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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chris' Question

Last night Chris asked a question that was similar to questions that would have come out of my own mouth. He asked, "If money and other obstacles were not in the way, what are two things that would make your life better right now?" After I got over my surprise at him asking such a question...after all, this is a man who can't answer my questions of what are his favorite colors or his favorite foods...I answered...

Without a moment's hesitation, I proclaimed we'd need to go for a long, extended trip to Paris, coupled with months of rest in the south of France; with lots of reading, drinking of wine, and eating bread and cheese. Chris said, "You feel we need a trip?" I replied, "Yes and a verrryyyy long trip, indeed." "OK," Chris went on..."What else?"

I told him I'd want to be wherever we should be so that his dreams could go forward. He frowned and said, "No, that doesn't work. I'm not sure exactly of what I should be doing, so stick to you." Then he, uncharacteristically, answered for me. Chris said, "You need to be studying full-time at Lily Dale." I said, "Yep, that about says it all." We left it there, knowing that the conversation was far from over.

This morning I asked, "So what universities are around Lily Dale?" And when Chris responded, I said, "Do any of them have music programs?" He said, "Yes." And I smiled and said, "So how IS the music scene in Buffalo?"

I think Pandora's Box has clearly been opened.

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