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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Past Life Regression Session

I recently purchased a CD that is simply wonderful: "Past Life Regression ~ Entering Into Your Own History," by Tina Zion. It's volume 5 in Tina's Transformative Hypnosis Series.

Some of you who have been reading The Spiritual Spider for awhile now may remember Tina's name from these past posts: A Psychic Reading For Me, and Ravenstar's Thoughts On My Reading.

Previously, I have had one "in-person" past life regression session with Trish Casimira (see past posts: Past Life Regression Part 1, Past Life Regression Part 2, Past Life Regression Part 3, and Past Life Regression Part 4). In addition, I had been successfully using the scripts and CDs of Brian Weiss for further self exploration into past lives (see past post: A Past Life Regression Helps To Reveal "Why Allergies?").

I sent for Tina's CD because I wanted to compare her approach to Trish's and Brian's techniques. Also, I find I'm very, very interested in past life regression and am seriously considering getting training to be such a therapist, so it's good to see how others in the field conduct sessions.

There's much to recommend Tina's CD. I LOVE her voice and the gentle music used in the background. She goes slowly and leaves much time for the individual to go deeper. I found no trouble going deep, deeper, and deeeeeeeeep, but never felt scared or out of control. Tina allows the individual to come out of the regression at their own time. She doesn't stop you mid-stream...instead her voice and the music trails off...and she knows you'll naturally know when to open your eyes. This gentle approach worked very well with me.

When doing self-hypnosis one can either tape themselves during the regression so that if they want to speak, it'll be recorded, or one can keep paper and pen nearby so that right after the session they can simply write down anything they want documented. I chose the pen/paper route. It's interesting how clear one's mind is regarding detail if the writing is done right after the session. Don't worry you'll forget anything important. It's doubtful you will.

What follows is taken from my notes during the past life regression session I did today: It was the late 1700's. I was Slavic...Ukranian. I was a man of strength. Burly. Ruddy. Black, curly hair. Full beard. Hairy arms. Introspective. Soft-spoken. Man of few words. I was chopping wood in a forested area, near to a village but not in the village itself. I had made my own rough cabin of one room with a loft. I was a skilled Cooper who made and repaired barrels, buckets, coffins, etc. I was quietly ambitious and knew I could improve my home, life, etc. Loneliness was an early wasn't easy for me to talk to anyone, let alone women. Later in this lifetime I had found a wife. She was a plain, sturdy, blond-haired, woman who was kindly and skilled at all sorts of things...sewing, gardening, cooking. By the time we had a few children, we had built together a larger wood home, with a huge garden, animals, etc. I died, happy, in my 60's from being simply worn out, with my wife tending to me at my deathbed.


  1. I seriously need to have PLR done some more. I fins it so interesting to read about others, I would like to know more about me.

  2. I can truly say such sessions are priceless! Thank for commenting!!