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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Empath Readings + Testimonials

I am now offering empath readings in addition to my tarot readings. Please note that empath readings are not tarot readings in that I use no cards for the reading. Instead, energy is read from 4 of your chakra areas. This can be done either in person or from a photograph. The energy is the energy so there is no difference in the quality of the reading either way.

If you are interested in getting an empathic reading, please send me a clear photo (digital is preferred by me), of yourself. The photo should have only you in it. You need to be facing the camera head-on, both in face and in body. The pic should show you from the top of your head down to your waist or longer (shorter than your waist is not recommended). Please keep in mind that the reading will be about you at the time the photograph was taken. It's crucial that pic-criteria is followed. Note that a glamorous or highly attractive pic is not needed (Some folks have been apologizing for how they look! Worry not about this.). Quite honestly, I hardly look at the pic with my eyes; it's the energy off your chakras that makes the reading possible. Consider taking the pic yourself in a mirror if no one is around to take one for you...these types of pics work just fine. Send the photo to me at:

Those who have had tarot readings from me know that I do not sugarcoat anything. The reading is the reading is the reading is the reading... this is the same with my empathic readings. With any readings, I have found that what is revealed is often only known fully by the person I'm reading for, not by me. So please don't shoot the channeler. I'll simply relay what I'm given. Additionally, please don't ask a "question" as no question is required from you for an empath reading.

As a channeler, I am a vessel through which the Divine, my Guides, and Angels make the readings possible. What comes from them is never wrong nor incorrect. However, I am a human who could misinterpret what they're trying to say, so do understand that I can be wrong at times. Know that I do my best to listen to them very carefully. It is my belief that no psychic is 100% correct for 100% of the time...75% correct or better is generally considered a good psychic reading.

An empath reading takes me 45 minutes or more from beginning the reading to typing up my written notes and e-mailing them to you. The fixed donation for this type of reading is $50. Payment is accepted in advance of scheduled reading: money order, personal check, or cash. Please e-mail me for my mailing address: I am also now accepting payment via Paypal (see button on sidebar).

The more I am blessed to do this work, the more I am humbled and grateful. I am looking forward to reading for YOU. See below for testimonials:
Beloved Jenny - we really should talk.......

100% dead on - do visit my will reveal me.
I love you I love you......and I've been looking for these words that came through you.
Peace and my humble heart...
What a wonderful gift. Thank you! You really hit the nail on the head with so many things. I think you’ve found a special talent within you and think you could do this type of thing professionally if you wanted to. :) ~ Tierney
Thank you! =) You are very great! Extremely accurate. You have an amazing talent. I have to admit that I am usually very apprehensive about getting readings...I am so glad I did! ~ Robin
Yes, thank you! All I have to say is WOW!!! I can’t believe how accurate you are, that is truly amazing. I am very grateful for your efforts. You’re very talented! ~ Keegan
Thank you so much, Jeannine!! This is truly amazing. The most important part about this reading to me is how dead on the 4th Chakra is . Everything said there was very true. I could go on and on about this reading, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this, and how accurate and helpful it was. You have a wonderful gift, and I'm excited for you to continue growing in it. May peace follow you. ~ Jennifer
OMG Jenny, how can I ever thank you!!! I'd like to
provide a huge basket of validation for your reading.
Every single thing you wrote, and I mean everything,
rang bells and had special meaning for me. There was
not a single moment of 'huh...not sure about that...'.
I cried while reading it through, not because any of
it was sad or hurtful in any way, but because of the
welling up of a tremendous feeling of gratitude. What
a wonderful gift you have, and how wonderful you are
to bless others with it in the way that you do.
I'll write more later to flesh out the validations,
but suffice it to say that you really hit
everything spot on. My love and thanks to
you and to your guides for the myriad blessings!
~ Alfred
I would say that this reading is over 90% correct and says things that I am sure that in general people do not realize about me.
You have a brilliant talent. You touched on all of my main features and contradictions.
Your path is a true one. ~Martha
There wasn't anything really off in the reading, and a lot of things that were right on the mark. (No pun intended there, but puns are okay. :) ) Really quite remarkable. (Oooo...accidentally did it again....) ~ Mark
Many many thanks for the reading. It was on one hand really weird to think that you have never met me - yet - reading through some of the comments you 'd written was as if you'd opened a window and had been watching me for ages and could tell what was going on in my mind! ~ Valerie
I was HIGHLY impressed at the accuracy and detail. I didn't expect it to be quite so in depth. Your ability is clearly AWESOME. I am simply floored by the accuracy and just how much you saw from a single picture. That's quite a powerful gift you have there. Thank you so much for reading me. ~ Rhoda
You really have a gift for this, in fact, it brought me to tears and I'm not sure why. Thank you so much for the time and energy you have given to me. I am so impressed. ~ Janee

I would really like you to know your gift is profound and "real." I thank you deeply for this and hope you continue to use your gift to make this a better place. ~ Felix
HOLY COW. This is me to a tee. You are very talented! This reading was a great help.

This had a great deal of meaning. Thank you :) You are exceptionally talented. ~ Chad
Spot on on all accounts. ~ Essie


  1. Thank you! =) You are very GREAT! Extremely accurate. You have an amazing talent. I have to admit that I am usually very apprehensive about getting readings...I am so glad I did! ~ Robin

  2. Hi Jeannine,
    Cheryl & I met at my Gallery yesterday.
    I asked her if she knew you and she lead me to your blog.
    I would love a reading.
    Your neighbor,

  3. Hi Cheryl and Ann,
    How nice that you two have met! Thank you, Cheryl, for letting Ann know about my blog. Ann, we can do a reading in person or via e-mail. What type are you interested in: Empath or Tarot? Please e-mail me at