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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of the phenomena I've been experiencing for awhile now is what I call "faces." Seemingly out of the blue, often right before I go to sleep, but also when I'm awake but resting my eyes (for instance, in the car as a passenger or just laying my head back on the couch) I see faces. And perhaps more interesting yet, occasionally the faces appear in my mind/third eye when my physical eyes are open, looking at other things. Sometimes the faces are by themselves; just that. Other times they're full-length or partial-length people in what appears like a clairvoyant movie clip. Sometimes the movie is rolling; in action for a short while. Other times the scenes are frozen in time.

Chris knows this happens to me now, so I occasionally tell him about the faces I'm seeing. He teased me the other day when I told him about a grizzly bearded man in a Confederate army hat, which morphed into an African American baby, held by an African American woman. Chris said, "I think you've been watching one too many PBS specials by Ken Burns." But all teasing aside, he knows that's not what it is at all. That said, what IS it? It's not like I had been reading about or even contemplating the Civil War or anything of late.

Before discussing the possibilities of why I see what I see, I should mention that often the scenes appear to be from long ago and about places I've never been to in this lifetime. A young man from Italy during the Renaissance (I KNOW he's from Italy. I know not how I know this.), wearing a green velvet hat, not unlike a beret, has come to me more than once. He is very handsome and very memorable. I've also seen people of all ages and both genders. Many times one face does morph into another...and another...and another, and when this happens it's not always that the faces are from the same place or time period. I do not see the faces of animals. I have never heard, at least thus far, any of the faces talking, tho' at times their lips are moving.

I can't make the faces appear just because I want or ask for them. They just seem to appear when they do. If I shift my focus, I can make them disappear by asking, at least for awhile. The faces aren't bothersome, per se, unless the movie clip goes too fast, as what was explained in the past post: More Revelation...The Hard Way.

Other friends have told me they, too, see faces. One of them sees animal faces. Another one says the faces sometimes look right at her, as if observing her.

Thoughts on who these people are and why I'm seeing them:
  • Folks I've seen in my life (such as in crowd) that my mind has filed away. Could be people I've known personally or not (tho' I've never recognized any of the faces thus far).
  • Folks I've seen in past lives that my mind has filed away. Again, could be people I've known personally or not.
  • Spirits that have crossed over. Could be people I've known or not. If this is the case, why they are appearing to me is yet a mystery.
  • The faces could be me in past lives.
Any other ideas?


  1. Several years ago I found myself waking from a sound sleep with a feeling of being startled by something but nothing was there. This happened about three times, and I had that feeling that there was something I should see. The next time this happened, I looked at the foot of my bed and saw a male figure standing there. I could see through him. He had a kind face, slight grin, plaid shirt, kind of shaggy brown hair. I sat up in bed, stared at him. and said, "Oh, my God." He then disappeared in front of me. I couldn't understand why I had no feelings of fear at all. I just said to myself,"I'm tired, I'm going back to sleep." I still wonder who he was.

  2. Thank you so much for relaying your true story, Linda. He may have been a relative/ancestor, friend of the family, or even someone who had lived in your home or on that land sometime long ago. Lovely that he had a kind face and demeanor. Have you ever tried looking through old family photos? All the best, Jenny