until 6 pm. Participants can expect an approximately 40 minute session that includes both healing energy work as well as a psychic intuitive reading. Participants will be scheduled on the hour by a host. The host is encouraged to schedule 4-5 people, making for 5-6 total sessions including themselves. Participants can choose to stay and enjoy the afternoon or come just for their scheduled session. Hosts agree to provide simple, rejuvenating, snack fare (E.g. veggies 'n dip and/or crackers 'n cheese, juice, coffee/ alcoholic beverages, please) and in return get their session for free. A room with a door, and with two chairs, that is separate from the living/gathering room is necessary for the sessions.

Rev. Jeannine is a second-year seminary student at The Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, an independent Spiritualist Church, studying advanced spiritual healing and prophecy (mediumship). These energy readings are required as homework during both her first and second year of schooling. Participants will be asked to kindly fill out a brief, confidential questionnaire after their session that Jeannine is required to hand in to her instructors. A fixed donation of $30 per person (no donation from the host is necessary) is gratefully accepted to help Jeannine achieve her education goal. Hosts will kindly collect donations for Jeannine.

If you are interested in hosting an "Energy Reading" party, please contact me at:
Rev. Jeannine Bakriges: (802) 368-7217

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My First Week Of School

It's been a couple of days since I've returned from my first week of school at Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, a two-year seminary program that once completed, culminates with ordination: First Year Program and Second Year Program.  I'm bursting with a joy that totally fills my heart due to not only being back in school (I've always loved school!), but actually studying something that is beyond exciting and so very personal to me. There were many things we learned which, in my opinionated opinion, should have been a requirement to be taught even as early as grade school...and yet none of this was ever taught during any of my early or later, formal years of schooling. Furthermore, I learned more about teaching during the less than two weeks of training at Fellowships (includes the two weekend prerequisites...Spiritual Insight Training 1 and 2...I took before officially entering seminary) than during the whole four years of my art education university degree that I began in the late '70s. Rather than pitifully lament that this schooling did not come earlier, I am forever grateful that it is finally happening NOW.

What follows will be a little taste of what I experienced. My emotions during the week ranged from releasing and healing Aha! moments of the highest degree. As one of our teachers, Rev. Barbara Sanson, said, "This is BIG STUFF."

My class consists of 18 beautiful souls...two from Canada and the rest from various parts of the United States. There are two men with the remainder being women. There's a nice age range, with the youngest being in the 30's. The faculty includes two AMAZING co-directors, Rev. Elaine Thomas and Rev. Tom Cratsley. Additionally, two wonderful teachers, Sig Lonegren and Rev. Barbara Sanson taught us some of what they specialize in, each for two days. During most of the mornings I arrived early for a truly life-changing Kripalu yoga class with the kind and oh-so-talented Rev. Don Scott. Mentors, caring folks who have themselves graduated from the seminary, were also present and will help and assist us over the entirety of our 2-year program: Marie, Dave, Susan, (Angie will be joining us in December).

I have the good fortune to travel to and from school with Marie and Annie, both residing not too far from least not by New England travel standards. We have a lot of laughs along the way.

I opted to stay at the Sunset View Guest House, run by Cindie and Don Scott. My roomie is Roberta, who is a true gift from heaven. Kitty-corner to our room is Jeff Dragon Star from Toronto, who I already consider a brother. One late evening at school, Mark Thomas, Rev. Elaine's husband, administered a version of the Keirsey Temperament Test. We found many of us had high intuitive numbers that put us in what Mark fondly called the "Ozone Ranger" category. Since I had the highest number in this category in our wing of the Sunset View, I was proudly named the Ozone Ranger Captain. I plan to live up to that

So what did we do all week? We began each day with meditation. We learned about values from Rev. Tom Cratsley and worked with a partner determining our own personal values in different areas. We learned about Sacred Space, the differences between labrynths and mazes, and dowsing with rods and pendulums from Sig Lonegren. Plus, Sig instructed us in making a medicine wheel and took us to experience Lily Dale's own labrynth and medicine wheel. Sig's wife, gorgeous inside and out, Karin Schlüeter Lonegren, taught us via webcam because she was in Europe, wonderful techniques on healing. Rev. Barbara Sanson...perhaps the most amazing healer I have ever witnessed...also shared her healing techniques, and instructed us on using color and sound to inform and enhance our work. Mark Thomas continued the fascinating instruction begun in our Spiritual Insight prerequisite classes on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which helps us to accelerate our learning process, among many other things. NLP has been called "the new science of personal achievement." And finally, the incomparable Rev. Elaine Thomas gave us more fabulous techniques to help further our mediumship training. The week included much time for practicing what we learned. Plus, we were able to begin our year's worth of homework on each other: 70 readings and 70 healings. And let's not forget the absolutely delicious meals we were served daily!

Wow! What an unforgettable week! In a few weeks I'll be heading back to school for our December weekend of instruction. I cannot wait!

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Gaggle Of Dreams

Here's some dreams I've recorded since mid-summer. Some of these were beyond weird. Please note that I've kept the rather graphic and "colorful" language in it, just as I dreamed it, for authenticity's sake. However, no full last names will be given of anyone I dreamed about...after all, it's not necessarily their fault that I dreamed about them! ...or was it?...LOL!

All through this dream I kept trying to psychically read someone and kept waiting for just the right moment to do so. 'twas frustrating because the conditions never did become quite right.

Chris and I were living in a loft-like, open-concept space with neat, artsy-fartsy furniture. He had a scroll, no less, and was reading to me ALL my faults, including telling me what a bad eater I am. I protested and said, "Hey, this isn't fair. Isn't there anything I do right? Are you telling me I don't have good points?" He just smiled back at me and said that my positive stuff was a "given." End of dream.

I worked at a place that seemed a combination of Sam's Outdoor Outfitters and The Inn at Sawmill Farm. The boss was a combo of the one at Sawmill, the blowhard boss I worked for as a teen at Franklin Simon's retail clothing shop in Detroit, Michigan, and the "skimmer" boss (the woman used to skim money off her employee's wages and was actually prosecuted for doing so...and btw, we employees never saw a dime of that money) that I worked for just out of high school at Hickory Farms in Detroit, Michigan. The "combo" boss in the dream was trying to fire people because the place wasn't doing well financially. She used the fact that I had to take care of some emergencies and was not able to complete my regular duties as a way to fire me. She was sitting in the kitchen-like setting as she fired me. Chris was with me, trying to keep me from getting too upset and getting sick. As I walked out with him, I noticed an open window right where my now ex-boss was. I couldn't help myself and said loudly, "Fucking bitch." Chris rolled his eyes and looked at me with pity...grinning that I had gotten in the last word.

NOT your average dream...almost like a dream within a dream. Spirits from the Other Side informed me to tell Chris that he needed rest. They said to tell him to, "Have fun with his music and at the piano." They said that, fun, etc...informed his music, not just practicing and playing.

I was working in a beauty parlor. I was praised for how nicely I kept the shop by the other hairstylists. BUT, I had no training whatsoever in cutting and styling hair. My first customer went OK because it was just a trim on long, straight hair. The second client had me freaked out because she had short, curly hair and was trying to decide if she wanted a color job. I told another stylist that I had no idea how to deal with any of this and admitted I had no experience. It looked as if the stylist was going to help me with the customer, but then I woke up...end of dream.

Nightmare! It became apparent that Chris loved and was having an affair with Sonia C., of all people. He was doing so right under my proverbial nose! I saw myself, laying on a bed, with Chris in the middle and Sonia on the other side of him. I called her a "bitch" and let her know, in no uncertain terms, that she would not "win." I kept thinking how weird it was that he was even attracted to her because she was so much taller than he.

Convoluted dream. Began when Chris and I were at a warehouse-like place and found we had to sleep on the floor next to an old neighbor (Susie) of ours. I found a bubble mat and slept between Susie and Chris. Next thing I knew I was traveling and was in an airport. Apparently I was handicapped, in a wheelchair. Throughout this dream I was reminded to remain positive and cordial. I came to a complicated airport machine, with many copies of paperwork needing to be put through. A woman began helping me but soon moved on when she realized that I needed help for all of the process. I kept yelling, "Will someone help me please!", but everyone ignored me. Some workers at the airport stared at me but ignored my plea. I screamed that I would miss my plane, even though I knew that I had plenty of time. Still, no one came to help.

I dreamed that Chris and I were looking at a beehive and admiring the bees. Next time we went to the hive the bees were all gone; no honey or anything. We knew a terrible illness had wiped them all out.

I was in a small, Catholic church with my Ma and Dad sitting in the pew on either side of me. The time period seemed to be the late '60s or early '70s. My girlfriend from when I was in grade school, Margaret, was in the back of the church, looking like she did back then, but I knew she wouldn't talk to me, just like she won't now! A popular 1950's kitschy tune was playing throughout the dream. When mass was over, my friend, Regina, walked with us to our car.

A woman I knew back in Great Barrington, Massachusetts was feeding a rabbit a chocolate Eskimo Pie. I got all upset because chocolate and ice cream are not good for rabbits and may even be poisonous.

I was teaching a class on how to make a hamburger patty, thinking to myself, "This is what things have come to...Look what I'm teaching and I don't even eat hamburger!"

I was looking at myself, face-to-face. One side of me said, "It would be sooo easy to drift down the river and leave everything behind. Soooo easy..." The other side of me screamed, "NO, NO, NO!" I woke up feeling stronger than I thought I was.

I was with a group of people and I looked down to my hand to see my Ma's engagement ring, which I always wear, literally explode. I held the broken pieces in the palm of my hand, bewildered, showing them to the people milling about me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"What Would I Create If I Could Not Fail?"

I'll begin this post with an announcement. My first book, after five years of work and 30 years of being in the fiber arts, "Spinning Around ~ Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics," Schoolhouse Press, is due out December 15th. Much of these last weeks have been difficult as we prepared the book to go to press. Finally the book has been sent off to the printers with a kiss and a prayer. If you're interested in pre-ordering, you will get free shipping if you do so prior to November 15th: Spinning Around. Thank you!

Life after the BOOK already is proving to be exciting! I've got readings to do, with more coming in regularly. On November 15th I will begin my first week at Fellowships Of The Spirit School Of Spiritual Healing And Prophecy. And if that wasn't enough, I'm already enjoying beginning to learn things I've always wanted to do, such as beaded and wire jewelry making and calligraphy. Ain't life grand?!!!!

There are two books that I've been reading of late, neither of them finished given my especially busy schedule of the last weeks. I'd like to address one of them here on this post, "Intuition and Beyond ~ A Step-by-Step Approach to Discovering Your Inner Voice," by Sharon A. Klingler.

I had the good fortune of seeing Sharon do readings at "Inspiration Stump," on the last day of the summer season at Lily Dale. To say that Sharon is an incredible psychic medium would be an understatement. Enthusiastic, amazing, knowledgeable, clear, confident, and caring would all describe her well.

In Sharon's book was a question that caught my attention: "What would I create if I could not fail?" My first gut response was, "I would draw and paint." When I relayed this to my husband, Chris, he totally understood my answer. You see, I met my husband in college back in the '70s, got married in 1980, and finished my art education degree in the early '80s. Newly married with a young son to care for did not allow for much personal, creative least not the type that I was used to. My medium was watercolor back then and my "young-mother's-schedule," did not give me the long stretches of uninterrupted time that I required to draw and paint. Plus, let it be known that I always felt inadequate as a painter, with the thought somewhere deep down that I needed more schooling and just wasn't "good enough" as is. It was then that my path forked and I found myself knitting again, having learned the basics as a child. Here was something I could pick up and put down. Here was something I could teach myself to get better at. Knitting led to spinning. Spinning led to dyeing. Knitting, spinning, and dyeing led to teaching and eventually led to the book...that I'm waiting to hold in my very own hands.

So back to the question that is the title of this post. Chris asked me recently, "Would you like to go back to school for painting?" "NO," I adamantly proclaimed. Funny about that. I'm happy about where I WILL be going to school soon. I figure if painting and drawing enter my life at some point in the future, it will be because I know I can't fail at them and that I've got nothing to prove to anyone, including myself. Who lifelong interest in calligraphy may lead to me illustrating what I write. Time will tell. There's a place...deep down in me, probably not far from or perhaps even the flip-side of the other deep down place where long ago I felt I needed more schooling to really paint...that wouldn't be surprised at all if suddenly I whipped out the paints and, with utter ease and confidence, began creating.

What would YOU create if you knew YOU could not fail?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Five FREE Empath Readings - November

It's November! Time again for my offer of 5 free Empath readings. The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who not only contact me via e-mail but send a pic that follows my pic requirements as described in this past post, Empath Readings + Testimonials, will be chosen. See the same past post for info on what an empath reading is. Send your request AND pic to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll re-post this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year, per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

#1. Nicola - completed
#2. Tina - completed
#3. Jeremy - completed
#4. Sharon -
#5. Alicia - completed

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading for YOU!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween '10!!!!!!


"As I went out walking this fall afternoon,
I heard a whisper whispering.
I heard a whisper whispering,
Upon this fine fall day...

As I went out walking this fall afternoon,
I heard a laugh a' laughing.
I heard a laugh a' laughing,
Upon this fine fall day...

I heard this whisper and I wondered,
I heard this laugh and then I knew.
The time is getting near my friends,
The time that I hold dear my friends,
The veil is getting thin my friends,
And strange things will pass through."

The Veil is Getting Thinner, Author Unknown

Friday, October 29, 2010

Watching The Wheels

Friend and teacher, Ravenstar, e-mailed this to me today. A more appropriate tune addressing the many levels of my life right now would not be able to be found. Thank you, my dear friend.

Watching The Wheels

People say I'm crazy doing what I'm doing
Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin
When I say that I'm o.k. well they look at me kind of strange
Surely you're not happy now you no longer play the game

People say I'm lazy dreaming my life away
Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me
When I tell them that I'm doing fine watching shadows on the wall
Don't you miss the big time boy you're no longer on the ball

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round
I just had to let it go

Ah, people asking questions lost in confusion
Well I tell them there's no problem, only solutions
Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if I've lost my mind
I tell them there's no hurry
I'm just sitting here doing time

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round
I just had to let it go
I just had to let it go
I just had to let it go

~ John Lennon "Watching the Wheels"

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Not long ago my friend and teacher, Ravenstar, and I were discussing the topic of memories. She never fails to give me much food for thought. I asked Ravenstar if I could share on the blog what she wrote, and she kindly said yes. Ravenstar, in turn, asked her Guide (who contributed to the discussion) if he would mind me sharing this, and he generously gave the go-ahead, as well. Here's a glimpse into our conversation:

Jenny wrote: Do you think we "lose" some memories that are unnecessary for us to hold on to so as to make room for others? When I know deep down that I don't have to "keep" certain information in my brain, I get rid of it. An example is when I'd cram for a test in school about a subject I could pretty much care less about and once the test was over...even a few days later...the info I crammed in is lost...or certainly can't be retrieved easily. Hmmm. What do you think?

Ravenstar answers: Ohh this is a really interesting topic! Well, although you let go of 'some' of the information you crammed in your mind...what was useful and could be used in future time was most probably saved for another time. When something triggers it, then it can be retrieved.

I believe that if there were no memories, the future would be an empty open space, the Unknown, Infinity...

The single fiery cell, ATOM, (GOD) is composed of billions of conscious human minds. HIS unconscious mind is made up of all conscious knowledge of all times.

I think that all the harp about living in the present is about letting go of past memories and future fantasies. Many mystics, even scientists believe our physical body is a manifestation of your memories and choices (thoughts) you have in consciousness. This is why we haven't changed our appearance since the Cro-Magnon man. True he was a little rough around the edges but really we haven't changed a whole heck of a lot!

I think the knowledge we receive depends upon our curiosity, which of course shapes the questions we ask. It’s a basic principle of scientific research that we only get answers to the questions we ask, and that the way we formulate our questions is important in receiving the kinds of answers we get. Have you noticed that when you're looking for answers in your readings.....the question you pose is of most importance?

Our bodies love questions – especially the ones that resonate deep down inside us. Here lies our deepest cellular memories. Ohh boy we could make this a very long and interesting topic for sure!!!

Words, even codes that are stored deep inside our bodies. Images...visuals...are the building blocks of our personalities, perspectives and how we cope in the world. Our sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch are all created from our experiences and are an essential part of our memories. (Spirits use these to contact us....e.g., your Aunt wore a certain perfume you could smell.....your uncle (a farmer) sends you a visual of a farm, etc.)

Even images that are buried deeply can affect us. That's why they say we have to open our wounds and heal them.....let them go....they serve no purpose other than shortening our life.

Why are we healers Jenny? What is the purpose?! Even the readings you do help to loosen up stuck or frozen emotions, memories, attitudes, lost places in us wanting our attention......and it can be painful ... often, pain moves through our body wanting our attention ... when we listen to its message, it moves on satisfied. Another painful memory gone. I believe God wants our is through us He is learning, being educated.

Thank you, Ravenstar. Any other thoughts on memories would be most welcome. Please leave a comment and share what you think!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little Boxes

I was swinging on swings in a park today, waiting for Chris to pick me up in Montague, plans for the day having gone very awry. Shortly before I discovered the swings, I was unexpectedly faced with having to make an important decision. I'm happy to say that I listened to that small, quiet voice intuition. Oh the many times over the years I have second-guessed myself when my intuition whispered its wisdom! Oh the many times I had pushed my inner voice aside, blocking out its guidance! Not today. Today I heard it. Today I stood in my own truth.

As I was swinging this tune popped into my head. It's interesting how tunes show up right when I need them. It's comforting how often the lyrics provide an answer for me when I ask, "Why?"

No boxes. No thank you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Nearly 15 years ago, whilst living in Canada, our family experienced a crisis so devastating it's hard to contemplate all these years later how we were able to survive it. But survive it and triumph we did. Such triumph would not have been possible had it not been for the help of some very kind and loving people in our life. I am grateful for every one of them...from school counselors and health friends and family.

Sometime within the truly nightmarish years of the late 90's into the early 2000's, I received a letter from my Canadian friend, Monica. It contained this poem. I keep it on my fridge in the dye studio, where I often read it. Perhaps it will bring you comfort, as it did for me...and most definitely, still does.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

There are two days in every week that we should not worry about,
two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

One of these days is Yesterday, with all its mistakes and cares,
its faults and blunders, its aches and pains.
Yesterday has passed, forever beyond our control.
All the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday.
We cannot undo a single act we performed.
Nor can we erase a single word we said - yesterday is gone!

The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow,
with all its impossible adversities,
its burden,

its hopeful promise and its poor performance.
Tomorrow is beyond our control.

Tomorrow's sun will rise either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds - but it will rise.
And until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow,

for it is yet unborn.

This leaves only one day - Today.
Any person can fight the battle of just one day.
It is when we add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow that we break down.

It is not the experience of today that drives people mad -
it is the remorse of bitterness for something which happened yesterday,
and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.

Let us, therefore, live but one day at a time!
~ Author Unknown

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A New Guide

Over the last month or so I've been feeling...knowing...anticipating...a new Guide coming to help me. With school ready to begin for me soon - Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy: First Year Program, I had the distinct feeling that someone on the Other Side was going to step in to be with me all of the way, especially regarding mediumship and readings.

I wrote this to my friend and teacher, Janice of The Healing Room, in an e-mail not long ago and asked her if she could get more information regarding my gut feeling about a new Guide coming to help me. Yes, indeed she could tell me more, mentioning that this was a Guide I knew. Janice wrote, "He reminds me of Hagrid (tall and bearded, he holds a lamp) from Harry Potter. Large, but with a love and kindness that is truly overwhelming." At the very same moment I read this, a picture of who was to be my new Guide flooded my third eye. More on this in a bit...

Janice went on to say,
"You're being made ready for something, that's for sure. It seems that mediumship may be part of this, certainly you're being asked to step out of your comfort zones--clear indication it's grown too small for you there and you need to stretch......ohh my goodness, that's so cool!""Learning to control your primal nature and raise your conscious awareness is important. Anyone who wants to become a medium must free themselves from their visions, from their ideals, from their truths.....they must stop thinking of their work, of their sacrifice. Everything that is 'theirs' must cease. BUT to enable one to do this they must know the Self. To shift one's consciousness to higher realms, one must first know the Self. All development, in nature as well as in human life, is a process of maturation that goes through various stages. It is the Self that must perform The Twelve Labors of Hercules which are not acquired at once. The web of fate is the zodiac...what you must do is concentrate on how you might raise 'your' net and transform it into your spiritual pattern. This is done through meditation and visualization. Your spiritual pattern will attract guides, spirit guides and especially those who have passed on...all energy, all communication will pass through this net to you."

"Jenny, it does seem you were in the spinning business (spinning spider) for a reason. I was guided to a book I haven't looked at in ages...'Light from the Other Side,' by Elizabeth d'Esperance  " says that mediums have been known to speak of a 'cobwebby' sensation, like very find threads when a spirit is about to materialize. Elizabeth wrote, 'My first impression is of being covered with spider webs. It seemed that I could feel fine threads being drawn out of the pores of my skin.' She learned to become aware of this cobwebby feeling and let it (spirits) come through."

So who is my new Guide? I wrote Janice back and said, "As you described who was at your right side, I KNEW who it was who is to be my next Guide. AND, when I told Chris about this, he said, "Yesterday as I was talking to Gary and Richard (friends of ours), I was trying to think of his name because Richard's wife worked at Bennington College in the library, right at the time we lived on campus (in the mid-80s)." Chris went on to say, "I was frustrated because I couldn't remember his name." Well, this all came out of Chris when I told him that who you saw was none other than Ken. Ken was a BIG love of a man who was an anthropology professor at Bennington College when we lived and worked there. Our David was just a little boy back then, and at the end of our 3 year stay at the college, Alexander had been born. Ken also lived on campus, used to keep a big garden, had two little dachshunds (one whose name was Candy), and grew amazing tropical flowers in his apartment. Ken was SO NICE to us! He'd give us jars of dilly beans and other produce that he prepared from what he grew in his garden. He is known for his extensive work with an indigenous tribe in South America."

I went on in my e-mail to Janice to send her links to various sites that feature Ken and his work. I have omitted Ken's last name and these links in order to protect his privacy...yes, I know he has crossed over, but still feel the need to do this. When Janice saw pics of who I was talking about she said, "Yup! That's him!! He's much younger in the spiritual world LOL!"

I have since met up with Ken in meditation and when I'm doing readings. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful spirit by my side from here on out. I keep hearing, "I'm his project."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Message From Grandma Mayer

A few weeks ago I was again in attendance at the Sunday service at TNSA. I wasn't feeling all that well and unfortunately felt ill with the flu that evening and the whole week afterward. Still, I'm so glad that I was present for what turned out to be a very important message from my maternal Grandma, brought to me via visiting minister, Rev. Charlotte Gordon.

Come to find out, Rev. Gordon had been a past president of TNSA. Charlotte had not long ago been at Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp, and their website mentioned that, "Charlotte has held development circles and classes for over 35 years and has served churches from Maine to Virginia. Charlotte is a retired registered nurse and lives in Greenfield, MA with her cat Lady Love."

Please note that Grandma Mayer had come through via another reverend/medium not long prior, as was explained in this past post: Grandma and Grandpa Mayer. I was so very pleased that Grandma felt comfortable to communicate with me again.

Rev. Charlotte began my message by saying that an Angel was present who had been with me since I was a baby. As I type this I hear the name, "Joshua," my beloved Angel/Protector. Then Rev. Charlotte saw my Grandma lighting a candle for me in a Roman Catholic church. Grandma said, "You are on the right path." This was rather surprising to me coming from Grandma Mayer (a staunch Catholic in life), and very, very welcome news. Especially welcome because in meditation the day prior I was met by my Ma and Dad. My Ma (one of Grandma's daughters) was oddly not happy to see me. I questioned Dad and he told me not to worry about it; to "Let it be." I said to Ma, "Ma, you don't have to stay. We can meet another time,"... at which she grumbled and left. I was hurt but knew Ma is grappling with me not being a devout Catholic as an adult, which she tried so hard to make me into when she was alive. Dad said that Ma would come around eventually. Anyways, neat that Ma's own mother is applauding my present path.

Grandma Mayer went on to say that I shouldn't pay attention to "them." Apparently I have a few folks beyond Ma who are having a hard time with my path. Oh well. Grandma will no doubt work on them...

Rev. Charlotte said she saw a peace dove over me and felt peace all around me. Nice.

Monday, October 4, 2010



Life is to live and life is to give and talents are to use for good if you choose.
Do not pray for easy lives.
Pray to be stronger.
Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers.
Pray for powers equal to your tasks -
then the doing of your work shall be no miracle but you shall be a miracle.
Every day you shall wonder at yourself...
at the richness of life which has come to you by the grace of God.
But everyone needs someone - knowing that somewhere someone is thinking of you.

Fr. Solanus Casey, Capuchin

And never forget the three prayers that God always says YES to:
1. Forgive me.
2. Give me courage.
3. Get me through this.
~ As seen on
Guideposts online in January '10.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Five FREE Empath Readings - October

It's October! Time again for my offer of 5 free Empath readings. The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who not only contact me via e-mail but send a pic that follows my pic requirements as described in this past post, Empath Readings + Testimonials, will be chosen. See the same past post for info on what an empath reading is. Send your request AND pic to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll repost this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year, per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

#1. Filipa - completed
#2. Heather - completed
#3. Elaine - completed
#4. Solange - completed
#5. Angelia - completed

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading for YOU!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review: "Walking Through Illusion"

Several weeks back a kind author e-mailed me, mentioned that she had happened upon my blog, and asked if she could send me a book that she wrote so that I would read and review it. A few days ago I finished her book and am happy to be able to comply. The book is "Walking Through Illusion - Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared His Journey," by Betsy Otter Thompson, O Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd., UK, 2010. Betsy added in the front matter that the book was "An Emotional Biography."

As I settled in to read, at first I was not quite sure what to make of what I was reading, despite Betsy's preface, because this book is rather unusual in how it is set up. On rereading the preface after completing the book, I have to say that Betsy actually explained well what she was offering: "Walking through Illusion was written from my conviction that hearts are free to express from the depth to which they go. Jesus is the energy that comes through my conviction." Betsy goes on to say in the preface, "My particular gift forces me to acknowledge the physics of action/reaction and the power it wields emotionally in every part of my life." The author, herself, explains that, "Walking through Illusion is not the usual format for historical reenactments, but like any novel, it is the author's interpretation of possible emotions that might have been experienced. The gift is in the message, whether the history is taken literally or not."

Much of the book focuses on interesting conversation. The conversation is between Jesus and the author. The dialogue has a "channeled" quality to it. Much of the conversation speaks of relationships between Jesus and those who either knew him or knew of him. Included in each chapter, in addition to this conversation, is a "worksheet" where the author asks questions of the reader relating to what was discussed in the conversation. It was stressed that the reader be as honest about answering these questions...literally taking part in this "game" possible. Also included were additional questions to ponder. Thoughtful quotes by the author that were applicable to the conversation were added in bold. And finally, each chapter ends with the author's "Personal Insights," which really gave a me, as a reader, the satisfying sense that the author entrusted me with being told her most private of thoughts regarding the topic(s) discussed in the conversations between Jesus and she.

The names of the chapters, diverse topics all, are listed as follows: Reform, Gifts, Obstacles, Morality, Nourishment, Beliefs, Opinions, Approval, Fairness, Curiosity, Truth, Advice, Complaints, Acceptance, Hearts, Handicaps, Betrayal, Identities, Hatred, Memories, Confusion, Death, and Time. The end of the book includes where the author had researched in the New Testament and other sources, in order to provide context, historically and otherwise, to the conversations she had with Jesus. Betsy did stress that, "Walking through Illusion is not a supplement to another book; it's a supplement to the heart. It offers an emotional accounting of what might have been, not a historical accounting. But in an effort to bring the two together, the following research was done."

Once I understood the format of the book, I thoroughly looked forward to each subsequent chapter. The conversations were thought provoking, yet not difficult to understand. I enjoyed discovering the various Apostles and other people discussed in the Bible...folks I had learned about in many religious classes during my Roman Catholic upbringing...and pondering how Jesus might have related to them when he walked the earth or what he may have felt about them after he left the earth plane. As I read, over and over again I found statements that related to what I was thinking of or experiencing that very day. It's as if the book gave me just what I needed right when I needed it, bringing up a range of deep emotions.

The chapters are quite short and never once did I get bored with the reading. The book was hard to put down, yet I didn't want to rush through it. I wanted to experience all that was offered. I think the only thing I would suggest would be a different cover picture other than the orange, yellow, and white sunburst. The cover does not do justice to the richness that is offered inside of the book.

Thank you, Betsy, for sending me your truly excellent book and for asking me to review it. 'twas a pleasure.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Romans 12: 6-8

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.
If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.
If it is serving, let him serve;
if it is teaching, let him teach;
if it is encouraging, let him encourage;
if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously;
if it is leadership, let him govern diligently;
if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully."
~ Romans 12: 6-8

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Mayer

Chris drove "Ms. Jenny," so that she could attend Sunday service at TNSA yesterday. A wonderful service it was! It felt good to be back in the historic temple after not being able to go there for a few weeks.

Visiting Licentiate Minister and certified medium, Louisa Roof, presided over the congregation. Louisa is affiliated with the Church of Spiritual Life, in Methuen, Massachusetts. She was lively, interesting, and an excellent psychic medium who, during the message portion of the service, was able to connect with many crossed over loved ones.

An aside...I still get all excited knowing that there are churches...Spiritualist churches, to be exact...that include psychic medium messages in each and every service. How I wish I would have known this earlier in my life!!! Aah, but then again, maybe all things must wait for their proper time...

Here's what Louisa said when she gave a message to me: Art! I feel art. Visual art. Dancing. Louisa said that I had a little group of family members present. One woman, rather grandmotherly, said that she did "white work"...crochet, doilies, etc. (I have some of these doilies displayed in my living room right now!) The woman said she was good with her hands, as I was. The woman, who by now I knew for sure was my Grandma Mary Mayer (my Ma's mom...who only saw me as a baby once or twice before she crossed over), felt more comfortable at home. Grandma said her legs were like jelly when she had to speak, as she was doing now in front of a crowd. Grandma Mayer said she was a good cook. (Thankfully she didn't proclaim what a BAD cook her granddaughter is! LOL!) Next a man made himself known. At first I thought it might be my brother, Jack, but I was told myself, as Louisa spoke, that it was my Grandpa Leopold Mayer, who I had never had the chance to meet at all because he crossed over before I was born. Symbolism in the form of a bowling ball traveling down the lane spoke of how big, new, opportunities were in the making for me right NOW. 'course I knew this had to do with me going to school soon. Grandpa began talking of "math," which quickly segued into financial concerns. He said that given what was coming up, I needed to make sure the finances all worked. He showed Louisa the pockets of his jacket, saying that I needed to "squirrel" money away.

WOW! What a treasure of a reading!!! What a wonderful visit with my grandparents!!!!! Thank you so very much, Louisa!

During the sermon portion of the service, Louisa spoke about prayer, and among other things, of Theophan The Recluse. Wikipedia tells us that:
"St. Theophan the Recluse, also known as "Theophan Zatvornik" or "Theophanes the Recluse" (Russian: Феофан Затворник), (1815–1894) is a well-known saint in the Russian Orthodox Church. He was born George Vasilievich Govorov, in the village of Chernavsk. His father was a Russian Orthodox priest. He was educated in the seminaries at Livny, Orel and Kiev. In 1841 he was ordained, became a monk, and adopted the name Theophan. He later became the Bishop of Tambov."
"He is especially well-known today through the many books he wrote concerning the spiritual life, especially on the subjects of the Christian life and the training of youth in the faith. He also played an important role in translating the Philokalia from Church Slavonic into Russian. The Philokalia is a classic of orthodox spirituality, composed of the collected works of a number of church fathers which were edited and placed in a four volume set in the 17th and 18th centuries. A persistent theme is developing an interior life of continuous prayer, learning to "pray without ceasing" as St. Paul teaches in his first letter to the Thessalonians."
Louisa ended her talk by quoting a prayer by Theophan The Recluse that I found particularly beautiful. I'll end my post with it.
Hidden Treasure
May the Lord help you to be fully alive and to preserve sobriety. But do not forget the chief thing, to unite the attention and mind with your heart, and remain there unceasingly, before the Lord. Every effort that you make in prayer, must be directed towards this. Pray to the Lord, that he may give you this blessing: it is a treasure hidden in the field, the pearl beyond price.
~ Theophan The Recluse

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fish Lesson

Over the course of this lifetime my family have been blessed by the presence of fish. There have been ups and downs with keeping fish tanks. I'll never forget the time my brother, Jack, who had a tank of HUGE, gorgeous, Angel fish, came home to find something went wonky with the tank's heater and all the fish were fried. We were devastated. Several years went by after that before any of us could even consider keeping fish in our home. Just thinking about this still creates pain in my heart.

Then there was the time, not long ago, that some fungus took out all of our Alexander's beautiful gold fish, despite dosings of medicine and following the advice of fish "experts"...made all the worse that Alex had already left home and this happened with me as their caretaker. It was a sad day when we buried a lovely, multicolored fish...her name, Ridelle...the size of a dessert plate, in the non-watery ground.

After thoroughly cleaning and airing the once fungus-laden tank, I was determined to start again with 5 goldfish. Little beauties they all were. Persephone, the first one who died, had some kind of weird disease that caused her body to develop cancerous-looking growths. I was grateful all the rest of the fish didn't get it. Later on down the road, Aristophanes started to act weird, hiding in a cave dwelling within the tank. It's almost as if he died of fright or something. This left three fish, and I got sick to my stomach the day that Andromeda was having a hard time staying upright. I knew all too well what that meant.

Andromeda, orange and white, died about 3 weeks ago. She had "swim bladder disease" for MANY months. How did she live so long with such a dreadful disease? I hand-fed her. Twice a day I would take her out of the 55 gallon tank and hand-feed her. This took at least a 1/2 hour or more each time. I would use a net to help hold her upright, and when she fell sideways, I'd use my own hands to help her to remain stable. I talked to her the whole time, and sometimes I found my tears fell into her water as I did so. I told her how grateful I was to get to know her and love her. I thanked her for helping to teach me patience, which I so sorely needed. If folks think that fish have no personalities to share with humans, I would have to say they're very, very wrong.

When Andromeda died I buried her in a little cardboard jewelry box in the ground. I put a large stone...bigger than two fists...on her grave. This past week I saw that the stone was moved and her grave disturbed. Her little body was still stuck to some cotton I had laid her on. I reburied her. A few days ago the stone was pushed aside again and this time she was for a hungry, wild critter or perhaps a curious dog. No matter. No tears. I know her soul is swimming free in a clear stream. She is whole.

So who is left in our huge tank? Two googly-eyed, orange, goldfish named Eros and Aphrodite. I often just call them Frick and Frack. Such characters they are. I hope to enjoy their company for years on end. Something tells me that they, too, have much to teach me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hopping Right Back On The Good-For-You Wagon

We're spirits housed in a human body. We've chosen to live another life here on earth. As humans, we're faced with lots of decisions over our lifetime. Some of these decisions involve choosing one thing over another...people, situations, practices, beliefs, etc. Sometimes we choose things that are good-for-us. Sometimes not. No matter what, free will comes into play.

There are things that I know which are good-for-me. For instance (in no particular order and not totally complete):
  • Surrounding myself with people I love and enjoy being with
  • Doing things which make me happy and help me grow: choices involving work, choices in learning/reading, choices in entertainment, etc.
  • Walking and talking my truth as best I can over each 24 hour period
  • Ingesting healthy food and drink
  • Daily exercise
  • Avoiding that which doesn't feed my body, mind, and soul
  • Monitoring and balancing throughout my day:
  • Not forgetting to smile and laugh
And sooo much more... Have you ever made a list of what's truly good-for-you? Consider trying it sometime. There may be revelations that surprise you!

One thing that I've been thinking a lot of recently is how we make choices to do something good- for-ourselves, and every now and again we "fall off the wagon." We stray from that which we earlier committed ourselves to. This can lead to all sorts of things, including guilt. We feel bad about not sticking to our plan. And sometimes this guilt leads us to moving even further away from the good stuff we chose. Perhaps we adopt a "What the heck" kind of attitude..."May as well let it all go." And then, to make matters worse, we start rationalizing why it was OK to leave that which is good-for-us. We may even start condoning our negative actions and come up with all sorts of reasons on why it's OK to let it all go to hell in a handbasket. And then blame comes into play. We may blame ourselves for falling in a downward spiral, but we may also find some scapegoats for which to blame. Things go from bad to worse...

How do we stop this negative mess? Love and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness of ourselves first is crucial. Love and forgiveness of anything or anybody that helped contribute to us falling off the wagon is next. Throw guilt out the doorway and tell it that it's not welcome. Give the boot to blame, as well. And if too much pride is playing an unsavory role in all of this, put it in its place. Take a deep breath. Assess what is needed to put you back on track. Bring the good-for-you stuff back into your life. And keep on keepin' on the best way you know how.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spiritual Insight Training 2

This past weekend I, once again, excitedly headed to Lily Dale, New York. The first time I did this was when I took Spiritual Insight Training 1. This time 'round, I was immersed in Spiritual Insight Training 2, the second and final prerequisite before attending two years of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, starting this November.

I'm pleased to say that I was able to pay for SIT 2 by writing an article for Spin-Off magazine and gardening with my friend, Jenna. This felt really good! I now know I was silly to worry...and boy, worry I did...about how the two years of school was going to be paid for. Just as I was panicking, Chris landed a second job (He found out on the 4th of July, no less!) that will allow school to happen for me. Without a doubt, when there is a need, we are provided for.

And speaking of needs-provided-for, I was able to drive with two a mentor for SIT 2 and the 2-year program AND one a fellow classmate, also attending both situations. This is a blessing in and of itself, especially being able to share gas and toll costs for the 7-hour one-way trip and back. Thank you, Marie and Annie.

Fellowships of the Spirit is within easy-peasy walking distance from the heart of the Lily Dale community. Fellowships is where my SIT 2 class took place, but it's at Lily Dale that I stayed. I opted to stay at Angel House, which is not far from the entry gate into the community itself. I hadn't even checked out other places online when I made that decision..."Angel House" popped into my head immediately when I knew I needed a place to stay. I was in the "Goddess Room," splendidly outfitted in rich reds and golds. Do check out their virtual tour of rooms on their site as the rooms are definitely not run-of-the-mill decorated. Another cool thing is that the per room fee is about half of what an average motel is in the area.

We arrived near Lily Dale during the late afternoon on Friday. After supper at a local restaurant (which, of course, included french fries for me!), we checked in to our rooms and headed over to Fellowships for the evening class. A total of 9 folks took SIT 2 this time, with a few of them having come from my own SIT 1 class taken back in May. It was wonderful to see Rev. Elaine and all the staff and mentors, some of the mentors which I met that night for the first time. We began with a round robin introducing ourselves and talking briefly about what happened since we had taken SIT 1. I mentioned that I was now getting past life and medical intuitive information in my readings and that I was soooooo excited that I would be able to attend school come November.

Rev. Elaine then led us in a truly wonderful meditation. This time, rather than choosing to head to the various temples and buildings on the other side, I joined many crossed-over spirits from my family and had a joyous reunion on a beautiful garden patio, surrounded by various plants and fragrant flowers of all colors and sizes. This made me happier than I can possibly express with words. After the meditation, I was reminded just how special it is to be able to feel safe and secure as I meditate with friendly, like-minded, people.

Another highlight of Friday evening was the "walk about." We were asked to stand and mill around each other as music played, looking into the eyes of each person we passed. When the music stopped, we were to give a one or two sentence on-the-spot reading to the person. There was no time to worry about giving such a simply did it. It was grand fun! Then the music started up again and more readings were given to each other, etc.

Additional instruction was given by various people all weekend, including Rev. Don, Rev. Jessie, and Rev. Elaine's husband, Mark. ALL was fabulous. ALL kept me riveted. ALL helped me grow spiritually. I feel so grateful to be able to learn from such wonderful people.

I slept like a baby Friday night and was ready and raring to go Saturday morning. But I didn't go to sleep until I took an evening walk (with flashlight...I've been night blind all my life) and went on the swings at Lily Dale. I've loved to swing all my life and being 53 doesn't keep me from doing so. In fact, I took a walk and went swinging each night I was there. Lily Dale is a wonderful place to walk, with it's streets lined with quaint houses, most of which are homes to psychic mediums. Then there's the abundant, friendly cats that walk the streets and own the night. I had many a chat with various, interesting felines.

The weekend we were at Lily Dale was the last of the summer season, so quite a few people were out and about for the many classes and offerings throughout the community. Of course, they were also there for private readings from the many psychic mediums available, registered and otherwise. I look forward to someday having a private reading with a medium or two...

Saturday at Fellowships was action packed and included meditation, incredible instruction, small group healings, and small group readings. The small group readings, in our case, were comprised of three students with one mentor. At various times we practiced either giving regular readings, and/or past life readings, and/or mediumship readings. In each situation, a student would end up giving at least three readings and sometimes more. The instructor would have us call off numbers so that we didn't always end up with the same people in our small group, but it was funny how often we did end up with one of more of the same people anyways. Since I don't believe in coincidence, I figured that if I was with the same person/people over and over, there was something I was to learn from them or that situation, as there are no mistakes.

I was nervous about the mediumship readings before the weekend began. I wasn't worried about the mediumship readings after I gave my first one. It was as simple as that. I needn't have worried at all.

I'd be remiss if I didn't rave about the food that is served to us at Fellowships. It's reaaalllllyyyyy delicious. Let's just say one doesn't have to worry about going hungry at Fellowships. But I did stay away from the desserts...amazing tho' they looked...because once I started that up, it would be hard to stop... Potatoes? Now that's another story...

On Saturday evening we were entertained by Rev. Jessie, who plays guitar and sings wonderfully, muchly influenced by the repertoire of Pasty Cline. She also gets us up dancing, which gets the blood going, not to mention revving the laughter.

Sunday morning began with meditation, more excellent instruction, more group healings, and more group readings. We had been taught small group healing techniques in SIT 1. Just as in small group readings, the small group healings were comprised of one mentor, and in our case, 3 students. One person sits in the chair at a time, beautiful music is played, and almost as if in an improvisational dance, the other three people are the instruments through which healing is given from the Divine. It is amazing to be part of any aspect of the healing process...either giving the healing or as one receiving the healing.

At one point during the weekend Rev. Don got everything flowing within our bodies, minds, and spirits through some Qigong exercises. Robert Peng is the Qigong Master at Fellowships and Rev. Don has studied with him. What Rev. Don led us to do was a truly wonderful experience. I look forward to learning more about Qigong in the future.

Sunday afternoon brought our SIT 2 class to a close. It was joyful as we held hands in a big circle, singing together, each thankful for sharing our lives for a few, unforgettable days. I look forward to seeing some of my classmates in the near future, as at least a couple of them have also proclaimed that they, too, will be going to school this November.

I wasn't going to be going home 'til the following day and was able to take part in the last of the offerings for the summer season at Lily Dale on Sunday evening. I attended "The Stump," the famous outside venue where registered and visiting mediums give messages to those in attendance. The Stump is an actual, huge, tree stump on which mediums have given readings for many decades. Folks don't get up on The Stump anymore (there's a fence around it) but the readings are still given in front of or near The Stump. Between the tall trees of the old-growth forest and the many spirits past and present who have visited there, the atmosphere all around The Stump feels magical and alive! Next, I scurried down the road to the Healing Temple for a candlelit service, where many healers, all dressed in white, fascilitated healings to those in attendance. It was sooooo beautiful! And finally, I was able to attend a "Home Circle" directed by Rev. John C. White. For $10, Rev. John gave us a two-hour class on mediumship and readings that included a wonderful meditation. It was great!

I ended Sunday evening with a peaceful walk and a nice swing...then to bed and a drive home the next day. It was fun unfolding all that happened at Fellowships and Lily Dale to Chris over these last days. I'm sure more memories will pop up to tell him as time goes on. If any of what I've described above sounds good to you, perhaps you, too, will decide to make the trek to study at Lily Dale and Fellowships of the Spirit at some point. Consider checking out all the websites above. Consider talking to folks at either place. See if this feels like "home" to you, too!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Five FREE Empath Readings - September

It's September! Time again for my offer of 5 free Empath readings. The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who not only contact me via e-mail but send a pic that follows my pic requirements as described in this past post, Empath Readings + Testimonials, will be chosen. See the same past post for info on what an empath reading is. Send your request AND pic to my e-mail address: spinningjenny57@hotmail.

I will list the first names of the first five people who respond to this offer on this post. Once the five people are listed, that's it for the FREE readings for that particular month. I'll repost this offer at the beginning of each month and the process will begin again. One free reading per year, per individual, please. However, do tell your friends and family about the offer.

#1. Jenny - completed
#2. John - completed
#3. Ashley - completed
#4. Sandy - completed
#5. Bella - completed

Thank you! I look forward to doing a reading for YOU!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Spiritual Healing Temple

Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of attending an evening service at the The Spiritual Healing Temple. It was Rev. Lorraine Willey, the visiting reverend at TNSA a few weeks ago, who told me about the Temple. The experience at the Temple was similar and yet subtly different from my experiences at the various Spiritualist churches I've been attending.

Both the Spiritualist churches and the Spiritual Healing Temple stress that people of all religions and spiritual backgrounds are welcome. Both include music as a way of raising vibrations during the services and, of course, as a way to make the time of worship richer and more beautiful. Both feature a sermon/teaching. Both include psychic/spiritual readings of those in the attendance. Both include aspects of healing, although hands on healing was not done at the least not at the one service I was at. Both include an after-service social.

At the Temple, we did not jointly read the Spiritualist church "tenets" because the Temple does not classify itself under the Spiritualist church umbrella. That said, there was a page devoted to what those who go to the Temple believe in, and it's very similar to the "tenets."

Also, the Temple included a WONDERFUL, healing meditation that was about 15 minutes long. Not all of the Spiritualist churches I've attended thus far include such a least not one that was that long. After the meditation, we were encouraged to share anything we experienced during meditation.

The sermon/teaching/class at the Temple was conducted by both of the reverends present. Each would take a turn reading and discussing. I enjoyed the class a lot.

Another thing I really liked about the Temple was the plentiful candles and statues representing various faiths and thought. The Spiritualist churches always have at least one candle going, but at the Temple, the many candles provided much warmth and a pleasing atmosphere.

The two reverends, Rev. Nancy Higgins and Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, at the Temple made me feel truly welcome, as did the few folks who also attended the service. I can say without a doubt that I'd like to go back to the Temple again.

Rev. Nancy separately chatted with me after service for awhile, finding out a bit more about my background and interests. She kindly handed me a calendar for their upcoming events and a brochure and business card about the Temple. One thing that really interests me is that they make rosaries and prayer beads for all faiths as a mission project once a month. These rosaries are sent to the military Troops and others in need, such as in nursing homes, etc. I LOVE ROSARIES AND PRAYER BEADS! I love saying the my case, it's the Catholic rosary that I was brought up with. I think I've mentioned on this blog before that my idea of fun was to attend an after-school rosary making class back when I was in 5th grade. I have a strong feeling that I'll be making rosaries at the Temple in the future!

Thank you, Rev. Nancy and Rev. Mary Ann, for making me feel so welcome and at home in the Spiritual Healing Temple. And I can't forget a big thank you to Rev. Lorraine for telling me about the Temple.

Tomorrow I head to Lily Dale at Fellowships of the Spirit for Spiritual Insight Training Part II. I'm bursting with excitement! No doubt I'll write a post in the near future about it. Can't wait!!!!!