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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reading Offer

2/16/10 ~ A total of 54 FREE Empath readings were given since the beginning of January! Thanks folks. Free offer has ended. All those who requested free readings have received them.
Please see
Empath Readings for current information.
I've just finished what may prove to be the most important book I've ever read: "Become the Most Important Person in the Room ~ Your 30-Day Plan For Empath Empowerment," by Rose Rosetree. My only regret is that this book wasn't available years ago. It would have saved me from all the pain and actual illness at being an unskilled empath.

It's no secret that I'm a Tarot reader. I offer my services on the sidebar of my two blogs. What I'd like to offer...from now until further notice...are FREE empath readings. Please note that empath readings are not Tarot readings in that I use no cards for the reading. Please don't ask a "question" as no question is required from you for this type of reading. I am doing these readings for a few reasons. I want to practice being a skilled empath. And let's face it, I feel better when I "Fill Up And Give," as explained on page 12 by Rose in another of her excellent books, "Let Today Be a Holiday ~ 365 Ways to Co-Create With God." Filling up done for 15 minutes or so a day, where you "use a spiritual practice to bring your awareness to God, such as prayer, meditation, visualization or yoga. Any deep experience will wake up your consciousness." Giving is done for 10 minutes or so a day, where you "use a technique to read people deeper (face reading, aura reading, empathic reading) or simply do a favor for someone you love. Any kind of authentic giving is fine."

If you are interested in getting one free empathic reading, please send me a clear photo (digital is preferred by me), of yourself. The photo should have only you in it. You need to be facing the camera head-on, both in face and in body. The pic should show you from the top of your head down to your waist or longer (shorter than your waist is not recommended). Please keep in mind that the reading will be about you at the time the photograph was taken. Pic is used by me to read 4 of your chakras, therefore it's crucial that pic-criteria is followed. Note that a glamorous or highly attractive pic is not needed (Some folks have been apologizing for how they look! Worry not about this.). Quite honestly, I hardly look at the pic with my eyes; it's the energy off your chakras that makes the reading possible. Consider taking the pic yourself in a mirror if no one is around to take one for you...these types of pics work just fine. Send the photo to me at:

Those who have had Tarot readings from me know that I do not sugarcoat anything. The reading is the reading is the reading is the reading... I'm sure this will be the same with my empathic readings. With any readings, I have found that what is revealed is often only known fully by the person I'm reading for, not by me. So please don't shoot the messenger. I'll simply relay what I'm given.

And yes, I'd love to get feedback from you, but this is optional. However, I would like to know from all that the reading reached you OK.

So there you have New Year's gift to you. And not surprisingly, this is also my New Year's gift to me. The Universe is amazing, eh?!


  1. We have never met, and Jeannine knows me. Thank you so much. I will check out "Become the Most Important Person in the Room ~ Your 30-Day Plan For Empath Empowerment," by Rose Rosetree. I am an unskilled empath, and don't wish to be any longer.

  2. Thank you, Patti. And you're very welcome about the reading.

  3. Thank you! =) You are very GREAT! Extremely accurate. You have an amazing talent. I have to admit that I am usually very apprehensive about getting readings...I am so glad I did! ~ Robin

  4. Jeannine, thank you so much for your wonderfully detailed reading! I was shocked at how accurate it was. I was chuckling through parts of it because it was like you'd known me all my life. :) I learned a lot through the reading as well and realize areas where I can make some changes. Very valuable and insightful! Thank you again!


  5. Thank you, Sandy! You're most welcome!!!